One Perfect Night


It was our first date. Well, not really. We had met up a few times, once for lunch, and again for dinner and a drive. Then one time to see a movie. But for various reasons, we had to keep our burgeoning relationship a secret. But now the barriers were gone and we weren’t afraid to be seen in public, so it felt like a first date to me.

We meet at an Italian restaurant. You look spectacular as always. You are wearing a short, denim skirt with a low cut top, showing off some very nice cleavage. Your hair hangs down partly in front of one eye; you know how that drives me crazy! I hug you as we meet in the parking lot. Your perfume is intoxicating! I take your hand in mine as we walk into the restaurant and a waitress guides us to a secluded, candle lit table. You look a little nervous; I know you would like something a little stronger than a soft drink, but unfortunately that birthday hasn’t come up yet. Don’t worry, I tell you. We’ll take care of that later. You look at me questionably, but just trust me, I have it planned out. We chat as we wait for our dinner to come. I get lost in the beauty of your eyes, losing track of the conversation. You laugh at me when I’m startled by the waitress bringing our food.

We eat an intimate dinner, the candle light sparkling in your eyes. I want to stay at the table forever, but the night is young, and I have plans that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Remember when we first started talking, and I told you about how I like to go to the strip clubs on occasion? Well you showed some interest in going to one, so guess where we’re going? Yep, I tell you, don’t worry; I really think you’ll get a kick out of it!

I can tell you are a little bit nervous as we walk in the front door and I pay the cover. We enter the main stage area and find a fairly secluded spot not too far from the stage. We sit in a booth with a high back, so no one can see us unless they are right in front of us. This is part of my plan, as you will soon find out. I know you are a bit nervous and could probably use a drink to help relax. They have a soda fountain where you can get free pop, so I get us both a tall cup of coke. I look around to see if anyone is watching, and seeing no one is I reach into my coat pocket and take out 2 miniature bottles of whisky and discreetly pour one into each of our drinks. You smile as I hand you your cup and you take a drink.

It’s early, and there are not too many people in the crowd yet. A dancer takes the stage dressed in not too much more than just a bra, thong and heels. She moves around the stage seductively; and I glance over to you to see your eyes glued to the stage. You seem mesmerized as dancers come and go from the stage. After about 15 or 20 minutes, I ask you what you think. You reply that the girls are so beautiful and so graceful. Not as beautiful as you, I reply, meaning every word. You look at me and call me a liar with a smile on your face. I reach over and kiss you, telling you that you are the most beautiful, desirable woman in the building. You just smile and kiss me again. I ask you if you want to go up to the stage and tip the dancer, but remembering what I told you before about how the dancers like to disrobe the female customers, you decline. That’s fine with me. I don’t want to share the first time I see you undressed with a room full of strangers.

I ask you if you want to try a private dance with any of the dancers. You look apprehensive until I tell you that I’ll accompany you if you want me too. But, you have to pick out which dancer you want to have the dance with. A choice is soon made, and we follow a slender, petite blonde back to the private dance area. I explain to the dancer that this is your first time doing anything like this, so she should concentrate on dancing for you. I’ll be happy just to watch.

We take a seat on the bench, it’s comfortable, you sit in the middle. The dancers name is Lexi, and she tells you not to be nervous, that you are in complete control. She wants this to be an enjoyable experience for you so she wants you to tell her if anything makes you feel uncomfortable. You nod. Lexi kneels on the floor in front of you as a nice, slow song starts. She leans in and whispers in your ear to relax and enjoy. You grab my hand with yours as I feel you tremble as Lexi nuzzles your neck and istanbul escort then pulls away. She sways back and forth to the music while standing in front of us, all the time looking into your eyes. Her hands caress her body, starting at her hips and travelling to her bra covered tits. She pinches her nipples thru the bra; you lick your lips as her nipples get hard.

Lexi turns her back to us and pulls her hair up to the top of her head and looks back over her shoulder at your reaction as she sways her ass back and forth in time to the slow beat of the music. She slowly bends over and grabs her ankles, exposing her nearly naked ass and pussy to your rapt stare. Lexi reaches back and slowly pulls her cheeks apart and then squeezes them back together again. The only thing covering her pussy and asshole from your gaze is the thinnest strap of material

The stripper turns towards us again and kneels at your feet, reaching for your knees. You look at me uncertainly, I smile and nod reassuringly, and you let your knees separate. Lexi gracefully turns away and sat back on the edge of the sofa between your legs, her ass in contact with your spread crotch. You smile hesitantly, and looked over at me as if to say ‘Whew’.

The stripper gathers her hair in her hands again, looks over her shoulder at you, shifts back and starts to grind her ass against your crotch as if you were fucking her from behind. You gasp and grab her hips in your hands, helping her move back and forth in a fucking motion. It’s the first time you’ve touched another woman sexually, and I can tell by your short, deep breaths that you love it!

Lexi slows the pace of her hips and gradually leans back and presses her back into you soft breasts. Her head rests on your shoulder as she turns and looks into your eyes. She asks if you like it so far, and you nod in response and wrap your hands around her waist, pulling her further into your embrace. Still lying back into you, Lexi stops her grinding and moves her hands up to her own silk covered breasts, diverting your attention. She squeezes and cups her tits, your chin resting on her shoulder, peering down into the cleavage of the stripper’s bikini top. As she continues to slowly gyrate back and forth to the music, she slowly bends over from the waist just inches in front of us, so that her firm tits hung down, bulging against the small bra cups. Lexi breathes, as she slowly massages each globe through the silk. I feel you take a deep breath and slowly exhale as Lexi cups them for a few more seconds, then slowly kneels in front of you. She reaches behind herself and undoes her bra .She lets it fall away, exposing her soft, natural tits to the both of us.

Lexi gently takes your knees and moves them apart so she could move closer again. Lexi grabs your hips and slowly pulls you forward until you are slumping against the back of the couch, your legs spread wide. Lexi takes advantage of the fact that you are wearing a skirt and begins nuzzling your legs, starting at the inside knee and working her way north. She licks lightly at your soft inner thigh, and then looks up mischievously at you.

After a minute, Lexi moves her hands away from your hips and up to cup your breasts on either side. She smiles and softly says that she likes your tits. She gently squeezes your tits as she asks if it’s ok to do so. You nod your head, and as your lips part as you begin to breathe heavier.

You let out a moan as Lexi, looking intently into your eyes, slowly licks her lips. You look down and smile at the nearly naked stripper kneels between your legs. Lexi takes this as an indication to go further. She reaches down and lifts up your blouse, sliding her hands underneath. She squeezes your breasts thru your bra, feeling your nipples harden thru the silk. Lexi moves her hands under each cup of your bra, knowing that she was probably the first woman to touch your breasts. She feels your nipples get even harder beneath her touch as she looks at me and tells me I’m a very lucky man. I don’t tell her that I have yet to do what she is doing, but nod at her. Yes, I am very lucky to be with such a gorgeous woman.

You’re in heaven, having a woman massage your tits for the first time. You look at me with heavy eyes as you avcılar escort tell me you can’t believe this is happening.

Still cupping your tits, Lexi moves up to nuzzle your neck, lightly nipping at your ear.

You moan in pleasure as your hands, as if moving by instinct, reach to Lexi’s tits to caress them. Suddenly you stop and shyly ask if this is ok. Lexi smiles and tells you that you can do anything you want. She then nuzzles your neck as you more confidently savor the feel of another woman’s breasts for the first time. Sensing your desire to explore, Lexi sits back watching, her chest jutting out as you run your hands around the dancer’s tits, feeling them, stroking them, and squeezing the woman’s nipples. The combination of the whisky and your own passion cause you to let go of your own inhibitions as you continue to massage and caress the stripper’s tits and nipples while she nips at your neck.

All too soon, the song ends and I see the disappointment in your eyes. Lexi stands up and puts her top back on as you gaze at her. We stand up and Lexi gives you a hug as she tells you that she hopes you enjoyed it and hopes you come back again. I pay her and we head back to our booth. We watch a few more strippers do their stuff before I sense you have had enough. I ask if you are ready for the next and final part of the evening. You say yes, and we head for the door.

You’ve managed to convince your folks that you were staying overnight with a friend, so I booked us a room at a hotel near the strip club.

We make it to our room. The door is barely shut before you push me against the wall and press your lips to mine in a soul searching kiss. You break away and tell me to sit on the bed. Earlier that day, I stopped by the room and left a few candles, so now I light them, turn off the lights and sit back on the bed. You start to do a slow striptease, showing me you were learning a little while watching the strippers tonite. You pull off your top and turn away from me. You look back at me over your shoulder as you slowly slide your skirt over your ass and down your legs. You are wearing a familiar looking pink thong. I remember seeing that pink bow in the back one time at work. It was peeking out of the back of your pants. I made the mistake of telling you I saw it, ever since you have been wearing your shirt loose so it covers it. You turn back towards me, standing there in just your bra and panties, looking more beautiful than I have ever seen you. If you never took off anything more, I would die a happy man just for having witnessed this.

You reach behind you and unhook your bra. You let the cups fall away from your body, revealing the most beautiful, pink tipped tits I have ever seen. You toss aside your bra and drop your hands to your panties. You slowly slide them down your legs, revealing an almost hairless pussy. You walk over to me, pushing me back till I lay flat on the bed. You straddle me, leaning over to kiss me. I cup your tits in my hands as our tongues search for each other between parted lips. You break our kiss as you lean forward, bringing your tits to my face. I grab one breast in my hand and guide the nipple to my mouth. I suck and lick the nipple till it’s as hard as a diamond, switching to the other breast to give it the same treatment. You kiss me again as my hands caress their way down your back to cup that magnificent ass in my hands. I let my hands wander over your ass. I let one hand reach between your cheeks, my fingers gently rubbing your puckered asshole and then reaching further down to feel the wetness that covers your pussy.

I moisten a finger with your juices, and then lightly caress your swollen clit. You gasp with pleasure as I slide my finger down your slit to the wet opening I find there. I slide a finger into your pussy. You moan as you start to move your hips up and down in a fucking motion. After a few minutes, I withdraw my finger from your cunt. I want to taste you, so I tell you to move up and sit on my face.

You move up until you are straddling my head. You look down at me and then slowly lower your pussy. I breathe harder as I watch your pussy moves closer and closer to my mouth. I moan when your soft pussy lips spread across my lips. My tongue acts on instinct as I stick it out of şirinevler escort my mouth and push it into your body.

You begin to moan as you feel my tongue move between your swollen lips. You look down to see my eyes looking intently into yours. You moan in pleasure as you encourage me to ravish your pussy with my mouth and tongue. I reach behind you and grasp each ass cheek in my hands, helping you to move back and forth on my lips and tongue. My mouth finds your swollen clit and I take it between my lips, gently sucking. That’s all you can stand, and your body trembles and shakes as a powerful orgasm begins. Your legs spread, forcing your pussy onto my face, your juices pouring into my mouth as you call out my name and announce your orgasm. I’m sure that I’m going to drown as I try to swallow your juices, but fortunately for me your climax comes to an end and you fall to the bed beside me.

We lay like that for a few minutes, each of us catching our breaths. After a while you turn to face me and tell me with a smile on your face that I seem to be over dressed for this party. I agree at once and get up to stand at the side of the bed. You stand also, pressing you naked body against mine as you put a hand behind my head, pulling me down into a passionate kiss. You can taste yourself on my lips and you moan. I reach down and squeeze your sexy ass. You push yourself back, breaking our kiss. Your eyes are swimming with lust as you slowly slide yourself down my body until you are kneeling at my feet. With hands shaking in anticipation, you open my pants and pull them and my briefs down. My already hard cock springs out, almost hitting you in the face. You smile as you grasp the shaft with one hand as you lower your mouth to the head. I look down as I feel your hot breath on my cock and see it disappear into your waiting mouth.

I moan as I watch you lick and suck my cock. Your lips work on me like a woman possessed. You wrap both hands around the shaft so your lips can work on the swollen head. I can feel myself getting close to exploding. But as much as I love what you are doing to me with your mouth, I don’t want you to finish me off this way.

I grudgingly pull myself from your mouth. I help you up and off of your knees. I kiss your lips and then tell you to get on the bed, and onto your back. You smile and do as I say. You lay back and spread your legs. I get on my knees between your legs; my cock is harder than it’s ever been in my life. I move slowly forward until my cock is at the entrance of your dripping pussy. I ease the head of my cock between your pussy lips. I slowly push until the head is inside. The feeling is incredible; your pussy is already squeezing the head of my cock! Your pussy is tight, but wet. I push forward until half my cock is inside you. I ask you if you are ready, and you nod your head quickly. I slide the rest of my cock inside you in one sure stroke, my balls coming to rest on your ass.

You moan and wrap your legs around my waist and use your hands on my hips to pull me deeper into you. I look deep into your eyes as our bodies become one. This must be what perfect love is, I think to myself. I could die right now a happy man, but you are not done with me yet! My hips move down and yours move up as our bodies meld together. The minutes roll by as our bodies move relentlessly together.

I’m getting closer and closer to exploding as my thrusts become more erratic. I know you are close too, so I do my best to hold off so that we can cum together. It’s only a few moments later when I feel your body start to shiver, announcing your impending climax. You start to buck in pleasure. Your arms hold me tight and your legs wrap around my waist, as if I would try to escape your embrace.

I tell you that I can’t hold back any longer, that I’m about to cum inside you. That sends you over the top and your pussy squeezes my cock as you cum. The feeling of you pulsating on my cock is all I can stand and I thrust one last time into your body, my cum pouring into your willing pussy.

We lay there like that, my body on top of yours as we revel in the aftershocks of our respective climaxes. I gently kiss your lips as I pull back with my hips, my slowly softening dick leaving your body unwillingly. I lay back on the bed by your side. You turn and snuggle next to me, your head on my shoulder and your hand on my chest. I pull the sheet up over us as you close your eyes in contentment.

You are so relaxed that you start to fall asleep as I stroke your hair and kiss the top of your head. But before slumber takes you, I need to tell you one thing.

I love you Samantha.

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