Party In The Alleyway


I sat on the sofa sipping my beer, the party flowing around me. I’d reached that point where being drunk, turned into being tired. I’d been talking to quite a few people, meeting and laughing with them, but right now I just wanted to take five. Most of the people were in the garden enjoying the barbecue, put on by a couple of my friends. It was still light outside – just past high summer, and it was nice and warm.

The sofa jolted abruptly as someone sat next to me. I turned my head lazily staring at a pair of bare knees, neatly shaved. My eyes continued up to the hem of figure hugging dark purple skirt partly covered by a black shirt, which, as my eyes continued upward, I was grateful to see, was very open.

“You look depressed.” She said.

I looked up from her chest and met a smiling face. She looked about my age 29, maybe younger. Her round face fitted her curvy body and slightly round belly, whose jewelled button poked out from under the last of the only three fastened shirt buttons.

“Nope,” I smiled back, “Just chillin’. I was a bit tired.”

“Was?” She nudged me a little.

She’s flirting with me, should I flirt back? My mind began to work out if I fancied her or not, but my body had already decided for me and I found myself sat facing her.

“Er, yeah. You know,” I leaned forward a little, “you can’t stay tired when you’re talking to someone as beautiful as you.” Oh you prat, I thought, talk about using a mallet to crack a walnut.

“Thank you.” Her smile grew – phew, I thought.

I was wearing shorts, so when she moved a little closer I could feel the heat of her legs centimetres from mine. My previously muzzy mind began to focus on this woman. Her legs were tanned an even light brown, from the hem of her skirt, right down to her black open toed shoes. Her calves smoothly made their way to her knees, then to her thighs up under that lovely tight skirt. I tried to concentrate on her face, tried not to make it too obvious that I was ogling her, I secretly hoped she was as horny as I was becoming.

“Who do you know then? John or Karen?” I enquired.

“I know John from work. I work in accounts.”

She seemed to shy away from her statement. I could see she was shorter than I was, which is a good thing as I’m only 5’8″ myself. Angling myself toward her, I placing an arm casually over the back of the sofa.

“There’s istanbul escort nothing wrong with accounts.” I reassured. “It could be worse, you could be a PE teacher.”

I gained a little laugh from that. Pleased with myself I decided to try for contact and placed my knee against her outer thigh. She didn’t move, instead her eyes dropped to my lips and then back to my eyes. She licked her own lips slowly.

“And you? Karen or John?” She asked.

“John as well. We go all he way back to primary school. I’ve probably known him…” She placed her hand on my knee causing me to take an unexpected breath, “…since we were eight.”

“You poor sod!”

We laughed, while I was thinking where we could go for some privacy? And how willing was she? Her hand moved to my inner thigh, her index finger made a little circle. I could feel myself getting excited and I had to concentrate hard on not growing erect in such an open place. I looked at her eyes, she knew what she was doing – the smile she was beaming at me clearly showed that.

“Let’s go outside, get a drink.” I suggested.


I stood rising to look down on the top of her head, her blond hair flowed down her back – no roots I mentally noted. When she looked up I caught another glimpse of her sizeable breasts squeezed together by a black satin bra. Resting her hand flat on my stomach she steadied herself and adjusted her shoe.

“Wow! You must run your pupils ragged.”

“Sometimes.” I replied proudly winking and raising my shirt to show off my toned stomach.

She stroked my six-pack, gently letting her fingers run over the ripple of my muscles. When the hand reached the top of my shorts it was removed, much to my disappointment. I let my shirt fall and breathed out slightly as subtly as I could, letting the tension subside.

I followed her to the garden where the beer cooled in a water filled container. It was getting late and there were only a couple of people left, which I was thankful for as I could feel my erection arcing outward slightly. For the most part I angled myself behind her – hiding. I couldn’t help looking down at her round bottom pressing out of her skirt, her thong visible through the material, disappearing between her cheeks.

“My name’s Phillip by the way.”

“Hi avcılar escort Phillip, my name is Mary.”

She held out a hand, which I took finding it cold and wet. She giggled and passed me a wet can of cold lager, which she had been hiding behind her. Suddenly she walked off toward the end of the garden and opened the gate into the back alleyway. Dumbly I followed watching her bottom wiggle as she turned out of sight behind the garden shed.

“Mary? Don’t you want a drink?”

I asked, only to be roughly grabbed and pulled toward her. She stood on tiptoe and kissed me hard on the lips giving off a soft moan. God she’s hornier than I am! Her hands grabbed at my bum hard and pressed me further into her.

She pulled away slightly, “You got a condom?”

“Yeah.” I reached into my pocket only to be pulled back to her lips before I could find my wallet.

She wrapped one of her legs around mine me bend at the knee. Her skirt began to ride up as my trapped leg moved in toward her crotch. My hands ran down her back, digging my fingers into her soft sexy butt as I pressed my upper thigh into her groin. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths, rapidly moving to and fro. I began to work my leg back and forth rubbing and buffing her between the legs while my hands dropped to pull the skirt up around her waist.

My working mouth muffled her moans. I felt a hand drop into the top of my loose shorts. It slid from cheek to cheek settling with a tight squeeze, another pulling me into her rocking groin quickly followed it. My leg dropped and we stood flat against each other, my legs were bent at the knees so our stomachs met in the middle. My erection pressed urgently into her mound. It was uncomfortable, but there was no way I was stopping.

I rubbed my erection against her mound, the hard pubic bone supplying a welcome pressure against the underside of my penis. She began to meet my gentle grinding with rapid short flicks back. She removed her hands from my shorts and pushed me back a little. I looked down at her naked legs curving out, around and back in at the knees, smooth and brown all the way up to her obviously damp thong.

She reached out and grabbed my erection through the short’s material and pumped gently at it. Her eyes half closed – she let out a little moan before looking me straight in şirinevler escort the eye.

“Condom.” She commanded, her chest rising and falling in time to short gasps of air.

I reached to my pocket and pulled out a wallet, her hand worked on me as I pulled out the condom. A small dark circle formed in the grey of my shorts at the top of her stroke. I began to open the foil packet, tearing across the film, more haste less speed I thought as I fought with it.


She held out a hand into which I deposited the fresh condom. She pulled my shorts down, catching them on my penis causing it to slap against my stomach leaving a wet mark on my black T-shirt. Placing the condom on my tip she slowly moved her hand down. I’ve always found condoms a necessary irritant, but the way she slid it down my shaft – well it made me even more erect. Once it was on she pushed herself back against the wall pulling off her thong.

Her hand grabbed at the top of my T-shirt pulling me in, then she cocked a leg up and around me. I bent at the knees and guided myself toward her. The tip entered her as her thigh hooked itself on my hip allowing me further access. I didn’t take it at first, just pressing my tip in and out of her. She grunted deeply, from her diaphragm, pushing her pelvis out toward me. I took the hint and thrust forward.

“Urgh!” Her arms enveloped my shoulders, “Fuck me.” She gasped.

Her eyes met mine as I lunged at her groin. She was setting the pace with rapid thrusts. I was soon slapping loudly into her. Staring intently into each other’s eyes we locked our bodies together in a race to sexual completion. Her pubic bone bumped mine harder and faster, each time I made contact with her clit, each time my ears were rewarded with another grunt.

“Oh, God” She shudder closing her eyes, “That’s right. Hard. That’s right!”

Her thrusts became uncoordinated, more insistent and shaky. She was wheezing with each pelvic contact. I tried to keep the pace going, my muscles aching to keep up the animalistic force.

“Oh yes, yes…YES!” She yelped at me with one last hard thrust.

Her muscles contracted and she slowed, the tight sensation was too much and I felt myself empty in to the latex glove.

“Oh yes.” She said as her breathing slowed.

I held her for a while sweating slightly, then kissing her forehead we de-coupled.

I went to pull the condom off – it was then that we became aware of Karen and John leaning out of the garden gate with a few assembled party guests. We looked at them and they looked at us, then they suddenly broke out in applause and laughter breaking the painful silence and embarrassing the hell out of us.

But, boy, was it worth it!

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