Parking on Blueberry Hill


The characters “Joy” and “I”, were previously introduced in “Finally, My First Time”, in which “I” gave his virginity to “Joy” in the first of a collection of stories about the evolution of their relationship as they explore their sexuality together. They also were featured in “Happy Birthday to Me”, “Game Night” and “Motion of the Ocean”. As stand-alone stories they are not being published in chronological order. This event actually was intended to follow “Happy Birthday to Me” and to precede “Game Night”, but it wasn’t ready and “Motion of the Ocean”, a great story, if I do say so myself, was ready and waiting.

Since this is a stand-alone story it isn’t necessary to read the previous tales. However, the backstory in them does provide the reader with additional context that may add to their reading experience.

All characters are fictional; any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental; the events depicted are the product of my very fertile imagination, fantasies and/or personal bucket list, not depictions of actual events.

All characters are 18 years of age or older.



Joy and I very quickly learned that our post birthday party antics had broken down the wall of wariness that inhibits relationships with new friends, and overnight we became BFFs with Pete and Melanie. The Friday after the birthday party Melanie invited us to dinner, and suggested that we plan on sleeping over so that we could all enjoy a relaxing evening together. Joy and I both jumped at the invitation, thrilled to be having the chance to spend another night together so soon.

After work on Friday I picked up Joy and Melanie at their office and drove to Melanie and Pete’s apartment. Melanie prepared a delicious dinner, and we sat down in the living room. Pete played his guitar and harmonica, Mellie singing along while Joy and I cuddled on the comfortable couch. Between songs everyone talked about current happenings in their lives and continued to learn more about each other.

We guys soon found that Melanie, Joy and their coworkers had no inhibitions when it came to sharing their private lives as the girls repeated the tales they heard at work. I was shocked to hear about one of the executive secretaries who bragged that she was a kept woman, living rent-free in a luxury apartment paid for by her wealthy married paramour, and about the rampant culture of sexual gymnastics between the secretaries in the office and their bosses, married and single.

Joy turned to Mel, gossiping “Here’s a little story that you may not have heard… I went to lunch with Kelly the other day. You know, she works in Fixed Income.”

Turning to me she continued “You met her at the Irish Pub when you picked me up the night I had a couple of drinks with the girls after work last week. She was the little brunette with the long, shiny hair down to her butt and porcelain skin, the one you thought was so gorgeous… Remember?”

She continued “Well, she told me that she was sleeping with Marvin. He’s her boss. Marvin is a tall, handsome, muscular young black man. Wharton School graduate. Two young kids… According to Kelly he is also hung like a stallion…

She complained that Marvin owes her a new bed. He had taken her to dinner after working late together a couple of nights before, then they went back to her apartment. Soon they climbed into her bed and things got hot and heavy. He was giving her everything he had; both of them were about to have massive orgasms when the bed frame broke and they ended up sprawled together on the floor!”

“Talk about coitus interruptus” Mellie interjected.

Everyone roared with laughter, visualizing the scene.

I soon learned that the sex wasn’t just limited to the secretaries and their bosses.

Joy asked “Melanie, have you heard about Ann’s taxi ride with Steve Stein?”

“No, what have I missed?”

“Well, you know he is the office’s richest client. Our supervisor Dan sent her with Mr. Stein to his home in a taxi a few days ago to retrieve some documents that we needed to complete a trade. As soon as they got into the taxi the jerk began hitting on her. She’s a thirty something single mother, just trying to do her job to the best of her ability, and that rich old fart is telling her how hot and halkalı escort sexy she is the minute he’s alone with her, trying to get into her pants… Give me a break!

Anyway, he offered to move her into a luxury apartment where he could visit her ‘from time to time’ for sex, but only if she was willing to be examined by the doctor of his choice, at his expense, and certified ‘to be clean’ first. Then, when Ann said that she would have to think about his offer he proceeded to offer her a hundred dollars to ‘lay her head in his lap for a few minutes’ while they rode in the taxi.”

Amazingly, Ann had told Joy the story in the presence of their supervisor, who just laughed when he heard the story of the client’s outlandish propositions! Apparently the rich customer is always right in that company, and all of their female employees are for sale to the richest clients. I began to question the wisdom of Joy working there!

As the girls got to know one another better they realized that they had hung out in many of the same neighborhoods and places during their school days. They began to talk about places they had gone to park and make out with their boyfriends, and decided it would be fun to revisit a favorite city park that was notorious for amorous activities, nicknamed Blueberry Hill by the young couples who frequented the site. Despite the lateness of the hour and the chilly weather they asked Pete and I if we would take them parking for old time’s sake. Head over heels in love with Joy, I wanted to make her happy in our relationship at any cost, so I quickly agreed. Pete also said OK, wanting to keep his lovely wife happy.

The four of us pulled on our heavy coats and piled into my car, since it was spacious enough for all four of us to be comfortable. Melanie and Pete jumped in the back seat and Joy snuggled close to me on the front bench seat. During the long drive the girls chatted back and forth as I concentrated on my driving.

The girls directed us to the park entrance and guided us down the gravel pathways to a secluded clearing surrounded by trees that they knew well. I pulled the car off of the pathway, and stopped it a respectable distance from the few other cars that were already parked in the area. I engaged the parking brake and placed the transmission in Park, then turned off the headlights, leaving the engine (and the heater) running on the cold winter night.

“We need to leave the parking lights lit. If the police see a dark car they come knocking on the windows” Joy told me.

I switched the lights on.

I was a parking virgin, having never ‘parked’ with a date before. An awkward silence ensued as I wondered whether the girls intended for us to actually make out or if they were just there to reminisce about past experiences.

Out of the blue Pete’s deep baritone voice began belting out the words of the song made famous by the legendary Fats Domino:

“I found my thrill…

On Blueberry Hill…”

The girls and I began laughing at Pete’s impromptu concert.

“Should I turn on the radio so we can listen to some music?” I asked everyone after Pete concluded his serenade.

“No” Joy responded. “The radio will make it hard to talk.”

After a brief awkward silence I began to hear rustling noises coming from the back seat, followed by kissing sounds. It seemed that someone in the back seat had decided to take advantage of the opportunity available. I glanced up at the rearview mirror, but wasn’t able to see anything in the dark shadows of the back seat.

I decided it was OK to follow Pete and Melanie’s lead and reached over to pull Joy closer. Leaning toward her I wrapped my arms around her and began softly kissing her inviting lips. She kissed me back more firmly and slipped her tongue from her mouth, probing my closed lips, which I quickly parted for her. Our kissing quickly became more passionate, escalating our heartbeats and breathing, soft sounds of pleasure escaping from her as we necked.

Melanie called out from the back seat “Behave yourselves up there, you two!”

Joy quickly shot back “Don’t you worry about us… Don’t make any babies back there!”

Melanie retorted “We’re married… We can make babies if we want to”, ending the nişantaşı escort war of wits.

Joy and I resumed kissing, this time less tentatively and with more passion. My level of arousal jumped at the realization that our friends could hear, and possibly even see what we were doing in the front seat.

As our necking intensified the noises from the rear seat also increased, along with the rustle of movements back there, some causing the car to shake, and the sounds of heavy breathing and other signs of passion from the back seat became more obvious. I wondered just what was going on back there, visualizing naked bodies joined together at the groin squirming and bucking in the throes of passion, wanting to see the couple making love. At the same time the idea of taking off my clothes and Joy’s and making passionate love as we were observed by the occupants of the back seat drove my excitement level higher than ever.

I wondered just how far any of us was willing to go in this situation. Putting aside my normal inclination toward modesty and yielding to the exhibitionistic and voyeuristic urges that were manifesting themselves I decided to do what I would if I was alone with Joy, assuming she would stop me if I was taking her beyond her comfort level. I unzipped my heavy winter coat and wiggled it off my arms, leaving it behind my back, then turned my attention to Joy’s hooded parka.

Accompanied by the sounds of passionate kissing coming from the back seat I unzipped her coat and pulled it from around her, and leaned her back against the passenger door with the coat cushioning her back. I reached out my hand and began to rub and squeeze her breasts through her favorite Kelly green wraparound Danskin top. As I felt her nipples tightening and swelling in response I slipped my hand to the ties holding it closed at the waist and released the bow, pushing the material aside, revealing the satiny lightweight bra encasing her breasts illuminated by the faint glimmer of light from the moon.

I unhooked the front clasp of her bra and lifted the soft cups to either side of her heaving chest. Once Joy’s champagne glass shaped 34 B mounds were freed from their confinement I began licking and sucking on them hungrily as Joy groaned deeply in pleasure.

Concerned about Joy’s reaction to her body being so exposed to our new friends, I again wondered just how much of a show Melanie and Pete were getting from their vantage point in the back seat. I scanned the mirror again but I couldn’t even tell if the back seat was occupied in the dark shadows, let alone see what was going on back there. I realized that unless they leaned over the seat their view of us would be completely blocked by the headrests and our seatback. At the same time I was stimulated by the possibility of being watched while we continued to make out.

With my lips and tongue busily engaged with Joy’s sexy upper display and my concerns about exposing my lover’s body to a strange guy resolved for the moment I slipped my palm between Joy’s corduroy encased thighs and pressed firmly against her mound, feeling the heat radiating outward. Joy gasped in response. She reached over to my lap and began rubbing and squeezing the substantial bulge she encountered there.

The aroma of aroused femininity began to waft throughout the car as I focused on Joy’s and my urges, ignoring the sexy sounds coming from the dark void of the back seat. My fumbling fingers released the button at the waistline of Joy’s slacks and pulled down the zipper, giving my hand access beneath her slacks. Sliding my fingers inside the heavy corduroy cloth into the gap between Joy’s thighs I discovered an unexpected barrier – she was wearing control top pantyhose under her slacks! I pressed my fingers into the soft vee of her mound, feeling the heat and moisture flowing from deep within her.

She unbuckled my belt, unhooked the clasp and pulled down my zipper, spreading my slacks open. Reaching inside, her fingers pushed under the waistband of my briefs and wrapped around my fully engorged shaft as slippery precum oozed from the opening. I lifted my hips from the seat, allowing her to push my slacks and briefs down my thighs enough for her to have free access to my throbbing manhood.

Meanwhile, şişli escort I stroked my fingers back and forth firmly against the soaked pantyhose. I remembered from previous experience how difficult it was to maneuver my hand inside the waist band or pull them down enough to allow full access to her most private bits.

Joy began to slide her hand up and down the length of my fully erect ramrod, and I began to thrust my hips in time to her movements seeking the release I now was racing toward.

I stroked the firm little nub hidden beneath her pantyhose, working to bring her to the orgasm that she clearly needed. Joy responded by jamming her crotch back and forth against my hand as we both panted and grunted together, struggling toward satisfaction of our mutual desires.

Recalling a conversation between Joy and one of her girlfriends that I had heard not too long before, I stretched the crotch seam of her pantyhose away from her body, then pushed my index finger through the weak spot that existed next to the seam, creating an opening, then tore a large hole in the crotch of the pantyhose, allowing free access to her hot, juicy love tunnel.

I plunged two fingers deep inside her and began thrusting them rapidly back and forth into her slick, velvety depths. My fingertips sought her sensitive G-spot and my thumb continued ministering to her swollen, tender clitty as her crotch rose and fell rhythmically in response.

The car began to rock on the suspension as we moved, and I wondered if we were disturbing our friends in the back seat.

Joy clamped her thighs tightly around my probing fingers as she climaxed, whimpering quietly while her body twitched uncontrollably, and then collapsed back down into the seat, satisfied.

Meanwhile, my torso bucked as I thrust my hips up and down in Joy’s hand, shooting rope after rope of my hot sticky juices into Joy’s hand and my lap, drenching them and adding the aroma of my ejaculate to the cocktail of scents spreading throughout the car.

As Joy and I returned to earth we heard Melanie wryly comment “Well THAT was interesting…Can we go now?”

That reminded us that we had an audience for our make out session and caused my penis to jerk excitedly at the thought. Suddenly self-conscious, I chose to remain silent while wondering if Mellie and her husband had enjoyed Joy’s and my performance

I pulled out the white cotton handkerchief that I always carried in my pocket and handed it to Joy, who took it and wiped my sticky ejaculate from her cum drenched hand and handed it back to me. As she adjusted her clothing I wiped up as much of the sticky secretions covering my groin as I could with the already soggy handkerchief and tossed it onto the rubber floor mat, adjusted my clothing and drove us back to our hosts’ apartment.

Not much was said as we drove back to Berwyn, with each of us lost in our own thoughts. As I drove all kinds of emotions raced through my head. I wondered if our friends had believed that Joy and I had fucked on the front seat as they sat within touching distance. Simultaneously I wondered if they knew that we didn’t and thought we were wimps for not going that far. I wondered if the fact that we had now revealed our sexuality so openly to them twice within a short space of time would create a problem between us. I also wondered about exactly what had gone on between them in the back seat while Joy and I were distracted by our own passions in the front.

I was amazed that I was willing to engage in such private acts so openly in the close presence of others. At the same time I realized that knowing that friends were watching and hearing our passion, along with my hearing theirs had turned me on incredibly, and had added to my level of arousal once again. I began to recognize the depth of my exhibitionistic tendencies and wondered what my personal limits were and where they were taking us.

I also wondered just how open Joy was to sharing our sex life with others so freely. I was worried that we would cross a line that would endanger our budding relationship.

When we arrived back at the apartment it was well after 1 am. Joy and I told our host and hostess good night and we all went directly to our respective bedrooms. Joy and I quickly undressed and crawled into our tiny love nest and locked ourselves together in a tight embrace, quickly falling asleep. Echoes of Fats Domino singing ‘Blueberry Hill’ reverberated through my mind until I drifted into a deep, satisfied sleep.


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