Overtime at the Office


To call Alison a flirt or tease was definitely an understatement. To call her a tart or slut was too cruel and a little harsh I think. I had to call her was Miss Wood or my sort of boss. I reported to her for daily jobs but for more things I reported to her boss. We got on well in our own little corner of the office, the only two that did the job we did. Alison was pretty, slightly older than me, blonde with a great body, pert tits and long slender but shapely legs. She always worn short skirts with tight tops or dresses that were figure hugging. She also always worn nylons with very high heels. She looked good and she knew she did and so did everyone else in the building, male and female.

And I had the best seat in the house right next to her. Not only did she tease the eyes but she would often make even the most boring conversation sexual. Double entendres and flirtatious comments would often make me laugh, blush or great hard. It also wouldn’t be an ordinary day without her giving me a glimpse of her stocking tops and down her cleavage. Her up skirt and down top positioning known around the office and I got it first-hand. I think she got off on giving me an obvious hard on that I would struggle to hide and then ask me to ‘get the teas in’ so I had to stand up with my bulge in full view of her and I could hear her giggling as I awkwardly walked off to get the teas in.

Fridays were the worst or best depending which way I looked at it. Friday was dress down day but for Alison it was dress up day. Although her weekly outfit were teasing they were conservative and her stockings would be black, grey or tan. On Fridays she made sure she stood out from the crowd. She must have owned stockings that were every colour of the rainbow and more. She often wore bright red, yellow, purple even orange stockings and I would dream of her all weekend long, tugging away on my cock thinking of her in the sexy outlandishly coloured nylons but one Friday she went the extra mile.

I was already sat at my desk working when she walked in dressed in the shortest blue tartan pleated skirt, tight blue top and electric blue nylons. As she sat down I felt my cock grow hard instantly and as she crossed her legs I saw the darker banding of her stocking tops. I also noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and her pert tits were topped by her hard nipples poking through her thin top. “They’re bright even for you Alison,” I said after a minute or so trying to hide my erection and blushes. She laughed making her loose breasts wobble in front of me and making me throb even more. “Going out after work, 80″s theme. You not coming?” Her double entendre was nearly apt.

“No I didn’t know about it. I’m busy anyway!” I lied. Well sort of. I’d probably be busy jerking off over Alison. “Shame,” she said, “it’ll be fun! Lots of women dressed in ridiculous outfit like this. Be a luv and gets the teas in!” She place a pound on my desk and smiled at me. Getting the teas in was what I was good at while Alison was the master or mistress of teasing. I stood up knowing my hard cock was bulging through my jeans. She looked directly at it and then at me and said, “I’ll have a big one please!” She laughed as I walked off awkwardly as usual.

Just before 2pm Alison just out of her seat making her short skirt flap up in front of me, blue stocking tops in full view. “I got a meeting until half past. Get the teas in for when I get back luv!” Just before half two I went for the teas and caught site of the woman in blue walking towards the stairs back to our office. As I climbed the steps I looked upwards and almost dropped the teas. I saw directly up Alison’s short skirt. I saw her stocking tops, thighs and her bare cheeks and plump, smooth, naked pussy lips. She wasn’t wearing any knickers.

My cock once again stiffened immediately and I saw Alison turn her head, look down and saw me looking up. A broad smile on her lips. At the top she stopped and waited for me, giving me a prolonged view of her in her naked glory. I was amazed I made it to the top of the stairs as it felt like all the blood in my body had either flowed to my face or cock. “Is that mine? Thanks!” She said taking one of the cups. “You ok? You look a little flushed! It is a shame you’re not coming, out later!” We walked back to our desks and I tucked myself under the desk as my cock continued to throb harder and harder. Fuck this woman has no boundaries I thought as her stocking tops were on view again and nipples poked almost painfully through her top. A minute to four Alison turned off her PC and turned to me. “Right I’m off to have some fun! Have a nice evening and weekend and I’ll see you Monday! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!” She left me thinking that what she wouldn’t do would be a very short list.

I got home around 5pm and wanked for an hour thinking about Alison, her stockings and her naked pussy and bum. I came hard squirting a huge load over a picture on my PC of a woman in electric blue stockings. Just before 12 o clock I was about to switch bakırköy escort off my computer and go to bed when I got a friend request on Facebook from Alison Wood. I accepted and waited to see if there was a message. It didn’t take long for one to come through.

“Hi Mark! You missed a good night!”

“Hi Alison! Glad you had fun!”

“God I’m so pissed! What you been doing all night? Being boring or keeping busy?”

“Keeping busy doing stuff!”

“I bet! Bet you been thinking about my little secret! Lol!”

Fuck. Did she know I’d seen her? I grabbed my cock which was getting hard again.

“I know your BIG secret Mark! I bet it’s big right now! Did you like what you saw? I did BIG style!”

Christ! She knew. She even knew what I was doing now. I pumped harder.

“You’re drunk Alison! Time for bed!”

“Bore! Sweet dreams then! Dream of me while you’re doing it! Nite!”

I went to bed and knocked out another two before falling asleep thinking of Alison’s beautiful bum and pussy.

On Monday morning I found Alison at her desk before me which was a first. I passed her my tea and said, “Morning! You’re early! Anything wrong?”

She looked up at me and said, “Thanks! No, my stupid boyfriend finished with me on Friday night that’s all.” I didn’t know what to say or do so I just placed my hand on her shoulder and smiled at her. I sat down wondering if she was wearing knickers, like a twat, giving myself a hard on. “He thinks I’m fucking someone at work! He’s a cunt!” I was shocked by her words but knew why her boyfriend would think it. She took a sip of tea and said, “I can’t remember anything about Friday I was so pissed! He was gone with his stuff when I woke up! Cock! So how was your weekend?” I couldn’t believe she couldn’t remember our chat. I just smile and shrugged my shoulders.

The day went on quietly until at 3pm Alison said, “fancy a brew? We need to talk!” I felt the blood drain from my face and a cold sweat form on my forehead. We bought the teas in silence and walked upstairs but instead of going back to our desks Alison lead me to a quiet room in the office. We sat down and she crossed her legs slowly giving me a long view of her black stocking tops. She smiled at me and said, “It came back to me. Our conversation on Friday night. You saw my little secret and I saw your big one! I never wear them! I’m not wearing them now! See!” She uncrossed her legs, spread them making her short dress raise up and gave me a full view of her naked pussy. My cock got hard instantly. “Mmmmmm! Your big secrets out again! She reached over to me and ran her hand along the length of my cock. “Very big secret!”

Without any conceivable reason in my head my hand shot forward and up her dress. Two fingers penetrated her lips and she sighed out loudly. “Fuck! That’s good! Make me cum Mark!” I fingered Alison’s cunt hard for about a minute before she groaned loudly and I felt her warm sticky juices cover my hand. As I pulled my hand from between her thighs she grab it and sucked her juices from my fingers. Once they were thoroughly clean she said, “Thank you for that! I needed it! I love the taste of my own juices especially on cock! I’ll let you taste me next time.”

Just before we packed up for the day, Mrs Rita Jones, Alison’s boss came out of her office and approached us. She was an attractive woman of about fifty. Always dressed immaculately, always in nylons and heels, always dressed to show off her amazing massive breasts. “Alison, Mark I’ve just been told we require an audit soon so I need you two to work late tomorrow night, overtime obviously, to get the paperwork in order. A couple of hours should be sufficient.” Without waiting for an answer she turned on her heels and went back in to her office and closed the door. We both looked at each other shrugging our shoulders.

Just before 6pm the next day the office was completely empty except for Alison and myself. I made us both tea and went in to Mrs Jones’s office. Alison had started printing out a ton of paperwork that I had to sort out. For the next fifteen minutes I sat with my back to Alison sorting out what she was printing but when I heard her stop tapping the keyboard I turned to see what she was doing and it wasn’t auditing. Her dress was pulled up to her waist, each leg draped over the arms rests and she was rubbing her clit with on hand and fingering her pussy with the other, a broad dirty smile across her face. “Paperwork is boring and I wanted you taste me but first get it out and let me see you stroking it! I love to watch a man pulling his own dick especially when it’s over me!”

I undid my belt, unzipped my trousers and let them drop to the floor then pulled my hard cock from my shorts. “Fuckin hell Mark, it’s fuckin huge! Stroke it for me!” I grabbed my thick shaft and pulled back my foreskin exposing my large bulbous head. My long strokes some made bubbles of precum start to ooze from my tips and Alison stopped beşiktaş escort me in my tracks. “Whoa Mark don’t you cum yet! Go down on my and eat my pussy now!”

I released the grip on my cock and knelt down in front of Alison, moved my head between her stockinged thighs and kissed her plump, wet lips then used my tongue to open her and pushed deep inside her making her gasp out loudly. “Fuck yes that’s it! Lick me deep and make me cum babe!” For the next ten minutes I licked her deeply, sucking her hard clit and making her cum twice as she placed her legs over my shoulders and pulling me towards as she came.

“Enough now Mark! Get that big cock in me and fuck my brains out! Don’t jizz in me though! I’ll swallow that load!” I stood up as she draped her legs over the arm rests again and grabbed my cock. I rubbed it up and down her juicy lips making her sigh then thrust my hips forward and sliding my full length inside her until my heavy hanging balls slapped against her arse. She moaned loudly as I got my rhythm and then I fucked her hard for twenty minutes making her cum over and over.

As I fucked she constantly moaned “Oh god” and when she came it changed to “yes, Yes, YES!” But now it was my turn. “Alison you ready for this! I’m cumming!” I pulled my cock from her soaking wet pussy and I don’t know if she wasn’t expecting my to cum so quickly or my aim was off but my first jet of thick white cum missed her open mouth and landed new the back of arm of the chair. She quickly adjusted herself and my next five cum blasted hit their open target and she greedily swallowed my seed. She cleaned me with her tongue and we dressed. “That’s enough for one nights work! I’m fucked, literally!” She said and left the office going our separate ways.

When I got in to work the next morning I was surprised to see a cup of tea on Alison’s desk and her PC on but no sign of her. I switched on my PC and removed my teabag and started working. Ten minutes later I heard Mrs Jones’s office door open and close and a flushed Alison sat at her desk and took a deep gulp of her tea. “Shit! She’s just given me a right fucking! She expected us to have done everything last night! I told her the PC and printer went down! Not you obviously!” She laughed then continued. “She wants us to stay behind tonight to get it finished off and she’s stopping to make sure we don’t get off too early! At least it’s more overtime!”

At 5.45pm Mrs Jones called us both into the office and made us stand in front of her as she sat in the seat we fucked in the night before. “When I came in this morning I expected everything ready for the audit and less than half was completed! I couldn’t believe you didn’t get it finished and I was so angry as to why you hadn’t finished such a simple task. It was when I sat down in my chair I found out why. I put my hand on the arm rest and there was something wet and sticky all over it. When I smelt it, tasted it I realised what it was and what you’d been up to and it wasn’t auditing. Alison confirmed it this morning.”

Her face was like thunder and I thought we were going to get the sack but her whole attitude changed in an instant. “I’ve had all day to think about it and I’ve got more intrigued about it. It must be big and powerful to have create such an amount and to have reached so far and I want to see it now Mark! Get your fucking cock and balls out for me! Prove Alison right to me!” I stood there in silence, completely frozen not knowing what to do. The almost trance like I did as it was told and my semi stiff cock bobbed up and down in front of the two women.

“Jesus Alison you weren’t wrong! It’s fucking massive!” Mrs Jones said as she walked around her desk and took me in her hand. She rubbed it hard until I was fully erect and crouched down in front of me. I looked down as she opened her mouth and I felt her warm tongue wrap it’s around my tip before she started sucking me hard. Without being big headed, I am big-headed and thick shafted and long, yet I watched Rita Jones swallow my cock like a sword swallower and she didn’t stop until she reached the hilt and my heavy ball sack smacked against her chin. I turned to Alison who was naked except for a thick black suspender belt, grey stockings and black heels. She was finger fucking her cunt and seemed close to cumming.

I looked back at Rita as I felt her slowly remove my cock from her throat. She smiled at me, tears running down her face, saliva bubbles round her mouth and along the length of my veiny shaft. “God I love gagging on an oversized cock! Now Alison it’s time for your pleasure. Come here!” Alison moved over to Rita as she undid her dress and let it fall to the floor then stepped out of it to embraced Alison. She was wearing a lace black corset which had a half cup allowing her huge tits to bulge out. Her dark brown nipples were erect and pointed out of the bra almost an inch. Her dark tan stockings were held up by four straps over each thigh.

It beylikdüzü escort wasn’t until they slightly stepped away from the embrace that I noticed it. Long, thick protruding from Rita naked, smooth cunt. Her fake cock was almost as big as mine but smooth. Rita stepped out of her heels so she was the same height as Alison and as they embraced slipped her fake cock in to Alison’s pussy to a loud gasp. “Tug your dick Mark while I’m fucking Alison’s cunt!” Said Rita to my surprise at her vulgarity. My hand slid up and down my wet cock as she fucked her stood in front of me. Then Rita’s hands grabbed Alison’s arse and she opened her cheeks showing me her tight pink rose.

“Here Mark, she has other hole that needs filling! Come, fuck her arse!” I positioned myself behind Alison and rubbed the tip of my cock against her tight hole as she moaned with pleasure at the thought of her double fucking. I pushed upwards and found resistance so I rubbed more, exciting her and as she relaxed my large head penetrated her tight rose. “Fuck!” She screamed as I opened her up and forced myself deeper inside. Soon we were in rhythm and as we pushed deep inside I could feel the other cock pressing against mine. As we both abused Alison’s holes for the next fifteen minutes she had a series of massive orgasms, the last of which helped me to climax which I made sure they both knew about.

“That’s it Mark. Empty your huge load deep in to Alison’s greedy arse. Fill her with your dirty, hot spunk!” I felt my balls tighten and grabbed Alison’s arse to ensure my cock was buried as deep as possible inside her before I exploded. Each blast felt enormous and Alison screamed as I pumped my seed deep inside her arse. Even Rita was crying out “YES” as I came and I suspected she did too. Eventually I stopped and slowly pulled myself free from Alison and her greedy little arse closed keeping its dirty load tightly inside for now. Rita too slipped out of Alison but she wasn’t finished yet and she grabbed my semi erect dripping cock and began to stroke me hard.

She cleared the desk and laid upon it, spreading her legs wide and removing the fake cock from her juicy, puffy cunt. Having succeeded in getting me hard again Rita said, “Now fill me with your enormous cock, fuck me hard and leave your load in me too!” I placed my hard cock against her plump red lips and rubbed up and down until, like the sea, they parted for me and I slid my length in to the hilt. Something told me Rita wasn’t interested in a long, slow meaningful fuck. She wanted it hard and fast. She wanted to be stretched and filled to the brim.

As I pounded away at Rita she looked at me with the dirtiest smile on her face as though being fucked like a slut was really all she wanted but actually there was more. “Alison come her I want to eat your cream pie!” She made a slight adjustment so her head was hanging over the end of the desk and Alison walked around to her. With her back towards me, she pushed her sexy arse in to Rita’s face and then holding her cheeks pulled them apart. As I continued to fuck Rita I watched as my cum started to trickle from Alison’s open arse and drip in to Rita’s open mouth. I had cum a lot judging by the amount Rita was swallowing but as she began to rim Alison clean it all got too much for me and I pumped another huge load in to Rita’s all-consuming cunt, leaving feeling a very satisfied slut.

Things in the office stayed normal even after our session with Rita Jones. Alison still teased me with her sexy stockings and lack of knickers and if we got some quiet time she would oblige me with a good hard hand job or a deep throat blow job to completion. We both suspected Rita knew of our office pleasures but turned both a blind eye to it and never requested a repeat performance of our overtime antics. Then one day she invited both of us in to her office as she had something important to tell us.

“I’ve been promoted to Area Manager so I will be leaving the office for the open road. It’s been something that I’ve been waiting for a long time.” Alison and I both looked at each other then back at Rita and simultaneously said, “Congratulations Rita!” She smiled back at me and for some inexplicable reason I felt me cock twitch in my pants and stiffen slightly. “There more news too. Good I hope. They’ve taken on board my views and Alison is being promoted in to my role and Mark you in to Alison’s and you can recruit to backfill Mark’s position.”

At the news I felt my cock stiffen even more and was sure it was now visible to both women. Rita then went on to explain that she and Alison would have to go down to Southampton next week to meet the other Area Managers at the quarterly conference. It would be an overnight stop. However Rita wanted me to come a long separately so we could have a bit of a trip to say thanks and goodbye. It would be classed as overtime obviously.

As we left Rita’s office Alison came over to me and subtly squeezed my cock and said, “is there anything you don’t get a hard on over? Mmmmmm!! We just got promoted Mark! Let’s fuck!” We when to the usual spot, the disabled toilet that anyone disabled couldn’t get to and I bent Alison over the sink and banged the crap out of her for 20 minutes before emptying me load in her open mouth. She wanted more but I said she’d have to wait until Southampton.

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