Never the Bride

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Jenny was still fucking single and she wasn’t happy about it. She had been the maid of honor in six weddings that year and she was sick of it. When was it going to be her turn to be the bride? When would she get to plan her dream wedding with the man of her dreams? She wasn’t sure and she was tired of waiting around and wondering. She looked around the crowded church and made her way to the rec room where there was free coffee. She looked around at the mayhem that was her best friend’s wedding.

She was happy for Kira. She really was. It was just that there was this nagging feeling that she would never have her time. Jenny wanted to fall in love and get married just like Kira was today. She took her cup of coffee and made small talk with everyone. She was still waiting for Joachim to arrive and he was late, as usual. She would be walking down the aisle with him at the wedding and she wasn’t unhappy about it. Joachim was tall and he would have been a real prospect except for the fact that he was best friends with Kira’s fiance, Dominick. Jenny didn’t want to cause any problems for herself or for her friend but she couldn’t help but like the way that Joachim moved. He was smooth and confident.

Jenny sipped her coffee until she could feel her phone buzzing in her purse. She was already ready, wearing the dark blue gown Kira had picked for her and the other bridesmaids. It was a tastefully elegant style and Jenny was glad that Kira was secure enough with herself to allow her bridesmaids to look beautiful on her special day. Jenny made her way to the dressing room, where Kira was pacing in her undergarments, waiting for the right moment to put on her dress.

“Jenny? Is that you?”

“Yes! Of course.”

“I need you,” she grabbed Jenny and pulled her close for a hug. They embraced for a long time and Kira wouldn’t let go. Jenny could feel her heart beating and she remembered all the good times Kira and she had shared together. Flashes of memories of them at the county fair, them at school, them coloring pictures together, playing with dolls…everything. Their entire friendship had been a good one and Jenny felt her eyes misting over with tears. She loved Kira like a sister and she was happy for her on her special day. Of course, she wished it would be her turn to be the bride, but she was never the bride. She had to accept this. Kira was the kind of girl guys wanted to marry. Jenny was just the sidekick.

“Jenny, thank you for always being here for me and being my best friend. I love you.”

“I love you too, Kira.”

“I need a favor, though. And it’s a weird one.”

“Okay?” Jenny was used to this. Kira had been asking her for favors like crazy because of the wedding. Jenny assumed this was just another one of those favors. She wasn’t expecting what came next.

“I need you to sleep with Joachim.”

Jenny froze. She gave Kira a questioning look. No one had ever asked her to sleep with someone else as a favor before. She had to draw the line. “Kira, do you mean have sex with him?”

“Yes. I know it’s weird but you see, he hasn’t had sex with another woman since his wife died in a car accident eight years ago.”

“He’s been married before?”

“He doesn’t talk about it much, for obvious reasons but the thing is he really hasn’t had sex in eight years and I know that you like sex a lot and I thought that maybe you could help him out.”

“Why do you make it sound like I’m some kind of slut?” Jenny asked, offended slightly by this.

“I’m not saying that. I just think you two would hit it off. Dominick thinks so too.”

“I’ll think about it.” Jenny looked at her phone. “It’s time, Kira. We have to get you in the dress and get out there.”

“Think about it. Joachim is a really nice guy.”

“I know he is. I just don’t know if bakırköy escort I’m attracted to him like that.”

Jenny helped Kira into her dress and when she was ready they looked at her in the mirror and smiled at the beauty of her dress on her special day. Jenny felt a pang of longing for her day to come but she wasn’t waiting around, she told herself. She was going to just live her life the best she knew how. She picked up Kira’s train as she walked to the church and when they arrived Joachim was waiting for her with a smile on his face.

“You look beautiful, Kira. And Jenny…wow!” Joachim smiled widely at both of the girls and for the first time, Jenny could see how attractive he actually was. Why had she never noticed this before?

They took their places and when it was time Joachim offered Jenny his arm. They walked down the aisle and as they did, Jenny could feel something. She couldn’t tell if it was a pang of longing to be the bride or a pang of longing for Joachim. She was starting to really think about Kira’s request and she glanced over at him to see that he was looking at her as well. Their eyes met and there was something special in their exchange that made them both take pause. They reached the end of the aisle and separated. Jenny knew she was blushing as she smiled at him but she was shocked to see that he was blushing too. They were both blushing like that in front of the entire congregation.

The wedding march began and Kira made her way down the aisle, her long dress cascading behind her in a wave of glorious white. Jenny was ecstatic for her friend but she stole a glance at Joachim and saw her was looking at her too. There was something between them and it burned in her through the entire ceremony. She cried as her best friend kissed Dominick deeply in front of all their witnesses. As the wedding party made their way out, Jenny could feel the electricity between her and Joachim when she took his arm. She was surprised when he guided her to the left at the end of the church instead of the right toward the reception.

“Where are you going? The reception is in there.”

“We have to do pictures and I think they are in here,” he told her.

“Oh?” She let him lead her into an empty room and though she knew there were not going to be pictures taken there she let him close the door and lock it.

“We are finally alone, Jenny.”

“Yes we are, Joachim,” she giggled nervously.

“I’ve been wanting to get you alone from the moment I saw you.”

“Kira told me about your dead wife,” Jenny blurted out. “She said you haven’t had sex in 8 years.”

“Nine years, actually,” he admitted.

“That’s a long time,” Jenny was nervous and she wished she hadn’t said that. No wonder she was alone and unmarried. She couldn’t even do a hookup correctly. She was hard on herself.

“That ought to make this even more special then,” Joachim told her as he pulled her close and kissed her deeply. There was passion in his kiss that Jenny had never felt before with any other man and so she kissed him back, letting herself get swept away with the moment.

“Joachim,” she murmured between kisses. His hands wandered over her body until he was unzipping her dark blue dress. It easily dropped to the floor, since it was a bit big after the diet she’d been on leading up to the wedding. She was completely naked underneath since the cut of the dress was unforgiving to bra and panty lines.

“You’re naked under your dress. Oh my God, I’m glad I didn’t know that during the wedding or everyone would have seen this.” He pointed down to his pants, which were tented around his erection. Jenny giggled.

“Wow! That’s quite a boner you have!”

“Want to see it?” he asked, but before she could answer he was already unleashing beşiktaş escort his monster cock from his pants. Jenny’s eyes got wide. She hadn’t dealt with a cock this big since her college days but she was pretty sure sex was like riding a bike. It had been a while since she’d had some, not eight years, but long enough to make this moment with Joachim very special. Her hand shot out and gripped his massive rod.

“You have a huge dick!” she cried and she looked up to see him smiling down at her.

“Stroke it for me, Jenny. Please.” She sat down on a small ottoman in front of his dick and began to stroke it slowly and carefully.

“Faster, Jenny.” She stroked it faster.

“Like this?”

“Yes. There you go, baby. That feels amazing!” She could tell that he was loving it and she wanted to give him more. She paused just long enough to wrap her small mouth around it. She tried her best to suck it but it was so much bigger than she was used to. She choked and choked on his cock, determined to do a good job. Maybe Joachim was the one. Maybe he would be her husband someday but that wouldn’t happen if she didn’t perform well in bed. She knew a lot was riding on this blowjob and so she put her whole heart into it.

“That’s what I need baby. Right there. I can feel your heart now.”

She realized that her heart was engaged and he seemed to like this. She let it go, allowing her feelings of fear and resentment at never being the bride fill her as she sucked and choked on his dick. Emotions that had been pent up inside of her for some time were now escaping and she couldn’t stop them. A floodgate had opened inside of her and she was filled with all the feelings that she had been holding onto.

“Yes! Right there! Right there!” Joachim was really enjoying himself but just when she thought he was going to cum, he stopped her by putting his hand on her forehead.

“Not yet! I don’t want to cum yet! I want to have sex with you,” he confessed and she realized she wanted this too. “But first, I want to taste you.” He went down on her, using his fingers to open her up and get her ready for his big cock. His tongue flicked her clit, sending sensations of joy from her pussy to her legs and back again. She was shaking as he licked her with short, little strokes in just the right spot. His tongue pressed down a bit harder and it shook her to her core. She knew she shouldn’t scream but she couldn’t help it. She let out a few wails that would probably make their way to the reception before she got herself under control.

“Okay, okay! Stop! I can’t take it!” she begged him.

“Okay. I think you’re ready for this.” He spread her legs as she lay back on the ottoman, her torso suspended in air and her head resting on the couch. He lifted her legs a bit so he could get a better angle but when he found his way in, neither of them were prepared for how it would make them feel. Jenny could feel Joachim’s pure and raw emotion as their bodies connected for the first time. She suddenly understood what people were talking about when they said they had sexual chemistry. She felt the pull of his heart on her body and she felt her own heart and body respond.

They weren’t just fucking as Joachim’s mouth found hers. They were making love in the most carnal and animalistic ways either of them had ever fucked. Jenny could feel the heat from his body, and she could tell that this man was something special. Maybe he was even the one but she couldn’t be sure, not now when his cock was in her. His cock was so fucking big but she was shocked at how her pussy absorbed it.

“You feel so good,” she moaned.

“So do you,” he moaned back and then kissed her. He felt so close to her and it was odd because he hadn’t felt anything like this with anyone, not even with beylikdüzü escort his late wife. Jenny was special beyond measure and there was no way that he was ever letting her go. He never wanted the sex to end. “Let’s try a different position,” he suggested and she got on her hands and knees on the ottoman.

“Like this?” she asked and he smiled.

“Sure, let’s try it.” He sunk his cock into her glorious hole and he hadn’t expected this position to be even better, but it absolutely was. She couldn’t stop cumming and he could feel the convulsions in her pussy as he fucked her. Everything about Jenny was perfect and he was in shock as he strained to keep himself from cumming. Her body and his made magic together, that was all there was to it. He flipped her onto her side and fucked her that way. Same thing. Magic. He flipped her so she was on top, riding him. It didn’t matter which way he fucked this woman, her pussy was a perfect fit for his cock and her heart was open for him and wanting. He wanted to complete her, to fill her with his cum but he wanted to make sure it was what she wanted.

“Can I cum inside of you, Jenny? Or would you like it somewhere else.”

“Cum deep inside of me,” she could barely speak she was so breathless from the orgasms he had given her. It was so fucking hot to see her like that, her makeup all smeared and her body open and taking his dick. He came hard as he looked up at her. She was still moving her hips, working her pussy up and down on his cock when he let go, cumming deep inside of her. She bounced until he put his arms up and grabbed her, willing her to stop.

“Okay, Jenny. Stop. I’ve cum in you.”

“Oh, okay,” she giggled and he helped her up and off of his cock. Her pussy began to instantly spew the cum he had just deposited back out. “Oh my God! What a mess!”

“Here,” he ran to the adjacent bathroom and grabbed a handful of paper towels for her.

“Thank you!” At that very moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Jenny? Kira is looking for you. It’s time for pictures!”

“Okay! Be right there!”

“Have you seen Joachim?”

“He’s here too!”

“Oh is he?” the voice of Kira’s sister-in-law took on a sexy tone. “Well, hurry up! Pictures start in five minutes.”

“That was a close call,” Jenny laughed as she grabbed her dress and pulled it on. “I guess we need to go do pictures. Let’s go.”

“Not so fast,” Joachim pulled her to him for another kiss. “You might want to fix your makeup.” He led her to the bathroom and all she could do was laugh.

“Oh no! Oh my God! It took me two hours to do my makeup and you ruined it! Thanks a lot,” she looked at him angrily but she was cracking a smile.

“Was it worth it?” he asked.

“Maybe. I mean, these might be the only wedding photos I’m actually in. I’m always the bridesmaid, never the bride.”

“I think you’d make an excellent bride,” Joachim said, with a tinge of love in his voice.

“Do you now?”

“Yes. I might just have to snap you up and marry you one of these days just so you can be the bride.”

“How kind of you. Just for that reason, huh?”

“Well, that and the fact that we have the best chemistry I’ve ever had with anyone.”



“I felt it too,” she admitted.

“I know, baby.” He kissed her again and they began to make out. They wanted to keep going but Jenny knew she needed to get her makeup fixed and take some pictures.

“I have to go now. Can we hang out more after pictures?”

“I’m saving you a dance, Jenny.”

“Okay,” she giggled and then blushed.


Jenny smiled as she went off to find her cosmetic case. She could still feel the chills Joachim had given her in her on her skin as she replayed all the special moments from the sex she’d just had with him. Maybe he was the one. Maybe she would be the bride one day, after all. Maybe dreams really did come true. Joachim may not have been on her radar before Kira’s wedding but now she couldn’t ignore how she felt about him. She just knew. He was going to be her husband someday.

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