Outdoors at the Golf Course


And so it begins,

As I sat in my jeep, I thought about his picture and his profile and tried to recapture our last conversation in my mind. A smile came to my face as I recalled how he had made me laugh and how much I loved that he was spontaneous enough to meet me the next day after our first talk. I was soooo excited sitting there, waiting for him to show up, my stomach in knots wondering if he would be interested in me or whether he would not be attracted to me at all.

Then, he arrived. Because of the sun, it was hard to see in through the windshield, so I waited for him to get out of the car. The first thing to catch my eye, was an incredibly long arm with a tattoo on the shoulder and then.. I saw him and he smiled and I melted. I had known he was cute, but I had no idea that he was going to be so well built, and found myself saying hello, but wanting to run my hands under his shirt and pull it up over his head so that I could look at his bare chest. I secretly hoped that he would have a bit of chest hair, enough that I could play with, twirl with my fingers, and lay my head against.

There was no hug, at first, just the two of us smiling at each other and enjoying the company while we batted some balls around. And after goofing around, hitting and missing some balls, getting a little winded, we went for some dinner at Boston Pizza. It was so nice to see him friendly with the waitress and the people around us.

After dinner we found ourselves back at the golf course late at night, all alone in the parking lot. We got out of the jeep and were standing leaning against his car when we decided to go for a walk on the course. As we walked in the open field, we finally had our first kiss, quick but nice and left me wanting for more. I had been thinking all night about how I wanted his arms around me, for him to pull me in close so I could open my mouth and body to his touch.

We walked back to the cars and the more we talked, the closer we moved towards each other. At anadolu yakası escort one point I was leaning back against his truck, with his body pressed against mine and I could feel our chests pressing together and I wanted to feel more, feel his hands all over me, feel him pushing up my shirt and grabbing my breasts. Oh and that tongue of his, the way he circled my lips with his tongue – darting in and out – starting so gently and then pushing his tongue in deeper and harder just made me so wet thinking of him pushing into my pussy with his cock.

As he leaned his back against the car, I turned my back to him and leaned against him, allowing him access to my body, wanting his hands to feel every inch of me. I spread my legs and bent forwards and started rubbing my ass up and down and in circles on his crotch – rubbing him through his jeans – feeling his hardness as I pressed against him. Then as I leaned up against him I felt his hands forcing their way down my jeans, down over my stomac , down into my pussy. I heard him moan when his fingers hit my wetness and my gasping as I felt his fingers slide up and down my pussy lips, hearing the wetness and then when they pushed into me, I was helpless. Leaning against his body for support, I felt his fingers sliding up and down over the lips, pressing deeper and deeper inside me. His other hand moving to my breast and gently pinching my nipple. I put my arms around his neck, allowing him to touch whatever he liked as moved my body against his, wriggiling under his fingers, as he brought me closer and closer to cumming. I tried to be quite but I wanted to moan louder, scream out his name as his fingers moved quicker, pushing in and out… feeling his squeezing my breast and feeling my nipple inbetween his fingers (rolling and pinching my nipple) until I could take no more, could hold on no longer as I felt the warmth start to spread thru my body, the clenching of my pussy, the shaking as the orgasm ripped ataşehir escort thru my body. I slumped against him, my chest open to the air, his hand down my pants, my legs feeling rubbery.

He moved me aside quickly as he opened his truck door and turned me around. He quickly unzipped my jeans and pulled them down and off my legs. I was now bare from the waist down. He sat me down in his front seat, facing outwards and he unzipped his pants, pulled them down, just enough for me to see the huge buldge in his pants. I then saw his cock spring out when he pulled his pants down even farther. I couldn’t see his face, just his cock in front of me, hard, pointing towards me. I felt his hands reach in and gently grab my head and move it towards him. I eagerly opened my mouth and tasted him for the first time. I touched the tip with just my tongue, tasting the saltiness as he too was ready for me and had just a bit of precum at the end. I dipped my tongue into him and then started swirling my tongue around and around moving my mouth down his shaft. I could feel his hands in my hair, gently but firmly pulling me closer to him as he began to fuck my face – slowly..his hips moving back and forth as I opened my mouth wider for him, felt him go further down my throat, could hear him moaning louder as he called out that he was close to coming. I wanted to please him like he had me, I wanted to hear him cum, I needed for him to come inside me.

As I sucked harder and moved my mouth up and down quicker, I felt him pull out and roughly tell me to turn around. I quickly turned around and bent over so that my ass was in the air, my knees on his seat and my head bent down in the passenger seat. I felt his fingers at my legs, pushing them apart further and then felt his tongue on my pussy. Could feel his tongue licking my lips from behind, travelling from my pussy all the way up to my ass and back down again. Back and forth, not penetrating but driving me crazy with the sensation ümraniye escort – wanting him to push in anywhere, getting wetter and wetter with wanting him in my body. I feel one finger gently slide into my pussy for just a quick second and then just as quickly he pushed into my butt hole and started moving his finger in and out .. I couldn’t help pushing against him, wanting more… calling out ‘Tony, I need to feel you inside me, please, please put your cock into me, anywhere just get inside” and then I felt the finger come out of me and felt his hands on my hips as he pushed deep and hard into my pussy. I screamed with the sensation, of his filling me so hard and quickly. His strong arms held me there, as he grabbed my hips and thrust into me, slow at first, then I could feel his hips moving in circles and once again I was close to cumming.

I told him that I couldn’t hold on much longer, as he continued to thrust into me, again and again… I could tell by his breathing that he was getting closer, I started to push back against him, go in time with him, squeezing my muscles inside , making my pussy as tight as I could as I heard him tense up, I heard him say ‘oh Sue” as he started cumming and I could hold on no more as I moaned with him, once again feeling an orgasm rip through my body.

As I felt him pull out of my body, I saw him move over to my jeep and sit down in the seat. I came out to him and grabbed his head in my hands as I gave him a deep long kiss and then moved down his body, over his chest, down to his cock, resting against the side of his hips. I smiled up at him, as he knew that I wanted to taste both of us, his juices and mine as I took him into my mouth. As he sat there resting, I tenderly sucked on him, drawing him into my mouth, my tongue taking huge long licks up his shaft, up his chest and back down to his balls. I gently took his balls one by one into my mouth and then once again, I took a long, slow, wet lick up and down his cock and up his chest to his nipples. I sucked gently on each nipple and travelled back down. I felt his hands on the back of my head as I settle down, happily sucking on him, feeling him in my mouth, soft and tasty, taking my time, enjoying him.. until, I felt it start moving in my mouth, felt as he started to harden

And the story continues…….

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