parking lot fantasy


parking lot fantasyby most standards this is pretty tame, but i kind of like it that way. its sweet and sexy which i sometimes find more exciting and leaves you wanting more, and thats a good thing. it is also realistic. its something that could happen to anyone. ENJOY…we meet in a parking lot, like walmart, and you drive up next to my truck. you look so cute, sexy in fact. you have on a tight white ribbed tank top with a bra that i can see thru your top, and a sexy short denim skirt. we smile at each other and are both a little nervous but we get over that pretty quick. you come over to the passenger side of my truck and open the door and hop in, as you get in, your skirt rides up a couple inches and i get a couple quick peeks at your panties! they are red. i get the feeling that you wanted them to get noticed. you didnt bother to pull your skirt back down to hide your sexy panty covered crotch. we sit there for a little while making small talk and getting to know each other, all the while i keep stealing glances at your silky thighs and peeking up your skirt. kadıköy escort you seem to like the attention im giving you, i can tell by the way you move and the slight glow on your face. you love showing off and looking so sexy for a virtual stranger like me. after a while of teasing the hell out of me, you notice the bulge in my pants. its not a full hard on (yet) but its hard enough to be noticable. it turns you on that you can turn a guy on enough to get hard just by looking at you… then all of a sudden the conversation goes towards sexy stuff. you comment on the bulge and it embarrasses me a little, but you keep me at ease by slowly reaching over to gently rub the front of my pants, i am instantly hard from this. then you twist in your seat so that you are facing me and leaning back against the door of the truck, your skirts rides nearly up to your waist as you twist, you open your legs so i can get a full view of those sexy red panties. you have a very lusty look on your face. i think all the sexual tension and üsküdar escort me ogling you has gotten you feeling very horny. your hand slides down over the front of your panties, you even pull and tug at them a little to give yourself a very hot little cameltoe. HOT! then you quietly ask me to take out my cock because you want to watch me jerk it off while i am looking at you. it makes you so hot for a guy to get hard and jerk off while he is looking at you, you feel so sexy and desirable. i do as you ask and you eagerly stare while i undo my pants and let it out. i sit back and let you have a look at it for a minute, you then reach out and give it a couple strokes. your soft little hands feel so sexy touching my cock! you then lean back against the door again and open your legs even wider, lifting your skirt over your waist and pulling your top and bra up to your neck, you then slip your panties down and start slowly rubbing your body up and down, squeezing your tits, then back down to rubbing your pussy all the while tuzla escort looking at me. this has gotten me unbelievably hot and i cant help but start stroking myself. we mutually masturbate and talk very dirty about what we really want to do to each other for about a good ten minutes. this is especially hot since we are in a somewhat public place where anyone could catch us or see us. i secretly wish someone would see us lol. we are both very close to cumming at this point. i have all sorts of things going thru my head. i want to cum in your pussy, in your mouth, on your pretty face, but i decide to leave all that for another day. on this day its all about getting to know each other and each others bodies. all of a sudden you start breathing heavy and i know you are cumming, which puts me over the top and makes me cum. i squirt 3 huge streams up over my stomach and chest. you shake, close your eyes and moan so sexy as you cum. then its over. we sit for a bit talking and smiling then make some plans to meet again soon to take it a step further. you readjust your top and skirt, then you slip your sexy red panties over your ankle and hand them to me to keep as a reminder of bigger and better things to come. you lean over and kiss me deeply for a few seconds and get out of the truck, you close the door, give me a wink and a smile and say goodbye for now…

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