NAAFA Forever!


I turned into the parking lot of the motel and checked in at the main desk to get my room for the night. I had heard about the National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance, (NAAFA), but had always been a little wary about attending a dance or other function where I didn’t know anyone. At 52, I wasn’t getting any younger, so this would be the night.

I entered the ballroom, and the lights were dim, with a DJ already cranking out the tunes. I paid my $25 at the entrance table where two beautiful large ladies were taking money and greeting everyone with warm inviting smiles. Both were wearing exotic scoop necked dresses, showing their ample cleavage and plentiful curves. I estimated that each of them topped the scale at 300, delicious pounds, and my heart began to beat a little faster, as I wondered why I never attended an event in the past.

There were about 125 people already at the event which had only been in progress for a half hour, and unlike most dances, which are slow to get started, the floor was filled with beautiful full bodied women moving provocatively to the Classic Rock.

I moved to the bar and ordered a beer and began to move my body slightly to the music. I tipped the bottle and emptied half of it, trying to relax a little. I have loved large bodied women since high school and I was like a kid in a candy store.

“Better go easy on that beer. The night is young.”

I looked to my right, and could only stare. There sitting on the stool next to me was the most gorgeous woman I have ever encountered. She was wearing a silk spaghetti strapped dress which clung to the soft folds of her skin and large stomach. She definitely had a full voluptuous body and was not ashamed to show it off.

“I’m Jenny. Buy a lady a drink? The next round will be on me.”

“Nice to meet you Jenny. I’m Steve. Bartender… Please get the lady a…”

“A gin and tonic please.”

The beautiful dress had ridden up 4-5 inches about her knees as she sat with her large legs slightly parted. The thick bulging calves tapered into smaller ankles with bakırköy escort the sexiest feet in toeless low heels. Her toenails were painted an exotic light pink and fit perfectly with the rest of her sensual classic beauty.

I was lost in the pools of her liquid brown eyes as she sipped at her drink with moist pouting lips. I could have stared at her all night as my eyes continued to roam over her massive arms and breasts.

“Would you like to dance?”

When she snapped her fingers in front of my eyes, it broke me out of my trance.

“Oh sorry. Did you say something?”

“Yes, I said would you like to dance?”

“Oh sorry…yes, I would love to.”

We rocked to Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls” and ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man,” and I was in awe of the way she moved her sexy large body in such fluid motions. When they slowed it down, Jenny held her arms open and I advanced slowly to meet her and take her in my arms. I was unable to get my arms completely around her body, but I could feel the heat from her body seeping through the soft silky material and the scent of her perfume was making my head spin as she locked her hands behind my neck.

As the evening wore on, I concluded that this rare exotic woman had it all: brains, compassion, confidence and a quiet strength packed into an abundance of enticing womanly flesh.

When we were dancing closely to the last dance of the evening I felt her lightly blow into my ear and gently lick me with her tongue.

“I think there is definitely a bond between us Steve and don’t want the evening to end here.”

I looked into her hungering eyes and could not resist as I leaned forward and kissed her gently.

“I have a room for the night if you would like to join me Jen.”

“I would love to.”

We took the elevator, hand in hand, in total silence, but staring into each others’ eyes with knowing promises to come. We came to my room and I started to take the key out of my pocket when she stopped me and bent to remove her heels.

“Here, hold these.”

Dumbfounded, beşiktaş escort I took her shoes and watched as she crouched over into a squat.

“Hop on.”


“I said hop on. One of us should carry the other one over the threshold and you look pretty strong, but I don’t think you are up to lugging my 325 pounds into the room, so hop on.”

I felt rather silly, but Jenny was not to be deterred, so I slowly climbed onto her back with my 200 pound body and was escorted into the room. I don’t know what the appeal was, but the demonstration of this big woman’s strength was erotic, and caused me to have an instant erection which poked into her back.

She dumped me unceremoniously on the bed, then went to close the door, and I rose to once again take her into my arms. I kissed her once again, and this time our lips and tongues explored each other until we were breathless and grabbing at each other’s clothing to let our skin mold together and become one.

Jenny was truly a vision standing in her sheer red bra and panties and I could not resist unsnapping her bra and letting it fall to the floor as her magnificent breasts flowed forth coming to rest above her protruding sexy stomach.

I took the waistband of her panties and gently moved them over her bulging thighs and calves, then put them to my nose and inhaled the delicious natural scent of her. I had never seen a more beautiful woman, and I asked her to slowly turn around so I savor all of her. Her lovely full ass was incredible, and jiggled seductively as she moved from foot to foot.

I slowly moved to her and wrapped my arms around her so my hands could gently rub her large stomach and huge warm breasts. My hard cock was seeking entry into the crack of her beautiful ass as I kissed, licked and bit at her lovely thick neck.

Moaning, she turned to me and took my member in her hand as we once again locked lips in a fury and hunger. She stroked me slowly, while squeezing my ball sack until I would scream out, then ran her finger beylikdüzü escort up and down the crack of my ass.

Never had I wanted a woman so much in my life, and I slowly moved the two of us to the bed without breaking the kiss. I gently lay her on her back and moved the kisses to her face, neck and her large breasts, resting seductively down her torso. I took the pink nipples alternatively in my mouth making them hard, and causing Jen to moan with pleasure.

I slowly moved my way down her huge body, not missing an inch of her abundant flesh, then came to the thick patch of wet jet black hair of her pussy. I gave loving teasing kisses around the edges of her pussy hair, and gently bit the insides of her thighs before I licked lightly at her delicious opening. The aroused scent of her was intoxicating and I slowly licked up from the tip of her ass to the top of her pussy.

Her legs, spread wide, wrapped around my head and longed for me to insert my tongue deeper, but I teased, until she was writhing, and crying out for more. Her sweet nectar was incredible as I probed deeper and took in every drop of her moist liquid, causing her to cry out and crush my head in her massive thighs in a shattering orgasm.

She slowly regained her breath and I moved up between her legs with my engorged cock.

“Please Steve, I don’t think I can take you now.”

“I’ll be gentle Babe.”

I slowly moved the tip of my erect dick into her love canal, conscious of her response, and when she started to moan, I inserted all of my rod, inch my inch.

“Oh yes. God you feel good inside me. Fuck me hard Babe.”

I slowly pulled out, then thrust deeply into her and repeated my probing until both of us were out of control and drenched in sweat. The smell of animal sex filled the room as we slammed our bodies together, lost in each other’s embrace. I was reaching the point of no return, and knew that I could hold out no longer, when I heard her scream out once again in ecstasy, causing my cock to explode inside her.

I lay gasping on top of this beautiful woman and she finally released me to lay beside her after 15 minutes.

I was disappointed when she explained to me that she didn’t want a committed relationship, but I inwardly knew that no one man should claim her exclusively. I just hope and pray that one day our paths will cross again.

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