Nikki Ch. 02: Twin Sister Kristal 01


Six months had passed since I had met Nikki. We had settled into a comfortable routine that was anything but routine.

We became that couple you love to hate. The ones always out together, always attached at the hip, and always happy. Our friends missed our company when we were weren’t there, and hated our guts when we were there.

They always wondered why we were so happy and in such a good mood. They’d never guess it was because we loved to fuck. We didn’t do drugs, we weren’t heavy drinkers and we liked to turn in early. It was as if we were an old married couple.

We weren’t going home to sleep as much as making excuses so we could indulge in our shared vice. I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around her pierced nipples and she couldn’t wait to swallow my cock. Or as she called it, my fuck-stick.

We loved testing each other’s boundaries. Whether I was teasing her to orgasm with my tongue or she was bent over the couch and getting filled with cock – I could not get enough of Nikki.

Most couples exit a honeymoon period and their sex life becomes routine and boring. Nikki and I were anything but bored with each other or our bodies. I was just your average joe who was ecstatic to be dating out of my league. So we fucked – constantly.

She was the first person, in a long line of lovers who didn’t think my elevated sex drive was unusual. In fact she relished it. This didn’t mean our relationship was just physical. After all, I was an old fashioned romantic.

There was plenty of lovemaking. But sometimes Nikki just wanted to be destroyed and I was always happy to make her whole. Destroyed was her code word for “held down and fucked silly.”

I’d plan surprises for her without the need for special occasions. She was often brought to tears by my attention to the smallest detail. It meant I was listening and remembering our most intimate conversations.

Not all these overtures involved moving earth and sky. Some were as simple as surprising Nikki with pastries fed-exed in from her hometown bakery in Chicago.

Even knowing when to pick her up after work instead of letting her take the metro home was a kindness. I was sensitive to her moods and could often salvage her evening after an otherwise bad day.

Nikki would reward this devotion with what she called, “Getting pretty, to get dirty.” This translated to “dressing for sex.” It was nasty, dirty sex. You know, the good kind of sex. Inhibitions were cast aside and no fetish discarded out right. We’d try almost anything at least once.

Whether it involved elaborate planning or reacting to spur of the moment impulses, I came out on top. Or in Nikki’s words I cum out on top. We were addicted to each other.

There was the time where I was so horny and rough with Nikki, the condom broke. She surprised me by whispering, “Take your time, baby. Just keep fucking me, I’m on the pill now.”

There was the time we fucked on a balcony in Vegas. She let the security cameras record us as she made me pump her mouth full of cum.

There was the time she called from a work sponsored conference. She needed to be filled up, as soon as possible, because she was so horny. I was on the next Delta shuttle that evening to perform my boyfriend duties.

Almost nothing was off limits and we enjoyed every minute of each other’s company. Best of all, she always wanted to indulge me. This is why our couplings are burned into my long-term memory.

We made it work by spending the weekends at my condo and weekdays at her shoebox apartment in the city.

So when Nikki went on a self imposed “no more sex” break two weeks before my birthday it came as a shock to the system. I secretly started to masturbate. At first Nikki thought it was adorable. But, she’d always be upset that I couldn’t wait. If I was lucky polish she’d finish me off with long slow jerks of my cock. This was the closest I’d get to her sweet slice of heaven.

She wanted to dial things back since her sister Kristal was coming to visit. I know, how could parents name their girls Nikki and Kristal? I argued that if we didn’t get the sexual urges out of our system before the visit, it would make things worse. Couldn’t her sister come a week after my birthday, or not at all?

I didn’t know she had a sister, much less a twin sister. I had always assumed from the lack of siblings in her family photos that she was an only child. Nikki promised it wouldn’t disrupt to our routine. My blue balls begged to differ. She had a special surprise for me if I behaved myself. She promised it would be worth my while.

During those two weeks Nikki slept over almost every night. There was a lot of pillow talk without the usual ataşehir escort precursor of sex. There was no judgment. We talked about what turned us on. We talked about our fetishes and our fantasies.

Nikki asked what I wanted for my birthday. I’m hard to buy for so it was always better to just ask. I’m not materialistic and didn’t want much. I joked that all I wanted was her ass. Nikki understood my fascination with her asshole but, no it was off the table.

I then joked that maybe she could buy me an escort or we could have a threesome with her twin sister. She didn’t think that was funny either. I reminded her of our “no judgment” agreement when it came to talking about sexual fantasies.

The day of my birthday, Nikki left early. She needed to give her apartment a spot cleaning before heading to the airport. We kissed and I made a last ditch argument that we’d be more comfortable at my place but, Nikki was having none of it. Maybe my fantasy of fucking twins had cemented the fact that there was no way she’d allow me to sleep under the same roof as her sister.

Several hours passed without a text message or a voice-mail from Nikki. I was starting to worry. Maybe Nikki got into an accident. Maybe her sister got stuck in customs. Regardless of the reason, Nikki was not answering her phone. She wasn’t even showing up when I tried to locate her using the Find My Phone app.

That’s when I noticed that my phone had been muted for the entire day. Duh. There was also a voice-mail from a number I didn’t recognize. The message was succinct.

“Hey this is Kristal. We had a lot of problems, got stuck in customs, now we’re at the bar at the Mandarin Oriental. Nikki’s phone is dead. Come meet us for a drink.”

The background noise in the bar drowned out the last of the message but, I could hear plenty of girlish giggling. The last thing I wanted to do is get dressed up and head into the city to sip overpriced drinks on my birthday.

As I entered the hotel, the bar was empty except for some expense account schmucks. The happy hour crowd had dispersed. Noticing that I seemed lost, the bartender asked if I was waiting for someone. After giving Kristal’s name, he gave me a jealous smile and then handed me a hotel room key.

Nikki had been playing me all along! This must be part of her surprise. I was praying this was part of her surprise. Christ my blue balls were bad enough as it is.

I entered the hotel suite. Because of curtains that wouldn’t fully close, a shaft of light that cut through the middle of the room. Otherwise it was dark. Against the backlit curtains was a silhouette of Nikki. I’d know those curves anywhere.

“Nikki?” I asked.

“Nope.” the silhouette replied, “Kristal. Nikki went to get cigarettes.”

The Mandarin was a nonsmoking hotel and Nikki didn’t smoke. OK, I’d play along.

The silhouette in front of me was dancing and gyrating her hips to faint music playing in the background. I think it was “I’m Fucking You Tonight” by Notorious B.I.G. Then again, I could be wrong.

Kristal looked like she was about the same size as her twin sister. She stood five foot four, maybe five foot five inches tall, with a slim waist. Kristal had the same bust line as Nikki. Her halter top did nothing to hide the glorious peek of side boob. The cut-out on the chest and short cropping of her halter top showcased her cleavage.

Cleavage that looked so fuckable. I imagined my cock sliding through the bottom of that halter top. The head of my cock would feel so good popping up through that cleavage.

She had Nikki’s hips. This makes for a tight hourglass figure. Those hips continued to gyrate. Kristal was keeping time with the music but, the gyrations were on the half beat. This made her appear to move slower, almost in slow motion. She wasn’t gyrating as much as grinding. Perhaps grinding against an imaginary cock. Regardless of what she was doing, she was driving me crazy.

“Oh God Nikki, get back soon,” I whispered under my breath.

Kristal was playing with fire. My carnal instincts were taking over as I imagined what I could do to her. My eyes loved how Kristal was dressed.

Her long, silky legs were wrapped in white patterned stockings, that in turn were accentuated by frilly anklet socks. Kristal looked deliciously trashy. This detail threw fuel on the animal brain that ruled my throbbing cock. In more primitive societies I’d already be balls deep into Kristal.

Kristal was a cock tease in six inch, high arch stiletto heels. The were hot pink, patent leather with double ankle straps secured by tiny metallic locks. If I had my way Nikki would always wear ümraniye escort fuck-me-pumps. But, then we’d never leave the house. I made a mental note to find out where Kristal bought such lustful pumps.

These were shoes meant to to be worn during sex and induce lust. I’m sure somewhere on those heels was stamped the words “Wear While Fucking.” They had the desired affect on me. No wonder the bartender gave me that jealous smile.

My cock was straining against my jeans. The thought of cumming on those fuck-me-pumps was giving me a fever dream. My eyes moved up Kristals body, I saw the affect of her high-heels. Her legs looked toned and taut. Her ass cheeks stuck out and screamed out as a destination for my fuck-stick. (Nikki’s words.) Her 34 DD, obviously surgically enhanced tits seemed even bigger because of the change in posture.

To try and break the tension I asked Kristal, “So what do you do for a living?”

Without missing a beat Kristal replied, “I suck and fuck for a living. Sometimes I get paid. I’m essentially a whore.”

“Oh Christ,” I uttered underneath my breath. If Nikki didn’t get back soon I was going to have to rub one out in the bathroom just to keep me from taking advantage of her twin sister.

“Is that why you’re here in DC?” I countered.

“Maybe,” replied Kristal. “Are you offering? I’m so horny. I could use some cock right now.”

“Maybe I should go find Nikki, ” I stammered.

Kristal asked, “Don’t you like what you see?”

What I was seeing was white patterned stockings straining against garters protruding from underneath a pink pleated skirt. They barely covered Kristal’s panties. Was she even wearing any panties? The skirt was three inches long at best. As Kristal continued to dance and twirl the skirt would rise up every time she spun around.

This revealed that she was wearing the thinnest of lace panties. The dark slit in the middle hinted that they might be crotchless. I wanted to drop to my knees right there and bury my face in that beckoning cunt.

Though she was my girlfriends twin sister, Kristal was the sluttiest realization of my wet dreams. My will power was evaporating faster than it could be reconstituted.

As Kristal moved closer to me, her proximity revealed the large hoop earings and the matching rhinestone choker around her neck. The rhinestones spelled out the words “CUM SLUT” in two inch letters.

How could Nikki leave me alone with Kristal? This was her fault, I thought.

“Kristal, I’m not going to lie to you,” I stammered. “It’s not that…I shouldn’t… I can’t. I’m with Nikki. I’m with Nikki.”

“Nikki’s going to be gone for a while,” whispered Kristal. “We have plenty of time. What’s a little fuck between friends. Don’t you want to just bend me over the couch and pound me?”

Actually I did.

“Nikki told me about your fantasy. You’ll never have that threesome. But, I can make that escort dream come true.”

“Wait are you part of my birthday surprise. Did Nikki set this all up?” I asked.

Kristal laughed, “Does it matter if she never finds out? I won’t tell if you won’t tell.”

I backed away and headed for the bathroom. Kristal grabbed me by my belt and dropped to her knees. She unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock. I had gone commando with the anticipation of public sex with Nikki but, instead here I was trying not to cheat on my girlfriend.

Kristal’s lips parted and the whole of my cock slipped into the delicious wet, warmth of her mouth. She sucked in leaving a sloppy ring of lip gloss and lipstick around the base. Pulling back, my cock made a pop as she released me. Strings of saliva dripped off her lips and my cock. They dripped into the Kristal’s cleavage.

Kristal then stood up and with that same dirty mouth she kissed me.

“Don’t worry baby, no one’s touching that fuck-stick but me.”

Now that we were face to face and I could see her, touch her, feel her and smell her I realized I had been tricked. This was my birthday surprise. Kristal was Nikki, just nastier, trashier and sluttier. Nikki was and always will be an only child. Kristal was an alter ego. Kristal was a fake sister persona.

Nikki had spent the time she was supposedly “at the airport” getting her hair cut and her pussy waxed. She was successful in looking the part of my slut fantasies.

“Shut-up and enjoy the fantasy,” whispered Nikki. It would be the only time she would break character all weekend.

The role playing resumed. This was going to be fun. Now all I had to do was resist my girlfriends doppelgänger and we could see how hard she’d stick to her narrative.

“I’m kadıköy escort here for you. I’m going to milk your balls and release all that pent up cum from the last two weeks. You can use all my holes,” said Kristal “Come destroy this cunt.”

“All your holes?” I enquired.

“All my nasty holes.” confirmed Kristal as she reached down and pulled at her lace panties. Crotchless.

Even as I feigned that I could never go through with this, the words coming out of Kristal’s mouth kept drawing me in.

“Come on. Nikki may have sucked your cock before but, I’m not Nikki. I’m here baby, and Kristal likes to have her throat fucked.”

I couldn’t wait any longer. I pushed the fishnet top over her chest and spectacular 34 DD tits were set free as I popped them out of the cut out of her halter top. They looked glorious. My lips glided over her tits and lapped at the nipples.

Kristal pushed me back, “Whoa there cowboy, don’t blow your load all at once. I’m bought and paid for. I’m your private little slut all weekend.”

“I’m counting on it.” I whispered as I pushed Kristal back down to her knees.

So there she sat, on her knees, legs splayed and her beautiful ass resting on the spikes of the hot pink fuck-me-pumps. My cock, set free of almost two weeks of chastity, plugged Kristal’s lipsticked coated hole.

Every thrust was smooth and the head of my cock danced over Kristal’s tongue. She’d clamp down on every back stroke and apply more suction. A ring of lipstick was starting to form on the base of my cock.

Every forward stroke met with the same resistance until Kristal allowed me into the back of her throat. So hot. So wet.

She looked up with those innocent green eyes and tease me when I popped out. I was fucking her mouth but, she was in control as she brought me right to the edge and then pulled back. All of this was done with no hands.

Her tongue would trace the bottom of my prick until she reached the bottom of the circumcised head. Kristal would then twirl her tongue around the entire head before engulfing it and relieve it of all the precum.

My cock was leaking precious fluid and Kristal was making sure none of it went to waste.

“Let me know when you’re going to cum, I have something else I want you to try.” said Kristal.

“Now? I’m so close Kristal.”

With those words, Kristal took over and leaned back against the bed, pushed her 34DD together and commanded me to fuck her tits.

They strained against the cutout of her halter top. But her hands held her tits together and her cleavage formed a warm, waiting channel for my cock. My rigid shaft was soon swimming in a pool of Kristal’s spit my own precum.

Her tits jiggled every time my cock split her cleavage. Kristal knew just when to open up her willing mouth when I wanted to feel the deep suction of her throat. She loved that my cock was only a modest six inches – as it meant she could easily deep throat me.

“Do you love it?”

“Oh fuck, god yes, ” I blurted.

“It’s going to get better,” Kristal said as she reached under the bed and produced a tube of lube.

Cool streams of lube were squeezed into Kristal’s cleavage.

“Does it feel better now? Does it feel like you’re fucking my pussy?”

“I wish I was fucking it right now, ” I blurted.

Kristal reached up and grabbed my cock. She wrapped her lips around the engorged head and worked the shaft slowly with her hands. When it was as hard as I think it was ever going to get, Kristal slipped my cock back between her tits.

“You like watching your dick slide in and out of my tits? Just watch this cleavage wrap around your cock. Has your cock ever been treated to such a dirty little slut?”

Kristal face was bathed in cum as my cock popped free of her cleavage. More cum sprayed over her lips and down her chin before pooling in the small of her neck. Beads of sticky white pearls clung to the rhinestones in her choker. It was a testament to what happens when you make a man wait two weeks. I had christened the necklace with the source of their power. CUM SLUT indeed.

Kristal’s tongue licked my shaft clean.

I was cheating on my girlfriend, with my girlfriend. Nikki wouldn’t drop the fake twin sister persona no matter how hard I tried to trip her up. Which was fine by me. Kristal was nastier and sluttier than Nikki ever was. If adopting this persona helped Nikki tap into the even more sexually-free side of her psyche I was all for it.

We missed our dinner reservation but, my final birthday gift made up for it.

(See part II of this story – coming soon.)

That weekend I made Kristal show me all the ways she fucked other men in her fictional life as a cum slut. She also made good on the promise of draining me of all my cum. My cock never hurt so good.

Before she left she told me, “Now I know why my sister is addicted to your cock. We are going to fuck every time I come to visit.”

I hope Kristal, Nikki’s “twin sister” comes to visit us more often.

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