Night Out

Group Sex

Night OutWhat a night……I had gone out with friends and so had you not expecting to end up in the same place, we have been on our best behaviour but someone we have lost everyone in the groups we came out with, so we decide to make our way home. There are no taxis about so we decide to walk back. You know a short cut so we go down this ally as we are walking along talking you grab me turn me around and you kiss me gently, your tongue searching for mine. I meet it and kiss you back. Your fingers are running through my hair. You move your hand slowly down between my legs. I can feel your cock starting to push into me.My pussy is aching to feel you inside me. Your hand moves down my legs, you move your hand between them and reach up under my skirt. Your fingers push my knickers to one side. I feel the cold air on my pussy then your warm fingers exploring me. You gently rub my clit with your finger and then insert it into me. I moan. You can feel how wet I am. I move down onto your hand almost begging for more. You slip another finger in.Your brake the kiss and moved your lips to my ear…….‘God I want to fuck you’ you breath into my ear……I let out another moan. I am rhythmically moving against your fingers. I am so desperate to feel your cock. I move my hands from your neck and reach my hands down to immediately find a massive bulge in your jeans. I pull at them until they undo. I slip a hand into your boxers. You let out a moan and slowly thrust onto my hand. You are rock hard. I can feel your precum. I want to taste it.I reluctantly push your hand from my pussy. We kiss again; we are both desperate for each other. I grab your cock again and this time I start to move down towards it. I’m on my knees; I lick my lips and slowly touch the tip of your swollen cock with them. istanbul escort I lick your sweet precum. Your jeans and tight boxers were now round your ankles. Your eyes are closed and your head half thrown back. Your hands are in my hair gently pressing yourself into my mouth. Knowing that I am turning you on like this makes my pussy clench again. I can feel my own juices stating to seep through my knickers.I lick the tip of cock, gently sucking at your precum. You taste good. I part my lips and move as far down your cock as I can, I cup your balls in my hand. You moan again and push yourself even further into my mouth. I moan too, feeling it touch the back of my throat almost making me gag. Your grip on the back of my head is harder now. I move my hands round to your bare bum. Mmmm I give it a squeeze, pulling you towards me and into my mouth again.You start to fuck my mouth. Your hands moving my head back and forth on your wet cock and my hands squeezing your arse encouraging you further in with each thrust. I can taste your sweet precum dripping down the back of my throat. I desperately want to taste your salty cum. You are fucking my mouth harder now, more franticly. We are both moaning with each thrust. I can hear your heavy breathing as you look down and watch me sucking your cock. You can feel yourself close to cuming so you slide your cock out of my mouth. You pull me up and move a hand down between my legs; I instantly part them for you. You pull my skirt up and start stroking my pussy.‘Mmmm, I can’t believe how wet you are.’ you breath in my ear. You cup my pussy and run two fingers along the length of it over my knickers. I am so wet for you; my knickers are completely soaked through. You move your hands away avcılar escort and look at them. Your fingers are covered in my juices and are shining in the light. I find it such a turn on seeing my sticky juices over your fingers. You raise your two fingers to your lips and suck them, taking all my juice into your mouth. ‘God you taste good’ you groan. You move your hand back down to my pussy; you pull my knickers to one side and find my swollen clit. You pull my knickers down and I step out of them. One of your hands hold my pussy lips apart you move your head down I can feel your warm breath. You burry your face right into my wet pussy. I moaned with pleasure. You probed your tongue deep inside me and suck at my pussy, drinking my juices that are there for you. You trace your tongue along my pussy until you reach my clit. You slip your fingers inside me while you gently lick my clit. Your fingers continue to explore my eager pussy and your tongue teasing my clit. You move your fingers in me while licking my clit. I’m desperate to cum with your face in my pussy, I’m pushing down on you, moving rhythmically, and you move your fingers from inside me and started stroking your cock, covering it in my pussy juice. I could see you are still hard as a rock. ‘God I want to fuck you’. You look up at me; it took one look at me to know what I wanted.We kiss again. I feel your cock brush against my bare thigh. I open my legs willing you to fuck me. You lift one of my legs around your waist and move your cock in between my legs, slowly rubbed my clit with it, teasing my pussy. I moan. You kiss my neck. You push further in, finding my pussy lips. I hold my breath. Then you enter me. You slid your cock in further and further. Groaning as inch after inch of you enter şirinevler escort me. You feel amazing. Your cock stretched me open, your pelvic bone pushing hard against my clit. You push in even further. A wave goes through my stomach and my pussy clenched on your cock. You jerk at the unexpectedness of the clench and let out a moan. You slid in and out of me, I can feel the whole of your cock move out and then in again. The strokes are driving me wild, I’m pushing down on your cock urging you in deeper with each thrust. You start pounding your hard cock into me, again and again. Your hands are on my waist holding me as you fuck me. Then I felt it, your pelvic bone has been rubbing my clit with every move. My breath quickens and my hands desperately clutch the skin on your back, trying to pull you into me more. I’m going to cum. I am moaning. You sense it too.Your breathing quicker now too. We were both going to cum. My whole body starts convulsing on you spasm after spasm. My body is still fucking you in its spasms, clenching on your hard cock, when you came too. I’m still rocking back and forth on you in the last waves of my orgasm. I feel your warm cum starting to drip out of my pussy down my thigh, being forced out of me with each thrust.You are breathless now well we both are. Our bodies slowly stop thrusting. You looked at me and lean into me and kiss me, softly this time, taking time to touch every part of my lips with yours. I then feel the cold night air hit me, I shiver you hold me close, trying to keep me warm. You slowly pull out of me, letting my pussy adjust to your cock withdrawing and you lower my leg from your waist. God my muscles ache.As you move away, I see your cock and balls covered in my juices and your cum, it almost starts to turn me on again. You bend down to pull your jeans and boxers up. I adjusted my skirt, feeling all our juices down my legs too. I find my knickers and stuffed them in my bag. We both turn hold hand and walk back up the ally, up the road and there are taxes there now, we turn kiss each other on the cheek and get into separate taxis home xx

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