Open Mic Night Ch. 04


The action continues immediately. All characters are over 18.

Mandy towered over me, the shadow of her breasts hiding the light.

“What did you call me?” said Mandy, her voice stern.

“Mistress,” I corrected myself.

“That’s right!” she said. Mandy nudged Kendra again. “Wakey-wakey sweetheart. Time to eat Mandy’s pussy!”

Kendra opened her eyes and I eased my cock from her pussy. Her lips stayed open and she made an “awww” sound as it left her. There was pre-cum oozing from my slit.

“I’ll get that for you,” said Mandy as she leaned over Kendra, her breasts looked huge as they nearly crushed the young woman’s stick thin legs. Mandy took my shaft in her hand and sucked the head of my cock. I nearly came in her mouth straight away. “I wanted to taste your cunt and his cock at the same time,” she said, talking to Kendra. “Hey look, his cock is so thick I can’t even get my hand around it! This has got to be one of the biggest dicks in the country!”

She waggled it all about and the movement was a weird mix of pain and pleasure. It hurt my overfull balls but it still felt good.

“You taste good,” she said, looking at me.

Kendra slid off the couch and moved into position between Mandy’s legs. I shuffled in behind Kendra. I never realized how cute her little butt was. I ran my hand over her left cheek. It was so small one of my admittedly big hands could nearly cover it. I pulled her cheeks apart and ran the tip of my cock against her wet and puffy slit. Her cunt was still open from the last fucking I had given her.

I saw Kendra kiss Mandy’s inner thighs and Mandy ran her hands through Kendra’s hair. I thought I’d take a chance. I’d never had anal sex before, women had always turned me down because of my girth, but now was the time. I locked eyes with Mandy who was bathing in pleasure, her enormous breasts rising and falling in time with her deep breathing. I lined up my thick, heavy, slick cock with Kendra’s tiny butthole and pushed in. Kendra’s face was mashed into Mandy’s pussy and my cockhead spread her hole a little but nowhere near enough for me cock to enter her. Her head snapped around, her face frozen in fear and pain. I guess this wasn’t the time either.

I lowered my sights a little, lined my dick up with her wet pussy and rammed myself in. Fuck her cunt felt good. For a moment I felt like I was coming but I knew I wasn’t. I had gone through the orgasm and now my body was all tingly. I could feel the pre-cum stream from my cock. I had been too hard for too long and now my whole body was reacting. I grabbed hold of Kendra’s narrow hips and started pumping hard and fast into her. Her face was being forced into Mandy’s pussy and Mandy was holding her there. I looked up and got hypnotized by the movement of Mandy’s huge breasts. I was having one long continuous orgasm without the crescendo, without shooting my load.

Mandy’s grip on Kendra’s head tightened and I could tell she was face fucking the young woman. The two women were moaning in unison now, Kendra from my cock and Mandy from getting her pussy eaten. I looked down and saw Kendra’s pussy was so wet that it was dripping pussy juice onto Mandy’s carpet. I picked up my pace, slamming my whole huge thick cock in and out of her, tunneling into her. I was a zombie intent on fucking whatever was in front of me.

Mandy’s breathing increased and her body began to tremble. I looked up, her huge breasts moving in waves, her legs quivering. Her eyes were closed in pleasure as her hips rocked back and forth. I could hear some muffled moans coming from Kendra between us but Mandy kept her face firmly in place. A jolt sent Mandy crashing back into the couch, her enormous boobs nearly hitting herself in the face. She let go of Kendra and the young woman fell to the floor, her pussy immediately falling off my cock. She gasped for breath. I looked down. She was breathing so heavy her ribs were visible. There was pussy juice all over her mouth and nose, her pussy was pink, puffy and streaming with a mix of her own juice and my pre-cum. I leaned back on my haunches. My cock now sticking up towards my chin, so hard I didn’t know if it was ever going to be ‘normal’ after this.

Mandy and I locked eyes. This was it. I edged my way around Kendra’s body and Mandy budged up on the sofa to meet me. Her hair was messed and the skin around her neck and chest was pink. It was her eyes that were most affected though. They were half-closed in a mixture of pleasure and delirium. She opened her legs for me but I didn’t want to enter her straight away. She had been concerned about my size and I knew from experience some women weren’t ok with my girth.

I got close enough to enter her, pressed my chest to her enormous bosom and kissed her. She melted into me. I cupped her face with one hand and one of her breasts with the other. My rock hard cock was pressed between us, nestled in between her huge boobs. If I thrusted I could have got myself a nice little titfuck. Mandy moaned as we kissed and she moved her hand down to grab hold of my cock. She grabbed ankarada yeni escortlar it where it was touching her breasts and rubbed a thumb on the frenulum. She may not have been experienced dealing with cocks my size but she knew how to make me feel good. Directing me by my cock she pushed me back and lined me up. She stopped.

“Now, go slow, you fucking horse!” she bopped me on the nose, smirking.

“You’re the boss, literally” I said, smirking back.

Mandy rubbed the cockhead against her slippery pussy and laid back. She braced herself against the sofa and grimaced. I had to laugh. Women didn’t usually look so scared when I was about to fuck them.

“Mandy!” I said, nearly laughing, “Do you want this?!” She peeped her eyes open. She looked at me, kinda nervous and kinda sad.

“I do but baby I’ve never been with anyone as big as you!”

“It’s ok, this is supposed to be fun so we’re gonna go slow! Just lie back but try to relax!

“Ok!” said Mandy as she laid back. I slid the head of my cock over her slit, the mix of her juice and my pre-cum were making us very slippery. I rubbed my frenulum up over her clit. I looked up and Mandy’s eyes were closed. “Mmmmm, that’s nice!”

I eased my cockhead down until it was in line with Mandy’s pussy. I rubbed her clit with my thumb and eased in. Mandy cupped her huge breasts, protecting them from the impending doom I guess or holding on to them like a protective blankey. I pushed my cockhead in and sucked my stomach in, pulled my chin to my chest. I was trying to get as good a view as I could. Her pussy lips parted slowly at first. My cockhead was halfway in and Mandy started moaning.

“I can feel it!” she said, still sounding scared.

“I should hope so!” I felt like saying, but didn’t want to distract. I kept going. The cockhead was nearly all the way in. “Hhhnnnn” said Mandy, bearing down on me. I gave one little jab of a push and my cockhead popped in. Mandy gasped, her eyes snapped open and her mouth made a perfect “O”.

“You ok?” I asked, concerned because she wasn’t moving. Her eyes moved to look at me and she gave me a tiny little nod. I pushed in a bit more, just an inch or so. She moaned loudly and deeply and her hands went from cupping her breasts to squeezing them. I pulled out so only my cockhead was inside her.

“Oh yes!” her eyes fully open now and staring at me, I started fucking her slowly only stopping at the “bump” in the middle of my dick. Her pussy was so tight I could barely move inside her. I kept rubbing her clit. Her pussy was actually very wet, I guess it was just naturally tight. I kept going, still feeling the tingles all over me. Mandy moaned in time with my thrusts. She must have been getting in to it as she let go one of her massive breasts, it dropped and sagged slightly to one side. It moved in time with my thrusts too. She reached out to touch my chest but we were still far apart so she just ran her fingertips through my chest hair. She seemed to relax and get into it and started pushing back against my thrusts. I looked down and the thick part of my cock was getting close to going inside her. She was pushing against me and she put her hand on my clit, taking over from me.

I rocked my hips back and forward and ran my hands all over Mandy’s delicious body. I could hear her breathing get deeper. She low key moaning now. When I pulled out, the part of my cock that had been in Mandy was slick with her juices. I reached up and tried to take one of her breasts in my hand but it was too big. It felt amazing as it swayed in time with my movements.

Kendra had woken up from her stupor and crawled up on the sofa, kneeling beside Mandy. She leaned down and took the breast that Mandy had let go in her hands. She needed two to even begin to cover it. Kendra took the nipple in her mouth and that set Mandy off. She moaned deeply and put her hand on my hip. As I pushed in she pulled me in to her. The widest part of my cock stretched her and then popped in. I wasn’t expecting the movement so I fell forward, my cock going all the way inside her. Mandy screamed but I guess the combination of my penetration, Kendra sucking her tit and her playing with her clit, set her orgasm off. Her hips started shaking and she rubbed herself furiously.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she managed to say before it hit. Her hips jerked up and she froze. She squeezed one breast until her fingers went white and Kendra was sucking like crazy on the other. Her pussy had clamped down on my iron hard cock and that was it for me. Her orgasm finally sent me over the edge.

I had been so close for so long I knew this was going to be a big one. I pulled out of Mandy’s pussy just in time. Her cunt popped as I left her now gaping hole, a stream of our juices ran down from her pussy into the crack of her ass, on to her couch. I didn’t even have to touch it, my cock just exploded. The first thick rope of come flew from my cock and sailed over Kendra’s head, landing on Mandy’s cheek. The next shot, which was just as thick hit Kendra in the side of the bayan escort elvankent face. The next five or six shots landed on Mandy’s huge tits. The last few landed on her tummy. My body was still tingling but now I was drained. I slumped back on the carpet, my cock finally softening.

Kendra let Mandy’s breast out of her mouth with a pop and started licking all the streaks of cum off Mandy’s heaving body. Her breathing eventually evened out and she sat up. Kendra licked the cum off Mandy’s face. The two women shared a brief but passionate kiss. Kendra then scooped the cum from her own cheek with her index finger before offering that to Mandy who greedily sucked my cum into her warm and inviting mouth. She looked at me with heavy-lidded eyes.

“Mmmmm, you taste great!” she said, her voice husky.

“You too!” I said, biting my lip and looking at her dripping pussy. I realized we were all naked and I didn’t know about the ladies but I was as thirsty as all hell. I took a swig from the whisky and coke Mandy had prepared for me. “Would you ladies like a drink? Seeing I am now your sex slave for a week, I should get the practice in!”

Mandy and Kendra looked at each other.

“Hey, that’s right!” Kendra said, excited.

“He didn’t give us the promised amount of orgasms!” agreed Mandy. The two women got excited that they had me as a slave and if I could have physically achieved an erection, I would have shown my excitement too.

I caught my breath and picked up the women’s drinks and handed them to them. I stood before the beautiful, naked and cum-covered women, my softening cock dangling in front of them.

“What are we going to do with him?” Kendra asked Mandy, her eyes big like a puppy.

“Oh, I haven’t decided that yet baby. But for starters I’m going to have a shower,” she said, standing up. As she stood, the difference in height was its most clear. I was easily twelve inches taller than her but all I could focus on were her enormous breasts and the way they sat on her chest. I could feel myself getting hard again and then I felt it. I looked down and saw Kendra sucking on the head of my soft cock like an oversized pacifier.

“I could help you with that shower,” I offered.

Mandy chewed the thought over in her head before nodding, “Sure! But you’re to keep that thing away from me for the time being,” she said, pointing towards my cock. “I can still feel you in me!”

Kendra let go of my cock with a “pop!” and Mandy and I walked to her bathroom. I let Mandy walk ahead of me and I watched her full round behind sway and bounce as she walked. The work that Kendra had just done sucking my soft cock and the sight before me meant I had a semi slapping from thigh to thigh as I walked. Ok, it was more than a semi!

The bathroom was surprisingly spacious with grey black and white tiles and chrome fittings. There was a shower area and a separate in-built bath, not the combo that I was used to. It was so fancy that the shower area didn’t even have a door, just one of those rain shower heads overhead and another that you could take off its mount.

Mandy stood under the big rain shower head and turned on the water. The water cascaded down her outrageously curvaceous body and she slicked back her hair. I picked up the shower gel and poured some into my hand. I made a lather and rubbed it all over her body, focusing of course on her huge breasts. She looked down at the attention I was giving them, looked up at me and smiled. I was getting hard again. I rubbed down her tummy then turned her around and worked on her back. I crouched down, my semi hard cock nearly touching the ground, and rubbed the soapy lather over her deliciously thick thighs. My face was right at her pussy level and it gave me an idea. I took the second shower head off and turned that water on too. I rinsed off the suds from her legs and then I played around with the setting until it became a firm but not too strong jet.

I glanced up, the water cascading down from Mandy’s boobs hitting me in my face. She seemed curious as to what I was doing but didn’t want to stop me. With one hand, I rubbed her pussy gently. I could hear her moans over the sound of the water. I leaned in and gave her clit a quick kiss before leaning back and directing the water to her skin right beside her pussy. She got the idea and I think she had done this before as she pushed her hips forward and reached down to spread her pussy lips apart, exposing her clit. I looked up and she nodded so I aimed the jet of water straight on to her clit and straight away there was a big reaction.

Mandy let out a grunt like she had been hit in the stomach. One hand shot out to balance herself against the wall, the other went straight to the top of my head, grabbing my wet hair. She was gripping it quite strongly but I kept the shower head directed straight at her. She took her hand from the wall and moved my hand that held the shower head. Why she didn’t use the hand that was trying to rip my scalp off, I’ll never know! She directed my hand and by escort bayan etimesgut proxy the jet of water in tight little circles, moving around her clit but then straight on to it. She let go of my hand as the water was right on it and she started humping her hips up to meet it. She was moaning and keeping a tight grip on my hair. I looked up as best I could to watch her tits bounce. I could only crane my head up a tiny bit thanks to the hold she had on me but I could see the massive breasts bounce in time with her hips. I kept the water jet on her as best I could but it seemed like she didn’t fully need it and was well on her way to another orgasm. She gave one last grunt and yanked my head as her knees buckled. She didn’t fall though and instead let go of my hair and pushed the shower head away from her.

“How did you know about that?” she asked, breathless.

“The porn I watch, it’s usually women masturbating,” I answered honestly.

My cock was getting quite hard now. Mandy twisted the knob on the wall, turning off the water. She reached over to the towel rack, picked one up and handed it to me before taking one for herself. She wrapped it around her body, the towel making her breasts look even bigger than they normally did. A cheeky idea sprang into my mind.

“Hey, check this out!” I flexed my cock and squeezed making it as hard as I could and draped the towel over it. It stood up, like a mini, or rather not so mini-towel rack! Mandy looked down at my towel supporting cock and burst out laughing. She slapped my chest playfully and walked out of the bathroom. I toweled myself off some more, not wanting to drip all over her carpet.

I wrapped the towel around my waist, the outline of my bulging cock tremendously obvious. I followed Mandy to her bedroom, tapping on the door as I entered. She had lost her towel and was moisturizing her enormous breasts, rubbing white cream on the top of her chest and working the lotion in expanding circles. I was hypnotized.

I sat on the edge of her bed and watched as she smiled benevolently at my perversion.

“That was really nice of you, you know that?” she said, her voice tender.

“What?” I said, fascinated by her moisturizing.

“You gave me an orgasm just for me. You didn’t expect anything in return.”

“But I did get something in return,” I said as she stepped closer to me. “I got to see you come, and you can see what affect that has had on me!” I said, nodding to my straining erect cock.

Mandy was right beside me now, her enormous breasts right at my face level. She smiled and laughed gently, “You really do like my breasts, don’t you?” She took one of my hands and rubbed her left breast with it. The moisturizer was still on it so my hand slid over her skin smoothly. She used my hand to lift up her breast.

“It’s so heavy!” I said, shocked at the weight of just one of them! I looked up at her, my eyes wide open. She nodded her head slowly. I realized I had just told a big breasted woman her breast was heavy and felt stupid. “Sorry, that’s a bit obvious, isn’t it?!”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said as she eased my hand away

She leaned towards me slightly and put one hand on the back of my head. She pulled my face into one of her huge breasts and mushed her breast into my face. The two way action made her boob nearly smother me.

I couldn’t see anything but I felt her fingers twirl around the tip of my cock. I felt her grasp it and stroke it. Her hands still had the cream on it so the motions were very fluid. I needed to breathe but she held my face to her breast firmly and continued stroking.

“You like that, don’t you, you fucking horse cock stud!” she said, an edge in her voice that wasn’t there before. I liked it! I was desperate for air so I wrenched my head back and took a deep breath. Mandy continued stroking me, not missing a beat. As soon as I had my breath taken, she smashed my face into her breast again. I took as much of her tit in my mouth and sucked. The sheer volume of boob nearly overwhelmed me.

“Kendra?” she called out as she continued wanking me off, keeping a strong and steady pace. I heard gentle footsteps enter the room and Mandy talked, “Hey, sweetie! You kneel down here in front of David and he’ll give you a nice surprise. Mandy was going to use me to give Kendra a facial?!

I felt a hand on my knee and from the positioning, I knew it had to be Kendra’s. Mandy’s stroking gradually became faster. I was sucking on her enormous titty and she was rubbing my cock the full length. I felt a tiny little kiss land on the inside of my thigh before a sensation on my balls. Kendra was licking my balls. I had always had a weakness for that so between that and the stroking and the breast in my face I was getting very close to coming. I tried to say it but it came out muffled. In fact, I was starting to see dots behind my eyelids.

“Oohh,” Mandy said, her stroking getting faster still, “He’s getting harder! I think he’s close!” The licking of my balls stopped as I presume Kendra sat back in anticipation of my load. Mandy kept my face pressed to her breast as her hand blurred up and down my thick shaft. When my first load came, I heard both women gasp. Mandy pulled my face away from her, using my hair and the sensation of fresh oxygen and the orgasm hit at the same time like a punch to the stomach.

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