Nude Jog Through the Countryside


I’ve been planning this for about two months. That’s how long I’ve been going on my daily morning jogs. Every day I walk out my front door in a t-shirt and basketball shorts jog about a mile and a half the way to the old, abandoned shed at the end of the road. And then I turn around and run back, passing only trees.

I live in the only house for miles around, so the few people who come down this road are either visiting me or lost.

Since I moved in here it’s been my dream to go for a nice long jog totally nude. Instead of going out naked the first day, I decided to take lots of time to test the waters. With two months of jogging under my belt, I think I’m ready to take my belt off. In all sixty-one of my jogs, I’ve only ever passed one car, and they were lost trying to find their relative’s house on Easter. Today’s just a hot summer Saturday. So, my chances of encountering another soul is less than 2%. The road winds enough that I figure, if a car comes, I’ll hear them before they see me. And then I can quickly duck behind the shrubs and trees. I’m not worried.

I slept in the nude last night, so it was kind of fun going through my morning routine without ever getting dressed. I finally slip on my socks and my running shoes and open the front door. I feel the hot summer rays beating down on my skin and I’m glad I don’t have clothes on to get all sweaty. As the summer air engulfs my body, I remember why I’ve wanted to do this for so long. I want to feel the breeze on my skin and nature all around me. But as I close the door behind me, I know that I’m also doing it for the thrill.

I walk out to the road in my birthday suit. The sky is bright and birds chirp. I’ve never felt so at peace.

When I start jogging I realize my biggest obstacle will be my dick. It flops back and forth smacking my legs as I run. I try holding it in my hand as I jog but that’s no good. I decide to let it swing, as nature intended, and I gradually get used to it.

Man, this feels good. I definitely won’t go back to jogging with clothes on. The joys of living in the country…

A few minutes into my jog, I stop to stretch, honestly just for the joy of letting my penis flop around in the open air. I’m a little surprised sarıyer escort that it’s not hard, but that’s a good thing. I do feel a little weird running around naked and if I was running around with a boner I would feel like a pervert.

I return to jogging and get lost in the many sensations of my bare skin. I feel like I’ve gone back in time. Like I’m an ancient Olympic athlete or-

I hear something coming up from behind me. It’s not a car. It’s close. Oh shit.

Before I can duck into the woods the stranger is beside me. It’s a woman on a bike. I didn’t expect a bike.

She slows to a stop as I frantically try to cover myself with my hands, blushing.

I stutter, “Oh my G- I’m- I’m sorry, I-“

“Hey, why’d you stop? I was enjoying the view,” she says, smirking.

“I’m sorry. Nobody usually comes down this road,” I say, still covering myself, as much as I can with just my hands.

She steps off her bike. She looks athletic, and she’s pretty. Also, definitely not a local. “I told you I was enjoying the view. It’s a nice butt you got there.”

“You’re not from around here, are you,” I say.

“No… How could you tell?”

“I don’t think anyone in this town owns bike shorts. You look like a city girl. Stick out like a sore thumb.”

“I guess the natives usually go naked?” she says smugly.


“I’m Christy,” she says, extending her hand to shake. It’s a bit of a stereotypical white girl name, but I wouldn’t expect anything different from the looks of her.

“Um, Matt,” I say, keeping my hands around my now swelling junk, or trying to.

Christy looks me up and down. “Nice to meet you,” she says. “Why don’t we walk together?”

I look down at my naked body and back up at her. “Is that a rhetorical question? Because I’ve got one good answer.”

“It was rhetorical. Let’s walk together. Here. Cover yourself with this if you want.” She unstraps her helmet and holds it out to me, laughing.

I chuckle, put the helmet in front of my dick, and start walking. “I like to go to the end of this road and back. It’s about two miles.”

Christy follows along, walking her bike. “So you esenyurt escort live here?”

“Yep. That little white house a mile back. You shoulda passed it.”

“Oh, yeah, yeah. It was… quaint,” she says.

“The way you say that doesn’t sound like much of a compliment.”

She laughs, “No, it was really cute.”

“That’s alright. You don’t have to be impressed.”

“I may not be impressed by the size of your house but I’m impressed by some of your other sizes,” she says.

I laugh. “Say, what’s a girl like you doing out here?”

“In the middle of buttfuck nowhere? I’m just traveling. I wanted to see more of the country, so I threw my bike in my car and started driving.”

“Where ya staying?” I ask.

She starts to answer, “In some motel in town. I think it’s called the-“

“Yeah I know it. Only motel in town. It’s a dirty place.”

“Tell me about it.”

We walk and flirt and get to know each other all the way to the old shed and all the way back to my “quaint” little house, all while I’m naked.

“Oh, here’s your stop,” Christy says. “Thank you for a nice conversation. By the way, I love your outfit.” She gives me a playful slap on my bare ass.

“Actually, would you like to come in? I could make you some coffee or something.”

“I’d like that. Actually, maybe this is a bit much but, the bathroom at the motel is so nasty and-“

“You wanna use the bathroom? Take a shower? Whatever you need.”

She smiles. “Thank you so much. By the way, Matt, can I have my helmet back?”

I hold the helmet up to her. She takes a nice long look at my dick and then smiles at me.

“What?” I say, playing the fool.

“Oh nothing,” she says. “Did you leave your house unlocked?”

“Yeah… No one comes around here.”

“Oh good. Because if you pulled a key out of your ass I would leave right now.” We both laugh and I lead her inside.

“Bathroom’s down there,” I say as I take of my shoes. “There’s towels, soap, everything you need.”

“Thanks, honey,” she says, putting a hand on my shoulder. “I’ll be quick.”

Christy heads to the bathroom and I wrap a towel around my waist and start a pot of coffee. I hear the shower avrupa yakası escort start and I visualize Christy in there. There’s not a lot of single young women in town, so this house guest is a real treat for me.

I hear the bathroom door open and Christy calls, “Hey, Matt?!”

I walk to the bathroom and the shower curtain open. Christy is standing in the shower, naked under the water. “Hey. Is it alright if I open the window in here?”

“Sure,” I say. She turns her ass to me amd lifts the window open. When she turns back I’m still staring. “Ahem. Um, anything else you need?”

“Nope,” she says smirking. “Don’t you have coffee to make?”

“Right,” I say, closing the door and heading back to the kitchen.

I finish the coffee and hurriedly try to straighten some things up in the house, particularly in the bedroom. I’m straightening pillows as I hear the shower shut off, at which point I rush to the kitchen to be ready to greet Christy.

She enters the kitchen wrapped in one of my towels.

“How do you like your coffee?” I ask, standing at the counter.

She saunters up so close to me that I can feel the water droplets on her arm. “Give me, like, a teaspoon of sugar,” she says, sticking her fingertips between my hip and the top of my towel, loosening it ever so slightly.

I put the sugar in her coffee put she tugs at my towel so it drops to the floor, leaving me exposed.

I turn to Christy and she is staring at me with lust in her eye.

I put my hand on her waist. She undoes her towel and we let it drop to the floor.

I caress her hip. She’s a bit small and athletic, but shapely. She wraps both arms around me and grabs my butt, pulling me into a passionate kiss.

My cock swells until it pokes her flesh. She reaches down and starts to stroke it. I lead her too the couch as we kiss and lay her down on her back. She spreads her legs and I enter her. It feels like a warm shower over my whole body.

I slide in and out of her with ease as my dick coats itself in her juices. We go like this for a while until she stops me and pushes me to a seated position. Then she straddles me and lowers herself onto me. We move up and down together and I erupt, filling her already wet vagina with more fluid. She continues to ride me and kiss me and I feel ecstasy from head to toe.

She stays on my dick until she’s freed every drop. She stays on top of me and we kiss. We’re both spent.

“Good exercise,” Christy says.

“Yeah,” I say, between breaths. “By the way, you don’t have to stay in that motel.”

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