Oh what a night!


Oh what a night!This past Labor Day weekend I was hanging out with a bunch of friends haven’t seen a long We were drinking and having a lot of fun. We are very affectionate with each other. Whether people are single or married Group is into touchy-feely flirting comfortably with arms around each other with hands touching thighs under tables.(Note the names of the story have been changed to protect innocent ) after closing the bar , my friend Ted invite us to his house. Hanging out for a few more hours people started to leave. I begin searching for car service on my phone when Ted asked me to stick around it’s been along time since we shared some smoke weed. I said sure but I knew his wife wouldn’t approve of marijuana smoke I ask would it be “OK?”, he answered yes and we went outside to the patio . After our smoke I went back inside, sat down on the couch watching TV. Ted’s wife Angela sits next to me. Ted is sitting his lazy boy and still talking about how great tonight was, seeing everybody. I agreed and kept the conversation going when suddenly Angela gets up and straddles herself on my lap. She begins to wiggle and grind. I look at Ted and said ” Whoa man, what’s going on?!” Ted just smile and said “she likes to give lap dances.”Now let me describe Angela to you. She is commonly pretty. Meaning she’s not dropdead gorgeous but she’s far from ugly. 50. Years old(of course doesn’t look it)She has naturally long curly hair (sandy blonde). About 5’2, petite body with a Nice healthy rack. And there it was in my face her cleavage rocking back-and-forth. With alcohol in my system and now the sweet marijuana alsancak escort in my bloodstream, my dick is so sensitive. Angela does not give off the vibe that she’s a promiscuous person. She’s a very considerate, motherly person with a conservative career. So this behavior surprised me.Ted asked me if I like the treatment and before I could respond , Angela answers for me”oh I think he’s liking it. Look at that devilish grin on his face.” She said that but I knew she was filling my dick growing. Ted gets up it says “let me give you guys some privacy.” I’m thinking wow am I in the middle of some kind of swingers, cuckhold moment. I could always count on Angela supporting, encouraging what I do in life. Which made us close friends as well, but that night we were going to get to know each other.”I know you’ve been to a lot of strip clubs and you probably had a lot a lap dances. What do you think of this one? ” She asked me as she wiggles her bottom half slowly and perfectly on my dick. I didn’t answer I was now so turned on by her smell I just place my face in her cleavage and start kissing her cute but sexy freckled skin. She begins to softly moan and moves her hand to my bulge. Still wiggling she is now squeezing my bulge. I couldn’t take it anymore I had to let it out. I moved her side and her eyes focused on my crotch as I was unbuckling my pants. Before I could get it out she’s reaching for my dick and starts stroking it. “Man, I never guessed you’re so good at this.” She’s just staring at it stroking it up and down, leans over and started sucking. This had escort alsancak to be the best blow job I’ve ever had in my life. She really sucks dick as she works the shaft. The weed got my dick feeling really sensitive and it Felt like it was continuing growing as I was getting more more aroused. Angela unzip her pants, drops them to the floor. she’s wearing pantyhose I don’t know why, such a warm weekend, but I was happy she did because as you guys can tell by my profile . I do have a nylon, pantyhose, foot fetish. she starts to take off her pantyhose I said “no no leave them on”, she then says “another boy with a nylon fetish.” She pulls her knee up to my hard cock and start stroking it with her nylon leg. I start leaking tripPing my pre-cum on her nylon leg. She rips your pantyhose sits on my cock. She’s not quite wet yet still a little dry. But the more she inserts me…she is now so Moist.She doesn’t ride my cock she grinds and grinds. And she’s not vocal just moans very low-key. Man, this was so sexy . I just enjoyed it and let her do what she wanted to do. We start kissing as she’s grinding on my cock all soft and wet. She moaning as we were kissing I know she’s about to cum. Angela cums hard . She collapses her body starts kissing me again. I can feel her juice all over my cock and lap. She’s kissing me, whispers in my ear “I want you to really fuck me now”. I flip her over on her back and pumping your pussy. With legs over my shoulders, me kissing her pantyhose arches penetrating deeper inside her …now she’s moaning louder. And all she saying is “yes fuck alsancak escort bayan it , for me fuck it for me”, she comes again and then asked me if I’m ready to cum. She still wearing a blouse so I asked her to jerk me off. She encouragely said “whatever you want” I said “I’d like to cum in your mouth…” she just smiled. I pulled out laid down on her rug on the floor . She then proceeds to suck my cock . Angela moaning as she gives me some of the best head of my life again . She opens her blouse now adds a bit of titty fucking to this wonderful treatment . Between all the sucking and licking and stroking she still whispering “cum for me, cum for me Darrell “. I have to remind you I am full of wine and weed and now getting this seduction. I am more relax than I’ve ever been .I popped such a load. After, laying on the floor for a while caressing each other we both get up to go clean ourselves. she goes to one bathroom I go to her guest bathroom. Passing by one of the bedrooms I see Ted fucking our other friend, Nancy. I forgot she was still in the house. It was so hot to watch and I start stroking my dick. Angela (wearing my shirt now ) walks up to hands me a towel then looked into the room and said “Wow! This is hot ” walks into the room sits in the chair and started playing with her pussy. She gestured me to come over. I walked to her to give her my dick in your mouth . Angela starts sucking again as she plays with her pussy. I helped her up . Walked her to the bed , where Ted and Nancy are still fucking and fuck Angela doggy style. This goes on for another hour. The girls get more and more turned on hearing each other Moan. What a night I’m thinking. Ted and Angela don’t consider themselves swingers. Ted later told me “We’ve had moments like this once and a while”. He thanked me for hanging around and said Angela’s always liked me. That’s what I told him “I really like her.”

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