She stood beside the open window, gazing upon her purple majesty’s mountains in the distant. Wondering about her sweet lover, who only was with her a year ago. She whispered, “Where are you? Come to me!” in the wind, hoping it would carry itself in a supernatural way to him.

Only a year ago, he had traveled from afar to land on her doorstep. How wide she had opened the door for him and graciously invited him inside. How she busied herself to pack a picnic to further enhance the joyful conversation by the riverside. Oh, what a feast they shall embark upon. She smiled as each item was lovingly placed in the basket.

They walked hand in hand, herself somewhat with a skip in her feet and her heart quickened with beat of excitement. His hand felt so strong, reassuring against hers.

Approaching the clearing, noting the green rushes dancing gently in the breeze. The water lilies never smiled so beautiful as they did that day. And even the apple tree bursting with red fruits, overloaded the boughs like heavy breasts anxious for a lingering touch of relief. The water itself gushed out love songs in harmony to the afternoon.

The spot designated, they sat on the blanket while enjoying the conversation of nature escort eryaman around them. She unpacked the lunch consisting of French bread, an assortment of cheeses and fruit. He opened the bottle of wine and served them each a generous portion – for what a celebration indeed when two hearts meet! “Cheers!” they both shouted into the wind.

She would kiss each strawberry before feeding him, his eager mouth would nibble her fingers each time where upon she would giggle with happiness. While feasting upon the bread and cheese, their eyes would lock as exploring the depths of each other’s passion. The wine was sweet and reminiscent of gentle kisses.

Their bodies got closer to each other, and she gained scent of him and took into her nostrils like she would a breath of sweet flowers. Her eyes moved along his body as she admired his physical being, along his bare feet so bravely independent of shoes, up along his legs to an obvious bulge in his pants. From there, her eyes would have to jump quickly to his chest, along with his strong arms soon to embrace her panting desires.

Slowly, she moved closer and soon was above him slightly where upon she fed his hungry mouth with her tongue, flicking it around his lips ankara escort until she would suck his whole tongue into her mouth. Letting her tongue lap her magic. He returned the passionate kiss swiftly and determined, and tried to gain the dominance. No, she wouldn’t let him, instead teased him further with her tongue in his ears, her hot breath would rush back to her face. He would groan with pleasure, yes, she liked that very much. Her tongue further explored his neck, flicking upon his jutting vain while his hands fumbled for her breasts to loosen out of her corset. She moved further down upon him, plucking the buttons off his shirt with her teeth only to bury her face on his chest with kisses. Her tongue reached his nipples, where it sucked them playfully. She would lap them wet, blow them until they were excited, hard.

She knew he was so ready for her as she moved even further down, kissing him, lingering a little…wanting the pleasure …wanting to satisfy him even more. She could feel his hard cock straining against his pants as she loosened the buttons, out it sprang, so hard with the wet tip of pre-cum for her tasting. As she took the hard cock into her mouth, she loosened out of her clothing……he elvakent escort groaned with the visual pleasure of her free breasts bouncing as she sucked on his cock. His cock filled her mouth as she pumped it and licked the juices, when he felt to close to cumming completely, she would slow the pace and flick her tongue up and down his cock to his tight balls and kiss them. When she kissed his inner thighs, she would feel him tremble with the passion. She, herself was wet with excitement. Both their bodies were flushed with pleasure.

Moving up towards him, rubbing her hot wet pussy along his body, climbed on top of him. She straddled him and positioned her body for him to admire and anticipate further stimulation. He reached for her breasts and fondled them, pulled her closer so he could take them into his mouth. His hands were in good position to feel her wet, hot pussy and it made him want to be inside her more. This stimulated her more to slide her pussy towards his hard cock and ease her body down on it…..as his cock glided into her tight, wet pussy both bodies shook with pleasure. She rode him like she would a wild horse, twirling her hips with bouncing breasts. Her hair shook in the wind as her face expressed extreme passion. They both came to a climax, screaming the release.

Suddenly the cold wind of reality blew across her and woke her up from her trance as she still stood by the window. Slowly, she closed the window on a beautiful memory.

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