One Night of Bliss


It had been a very long two weeks since her lover had left. She knew he was expected home on or about the 15 of Dec.

She had spent a quiet day with herself, hoping he was back, but still she hadn’t heard anything, and the silence of the telephone was unnerving. So instead of wondering and worrying any longer she drew herself a bath. Filled with honey, herbs, and oils to rest her tied, although very horny body.

She paints her nails will the water cools enough to enter into her dream world, where her thoughts immediately take her back to him. She slides down into the bubbles and oils that come right up to her neck. A candle the single light source, casting shadows and images of their undying love sends her off to their world, their times.

She starts to feel the oil wrap around her body, and while shaving her legs she drops the razor. Her hands move between moist thighs, and she fingers and plays with her clit, getting slightly aroused her other hand now moves to her pert breasts, she longs for it to be him.

She imagines him, they sit cross legged enveloped in each other. His halkalı escort tongues licks at her neck as his hands squeeze her breasts. His tongue proceeds to lick her breast bone, finally reaching her nipples, he nibbles and bites them lightly. Sensing her arousal he rubs her thighs, his hands move round to cup her tight ass. She is now kissing him hard and she feel his cock rigid against her thigh, she asks him to sit on the edge of the bath. He complies and she tickles his balls with her nails, while licking the head of his swollen prick. His magnificent hands rub her back and reach her ass he plays with her hole and the other hand teases her swollen clit. They are breathing in unison, when she moves to pull the plug from the bath, they stand together his cock now snuggled into the crack in her ass. He pulls the shower curtain, and she turn the water on. The stand together under a cascade of hot water increases their desire to be as one again. He turns her around to face him and kisses her hard, she tugs hard at his manhood, taksim escort whispering how much she wants him, desires, needs, and wants his sex right now. She turns pushes herself against the wall as he plunges his raging cock into her waiting pussy, one finger still playing with her other hole. He pumps and pumps and together they collapse sitting under the stream of water which washes around the load he has just given her, and she to him.

She steps out of the tub, after having imagined her beloved sending her to orgasmic heaven, she realizes how powerful his essence and their love is. Closing her eyes to blink a remaining bit of shampoo from them she is startled to feel a towel around her, and a familiar pair of hands around her waist. “Ah you naughty girl, not waiting for my return”, come let me dry you off. As he wipes her body she begins to become aroused again. He kisses her hard and then lifts her into his arms placing her naked body on the bed in front of the fireplace. She looks longingly into his smoldering eyes and smiles. “Now my love stay şişli escort perfectly still, I’m going to have to lick you all over and taste your sex”. She feels the nib between her legs beginning to swell, and her juices are flowing already. His fingers trace the contours of her breasts, while he starts to kiss her ears, licking her neck, and then he dives for his honey pots. At first being gentle with licks and laps her hips begin to grind into his mouth, she fucks it with all the missed passion of the last weeks. He shifts his semi erect cock so that its directly within her lips and wanton mouth. They spend the time in sensual indulgence of each others taste and sex.

He then lifts her up and around to where she is in their favorite position, doggy style. His hands hold her hips tight, and steadies her for his rock hard cock. She now begs him, pleading, “give it to me Jer”, I want it now I have been dreaming, desiring, and dying to be one again, “Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, I want to feel your cock up to the back of my throat”.

His cock rocks her plunging into her soaked hole which is twitching in all her horniness. They rock in rhythm grunting, panting, until she is cuming while his load shoots the hot creamy CUM she feels. They collapse into each other arms. He catches his breath, and then asks “Did you miss me Max”? “Oh and how, now lets get under the covers and do it again” ” I love you, and oh how lost without our lust”

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