Next Door Neighbor


I had a long hard day at work the last thing I wanted to do was cook or have company so I decided to pick something up to eat on my way home. After a quick dinner I decided I would take a long hot bath to relax and unwind. I opened a bottle of wine and went to the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water. I undressed and climbed in. Shortly, I hear a knock at my door. I climbed out of the tub and threw my robe on, tied it and went to the door to see who it was. I checked through the peephole and saw it was my neighbor Cabe. I had asked him to install some surround sound in my place about a month earlier. I was not in the mood to have anyone over, but since it had already taken this long, I did not want to go any longer without my surround sound. I opened the door and said hello and invited him in. I apologized for my attire and explained to him that I had just gotten into the tub when the doorbell rang. With a blush on his face he looked at me and apologized. I smiled and said it was ok. I asked him if he wanted something to drink and he asked for some water and I gave him the last bottle of water. We chatted for a bit as he drank his water and then he said it was time for him to get to work. I grabbed some magazines and sat on the couch to read them as he worked.

Since we first met I have had a slight crush on him. I thought he was handsome. Cabe is a tech genius! He knows everything there is to know about computers and anything installations, and anything else techie. I am not computer illiterate, but I am not all that tech savvy either. Cabe however, is not your typical tech guy. He is just above 6′ tall. He has gorgeous blue eyes. Even the glasses he wears don’t take away from the beauty of his intense eyes. He is stocky, and built like a football player with a bit of a belly. He is definitely the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. I have to admit it was hard for me to keep my eyes off of him. There have been many elevator rides where I would just stare at him. To my embarrassment, he has caught me staring a few times but has been gracious about it and just smiles. I know he was just trying to be nice, I mean he is gorgeous and I know I am not his type. From the woman I have seen come by his place I am far from his taste in women. I am 5’5, long brown hair, brown eyes with full hips, a well rounded belly and an ample butt. Also to my dismay, I have trouble finding tops that would cover my bosom without looking like a button is about to pop. Oh, and did I mention that I wear glasses as well. I am not ugly. Just nowhere near the model thin elegant women that always seemed to appear around him.

As he worked with some wiring, I would take glances over at him. I guess one glance, well a stare actually, if I am being honest, went on a bit too long because I noticed him smile and blush a bit which made me blush as well. That was my cue to leave. I excused myself, got up and went to the bathroom and drained the tub of the now cold water. He looked up and apologized again for interrupting my halkalı escort bath. I smiled and assured him it was fine. I walked back into the living room and sat on the couch with the computer to check email and surf the net for a bit. I opened my email and started to go through it and came across an email from a friend. The email contained a link to some of his photos. He is a great photographer and takes beautiful pictures. His portfolio has some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. He is a very sought after photographer. I click on the link to view the pictures he wanted me to see. I was a bit shocked as these pictures were different.

These were not fashion photographs that he normally takes. He took his art in a different direction. He did an erotica photo shoot and wanted to me to tell him what I thought. I viewed the pictures and they were out of this world! I went through the pictures of women in full domme gear with whips and all. They were not posed in any sexually explicit manner, just in sexy poses. I viewed the pictures as my neighbor worked. The pictures were amazing as always, however I found myself aroused by them and realized it may have not been the best time to view the photographs. I put the laptop down in an attempt to lessen the arousal. I went to pour myself another glass of wine and I asked my neighbor if he wanted something else to drink. I gave him the option of beer or wine because there was no more bottled water. He opted for the beer. We chatted for a bit about his day as he worked. I asked what he does for fun and the usual questions you ask during a friendly conversation. We were just starting to get into the conversation when the phone rang.

The phone interrupted our conversation. It was my photographer friend. I told him that I loved the pictures and that they were amazing. I ended the conversation and then excused myself to the bathroom. The phone conversation reminded me of the pictures and I was aroused again. I asked my neighbor if it was going to take much longer and he said it would take about another hour. So I decided to take my hot bath. I filled the tub and undressed. I started to climb into the tub and realized that I left my glass of wine out on the kitchen table. I threw my robe back on and started to head out to the kitchen. When I stepped out I saw my neighbor sitting on the couch and was looking at my computer. I realized that I never closed out the email with the photographs. I started to enter the room slowly trying to not make too much noise. I was embarrassed; I was imagining what my neighbor must be thinking of me with these kinds of pictures. As I moved further into the room I realized that it was not only I that was aroused by the pictures. There was one picture in particular that my neighbor liked. I know this because the picture was up and he was sporting a major hard on. My pussy clenched when I saw his hard on. I did not want to embarrass myself. I quietly moved back to the bathroom and made some noise şişli escort as I tried to enter the room again. He quickly closed the laptop and eased himself down on the coach. He explained that he was a bit tired and needed to take a bit of a rest. I explained that it was ok. I was just coming to get some wine. Even though he shifted in his seat, I could see the silhouette of his hard cock.

He looked to be at least 8 inches hard. I felt my nipples harden which made me blush. I have large nipples and even with clothes on they are very visible when I they get hard. I grabbed my glass of wine and went back to the bathroom and told him to carry on. I closed the door and ran the water a bit. I took my robe off and climbed into the tub and settled in for my bath. I closed my eyes but all I could see were the pictures and the mental image of my neighbor and his beautiful erection. I was completely turned on. My nipples were hard and my pussy was wet. I wanted to masturbate but I couldn’t because I had someone there. My guest was creating all sorts of naughty erotic imagines in my head making me even hotter. I couldn’t take anymore and I started to gently wash my body. I started with my breast, slowly massaging and squeezing my breast and pinching my nipples. All the time I had imagines of Cabe’s hands on my breast I was enjoying myself much I forgot that my neighbor was still there. I heard a sound that bought me back.

I opened my eyes slightly embarrassed that I was having naughty thoughts of my neighbor while he was there. Movement catches the corner of my eye and I look towards the door which I had left open. I placed a full sized mirror just outside of the bathroom to give myself a final check before I leave the house. The mirror is between the living room and the bathroom. In the mirror I can see the reflection of my neighbor. He had his head back and his cock in his hand. I did not realize that he could see me in the mirror. I guess he had been watching me the whole time. I could not stop watching him. Watching him masturbate turned me on so much. My nipples were hard and erect. Then lowered his head and opened his eyes and looked right into the mirror. We made eye contact in the mirror and I continued to watch him. He smiled as he watched me watch him. Then he stood up and started walking towards the bathroom. I loudly said stop. He quickly stopped and had a shadow of disappointment crossed his face. “Get the bottle of wine and another glass for you” I said with a smile. He walked back and I heard him open the fridge and the cupboard and start to head to the bathroom. He stood at the doorway fully clothed with his pants undone. His eyes scanned all of my body in the water which made my nipples pebble even harder. I could full see his beautiful erection over his clothes. “Would you like to join me? “He poured himself a glass of wine and quickly took his clothes off and jumped in the tub. Before I could say anything he kissed me. That kiss sarıyer escort sent shockwaves through me. My nipples were hard pebbles. He pressed himself against me which felt amazing. I could feel his hard throbbing cock against my thigh. Gently he moved us until I was on top of him.

We continued kissing and slowly he had me move up so that he could suck on my breast. I was enjoying the sensation of his mouth on my skin. It felt amazing. Every kiss, every lick, made my pussy wetter. I started to grind myself on him as he sucked on my nipples. He moved his hands slowly caressing my body and all of my curves. His hand finally reached its destination and I gasped as his finger slipped into my wet waiting cunt. He moved his thumb gently applying pressure to my clit while rubbing it. I moaned and kissed him harder. He quickly bought me to the edge and over my body shuddering with the climax. When the shuddering subsided, I blushed. He pulled me close and kissed me. I could feel his erection against me as we kissed. I pull away and smile, I quietly get up and step out of the tub. I look back and admire his naked body. I start to walk out and yell back, “Are you going to sit in that cold water all night or come and warm me up in my bed?”

He was behind me quickly kissing the back of my neck. We entered my bedroom and he turned me around and crushed me into his body. We kissed and I could not get close enough to him. He walked us back towards the bed and I felt the edge of the bed behind my knees. I turned us around and pushed him down on the bed. I smiled at him and said, my turn. I kissed my way down his body stopping to lick his nipples making them hard. Then I continue kissing my way down his body until I reach his erect cock. I look up at him and smile, and then I licked the length of him. Then I slowly took him in gently cupping his balls as I begin to bob up and down. I quicken the pace bringing him to the edge. He moans and his whole body jerked and convulsed and I sucked on the tip again as he started to come. Smiling I quickly cleaned up and climbed into bed next to him. We lay there quietly or a few minutes in comfortable silence. Then he grabbed me and rolled me on top of him and kissed me. He gently sat us up and began to suck on my right nipple while he played with the left one. His cock became hard again. I was pushing against my pussy making it wet again. He grabbed my hips and gently guided me down onto his erect cock.

As I lowered myself, he entered me. Once all the way in we sat still. Not moving, just kissing. I could feel every inch of his throbbing cock in me. It felt so good I let out a moan. I started to ride his cock slowly. He grabbed my hips and held on. He quickened the pace. while pushing deeper and harder into me. I arched my back trying to get him deeper. I thrust harder and increase the pace. He quickly brought me to the edge. I started to cum. My pussy tightened around his cock as I started to cum and he gave a few more thrusts and was tumbling over the edge with me. With his cock still in me, he gently rolled us over so that I was on my back and he was lying in between my legs. He finally pulled himself away and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he came back to the room I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up as well. I could not believe what happened.

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