One Night Stand


One Night StandIt had been over two weeks since I had fucked. My balls were full and I was feeling so incredibly horny every second thought that ran through my mind was sexually charged. The night club was full of sexy woman wearing short skirts high heels. Most were young and flirtatious. I was having a good time with a couple of mates, the beers were going down well and I was feeling happy as we chatted and laughed together. I was in the middle of telling one of my stupid jokes which is much funnier after 10 beers! when I looked across to a group of older women. One of them was looking directly at me. I smiled and she smiled back. She was looking pretty sexy in her tight black number, but the thing that I found really sexy is that she was showing heaps of confidence. My mind went straight to images of us fucking and I must admit my cock responded. I watched as she stood and walked to the bar. She turned back and looked once more and I knew that I had to move. The bar was pretty crowded and I managed to take a position behind her but slightly to the right. I was a little taller than her and had a nice view, The curve of her neck, her ears and pendik escort of course I had a great view of her cleavage. I was wondering what her nipples looked like, what her pussy tasted like. This mental imaging had me straining in my pants. I was just about to say something to her when I was shoved in the back. I fell forward thrusting one hand out to the bar to stop myself but my crotch somehow fell against her bum. There is no doubt that she felt my cock because she turned around with a shocked look on her face. When she realised it was me it instantly turned into a wicked smile. I mumbled an apology but she just smiled and said “follow me” I was shocked and stood there for a moment. She walked toward the common entrance to the toilets through the door. I was about 10 paces behind her so the door had shut behind her. I opened it in time to see the exit door closing – she must be there I thought.A moment later I was outside. She was standing there waiting for me. I smiled, put a hand around her waist and pulled her into me. We kissed, our tongues devouring each other. I started to grind my erection into her kartal escort mound and at the same time I ran my hands down her back to her exposed thighs below the hemline of her short dress. Then to my delight I felt her nakedness as my hands ran up the back of her thighs. She lifted one leg, I needed no encouragement as I found her hole. She was incredibly wet and started moaning as I fingered her. I found her clit and using her juice I rubbed it gently. I felt her hands reach down to my pants and undo my belt and fly. I wiggled to help her as she dropped my pants to my knees. She turned with her back to me, lifted up her dress to her waist, bent forward slightly and spread her legs. I had my hard cock in my hand as I rubbed it up and down her slit a little to lubricate. I was so full of lust, my body was shaking and my mind intoxicated by lust. I lined up, grabbed both her hips and thrust as deep and as hard as I could. She let out a loud gasp as I started to fuck her hard. It was a warm night and my balls were swinging low, gently bumping onto her hood with every thrust. I put one hand on her shoulder and maltepe escort pulled her back into me. Her cunt felt so wet, her silky walls enveloped my shaft. I could feel the hardness of her cervix as I pounded into her. I could feel how wet she was as her honey flowed and coated my balls. I focussed on the sounds. The slapping of skin as my crotch slapped against her bum. The squelching noise as I rammed my shaft into her. Her little squeals at every pump. I could feel my climax approaching. She must have sensed it too because she reached down between her legs and cupped my balls rolling them in her palm. Her other hand rubbed her clit. This was enough for me and I was fast approaching the edge. My glans grew and became sensitive, the walls of her pussy rippled and massaged me toward my orgasm. Then almost suddenly, I shuddered, thrust deep and my cum muscle released and sent 3 or 4 jets of my seed through my cock and in a forceful jet splatting against her cervix. My legs weakened and I almost buckled. She rubbed her clit even harder and as my cock was still twitching inside her I felt and herd her as her climax washed over her body. I ground my cock inside her for a while. Pulled her up toward be and kissed the back of her neck. She turned, my cock escaping her body, smiled and walked back through the door as she adjusted her dress. By the time I had recovered, pulled my pants back up and walked inside she had gone………

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