Older Neighbor Moves Nextdoor Ch. 02


We sat naked on the couch for another ten minutes just enjoying a companionable quiet while we recovered from our orgasms. Eventually, Marie asked “are you hungry? It’s nearly dinner time.”

I said that I was and pulled on my boxers and t-shirt. Marie put on her tank top and pants, but didn’t bother with her bra or panties. Her dark nipples still stood out against her light-colored tank. I wanted to squeeze her tits and bury my face between them, but I had said hands-to-ourselves and didn’t want do anything to ruin what we had going. I just counted my blessings and enjoyed the view.

We fixed dinner and ate. We talked and laughed like the two of us had all week. It was like we hadn’t just jerked off with each other. That was perfectly alright with me. After we ate, I told her good night and went back to my apartment.

The next morning, as I was getting ready for work, I was thinking about our masturbation session together. While I definitely wanted to have sex with Marie, what we had done had been as hot or hotter than any sex I’d ever had. It had been so intimate. I left my apartment and locked the door. Marie opened her door across the hall and told me good morning. I smiled and returned her greeting. I asked if she needed anything while I was out.

She replied “no, but if you don’t have plans later, maybe we can continue from yesterday when you get back from work. Only if you want to, of course.”

That was exactly what I was hoping to hear! Very coolly, and not at all like a goober, I nearly shouted “Yes! Uh, I mean, sure if you want to, whatever.”

She laughed at my excitement and said “well, I thought about what you said yesterday about not caring what others think. And you’re absolutely right. Who cares? I’m just going to ask that we take things slowly please. Yesterday afternoon was the most erotic thing I’ve done in the 5 years since my husband died and I’m rusty. Does that sound okay?”

I replied “that sounds excellent. We’ll figure out whatever this thing is as we go along. No pressure, or drama, and no stress. The world is chaotic enough right now. I’ll come over after work. Should only be a few hours.”

She looked relieved and I figured she was probably pretty nervous about the situation. Even if she did say she wasn’t going to care. Marie kissed me on the cheek and I left for work. The whole time I was there, my mind was on Marie. Not just her body, which drove me wild, but on her. I genuinely liked her. I wanted to play my cards right and turn this, whatever it was, into a real relationship.

There were a couple of minor IT emergencies while I was there and I was actually there for almost four hours. When I finally got everything under control, I went straight home. She asked about my day and I told her about it and apologized for taking longer than I had expected. She said it was no problem. She had spent her day unpacking again. The apartment was almost finished and it was looking more like a home.

Marie had her blond hair up in a loose pony tail. She was wearing dark green leggings and a baggy t-shirt. She looked comfy, but also sexy. The leggings were like a second skin and her ass looked maltepe escort amazing. I could tell that there was no bra under that shirt, because her boobs wobbled every time she moved, and her nipples were very prominent. She noticed me staring and smirked at me. She shook her boobs a little at me and with a chuckle said “you’re sweet for looking at these saggy old titties. You make me feel young.”

I said “what else can I make you feel?”

She grimaced at me and laughed and jibed “boo, too cheesy!”

I laughed at her heckling and countered “gimme a break, it’s been months since I was able flirt. Not that I was ever that good at it, but I didn’t used to throw out dumb lines like that.”

Marie walked over to me and hugged me and said “you don’t have to try to flirt. Just being yourself has gotten my full attention.” She kissed me once and asked “want to fool around?”

I was dying to fool around. I replied “I’m dying to fool around. What do you have in mind?”

She thought about it for a second and said “I’d like to sorta build up to sex if that’s okay with you. Maybe just use our hands today, but not on just ourselves.”

I pretended to be exasperated and said “oh I guess so! Twist my arm.”

She chuckled and took a step back and broke our hug. I reached out and lifted up her shirt, she raised her arms so I could remove it fully. I let out a small sigh as her breasts came into view. They drooped down some, but I liked that. There were light stretch marks near the top of each one where gravity had pulled them down. I put my hands on them and started massaging them and lifting them. Her nipples got harder under my palms. I gently pulled and pinched them and she let out a soft moan.

I said “god I love your boobs. I’ve wanted to touch them ever since I hung that frame above the couch.”

Looking me in the eyes Marie said “I’m glad you do, but I don’t see why. 20 years ago, you couldn’t find a better pair even in magazines. Now they’re like deflated balloons. Why wouldn’t you rather find a girl around your age that has perky tits that point toward the sun? I trip and step on my old girls.”

I chuckled at her exaggeration of stepping on them. They really didn’t droop that much. I said to her “somehow I think you’re exaggerating on that. And I don’t want someone my age. Yours are incredible.”

I bent down and was about to put one nipple into my mouth, but she stepped back and gently slapped me on the forehead and said “just hands today.”

I grinned and nodded. I’d take things as slowly as she wanted. She stepped back toward me and I pulled her into a hug that pressed her tits into my chest. I moved my hands down her back to her big, round ass and started squeezing her cheeks through the leggings. She closed her eyes and tried to kiss me but I lifted my chin up so she couldn’t reach my lips. I said “hey you said just hands today.”

She pretended to pout and stuck out her bottom lip. I said grinning “hey, it was your rule.”

She laughed and said “fair enough, I did say that.”

She lifted my shirt up over my head and I went back to massaging her big butt. I kept squeezing each escort maltepe cheek and rubbed my palms over them. Her breath was getting faster. I knelt down in front of her to where her pussy was right in front of me. Her leggings gave her a camel toe that looked incredible sexy. I slowly pulled down her leggings revealing her blond bush and luscious lips. I wanted to dive my tongue into it, but I refrained. Instead I ran my fingers through her pubic hair and felt her slit. It was already practically dripping. I pushed the leggings down all the way and she stepped out of them. I could smell her arousal when she had lifted her leg out of them. I gently pushed her toward the couch and she sat down with her knees together. I gently pushed them wide apart, her pink slit opened.

Very gently, I dragged my fingernails up her inner-thighs and through her curly, blond bush. Then moved my hands up her torso and pinched her nipples. Then slowly back down to her inner thighs. My mouth was right above her pussy, but I didn’t use it on her, but I knew she could my breath. Her breathing was getting even faster and eventually she said “Erik quit teasing me. Touch me already!”

With another smile, I finally pushed two fingers of my right hand into pussy. She let out a sigh as I did. I slowly started moving my two fingers in and out of her. The wet sound they made on each movement was exciting me more and more. I was already hard as a rock, but I wanted to make sure she came before I did. With my left hand, I used my thumb to find her clit. When I pushed my thumb onto it, she bucked her hips off the couch and moaned.

I started to move my right hand faster while still rubbing my left thumb against her clit. Marie kept holding her breath and letting it out in large sighs. When I started to curl my right fingers upward looking for her G Spot she moaned louder and said “gee-zusss you’re going to make me cum. Don’t stop. Press my clit harder.”

I moved my left thumb around her clit faster and started curling my right fingers in a rapid “come here” motion. Between brushing her G Spot and the pressure on her clit from my thumb, she came after only another minute. Hard. Marie made a deep guttural groaning sound and her legs shook uncontrollably. Her pussy gripped my fingers more tightly. I noticed that her neck and upper chest had flushed too. She pushed my left hand away from her clit, but she allowed me to slowly stroke my fingers in and out of her through the orgasm. After it was over, she sagged back on the couch breathing hard. She had a contented smile on her face.

I licked her cum off of my fingers. It tasted tangy and somewhat salty. Not good exactly, but not bad either. I hoped I could could go down on her soon. I asked “was that good?”

With a giggle she said “whew, hell yes. You know your way around a pussy. Alright, well I’ll see you tomorrow.”

My mouth fell open. I was so hard that it was getting painful. Did she seriously want me to leave?

She barked out a laugh and said “god your face! I’m kidding! It’s your turn now, take your pants off.”

Relieved, I stripped them and my boxers off and sat on the couch next to her. maltepe escort bayan She immediately started to stroke my dick with her right hand. “Mmm, you’ve got such a nick cock Erik. You’re bigger than my husband used to be. Perfect size for me.” She said.

I moaned quietly as she stroked me, resting my head on the cushions. I watched her boobs sway and jiggle as she jerked me off faster. Damn, I wasn’t going to last very long with how turned on I was. Before I came too early, I slowed her hand. I said “that feels really good, but I’m going to bust if you keep that up.”

She smiled at me and got off the couch. She knelt down in front of me between my legs. Her beautiful tits were right in front of my dick. I longed to fuck them, or get my cock into her mouth, but she had said hands only. Marie loved teasing me. She said “that’s okay, I want to make you cum right now.”

She wrapped her fingers around my cock and stroked me hard and fast. With her left hand, she used her finger nails to tickle my balls. I arched my back some and looked up at the ceiling. She abruptly stopped all stimulation. I looked back down and was about to ask why she had stopped when she said “look at me when you get off. I like to watch your face.”

I nodded and she resumed stroking me. It felt amazing. Her hands were soft and she knew how to give a great handjob. Marie would stroke upward, then swirl her palm over the head of my cock. Which would slick her palm with my pre cum and get my shaft slick. I told her that I was going to cum. She sat up straighter and pointed my cock toward her big swaying boobs. I kept looking at her face or tits as I started cumming. With a groan my first shot spurted up and hit her under the chin. Another shot landed near her left collar bone. Two more splattered the top of her left boob. She kept stroking me, pulling every drop out of me. She milked the last of my spunk onto her right nipple. I was huffing and puffing like I had ran up a flight of stairs.

Marie sat back on her heels smiling at me. She was absolutely covered. My jizz was up under her chin, on her chest and on both of her tits. Some of it was dripping down between them toward her belly. She scooped some of it onto her finger and sucked on it. After a second, she got up and went to the bathroom and came back with a towel. She cleaned herself up and did the same for me. We sat next to each other, and she curled up next me as I put my arm around her shoulders.

She said “that was great. Thank you for making me cum so hard. And I love how much you shoot when you get off. I liked getting my boobies covered. I didn’t think you’d cum that much after yesterday. One of the perks of a younger man I guess!”

I snickered when she used the word “boobies.” I replied “that’s partially because of you too. Your body gets me so horny that I’m bound to cum like a geyser every time.”

She kissed my cheek and said “flatterer, but thank you. It feels like an eternity since I’ve felt sexy. I’m so glad you were my neighbor.”

I curled my arm further around her shoulder so I could reach her right tit and squeezed it. “Me too. You’re like a dream neighbor.” I said. We sat together until I heard her stomach growl. We had dinner and we discussed what tomorrow would bring.


Thanks for reading, the feedback, and ratings. Ch. 1 seemed to be well liked, I’ll write another if people like this one too.

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