Perchance to Dream


“Oh… Oh… Oh yeah… Oh God… Oh fuck… Fuck… Fuck me… FUCK MEEEEE!!!!”

His hard rod impales me and I beg for more. In and out he pistons as I push back to meet him. His heavy balls slap against my thighs each time he thrusts forward. Nothing exists but the incredible pleasure. It builds like a tidal wave. Slowly, inexorably it builds, until it finally crests. My orgasm breaks over me and the world explodes.

I wake exhausted and alone in my apartment. My nightgown and panties are soaked. The room smells of sex.

It’s the same dream that I’ve been having for as long as I can remember. The details change but the man never does. I have no idea who the man is and it doesn’t matter. All that matters, all that ever matters, is the huge slab of meat between his legs. That glorious cock and what it does to me.

I might be at a party or a dance club. It could happen in the library or a subway car. The place is unimportant, but it is always public.

I feel someone come up behind me. Powerful hands grab my waist. Hot breath blows over my ear and his tongue pendik escort caresses my earlobe as he gently sucks it into his mouth. His face presses into my long dark hair, he inhales my fresh, clean scent. My nipples harden and I begin to get wet as his hands travel up and reach around to cup my full breasts. I feel the hardness at his crotch stir where it nestles against my ass when he feels that I am not wearing a bra. A gasp escapes me as he tweaks a nipple with his left hand while the right traces down my taut belly towards the juncture of my thighs. He lifts the hem of my skirt and I feel his erection stiffen even further as he finds no panties to obstruct his fingers from gliding over my clean-shaven pussy and sliding between my soaking folds as my legs part to allow him access to my most private of places. I moan as he massages my clit and his fingers begin to probe further into my body. I grind my ass back against his crotch to encourage him. He stops.

He removes his hands and pulls back. I let out a cry of protest and try to reach back kağıthane escort to grab his hands. Instead, he grabs my arms and pushes me forward. As he bends me over I hear a zipper being undone and a shiver runs up my spine as he raises the back of my skirt. A cold breeze blows over my naked ass and cunt as they are exposed to the world. I feel a pressure between my legs as he presses the bulbous head of his magnificent cock against the opening to my womb. For a moment there is resistance as his impressive girth momentarily delays entry, but the lubrication of his oozing precum mixing with the moisture leaking from me soon do their job and my lips part to engulf the invader. His massive organ slides easily into my dripping canal, filling me fuller than I had ever imagined, as his hips press tight against my ass. Once more his hands reach around to fondle my tits and I mew as he pinches my diamond hard nipples through the thin blouse. Now totally in control, he grasps my hips and begins to slowly stroke in and out. maltepe escort Faster and faster, the pace increases, until finally I feel his balls contract. His cock spasms once, twice, three times and he empties his seed inside me. As I feel his warm cum flood my needy hole, my head flies back and my back arches as I stiffen and a massive orgasm washes over me.

The whole time he has never said a word. I stand there, legs spread, leaning forward, as the mixed juices of out tryst leak out of me onto the floor. As I catch my breath and come back to myself he zips up and slips away. I can never tell who it was. Only my flushed face, rumpled clothes and the sticky fluids slowly leaking down my legs remain as evidence of the torrid encounter.

All of this is running through my head again as I shower. I wash off the smell of stale tobacco from the club last night, paying special attention to my hair. I run my hands over my body massaging my breasts as I wash. As my soapy hands run over and between my legs I feel the first signs of returning hair. Lathering up, I take the razor and carefully remove any traces of stubble, until everything is once more perfectly soft and smooth. I dry myself and brush out my hair while I consider what I will be doing this morning. Walking nude to the closet, I select a short, loose skirt and sheer blouse. It’s just a short trip by subway to the library.

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