National Nude Day 2004


“Did you read this?” I asked as I sat reading the newspaper.

“Read what?” You questioned.

“This!” As I held up the paper, pointing to the headlines, “National Nude Day 2004.”

“No, what’s it about?” you asked me.

“They want everyone to go nude, next Friday; at work; shopping; catching a train; just about anywhere you go.” I said rather brashly.

“Hmm; it doesn’t sound too bad.” You said over your cereal, “Sounds fun.”

“Don’t even think about it.” I said, “Besides we have lunch with my brother and his wife on Friday.”

“Okay.” You replied, but I could see your mind working overtime as you were thinking.

Friday came around quickly, what with everyone at work and on the streets talking about “National Nude day 2004”; it sounded like it was going to be a day of sex and debauchery.

So, here it was Friday and I was dressed in my work suit, ready to go to work.

“Not going to go naked, are you?” You asked mischievously, as you adjusted my tie.

“No.” I stated, “I don’t believe in it.”

“That’s not what you were like last night.” You seductively said with a twinkle in your eyes.

“Well, that was last night. Anyway I have to go, so I will meet you at the restaurant, at noon.” I said, as I turned to go.

“Okay.” You said, as you gave me a kiss on the cheek, “See you then.”

I left the house to work to the bus stop, when I heard, “Good Morning.”

I turned around to say it back, when I stumbled over the words, “Good Morn….ing.”

I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things. Here he was out in the garden, pruning his roses with no clothes on. I think I started to blush and avert my eyes. I did not want to see his donger, hanging there.

“Great day, for it.” He said, as he bent down to prune the roses again.

“Yes, it is. I have to run to catch my bus.” I said, as I smiled at him.

“Okay, see you for the BBQ on Sunday then.” He intoned.

“Okay, bye.” I muttered as I turned to get to the bus stop. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or not, after seeing him there; but it did bring a smile to my lips.

I reached the bus stop and found that some people were dressed fully, others were semi dressed in stockings not only men, but women as well. Some nice looking but others were what you would call “Paper bag jobs”, if you get the meaning.

I could feel, my cock arousing slightly, as I looked at the good ones. I didn’t want to stare that much, just in case I was caught looking.

As we boarded the bus, I found a seat next to a gorgeous blonde, who was wearing a teddy and high heals.

“Hi.” I stammered as I glanced at her chest and legs. Sitting down next to her was an experience, I could enjoy. I kept my case on my lap, to hide my growing erection.

“Hi, yourself.” She answered, as she flashed me a radiant smile.

“Oh god.” I thought, as I felt my cock swell, even further.

As the bus started off, I knew that it was going to be a long 45-minute ride. Hopefully I sarıyer escort could hide my erection for that long.

I noticed that as the bus went over bumps. In the roads surface, that your hand would stray to your lap and gently stroke the top of your legs; slowly down one and then up the other.

I was getting harder, by the minute.

You must have noticed this, because you smiled at me and licked your lips and then looked at my case on my lap; this made you smile more. You reached over and took my hand in yours and pulled it over to the top of your stockings.

I didn’t try to stop you, as I was awe struck, by your daring.

You pressed my hand into your panty-clad mound and slowly moved it over your mound. I could feel the wetness there, as you spread your legs slightly. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, but they all seemed to be doing their own thing.

I turned back and saw that you had tilted your head back and closed your eyes, as you moved my hand up and down your slit and over your legs.

I took my cue and continued doing it myself as you lifted your hands to rub your breasts, through the teddy. The nipples were dark and very prominent as you rubbed and pinched them. You were moaning softly as you did this.

My fingers were working there way around the garment, as they pressed into you. As you spread your legs, even further, they found the side elastic and slid underneath to find your wet hole. I pushed one, then two into you and felt you arch your back. In and out they went, as I finger fucked you.

Your hands were now rubbing your breasts harder and roamed over your front.

I pushed my fingers, in further until they disappeared completely. I could smell your sexual awareness from here.

I leant down and kissed you hard on the mouth, as my fingers found their goal, making you shudder. Our kisses were hard and physical as they meshed hard together.

I suddenly felt you shiver as your orgasm took hold and you grabbed my hand to force the fingers deeper, as well as closing your legs firmly tight, to hold my hand there.

I felt you tense more as you had another orgasm. I suddenly felt wetness, in my trousers as I too had an orgasm.

“I was going to have to hide behind my case, as I walked to the office.” I thought to myself.

I felt you subside next to me, as you kissed my lips. You looked very sweaty and spent, as I gazed at you.

I slowly removed my fingers from your cunt and put them to your lips. You took them into your mouth and slowly sucked on them. Tasting your cunt juices on the tips and the length of them. I took them out of your mouth and put them to mine, tasting your glorious juice on them, mixed with your saliva.

As I finished sucking, they called my stop. I leaned across and kissed you softly on the lips, “Thank you.”

“No, thank you. The pleasure was all mine.” You said as you smiled at me.

“Not all yours.” I grinned as I esenyurt escort showed her my wet crotch, beneath the case.

I alighted from the bus, holding the case over the wet patch and walked to the office. I couldn’t even remember if the other people on the bus had noticed us, but I didn’t care either.

I managed to get to my own office and flop in the chair.

“I better dry these pants off.” I said to myself. I removed them and hung them over the side chair, along with my jocks, “I just hope no one wanted anything for a while.”

Fifteen minutes passed and I was confident no one was going to interrupt this morning, when my boss walked into the office, unannounced.

“Glad to see you here this morning.” He said gruffly. “What’s this about the McNaughty file and that you want a raise?”

I wasn’t sure how to reply, I mean that he was starkers before me. His pot belly, hairy chest, his penis there for all to see, “I’ve finished the McNaughty file and I think I deserve a raise.” I managed to reply.

“Is that so!” He yelled as he leant towards the desk.

He must have noticed that my trousers and jocks were over the chair as he leant forward, because he came around the desk and had a grin on his face, ”Well, look at this.” He said to no one, as he turned my swivel chair around to see that I was naked from the waist down.

I couldn’t tell him about the bus, so I said, “I was trying to get into the spirit of National Nude Day 2004.”

“Okay, but there is a way you can get that raise.” He sneered at me, “Come here.” He said as he moved to the other side of the desk.

I stood and walked around.

“Bend over the desk.” He said, in a weird sounding voice.

I did and wondered what he was going to do, although I had a fairly good idea. As I lent over the desk, with my arse cheeks showing, I felt his hands pull them apart.

“Smells nice and looks good.” He said, as I felt his tongue begin to lick my crack; ”Tastes good too.”

I gripped the desk edge harder. If this were what I had to do to get a raise, well I would just have to endure it.

He licked around my anus and he must have tasted some semen that had gotten down there because he licked the bottom of my balls. Taking one at a time into his mouth and sucking.

“Hmm. You have cum today, I can taste it.” He purred, as he sucked harder.

He let go and went back to my arse. I tensed as I felt him spread my cheeks and position his cock over my hole. He pushed and his erection went in, a few inches. I tried to relax my muscles and take the heat off my anus. He pushed harder and then he was in fully, riding my arse like I was a prize stallion.

As he pushed into me, my cock was pressed onto the desk, rubbing over the papers there. I felt myself grow hard, as he fucked me and I fucked the desk. I should have told him that I had a homosexual affair when I was younger, but thought better of it. Let him think he was the first.

He avrupa yakası escort continued riding me, as he puffed and panted, forcing his cock in deep then slightly out again. It was great to be fucked from behind again,

I felt he was close to an orgasm, as he pulled my hips tighter to his body. I was close too. He tensed and exploded into my arse, forcing semen to seep from the side of his cock and out of my hole.

I came as well leaving a wet mess over my tummy and all over the desk.

“You’re not a bad fuck.” The boss said, as he withdrew from me.

I grunted, not wanting to get up to let him see that I had cum as well.

“You’ll get your raise.” He said, as he wiped himself on my trousers and left.

I was still bent over the desk, when my secretary came in.

“Oh, my.” She said, as I heard the door close.

“Let me clean you up.” She said, as I felt her wiping my arse cheeks and legs down, “You’re not the only one to have had the boss.” She said.

I got off the desk and turned around. I still had a piece of paper stuck to my cock.

“Here, let me get that.” The secretary said as she pulled the paper off. She was dressed in bras and panties and looked like a model.

As she pulled the paper off, she bent down to wipe my cock.

“Oh, what a nice little fellow you are.” She said as she held it, “Lets get you cleaned up.”

With that she spread her lips and took me into her mouth, sucking me and licking the cum off. I could feel him coming back to life as she did this. I held her head there, as she sucked. She was no stranger to sucking a man off. She knew where to put her tongue and when to use her teeth. It wasn’t long before I started to cum in her mouth. She forced me to deep throat her, as she took me all in.

I came in spurts and she swallowed it all. Once I was done she took her mouth away and kissed my limp penis.

“That’s better.” She said, as she finished wiping it.

She stood and kissed me on the lips. I could still taste the salty cum there.

“Catch you later.” She said, as she turned and left.

Luckily, that was it for the morning, so I could rest and get my clothes dry.

As I walked to the restaurant, I kept wondering about the day and how it had turned out. I shook my head and smiled, “Crazy.” I thought to myself.

I reached the restaurant and walked inside. I stood and stared. I could not believe what I was seeing. You were on lying on a table with your legs spread and my sister-in-law was eating you out. Not only that, but Jake my brother had his cock out and in your mouth. No one seemed to mind this, as other tables were engaged in other activities as well.

I walked over and smiled at Jake and you turned and smiled at me. I came up behind Jean and ran my hands over her back.

“You all look very nice.” I said, as I started to strip.

I grabbed Jeans legs and forced them apart as I mounted her from behind, shoving my erection deep into her wet pussy.

“How was your day?” Jake asked, as he came in my wife’s mouth.

“Good. Couldn’t have been better.” I replied as I pounded Jeans pussy.

This is only part of my day; I hope that yours was just as exciting and full of sex, beacause “National Nude Day” is here to stay.

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