PHILLING In For Me 6Good friend Phil was staying with my family in north London having been thrown out of his home(Jenny owned it) and needed so,ewhere to stay. We,d become friends when I joined a local fishing club Phil belonged to and still went out with now and then, also took part in their well planned social events. One evening Sarah my wifr now of over fifty years sadly now suffering from dementia, Phil and I had been viewing a rare old hardcore video tape and had grown very horny, Sarah surprising me a bit after excusing herself to put on something cooler then returned shortly very cool indeed with Nothing on but a pair of slippers. She rubbed her hairy snatch as we quickly stripped off and as Phil suckled and fondled her ample titties I slurped at her juicy twat, then moved up to allow Phil to start fucking her mouth as I fucked her pussy! We carried on like that changing positions till we,d all enjoyed an intense climax then recovered bakırköy escort with a fresh cup,of coffee before retiring to bed. Some while later I awoke and had to Lee badly, but found someone in the toilet, the door cracked open slightly. I could make out my s*******n year old daughter Christina in a baby doll pissing, but a very interested Phil was watching from the shadows. “Come on Chris Honey. Wash your hands and off to bed, there,s a good girl.” I called softly as not to rouse Sarah or son Rick. When Chris, had gone in her room I turned on my friend “Don,t get any big ideas about her Phil.!” I warned him. “I do know she is one sexy girl soon becoming a woman, but leave her alone!” “Sure Joe. It,s just that she woke me up and I was just waiting my turn to use the loo.” “”I hope that,s all you were thinking of. You better go use it then.” “Don,t have to now.” “Well I do! Good Night Phil!” beşiktaş escort I left him standing there. I,d be the adult to have an affair with Chris, less than a year later, but that,s in another episode of my life. I noticed Phil watching Chris many times and became critical because Chris liked to wear sexy clothes and walk round the house in summer in a very brief black bikini that left little to the imagination. It Wasn,t easy for me to hide the affect Chris had on me, Phil and even son Rick, but when Sarah noticed she just laughed. “Chris likes wearing comfortable gear and she,s become a beautiful young woman. Would you have her dress like a nun?” Sarah defended her. So Chris continued to tempt the males at our house while Sarah added to it by buying a navy bikini though she filled it out much better than Chris. Chris had only been dating one boy so far and often complained to me that he was useless beylikdüzü escort at snogging and she was annoyed she had to make all the running. “You should be so lucky.” I teased her. “Most fellows would want to attack you the way you look young lady. It,d help,if you wore more clothing.” “Oh Dad! You,re so old school. Hugh wouldn,t attack me if I was naked!” “Don,t you dare try it or you,d be wrong young lady!” I warned her. She was soft hearted and continued to date “slow” Hugh, but avoided my queries now saying he was okay, but still rather had to be led. I eventually found out Chris was the aggressor unlike her Mother when we dated, but again that,s another section of my sex life for another retelling. Phil had been staying with us for six months when it happened Sarah and Phil fucked with no one else around. I half expected it as I was away at work so much and knew it had to happen some time. As usual Sarah waited till I,d just shot a heavy load deep in her treasure trove before confessing about my friend. In response I found my cock still hard so fucked her again shooting nearly as much as before. “Me having sex with Phil really gets you going, doesn,t it?” my wife sighed happily. “I think you,re right, but I,m pooped now!” TBC

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