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Naturist SwingersWhen I lived in London I regularly visited a naturist spa and loved the freedom it gave me being naked in front of other people. Unfortunately when I moved from London I was unable to find a similar club locally. I spent some time checking out websites and chat rooms that might put me in contact with likeminded people. I started to chat with a guy in his late 50s and it was soon apparent that he and his wife sometimes invited people round to their home to spend a few hours naked together. I was sent a few photographs of them and asked if I would be interested. This seemed ideal but he wanted to meet me first and introduce me to his wife. A meeting was arranged in a local pub and they were a very lovely couple. He emailed me a few days after the meeting to say his wife would be interested in a meeting at their home, but then due to both of us having commitments and it being near Christmas we couldn’t arrange a date that was suitable for all. After New Year we arranged another meeting for lunch together. The lunch went well and we talked about where we had all tried naturism. Later that day I got an email to tell me that the next meeting could be at their home and bahis siteleri we arranged a date.What surprised me was that over the next few days I got a few emails from the husband asking if I found his wife attractive, and whether I would be able to not have a hard on if I was naked in the same room as her. I told him that I found his wife very sexy but I would be OK if we were just being naturists together. He then told me that they were also swingers so if I wanted to get hard during the meeting it would be ok, and if his wife liked what she saw then there might be some playing. However, he was quick to lay out the ground rules which were:1)His wife made all the decisions, so if she was not interested then nothing would happen2)Until she was comfortable with me she would not suck my cock or let her fuck her3)She loved her pussy being licked. The day came and I drove to their home. However before leaving my home I checked my emails to find he had sent me one telling me that as it was cold they would both be in their dressing gowns when I arrived and would probably not get naked, but they would be happy if I wanted to be naked in front of them.On arrival the husband greeted canlı bahis me, but he was fully dressed. He told me their plans had slightly changed and they were only free for 2 hours and he had just come back from a friends house who he was helping. Going upstairs I was welcomed by his wife who was in the lounge in her dressing gown. He went to the bedroom and came back in his dressing gown. She apologised for not being naked but it was too cold, but suggested I could strip off if I felt comfortable with it, which I did.We sat talking for about 30 minutes, drinking cups of tea, when there was a phone call which his wife took and carried the phone out of the room. Whilst she was away he asked if I would like to ‘play’ with his wife in the bedroom which I of course said I would. He left the room and it turned out he had gone to ask his wife what she wanted to do. When she had finished the phone call she came back into the lounge and said that we might find it warmer in the bedroom. On the way to the bedroom they both took off their dressing gowns but she found it quite cold so suggested we all get under the duvet to warm up. She laid between us and soon we both had a hand on güvenilir bahis her tits and she was stroking both of our cocks. It didn’t take me very long to get hard. Soon it was too hot under the duvet so it was removed which allowed us to each suck on one her tits as we both fingered her pussy. After a while he positioned himself so his wife could suck his cock and I positioned myself so she could stroke my cock, and rub it against her tit as I licked her pussy. She tasted great and had a wonderful looking pussy. After a few minutes her husband said he wasn’t going to last long so I inserted a couple of fingers deep into her pussy and turned to watch her sucking him. He was very hard and soon he groaned and emptied his balls into her mouth, and she swallowed everything he shot into her. He was now spent and laid back on the bed and watched as I resumed licking her pussy and playing with her clit. She was stroking my cock and after about 5 minutes I said I wasn’t going to last out much longer. He got up and walked around the bed to get a better view of his wife stroking my cock. I buried my face deep into her pussy as her stroking got faster and then I erupted, my cum shooting all over her tits. We all cleaned up and laid in bed for about 10 minutes chatting and the wife said that we must do this again soon, and maybe she might want to do a bit more with me. I am now waiting to arrange our next meeting

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