My wife’s first BBC – Friday night, 12/17/10


My wife’s first BBC – Friday night, 12/17/10First, let me say that you should read my other posts before reading this one. It puts this personal account into perspective. My wife and I are conservative people, really! We’ve been married for 2 decades, and have a trusting relationship. She is 48 and I’m 44. She’s in perfect shape, and I used to model 10 years ago.Again, read the previous personal stories I posted before reading further so you have perspective.We have not really ever talked about inviting a black man into our bed. We have had two cuckold experiences in our marriage – one three years ago and one two weeks ago!My wife and I were watching a cable movie of two black men making love to an older woman and it really turned her on. So I convinced her to try it last night with a friend of ours from the fitness center we belong to. His name is Rob and he’s 31 years old.Rob met us in an area hotel bar last night for drinks. It was practically an empty bar. I shared with him through an email what we wanted to transpire and he said he was nervous but excited about it. We’ve known him as a casual acquaintance for about five years.Mary and I had one drink before Rob got there, and then another as we talked with him. We really didn’t talk sex at all, but talked about working out and how he’s in great shape.Finally, Mary squeezed my knee, and I knew that it was the sign she was ready. istanbul escort We had already agreed that if she never squeezed my knee that it meant she just didn’t feel right and that she would back out.So, I mentioned to Rob that we had a great room and that he should come up and see it. Of course he knew what that meant, but we were all being shy about the whole situation.We entered the room, and I turned down the lights and put on some some music from the TV. I stood at the foot of the bed and Mary deeply, holding her head in my hands and then kissing her neck. “I love you honey,” I said.”You’re sure you really want us to do this?” Mary whispered, as she sat on the bed.Rob said, “Yeah, if you guys aren’t cool with this I can leave.””No, no,” I said, “This is a fantasy and we should just take it slow.”Rob then sat on the bed with Mary and they he rubbed her shoulders for a few minutes. I sat in a chair across from them, the whole time Mary looking into my eyes and smiling.Mary then winked at me, with a very devilish grin, and then stood up with her back to me. She leaned over and whispered into Rob’s ear something I couldn’t hear. Rob then stood up, and started undressing her. He started with her top, unbuttoning each button of her blouse, and then pulled it off.Mary threw it at me and laughed, avcılar escort saying, “Here’s your souvenir honey.”Rob slipped off her bra and her boobs broke free. She looked so hot in the dim light and Rob started kneading her breasts and then he started sucking them so tenderly.Mary moaned. I got up from my chair and stood on the other side of the bed to see her face. She was in complete pleasure as Rob sucked one, then the other nipple in his mouth. She opened her eyes briefly and locked on mine, the pure lust in her face as her knees were beginning to buckle.”Rob, I want to make you feel good,” she said.She knelt on the bed while Rob stood before her. She unbuckled his slacks, they slide down effortlessly. She tugged at his boxes and his cock sprang out. “Unbelievable,” she said.”Unbelievable,” I said.Rob’s cock was easily 9 inches or more and the girth was about as big around as my wrist.Mary started licking the head and really couldn’t get much down her throat. I could tell she was extremely turned on by what she was seeing and Rob’s cock was very, very hard.Mary stood up and said, “I’m sorry, Rob.”Rob looked embarrassed, “For what?” he said.”I have to have you in me now,” she said.Rob looked at me, “Are you cool with this?””Absolutely,” I said, “Honey, fuck is brains out.”They ripped the rest of their clothes off, and then my wife şirinevler escort pulled her knees up to her ears and Rob entered her so slowly that I thought she would scream out in pleasure. I pulled out my cock and began jerking it for all it was worth. Rob must have taken 45 seconds to enter her and she was so wet it was easier than I thought it would be.He pumped Mary that way for at least 10 minutes, her knees by her ears, him kissing her breasts, and moving his manhood in and out so slowly, the juices spilling from her lips.In that 10 minutes, Mary came twice, locking on my eyes each time she came. I was amazed that I didn’t cum jacking off in front of them.Mary then got on top of Rob and he said, “Oh my God. You are amazing.”She then ground her hips down on him and rode him very slowly up and down, arching her back and hips so I could get this incredible view of the full length of this cock going in and out of her. Rob started to cum after her riding him for 15 minutes and when he came, Mary yelled out and came and then I came at the foot of the bed all over the sheets.We all collapsed on the bed together. After 30 minutes of rest, Rob seemed a little embarrassed and excused himself to go home. He’s a really decent guy, and I know he was gentleman the whole time.Mary and I then screwed after he left, spent most of the night talking about the experience, and she said it was a series of the most intense orgasms she’s ever had. I’m not sure we’ll do it again, but we do have that memory of last night.We still talking about it today. Rob was such a gentleman, but I’m not sure how comfortable he was the whole time. It was just such an incredible night the night she took a 9 inch black cock, the first black cock of her life.

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