Old Friends Become New Lovers


It all started back in high school, but nothing ever happened until I was a junior in college. Andrea was the hottest girl in high school by far, but I never had the guts to ask her out. Mainly because I played soccer and she was a cheerleader, I figured she would never go out with me; and since we had been friends since kindergarten. Turns out I really should have asked her out, I missed a lot of opportunities for great sex.

Anyhow, I was home from college one weekend and decided I would go hit up the local watering hole, since I had just turned 21 a couple of weeks before. Once I got to the bar I decided to survey the scene just to see if I knew anyone, there were only about 10 people there including myself and the bartender. Most of the people in the bar were in there forties I would say, but then I spotted Andrea and all my feelings for her came rushing back. I really had forgotten about her, because I had heard that she was going to some school in New York and we hadn’t really talked in awhile.

But there she was sitting at a table all by herself drinking a vodka and cranberry, she looked very sad and alone. I decided that it was now or never and started walking towards her; after getting myself a fireball and ginger ale and another vodka and cranberry for Andrea.

“Hi, Andrea!! How have you been?” I said with surprise in my voice.

“Holy Shit, Matt is that you? I have been okay” Andrea said, like she was surprised as well.

“Yep, it is me. I thought you were living in New York?”

“I was but…” she trailed off.

“But, what? You don’t have to be shy with me, I have known you for a really long time,” I said.

“Well my boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend/roommate and some other stuff,” she said as she began to cry.

“Well if he did that too you, he sure as hell didn’t deserve you and she sure as hell wasn’t a friend worth having. But I am sorry he did that to you,” I said as I gave Andrea a big friendly hug.

“Let’s drink to stupid ex’s,” she said knowing I had a really dumb one in high school.

“To stupid ex’s,” I said as we hit glasses.

Andrea was dressed pretty sexy that night as well with a tight fit top that really showed off her beautiful breasts. But the jeans, WOW, they hugged her perfect ass and put me at attention the first time she got up, and I think she knew it too cause I swear she was swaying her hips just for me as she walked away. I would eventually find out later that she was doing it on purpose, cause she really wanted sex that night.

That is how the night began it didn’t take very long for us to start getting a little bit tipsy. Especially Andrea, since I think she was there for at least a couple of drinks before I got there. It didn’t take us very long to start talking about high school and the fun that was had. Then it happened, I really had no idea it would happen but it did.

“Matt, why did you never ask me out in high school?” She said with smile.

“I….I…I never thought you would say yes and didn’t want to ruin our friendship either,” I said with a stunned look on my face.

“Well you should have, I have liked you since fourth grade, that’s why I never really dated anyone pendik escort for very long in high school.”

“Well damn I am an idiot for not seeing it,” I said with a frown on my face.

By this time it was about midnight and even though the bar would have been open for about two more hours people were starting to leave. We were both pretty tipsy at this point and figured it might be a good idea to head home.

“Would you like to come over for a bit,” Andrea said with a smile.

“Sure, I would love to but what do you have in mind,” I said with a laugh.

She began laughing and grinning, “well you will have to come to my house to find out.”

I walked Andrea out to my car and open the door for her and waited for her to get in to shut the door. (Who says chivalry is dead.) As we began to drive the short distance to her house I already knew what was going to happen there, as she was beginning to run her hand up and down my leg. I was just trying to keep us on the road and out of the ditch; since Andrea was very distracting with her hand and then being a bit tipsy too.

As soon as we got to Andrea’s house, she ran out of my car to the front door like a giddy school girl and gave me the come-hither finger movement. I of course followed her without question; she was so hot who was I to deny what she wanted. Once the door shut behind me, Andrea was in my arms with her tongue down my throat.

“Matt I can’t believe you never asked me out, look what you have missed.”

“I know I am pretty dumb,” I said as I picked her up by her perfect ass and held her around my waist.

“mmmmmm,” Andrea moaned as I picked her up and began kissing her.

I carried Andrea to her bedroom, seeing as how I knew where it was considering I had been in her house many times before (and her parents were away on holiday that’s why we did not worry). As I laid her down on the bed she had her shirt off as soon as I release my grasp. I began to kiss up and down her body where she had taken her shirt off from, even though her bra was still on.

Andrea actually had to tell me to stop because my kisses were tickling her shoulder, though I did do it a couple of more times just to get her going. Once she released her breasts from their confines I was on them like white on rice, sucking and kissing, trying to make her cum before even touching her pussy.

“MATTTTT, STOPPPP OR I AM GOING TO CUMMMMMMMM,” she said as her first orgasm washed over her.

“Sorry,” I said with an evil grin on my face.

“No, I loved it but damn that’s never happened before. Now, it’s my turn to return the favor,” Andrea said as she pushed me off and began to unbuckle my belt and pull my pants and underwear down in one smooth movement.

I could not believe the feeling as she took my cock into her, I have had a lot of blowjobs in my life and this one was the best. Just how she swirled her tongue around and she was tickling my balls, as she went up and down on my cock. Andrea even blew hot air over my cock when she took it out of her mouth, which really got me going.


“Mmph, mmmph. Just do it I want to taste you,” she said quickly between strokes.

“OK, tuzla escort HERE IT CUMSSSSS!” I yelled, as I blew my load down her beautiful and talented mouth, while looking directly into her eyes.

“Damn, Andrea that was the best blow job I have ever had,” I said while trying to regain my strength.

“Glad you liked it, but you better get back up quick, I am far from done with you. We have a lot of lost time to make up for,” she said with a slutty grin. As she jumped up on the bed after taking her pants and panties off, she buried her pussy into my face.

I would never turn down a chance to eat pussy; I love the taste and the satisfaction you get from getting someone off with your tongue or fingers. I began by teasing her by kissing her thighs and right about her pussy, I have found this always gets a woman going. It didn’t take her very long to start begging to just lick her clit and pussy.

Of course I ignored her for a few more kisses, then when I figured she couldn’t take it any more I dove right in with my tongue. “MMMMM” was the only sound to escape her lips as my tongue found her hole. I then switched my tongue for a finger then two and then three. As I began to move my fingers in and out of her tight tight hole I could tell she was getting closer and closer to cumming, so I began to use my tongue again. I was very careful not to touch her clit with either my finger or my tongue, until I knew she couldn’t take it any more; I gave her clit one flick with my finger and sucked it in with my mouth. “OH GOD, MATTTT, I’M CUMMINGGGGGGG!” was all that could be heard in her room.

“Damn Matt, I have never came like that before.”

“Well I guess we are even then.”

“I guess so, but I want that cock buried in my cunt right fucking now,” she said as she pushed me down on the bed and guided herself onto my cock.

Her pussy was so tight and warm, I was pretty sure I was going to explode within a second of being in her. Somehow I held out and she began to bounce up and down on my cock. Let me tell you the site of her titties bouncing up and down was one to behold, it was so amazing. After a few minutes I got Andrea to switch positions so I could watch her beautiful ass bounce up and down on my cock.

Andrea really is a goddess both her ass and tits make you want to eat her up and watching both things bounce up and down I really couldn’t decide which I wanted to watch more. It didn’t take long for Andrea to start moaning really good and I could tell she was close. I didn’t say anything to her at the time but I was trying to hold back from cumming because I really really wanted to fuck her gorgeous ass.

“OH SHIT, I’M CUMMINGGG AGAINNN!!” Andrea yelled out. Thank god no one was home or they would have thought she was dying.

“You didn’t cum did you?” Andrea asked.

“Nope, I did not.”

“Wow, I am impressed. Well I can either suck you off, go again or give you my last hole”

“You really would take it in the butt?” I said trying not to sound to excited.

“Hell YES!! It may seem weird but I love it back there, makes me cum so good”

“Well you don’t have to tell me twice,” I said with a smile/grin and a little kartal escort smack of her cute butt.

“Do you have any lube? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Here use this,” Andrea said as she handed me a bottle of ky from her night stand.

“Damn girl, always prepared. Just like a boy scout,” I said with a laugh.

I lubed up my cock and spread some ky in and around Andrea’s beautiful tight asshole before I began my slow assault of sticking my dick into her forbidden hole. It was a very slow process because she was so tight, but from her moans I could tell that she was enjoying it. When I got to the bottom of her hole I held it there for a little while and began to use my hand to finger her pussy and flick her clit, since this was not my first time having anal sex.

I learn that if you can get the girl to start the motion, once you are all the way in she will always enjoy it more. Once I figured Andrea was good and ready, I stopped fingering her pussy and waited for her to begin move in and out on my cock. It was almost instantaneous as soon as I stopped, Andrea began to move slowly forward off my cock and then slowly back on to it.

As she began this assault I began to help her by moving in and out with her trying to bring her the maximum pleasure, along with my own maximum pleasure. It didn’t take to long until we were going at it like two wild animals, the sound of Andrea moaning and my balls hit her ass filled the room. I began to finger her pussy again trying to bring her off again before I got off.

After about three more strokes in and out, I heard Andrea shudder and her orgasm washed over her, a much bigger one than the last three. As we rode out her orgasm, I began to feel that tell tale tingling in my balls that I was about to cum.



I quickly pulled out her ass and a loud pop was heard, as she turned around and looked up at me as I gave my cock one pump and out it came. My cum splashed out of my cock like a fire house covering Andrea’s beautiful face, tits and even a little bit in her hair. Between you and me when a girl has cum on her face and in her hair, that is one of the hottest/most beautiful sites in the world.

As my orgasm began to subside Andrea took my cock into her mouth and cleaned up the last little bit of cum. She let me cock pop out of her mouth and then began to scope my cum off of her face and into her mouth, definitely one of the hotter things I have seen in my life. She then opened her mouth to show me my cum and then swallowed it and showed me that it was all gone.

After that site, I knew I was in love; any girl that does that for you is a keeper in my book. We laid in bed after that and cuddle as we both fell asleep in each others arms. I woke up about two hours later with Andrea sucking on my cock again.

“Sorry, I just can’t get enough of this.”

“It’s ok, but I am really regretting not asking you out in high school.”

“Well we can start making up this missed times right now,” she said with a grin on her face as she deep throated my cock.

This was just the first of many nights like this, Andrea actually transferred to my school in the spring of that year, as we began dating after that wild night. After she graduated we got married and we have been happy ever sense and we both still regret not announcing our feelings in high school though.

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