I woke up one morning to sounds of sexual activity coming from downstairs. I thought perhaps my friend Nicole was watching pay per view again with home theater cranked up to loud. So I went downstairs to lower the volume.

In walking down the stairs I discovered the sounds were not emanating from the family room but instead the bathroom. I crept down the hall and peeked through the cracked door.

I saw Nicole and her lover; Austin; in the Jacuzzi tub writhing in the foaming water like a knot of snakes.

I was angry that Nicole invited him into my home. I don’t mind her sleeping over occasionally she’s a barrel of laughs, but I disapprove of having her lover over. Who just happens to be my boss’s, husband, and business partner?

Austin and his wife own several companies worldwide. They make quite the society couple, always involved in charities and civic activities. It was at one of these events where Nicole and I met Austin for the first time.

Austin and his wife are very competitive, and domineering, which probably leads conflicts instead of intimacy at home.

He may have been bored in his own bedroom, but finding a bimbo or two to play with wasn’t hard for Austin. Women seem to willingly avail themselves to sleeping with him. There were plenty girls at the office to stroke his ego. He has never been one to miss the opportunity to visit his wife’s office and flaunt his authority. Nicole was just more prey, to this silky smooth operator.

Nicole has a habit of getting what she wants, by any means necessary. The naughtiest rumor around the office was, Nicole’s mouth willingly accommodating who ever could do the most for her.

I thought that was mean, and told Nicole what people were saying about her. She said “Those bitches are just jealous, of the time I spend with Austin.” Nicole was blind to Austin’s wandering eye. He has broken the hearts of several women; some were managers, some personal assistants, the occasional office temporary clerk or intern. If she suspected anything; she never mentioned it to me.

Besides, it wasn’t my duty to tell her what people are saying about him. If she got hurt it only served her right, she has no business being with Austin.

I asked Nicole what it is about a man that turned her on the most; power. She said it’s the power that they exercise. The added benefit was if they were generous with their time and money. The more they were willing to give away, the more she intended to take.

Nicole also bakırköy escort confided that sex with Austin is “Damn good”. Many evenings, Nicole appeared at my door so tired, she would flop in my spare room or on my sofa after entertaining Austin. I told Nicole that she was more than welcome to stay, after she washed the funky sex scent off her body.

Nicole’s selfishness seemed boundless. If sleeping with the boss’s husband wasn’t enough, I learned that she is also screwing a mutual friend’s husband too. All friends have an unspoken pact, but in our circle, we came right out and said that all boyfriends and husbands were strictly taboo; be they current or former.

Only Nicole broke that oath and after getting a ride home one evening. She returned the favor by giving him one, the best one he ever had. I never expected that from Nicole. I don’t care who she beds outside our inner circle, but honor the code when regarding a woman inside our circle. This was appalling behavior, especially when I happen to be the one who walked in on them. That was a moment I will never forget. I wish I could, and Nicole knows all about setting boundaries and proper social behavior.

There is something else I should tell you about Nicole. She is a trisexual; willing to try anything. Currently she has adopted an alter ego as a Dominatrix. She even invited me to join her at a BDSM community event planning meeting.

I went with her and had my eyes opened to the lifestyle of people who enjoy Bondage and Discipline, and Sadomasochism. It was enlightening to find a hidden world that I knew nothing about. I loved the eccentric titles such as Lord, Lady, Master, Mistress, Madam, Sir, Dominant, submissive, and slave. I really loved dressing up in the fetish clothing, and accessories. The whips, chains, the avant-garde hair styles, leather and laces they wore. Some of these folks actually lived their everyday lives in that world. But not Nicole and I, She earned the title of Dominatrix; I wondered what she had to do and how long it took her to work her way up that ladder.

After the meeting Nicole and I went shopping. We bought some gloves, several whips; I found a wicked pair of four-inch pumps and some movies with subject matter that would set the proper mood when watched with certain people later. I love foreign films and so it’s no surprise at the top of my list of BDSM films: Belle De Jour (1967) starring Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel, and Michael Piccoli. I am a beşiktaş escort housewife, same as Belle…bored, and has sadomasochistic fantasies. I draw the line at actually visiting a brothel, but the role playing with my husband is out of this world. He said it was a bit too kinky, but he had no complaint when he saw his sexy kitten dressed in her corset, heels, and gloves, with whip in hand, and hair twisted in a bun.

I really enjoy hanging out with Nicole in the BDSM community. I think it’s where we really bonded. That’s our own thing, a place we go to live out our fantasies of exercising control, and the authority to take and do whatever we want. The people in the know say the submissive role has all the actual power, they can stop the game with a word.

Since Nicole truly understands the importance of restraint, she knew better than bringing a friend’s husband in to my home, this was unforgivable. Nicole worked late that day, and when she came out and found her car had a flat tire. She tried calling me but I missed her call. By the time I checked my voice mail, she had already gotten a ride to my house.

When I called her I could hear her phone ringing. I went down stairs to the guest room, and there she was starching the bed sheets with our friend’s husband. I was pissed seeing her bouncing on him, while he lavished praise on her for how great she made him feel. I let out a gasp that startled them. Nicole jumped up and came toward me but I was too sickened by what I saw and told her do not touch me. I turned away from her and ran to my room to gather myself.

Nicole came to the door apologizing and attempting to give me a lame excuse for betraying our friend. She said she wanted to prove that she could seduce him or anyone else she wanted. Nicole said she wanted to prove our mutual friend wrong for saying that no woman could ever persuade her husband to stray.

Nicole wanted to show our friend, that a hot pussy will make any man do the wrong thing every time. I heard this before from Nicole, she slipped up and told me she believes she can seduce my husband. I wondered if she succeeded with him and they share a secret together, but I warned them both. If I see as much as a whisper between the two of them, I would slice off his dick and slit her pussy sideways.

I wouldn’t face Nicole at that moment, and told her to go away before I did something, I might regret later. She left saying she would call me later, she did change the beylikdüzü escort linen in the guest room before leaving to meet Austin.

I lay on the bed wondering what possessed Nicole to jeopardize friendships like that; I had to wonder how long they had been fucking each other, and how many others. How will I react the next time I see him with his wife? We had all planned a get together in two weeks. I couldn’t get out of it, the RSVP had been confirmed.

I really wanted to punish the both of them. Several scenarios played out in my mind, and I tried to figure out a way to make it happen.

I really wanted to walk up to the cheating husband, grab his dick and twist it until the pain made him faint. Maybe if I told him I needed him to meet me at my place to talk about what happened with him and Nicole. Drug him, tie him up spread eagle on the guest bed, gagged with a pair of Nicole’s stank panties; a pair she would have worn after seeing Austin. I could invite all my girlfriends and their husbands over for drinks and use Nicole and her wayward playmate as our live entertainment. Bound and trussed they would make good examples of what would happen to anyone else who betrayed our trust.

Nicole called and asked me to meet her to go “shopping”, but I cancelled. My excuse was I had to finish a report for work.

I would rather not see any of my friend’s right now. I felt too guilty about knowing what happened at my home, even though I did nothing wrong. I was not ready to deal with Nicole either. I knew I will have to face them again but not until I found a way to let both of them know how I was upset by their total lack of respect.

The ultimately revenge is a dish best served cold so I would bide my time until I could get them each in a compromising position together or individually.

My favorite fantasy is publicly humiliating both of them, and having them stripped and flogged, until they confess their sin. Then subject them to my own version of stoning. In my version they would squat above oversized phalluses while holding a heavy stone. The weight of the stone and the fatiguing of their muscle would eventually cause them both to be thoroughly and painfully impaled. And all the while they would be viciously ridiculed by all their closest friends.

It’s only a fantasy right now, but I may just go shopping with Nicole after all. I’ll let her see me purchasing the wickedly large dildo; the ones with the suction cup bottoms that look like they were molded from a donkey’s dick. Nicole would have no idea of my cruel intentions for the imposing implement until I get the chance to employ it. Then it would be public knowledge for anyone else who broke our trust that the price for backstabbing was brutal, because some oaths must be honored!

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