Our First Time


Well baby tonight is the night I can’t wait for you to come over. Our very first time together. It’s going to be so hot. I have thought about you all day. I thought about having a few drinks with you to relax the mood kick off our shoes and watch a movie. I doubt we will get through the movie I already told you I was wearing a skirt with no panties on….

I can imagine you rubbing my thigh higher and higher until you get to my wet throbbing pussy. You lay me back and put your face right where you know I want it so badly. God I know this is going to feel so good. The way you lick and suck my clit I know I am going to cum so quickly. It will feel so good.

I have the sudden urge to put my fingers on my pussy where your mouth should be. I can just imagine you doing things to me with your tongue ring….damn baby…I never thought a tongue ring could help in getting me off the way you are doing it….

I want to fuck you now so badly. I just don’t want to tell you…I shouldn’t even have let you put your mouth on my pussy….But I did…damn it felt so good. So I got off the kadıköy escort sofa and kissed you so gently on your mouth leaned over the arm of the sofa hiked up my skirt looked back and whispered for you to fuck me. You got off the sofa and took your cloths off all the while never loosing eye contact with me. My eyes opened wide while I stared at you 8 inch cock hard and ready for me.

You stood behind me…my bare ass just inches from your huge throbbing cock and with a growing smirk on your face whispered if I was ready for this…if I was going to be able to handle you. I begged you to just fuck me. Just to do it. Damn baby did you do it! When you put your cock inside me for the first time so hard and so fast I thought I would die it felt so good. I was so wet, so hot, so ready. When you grabbed two handfuls of my hair and jerked my head so far back I didn’t know whether to cry from pain or pleasure. I have never felt anything so hot before. Damn you fucked you were fucking me so hard. I tried not to üsküdar escort cum I begged you not to let me cum, begged you to stop but you wouldn’t. I had one of the most intense orgasms my body ever had. You slipped out of me and I fell to the sofa looking at you not sure what was going to happen next. ” I’m not done.” you whispered.

“I can’t.” I replied to you as you stood over me your cock glistening with my cum. You told me to lick my cum off of you. Of course I listened and put your cock in my mouth. That was a huge turn on for me tasting myself on your 8 inch hard cock. I began running my fingers over my own pussy as you pumped your cock into my throat making me swallow every inch of you. Just when I was feeling so good and the most amazing feeling was in the pit of my stomach, you pulled my hands from my pussy. “Not yet.” you said as you held my hands in yours and pulled your wet cock from my mouth. You pulled me to my feet and pulled me to my room and told me to get in bed. You went between my legs and leaned over and licked my breasts and tuzla escort then kissed my neck. You told me to spread my legs and relax. Your cock was so hard and big while I guided you into my warm very wet pussy. You whispered you didn’t think I was ready for this but I assured you I was so ready and wanted you so badly, that I wanted this so badly. You smiled and kissed my lips so sweetly and told me you knew I wasn’t ready that you were going to give me the time of my life and the please I soon wouldn’t forget.

Damn baby the way you looked at me while your cock was moving so slowly inside me almost made me cum. Damn you are so hot. I want to kiss you for hours .Your mouth is so beautiful…I have never been kissed the way you have kissed me.

For hours and hours you fucked me never once thinking of yourself. In the end I begged you to cum. “please baby I want to feel you cum…” and you did and damn I felt every drop hit the inside of my pussy. You were so sexy you looked into my eyes while you shot your load so deeply inside me. You looked at me and smiled and told me you knew I wasn’t ready. No baby I wasn’t ready for the way you fucked me. I will try so hard not to get addicted to you. You’re so young but I don’t care.

I whispered in your ear that I wanted to kiss the girl who taught you to fuck like that. You laughed and smiled and kissed my mouth so sweetly and whispered “maybe we could do that…”

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