Open Mouth-Insert Dick


Open Mouth-Insert Dick”Well Suzie, you have a young horny guy right here!” the words left my mouth without much thought on my part. I was trying to be funny, I thought it was funny. My grand mother, Suzie, her snapped back to look at me, surprised look on her face. We were at the mall, and I was looking at some girls which is normal for a young man in his mid teens and looking to lose his virginity. Suzie and were standing there when these two girls walked by and smiled real big and I smiled back. “If I could find a young horny guy that easy.” Suzie said. That is when I said “Well Suzie, you have a young horny guy right here!” trying to be funny. Open mouth, insert foot. I was not even thinking of sex, if I was with my guys it would have been funny. Suzie is my grandmother, I mean she is 40 years older than I am but looks more like my mom. Mom and her could pass as sisters. And she is hot, if you are into 56 year old women. She has large tits, blonde hair, blue eyes, well built tone body with a nice ass. Several of my friends have said they would bone her. My grandfather, pops, died suddenly ten years ago and as far as illegal bahis I know Suzie never dated. Once home Suzie made dinner and as we ate she proceeded to quiz me. “So young horny guy, how many girls have you been with?” Suzie asked with a coy smile on her face. “Um, none yet but I am trying and hope to close the deal on one soon.” I said still trying to be funny. “Well then how would be able to please a woman like me?” Suzie said taking a sip of wine. “I would because I would try real hard and learn fast.” I answered. Later we were sitting watching TV, Suzie had just a t-shirt on and me with just some old shorts and a t shirt also. Suzie muted the sound and turned to me, her eyes so large and pretty. “So, you think you could please me?” Suzie said. Not knowing where this was going and me figuring she was being funny also replied “well sure, just how many guys have you been with Suzie.” I laughed. Suzie thought for a minute and sipped some more wine. “You should never ask a woman that but, six before I met pops, and several more after pops died and none in the last nine years.” Suzie said. “After pops passed, I illegal bahis siteleri went a little crazy fearing I would be alone the rest of my life. So it was like a different guy every night for about six months. Then I realized these men just wanted my pussy and my money. So I stopped dating and having sex. But when I saw the way you looked at those girls, it made me think.” “Wow, Suzie I never knew.” I said. “Well so the question is, do you think you please me? Can you handle this?” Suzie said as she stood up and pulled her t-shirt off. She stood in front of me naked. Her body was tone, her tits had a nice shape to them, her tummy just a little bit of a pooch. Her dark bush was neat, could have been neatly trimmed or maybe it was just natural, but it was very nice. “I thought about what you said, and maybe we could help each other out. It has been over nine years since I had a hard cock inside me, and you have never had a woman. See where I am going with this?” Suzie said with a smile. I could not believe what was happening. My cock was hard, so hard it hurt. My hot grand mother is going to let me fuck her. canlı bahis siteleri “Let’s get this party started, let me see what you are packing, hopefully you inherited something from pops.” Suzie said as she pulled at my shorts. My shorts went down and my sprung out. “Oh my! that is better than I had hoped for.” Suzie said as she knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. But only for a minute, and she pushed me away. I feared she came to her senses. Suzie laid back on the couch, legs spread wide. The smell of her pussy filled the air. She motioned for me to join her which I did. I got between her legs and Suzie guided my cock into her wet pussy. It took a minute to get my cock worked into her but when I did it felt so good. I started pumping and Suzie rubbed her clit. It only took a minute and we were both orgasiming so hard I thought we would both pass out. My cum shot so hard out of my cock I was sure Suzie would feel it hitting the top of her vagina or her womb. “Oh my, you don’t know how much I needed that.” Suzie said out of breath. “Now I am going to teach you everything you need to know about pleasing a woman.” Suzie said as she clamped her pussy tightly around my limp cock. I spent alot of time with Suzie after that, most of that with my cock inside her cunt. And she did teach me about picking up women, foreplay, how to make them cum. Everything.

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