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My wife’s confessionMy wife makes a confessionBy Chris Christopher, All rights reservedYears ago we spent some vacation time in Florida with some friends at their place in Orlando. Part of the trip was to spend some time hanging out in Orlando at Disney World and at some of their favorite Florida beaches. We had timed the trip to hopefully get to watch a Space Shuttle launch which our friends said was fantastic to see.After a couple of days at Disney, I had had enough rides and way too many pastries from the French section at Disney World. So we drove over to the east coast of Florida to spend a couple days at the ocean.The beaches were great. I loved seeing my wife in those little postage stamp sized bikini’s that her husband keeps buying for her. I’m not saying that I have the best choice when it comes to most clothing, but bikinis are my specialty. I like them small, with tiny strings and as little cloth as possible. There was just enough material to keep it legal and let the sunshine warm her body, giving her a healthy, glowing Florida tan. The same tan that doctors warn you not to get these days. Today I’d prefer to find a nice, secluded nude beach and spend the bikini money on beer.Our friends were also into having fun at the beach. However, her suit was closer to a red bra and pantie set than my idea of a bikini. On our third beach day we left early to drive down the coast to Coco Beach to watch the shuttle launch. Pretty amazing! The sight, the sound and the shaking of the ground was something that you’ll not soon forget!The next day we drove back to Orlando. I hoped that we would have some time to spend at the Church Street Station. In those days that was the place to go in Orlando. Go to Disney for the day and Church Street Station for the night.I had noticed that once we returned from the beaches, my friend’s wife was starting to dress to show off her body a little more than when we had first arrived. Perhaps it was Nancy’s displays of skin that were catching her hubby’s eye and she was fighting back. I was not exactly sure what was happening, but I did know that I loved the shows our wives were giving us.Now Beth and Sal are not prudes. They both enjoy riding his Harley and they enjoy the motorcycle club they’re in. I’ve never been in a motorcycle club so I can only go by stories that I have heard. If any of those stories are true, Beth was likely as much fun at a party as Nancy.Our flight home was scheduled on one of the red-eye specials that left Orlando a little before midnight. The four of us decided to spend our last day together at Church Street Station in Orlando. We had lunch upstairs at Hooters. Nancy loved the little short orange pants so I bought her a pair along with a white Hooters half-length t-shirt. Sal bought Beth a halter top and a pair of the orange short shorts.That evening we were either in Rosie O’Grady’s or Phineas Phoggs drinking from their little five cent beer mugs (Nancy thinks it was Rosie O’Grady’s and I think it was Phineas Phoggs). Either way it was the cheapest beer I have every bought. I think it was five full mugs for $1.25 and then five cent refills. The mugs were really tiny, maybe 5 or 6 ounces each, but you could easily carry five at a time to get your refills! Nancy loved those little mugs.As the night wore on, Sal was telling the girls they should try on their new Hooters stuff while we were all still together so we could enjoy their outfits. Finally, the girls went to the ladies room to change. When they returned they both were wearing the little orange shorts. Beth was in the halter top and Nancy was in the cutoff t-shirt that put her flat little belly on full display for all to see. As our obviously braless wives walked through the crowd, heads were turning the whole way.I love looking at Nancy’s bare legs. Beth had been wearing black fishnet pantyhose, the kind with half inch openings. The contrast between those orange shorts, the black fish nets and her well-tanned legs was a really beautiful and sexy sight!Another thing about Beth, without a bra, when she’s walking north her nipples are facing west-north-west and east-north-east. As you can guess, in that Hooters halter top, a simple side-boob flash usually included at least part of one of her very dark brown nipples. You might say she looked marvelous!We were at one of those small tables that sat against a railing, there with just a couple of really erzurum escort low chairs. We let the girls take the chairs and Sal and I stood there admiring their new outfits. Quite a few other guys were admiring our ladies too. Beth and Nancy are not exactly the same size. Nancy was 5’1 and somewhere between 95 and 100 pounds at the time. She has very cute little 34B breasts that are very firm and perky with nipples that would get hard with little more than a sideways glance from just about any man. That night Nancy’s nipples were poking out like hard little marbles on the front of her Hooters t-shirt.Beth is closer to 5’4 and 110 pounds or so, with most of her weight center in her two beautiful globes of femininity. She has what looks like a nice 34D cup. A little bit of sag but who cares when they’re that big! And that Hooters halter top was really showing them off. The shadow of Beth’s dark nipples was obvious from the front with the actual nipple occasionally peeking out from the side.As we were talking and drinking from our little beer mugs I got the impression that Nancy was feeling like Beth was getting all of the attention. Perhaps it was those black fishnet pantyhose or her big boobs or the combination, I’m not sure. Nancy made a big production out of reaching into her Hooters bag and rummaging around. Finally she brought out the blue lace panties that she had put on that morning. She showed them to Sal and then to me before laying them on the table. Then she announced that the Hooters shorts were just too thin to look good with her panties underneath. She looked at Sal and then she looked at me before she asked, what do you guys think?Sal and I both dropped our eyes down to those orange Hooters shorts that Nancy was wearing. As we watched, she spread her legs. It was obvious that her shorts were just a little too short and the leg openings were just a little too big. What a gorgeous show she was putting on. Exactly what every guy hopes to see from a real Hooters girl, but never does because of their order pads and those heavy duty nylons they wear.For the remainder of the evening, Nancy had a fun time flashing her partially shave pussy at anyone who would look her way. Every time I noticed her looking past me and spreading her legs again, my dick would twitch. I love the way she shows off to strangers in the most innocently naughty ways.Way too soon it was time to head for the airport. Our luggage was already in Sal’s car so in a short time we were at the terminal, hugging and saying good bye to Sal and Beth. I must say that I really enjoyed the hug I got from Beth. Sal seemed to enjoy holding Nancy tightly against his body. This was well before the TSA era of shaking down and frisking everyday citizens. We checked our luggage, got our boarding passes and walked directly to our departure gate.You may have noticed that I didn’t mention anything about Nancy changing out of her Hooters outfit. That’s because she didn’t. It was a pretty warm, humid evening in Orlando and she was a little drunk and still having fun in her little outfit as we waited to board our flight.Finally on board, we found our seats. I was in an aisle seat and Nancy was in the middle. We were hoping that we would have the row to ourselves. The plane was only partially full and the window seat next to Nancy was empty. Nancy asked the flight attendant for a blanket. This young guy arrived saying that he was in the window seat about the same time that the flight attendant handed Nancy her blanket. Soon we were in the air and the pilot dimmed the interior lights. I reclined my seat, closed my eyes and waited to fall asleep.She said that after I lay back in my seat, her new neighbor started talking to her about the long five hour flight. She told me that Barry suggested that if they raised the armrest between them, they would both be a lot more comfortable. She had her blanket around her shoulders and legs and it partially covered the armrest. When he reached under the blanket to raise the armrest he accidently grabbed her leg. She said that he apologized while she laughed and said his hand felt coldShe says that she then asked me if I was asleep but that I didn’t respond. She turned to Barry and asked him if he wanted to share her blanket, ‘just to get your hands warm.’ He said that would be great and accepted her offer.She told me that they erzincan escort held hands under the blanket for a while and then she got a little sleepy. So she laid her head on his shoulder and fell asleep. She said that the next thing she knew, she woke up and he had put his hand under her shorts and was fingering her. She said that she felt embarrassed that she had let that happen but at the same time she woke up so horny that she didn’t want him to stop but didn’t want him to continue either. Her solution was to sit up in the seat and take hold of his arm, ‘so he would stop fingering me.’ Of course this did not stop her new intimate friend. He was now alternately rubbing with her legs and petting her kitty.She told me that she reached into his lap to pull the blanket up for more cover and found that he had his cock out and was slowly stroking himself with his hand under the little blanket. Nancy told to me that she had not expected this but that she suddenly wanted to hold his dick and make love to it. She said that she masturbated him until he shot a load of wet, sticky cum under that little airline blanket. After that, she claimed that he left her alone for the remainder of the trip. She said that it really was not her fault that it happened. And even though I was asleep, we were technically in the same room and in fact we were side by side. So, she said, I don’t think that it was really cheating, do you?After we were settled into our seats we were feeling pretty good because it looked like the last person was on board and the window seat was still empty. Then this young guy walks down the aisle and points to the empty seat. We think that it must be his seat.By the time the blanket arrived the guy in the window seat had introduced himself to Nancy. Barry was just heading back to college to start his junior year. The only other thing I recall from their conversation was she had seen him in the terminal and he had also noticed her. I smiled to myself and then settled back to get a little rest.Oh, almost forgot, he also confessed to her that this was not his real seat. He had been keeping an eye on the empty window seat next to her. When he saw the last person walk past his row, he decided to follow them and switch seats so he could be close to Nancy. When he told her this, she asked him why he wanted to be next to her. He told her that he had enjoyed her show in the terminal. She giggled a little and told him that she had been watching him too and she was happy that he had enjoyed her little game.I was keeping my eyes shut and my ears open as they chatted away. I heard them put up the armrest. Then Nancy asked me if I was awake, but I decided to just remained silent. After about thirty minutes they stopped talking and started whispering to each other. I decided to take a peek at what they were doing. The little blue blanket was partially covering both of them. Her head was on his shoulder and her arms were wrapped around his arm. His hand was under the blanket, in her lap or more likely between her legs.The pilot had switched off the interior lights and only a few reading lights were on. The plane was pretty dark inside so I kept my eyes open and my mouth shut as I watched my sweet little wife with her new toy, oops, I mean friend. I could not tell exactly what was happening, but I could see some movement in her lap.As time went on, I could hear her breathing deeper. She was also now turned toward him, holding his arm tightly to her chest and belly. After she had turned to face him, I noticed that the blanket only covered her lap and that her little white ass was peeking out between the seat bottom and the blanket. I could definitely see the bare skin of her soft white cheeks. I could not see those orange Hooters pants.She was sitting in the middle seat and her new friend was to her left. Her left leg appeared to be pressed tightly against his right leg while her right leg was spread wide to the right. At least that’s the way it appeared under that blanket. As the minutes ticked by her breathing was getting deeper and her gasps of breath were cumming quicker. Then her right leg suddenly jerked to the left as if the trap she had set had just been sprung, catching that invisible hand under that dark blue blanket. Her head jerked forward against her arm as she repeatedly exhaled into his chest. Other than her breathing, çeşme escort I didn’t hear anything else. I wondered if she might be biting his shirtsleeve or his arm. I had no way to tell.They relaxed for a minute of two and then she seemed to cuddle up even closer to him. She released his arm and he gently pulled his hand out and wrapped it around her shoulders. Her head was now close to the middle of his chest. Her hands were now in his lap. As I listened I was sure that I heard the sound of his seatbelt unbuckling. Because of the way she was turned, with her back to me, I could not see what she was doing or even if anything really was going on.Then I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper slowly being opened. I think it was that sound that finally brought my dick up to full mast. I was sure that in the next few minutes she would have his cock out of his pants and that she would be returning the favor by masturbating him right there in that window seat.I was now wishing that I have not reclined my seat back. I’m sure I would have had a much better view if I were sitting up. But I didn’t want to suddenly ‘wake up’ and stop what was happening next to me. So I just sat back and watched what little movement I could see as I strained to hear what was happening.It must have been about ten minutes that they sat there with very little apparent movement. I was starting to think that I must have been dreaming when I heard that zipper sound. Then as I watched, my wife was slowly lowering her head down into his lap. Barry adjusted the blanket so that it totally covered her. The blanket kept her hidden from anyone (including me) who might be watching. Whatever was happening in his lap, no one would be able to tell. What it didn’t do was silence the soft slurping noises that were just barely auditable over the noise of the engines and the air rushing past the cabin.So my wife was now in full cock sucking mode in something like seat 17B (or something close to that). She was not doing a fast suck, just a slow, measured “make it last as long as possible” motion with her head. As I watched I could see the blanket slowly rise and fall every few seconds. This went on for a LONG time. In my mind I could see her tongue tracing and probing the head of his cock, licking his shaft and possibly his balls. She’s really is good at sucking cock.Then I noticed his arm move up her back and press her head down. His head pressed back into the headrest. Now his breath was cumming in short little bursts. I figured that he must be cumming in her mouth.He let go of her head, but she stayed in that position for another four or five minutes. I continued to hear the little, barely auditable sucking sounds for most of that time. Then she sat up in her seat. He put his hands under the blanket, followed but that zipper sound.They sat there for a few more minutes before I heard any more talking. She asked him if he would hold the blanket over her shoulders so she could change clothes. He said sure. She rummaged through her Hooters shopping bag and pulled out a few things. She placed those blue panties, her top and finally her short blue jeans on his lap.He shook out the blanket in front of him then moved it over in front of her and pulled it up around her shoulders. She slipped out of her Hooters pants and top which she dropped into the shopping bag. Then she turned toward him pushing his left hand up toward the seat in front of her. From the smile I could see on his face, he must have had a great view of her naked body. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He brought the blanket in against her shoulders as he returned her kiss. They continued to kiss for a long time. Then I hear my wife softly say, “Mmmm, you act like you’re already ready for some more.” Then she giggled again. She leaned back and his smile returned as he watched her pull her gray Daytona Beach t-shirt over her head. Then she was looking down and doing something in her lap or in his lap, I could not tell. But I had a good idea what was happening when she said, “don’t get any ideas, I’m just searching for my panties.”Many awkward contortions later she took the blanket from him and wrapped it around her legs. She leaned over to him again and they kissed for a little while. Then she sat back and reclined her seat. She turned toward me, lifted the armrest and cuddle up as much as possible. I put my arm around her hoping that she would not discover my hard, throbbing cock.Soon we were both fast asleep. The next thing I knew the pilot was announcing that we were on final approach into Las Vegas. Nancy was still sleeping on my chest and I was surprised to see Barry leaning over and using Nancy’s ass as his pillow.

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