Office Affair Ch. 05


“Come over here,” I smiled at him as he closed the door. “My morning office hours are over so no one will disturb us,” my insinuation was crystal-clear.

“Damn it woman! I don’t have time for this!” His complaint held no weight whatsoever though, since he said it after he locked the door and was making his way around the desk to stand in front of my chair.

I grabbed the hem of his uniform shirt and used it to propel my rolling office chair toward him. Now mere inches away, I moved my hands beneath his shirt and found his belt. I looked up at him, gauging his response as I quickly freed his already hardening member to my touch.

“I’ve got stuff I need to be doing right now,” he interjected weakly, though his mock-frown was belied by the way he twitched as I softly stroked him to full awareness.

“I have something I need to be doing right now too,” my eyes gleamed devilishly as I smeared my thumb through the drop of pre-come already spilling through the opening for me. “Besides, you’ve been teasing me all morning!” I chastised sternly.

Still holding his gaze, I dipped my head then, allowing my tongue to follow the path of my thumb. I watched as his eyes closed while I opened my mouth and enclosed the engorged head. My intent was only to tease him a bit, leave him wanting more. I wanted him to be as distracted as I was, unable to concentrate on work for the powerfully seductive images that istanbul escort kept invading my thoughts.

I slid down slowly, taking him in an inch at a time, only to withdraw and lap at him again with teasing strokes of my tongue. In hindsight, I should have known better than to think I could remain unaffected. Each time I wrapped my lips around him and drew him in further, I imagined feeling him elsewhere. Each time he filled my mouth and tickled at the back of my throat, I imagined myself stretching to accommodate his delicious thickness as he slid past my other set of lips. As much as I delighted in his response to my kisses, I found myself wanting more and more for him to bury himself deep inside of me again, to soothe the growing ache in the pit of my belly.

Just then, his hands came down to my shoulders, and I felt him pulling me upward, effectively putting a stop to the tongue bath I had been administering to tease him. He silenced my protests with his lips, kissing me until I relaxed in his arms. His fingers that had tangled in my hair suddenly tightened, tugging my head backward. I let out an almost animalistic groan at his unexpected roughness as his lips pulled away from mine, only to reattach themselves at the sensitive column of my throat.

His savage kisses blazed a fiery path avcılar escort up the side of my neck to my ear. He whispered then, “God, I want to fuck you so bad right now!” Every synapse in my brain fired at once when the full weight of his words sank in, and I felt my knees buckle at the mere thought.

Wordlessly, I pulled away from him, and reached for my bag, only a couple of feet away. I dug into the inside pocket until my fingertips closed over what I was looking for. I rose back up and handed him the condom, allowing him to take care of that particular task. The minute he took it from me, I was already unbuckling my belt, then snatching the buttons loose. I pushed my pants and panties down to my knees as I hobbled over to rejoin him.

He pulled me back into his arms for another fiery embrace, kissing me roughly and thoroughly. Then, without a word, he spun me around and propelled me forward to the edge of the desk. He pressed himself full-length against my backside, bending to slip himself between my thighs.

“Mmmmm, you’re already ready?” he whispered in my ear, surprised when he reached down to find me completely soaked. I nodded slightly and nestled back into him as I gripped the edge of the desk to brace myself for his onslaught. His arm snaked down between us then, and he guided himself to the wetness at my entrance. Mindful of the fact that it’d been so long şirinevler escort since I’d had a steady lover, he tried to start off slow, easing himself into me a little at a time. But I didn’t care. I knew I’d probably regret it later, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Oh God, please fuck me!” I cried out in a quiet moan, as I pushed myself back against him. Needing no further encouragement, he grabbed my hips and drove himself deeply, completely inside of me, not stopping until his hips were mashed firmly against the cheeks of my ass. “Oohhhh, yes! That’s it! Fuck me!” I did my damnedest to keep quiet, but I almost couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t even begin to fathom the repercussions if we got caught, but it was so hard to care when he was filling me so nicely as he pistoned in and out. I continued to moan and whisper encouragement, trying to let him know I was about to come, to coax him into coming with me. Sensing my impending orgasm, he reached down and found the sensitive button of my clit and rubbed it firmly with his fingertips while his hips continued to rock back and forth and bury every rock-hard inch again and again. Within seconds, the added pressure of his fingertips stroking my clit sent my right over the edge. I came violently, almost losing my grip on the edge of the desk as the spasms took over. I felt my internal muscles clench and release him again and again, until he let out a soft moan of his own and propelled himself deep inside of me one final time for his own release. He stayed there, buried to the hilt, a firm grip on my hips, until our combined spasms subsided and our ragged breathing slowed. Then he leaned forward and pressed soft kisses into the side of my neck as he slowly withdrew, leaving me empty, but strangely, still full.

To be continued…

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