Nikki!Hello guys! This is a real story about me getting fucked in front of my best friend! BTW, my best friend is a lesbian!The other night me and Chrissy were sitting around my apartment online chatting on Yahoo with my cam on. she would go to girl groups and chat and I had logged onto squirt. we we’re both feeling kinda horny….Imagine that! Then a pop-up window from a local cross dressing friend who I’d met one other time came up…….”I want to see you tonight!”I started to say I couldn’t but my friend told me to answer him. We both looked at his profile and she commented how cute he was. We chatted a little then he asked if he could come over. She told me it was alright with her…..we had both been drinking at our local bar and being a little drunk and horny I told him where I lived.It only took 10 minutes till he was knocking at my door. I had been messing around with my clothes already and was dressed in a pair of Chrissy’s short shorts with black fishnet thigh highs and a white sports bra. When I opened the door Nikki dressed in spandex bike shorts and a tee shirt just bakırköy escort stood in their with his mouth open. I asked him to come in and offered him a beer, then introduced him to Chrissy. At first he thought he was going to get lucky with her too but after a few minutes he figured out she doesn’t like cock.Sitting down next to him I placed my hand on his thigh and began slowly working my way up to his already hard cock.Chrissy in her own cute way was teasing me, telling my friend Nikki how much I wanted to get fucked…..she was right! All the time we we’re both caressing each other through our clothes.When we finally kissed she made a comment how hot we were! Yes we were.My hand made it’s way to his tights and pulling them down my hand slipped inside, wrapping my fingers around his already hard cock. I bent over and took his cock into my mouth. I think this was the first time Chrissy had ever seen me do something actually gay……she’s always teasing me about being straight cause I get girls all the time trying to turn me back. But not tonight!With beşiktaş escort my mouth on Nikki’s cock and hands on his ass I pulled him off the couch and onto the floor with me. We soon were around into a 69 with my shorts around my knees.Thats when I saw the first of several flashes….she was taking pictures of us! That only made me want to try harder taking Nikki deep into my mouth. One picture she took of me with my lips all the way to his crotch, another of him taking me totally into his mouth. I think with her being there it made me even hornier. Finally I removed both mine and Nikki’s shorts and we turned around and made out like young teenagers….hands roaming and finding places to make both of us moan with desire.Smack! Damn she threw a tube of lube and several condoms at us and it sorta broke the moment….but we both just laughed it off and started to rub our bodies against each other more. then Nikki opened the lube and began fingering me while still sucking on my cock. My mouth wanted to taste his cum but my ass said IN HERE!After several beylikdüzü escort minutes Nikki turned me around so I was on my knees and he was behind me with his cock pushing at my little tight hole. Ever so slowly I felt him enter me…inch by inch till I felt his crotch on my cheeks. Flash again! Wow new pics for my profile! And the fact she was watching us made it even hotter. Nikki started fucking me slowly at first, with long deep thrust. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw her hand in her pants…..she was masturbating! Nikki was looking too and I think that was too much as I felt him shove hard into me with his cock buried deep and him shaking as he emptied his seed. My own orgasm sent cum over my chest and the carpet as Nikki slowly pulled out.Then what I least expected Chrissy my lesbian friend scooped up some of my cum and teasingly asked me what the fuck is this as she smeared it on my lips. I sucked her fingers into my mouth tasting both my cum and the juices from her fingering herself. Nikki just sat back on his knees as he pulled out of me, removing his condom and turning it over for me to swallow which I did. Then we kissed swapping the cum between our mouths. After a few minutes we both got up and pulled our shorts back on.When Nikki finished his beer he left for home and me and Chrissy both smiled.Then she finally said “I guess you are gay”

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