Patty Burns, Bad Girl

Group Sex

“Oh Blake, I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve been a bad girl today and I need to tell you about it…and for you to treat me like the naughty slut I am.”

She’d met me at the door, as always, with a big, tit mashing embrace and sloppy tongue lashing kiss. Stepping back she led me by hand into her living room directly to the couch. That’s when I noticed the sheer white blouse above a tight black, calf length skirt. Most notable was the contrasting black lace bra beneath the see through shirt. Her legs were clad in black hose and her shapely form perched upon a pair of black, high heeled pumps. Her blue eyes peered out of black mascaraed lashes and dark, smoky eye shadow.

“God, what a beautiful, sexy siren I’ve become involved with,” I thought as I took in the vision of my lover.

Taking her in my arms I kissed her with passion, drinking in her beauty, her perfume, and her teasing words.

“Tell me what you’ve done and, what your punishment should be.”

Continuing to stand, she guided my right hand to her bountiful breast and rubbed my hardening cock through my pants.

“I had a lunch appointment with the son of a friend, in the city. He’s probably your age, maybe a little younger. He needed some advice in the area of love and sex.” She let her words sink in before continuing. “He was really cute, and buff, and quite engaging.

“After a couple of glasses of wine and a couple of laughs I decided I wanted to fuck him. I think he was on the same wavelength cause’ he continually stared at my big tits.”

I kissed her again, more passionately, as I tenderly caressed both breasts through her clothing.

“I was wearing a white lace bra this afternoon.” The thought of Patty Burns’ voluptuous body in white lace always got my blood burning, and she knew it.

“Anyway, I took him back to the apartment and let him fuck me for a couple of hours. He has a nice dick, not as nice as yours Blake, but satisfying none the less.

“I let him do pretty much as he pleased. He licked and pendik escort sucked my big tits, he went down on me with a vengeance, and he fucked me like a rag doll. I even let him cum in my pussy. His load dripped in my panties all afternoon.” Patty unzipped me and stroked my raging hard on during the telling of her deeds.

“Now I want you to fuck me in the ass. Take me and make me yours again Blake. I want your cum dripping from my creampied ass.”

“You have been a busy little whore haven’t you?” We weren’t an exclusive couple though neither of us had ventured out very often. Sex with Patty was adventurous and extremely satisfying.

She was on her knees with both hands on my shaft, guiding me to her mouth. Her red lipstick contrasted with my thick dick as she ran her mouth up and down my appendage. Expertly, her tongue gently encircled my bulbous head and she flicked its tip teasingly. With my cock in hand she looked up at me.

“What are you to do with me?” Her sexy smile was all the invitation I needed.

“I guess I’ll have to fuck the shit out of you,” I said, pulling her to her feet. Turning her away from me I pushed her over the arm of the couch. Her dark hair was pulled up, a few wispy curls hanging down by her perfumed neck. Kissing the back of her neck I eased the hem of her skirt up the back of her legs.

Finding garters at the top of her stockings I continued north. With her skirt bunched up around her waist I eased the contrasting white lace, cum drenched, panties down and over her luscious round ass.

Kissing and licking the curvaceous cheeks and reaching between her stockinged legs my fingers found her moist, pussy lips. I lightly ran them from her clit to the little bud of her asshole. Spreading her cheeks I bent and poked her bud with my tongue.

“Ohhh,” she shuddered at this intrusion. “Talk to me Blake. Tell me the nasty things you intend to do to me. I deserve whatever they might be!” Patty smiled deliciously over her shoulder.

Taking my tongue from tuzla escort her butt I crouched and licked at her drenched pussy but the angle was wrong. Instead, I stood with cock in hand and entered her well fucked vagina. I slammed into her to the hilt then began a slow sliding rhythm watching as my big cock pierced her body from behind.

Patty moved with me, against me, her inner tissues stroking me like a velvet glove. “You’re such a dirty boy Blake, eating and fucking my cunt with another man’s cum coating me.”

“Unngh,” I returned, grabbing her perfect hips and thrusting between her black stockings and garter belt.

Unzipping her skirt I exited her honey pot long enough to drop her skirt to the floor. I turned her. The black lace cups of her bra pushed against the transparent fabric.

“Unbutton your blouse part way,” I instructed. “I want your pretty bra beneath your breasts, like a black border.”

Her blouse and bra enveloped her upper torso and I took one, then the other massive breast into my hands and mouth.

“Oh Blake, that feels so good…You feel so good.”

Standing, I took in the view once more. Here stood a virile, middle aged woman, partially clothed, a patch of wispy pubic hair visble above her vagina. The look in her eyes was so wanton, held so much passion and desire I took her in my arms and kissed her red framed mouth. My cock bumped her and she wrapped a hand around its girth, lightly stroking its length.

I moved her to the couch and dove between her legs, her story of a cum soaked snatch far from my mind. I ran my tongue up and down her womanhood pausing to flick back and forth across her clitoris.

Holding my head in her hands she cooed faintly and pushed her pussy against my intrusion.

“Blake, Blake, that’s it, you’re eating my pussy so good!” Shuddering, Patty arched her back and cried out. “Ohhhh…”

I knew I had to fuck her. “Turn over Patty. It’s time. Where’s the lube?”

“In the drawer of the table. Hurry Blake, I need kartal escort you in my ass!”

Generously applying the goo to my rock hard cock and index finger, I diddled her anus, both in and out, with gel.

As I held my head to her ass I began slowly applying the needed pressure to enter her taboo orifice.

“Yes Blake, yes. I’ve wanted this since this afternoon. Slap my ass. Push your big cock into me. Fuck my slut ass, it’s yours!”

Easing past her anal ring I could soon push in and pull out giving her my entire length.

Patty reached between her legs and played with her well fucked pussy, pushing two fingers in and out, opposite my rhythm. Her body leaned against the back of the couch while she tweaked a nipple with her spare hand.

Seeing this, I responded by pulling at the other nipple while fucking her bottom harder and harder.

We kept at it, losing track of time, engulfed in a sexual haze of anal satisfying pleasure.

“Cum for me Blake, give me a huge anal creampie, I want your cum to drip from my ass like Bobby’s did from my pussy. God I love it when you fuck me Blake. You know all my spots. Ohhh.” Patty shook from orgasm, egging me on to my finale.

“Oh baby, I’m going to cum!” Knowing what Patty wanted I eased my length from her leaving only the head in her ass.

I spurted deep into her, the force of the first two ropes reaching deep into her anal cavity. The next few blasts were better tempered and as I neared the end of my climax, I eased out of her leaving the last couple of spurts dripping down her anus from above.

Smacking her ass once more I stood to survey the damage.

Patty turned over, pulled her legs to her chest and played with my semen as it slowly dripped from her butt. Taking a good amount on her fingers she put my spunk in her mouth and swallowed as I watched.

Licking her red lips, Patty pulled me to her. We kissed like maniacs, our tongues lightly lashing like a tentative fencing match.

“Now that’s the kind of punishment I like,” her voice barely audible. “I think my pussy needs attention now… Care to go again, and, what shall I wear this time?”

It was going to be a long night but with Patty Burns, every moment was worth it.

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