Pins Ch. 04



I’d gone back and forth quite a few times in my head on the issue. While I’d originally thought Bianca’s impending gangbang shoot would scare my cousin Ashley away from ever considering stepping in front of a camera, the opposing point of view held that after seeing somethingso totally outside her experience, anything of lesser intensity might be considered okay. In other words after seeing a gangbang on film, a nude still shoot might seem tame and therefore acceptable to her. I wished I could just refuse to take her but it was too late for that. Bianca’d had Ash and her sister Liz out at a local watering hole until past one in the morning talking about who knows what. I still couldn’t figure how she got them served!

It was time. I went downstairs and was surprised to see the two sisters together by the front door. I’d asked Liz to accompany her sister but she’d refused, calling the shoot immoral and disgusting. I guess my argument won out and at that moment I wasn’t sure whetherthat was a good thing or not!

We stopped on the way to the studio to pick Bianca up. Liz sat in the front seat while B and Ash got in the back. I heard Ash ask, “So, are you scared out of your wits?”

“No, not out of my wits, but I’m definitely nervous. I mean, I’ve only had sex with three boys in my life and in about an hour I’m going to be on a bed about todouble my tally in one session… with three guys I’ve never met! Yeah, yeah, I’m nervous!”

At that point Liz leaned over the seat and said to B, “It’s not too late to change your mind!” She looked for confirmation by adding, “Right, Pins?”

I was honest. “Well she’ll have a few pissed off people for cancelling at the last minute, but yeah… I guess.”

Bianca added, “No, no, I can do this. It pays twelve hundred and who knows, it might be fun!”

She started singing, to the tune ofMr. Ed, the Nick at Night TV show. “A whore is a whore, of course, of course, and no one will mess with a whore of course, unless of course that whore’s been forced to go down on Mr. Ed!

I wonder how wellequipped these guys are going to be.”

I looked over my shoulder and saw the expression on Ashleigh’s face. Bianca’s statement brought into sharp focus for Ash all that which up to then had just been vague words. I knew she wasseeing, in her mind, three impossibly long schlongs which were about to be thrust into her new friend. For the rest of the trip Ashleigh was uncharacteristically silent.


Ernie had been complaining again. He was a great photographer and that very expertise made him sure how much better our product could be if he had an assistant. Especially with the porn vids, having a second camera with the increased number of shooting angles and perspectives would dramatically improve the quality of our productions.

In the past this kind of talk had pretty much belonged in the realm of fantasy because of the increased expenses but since Pins’ arrival on the scene our cash flow could noweasily handle the additional costs. I printed our monthly checks from Quickbooks and logged off the computer. I had wanted to be done with all the paperwork in time for Bianca’s big gangbang debut. It would probably be fun watching and besides, it wasn’t such a bad idea standing by as a backup cock in case one of the guys had any performance issues.

As I left the office I saw Pins coming in the street entrance leading a parade! Bianca was there, of course, but there were also two blonde twins who were absolute knockouts. Pins never failed to impress me. She seated the twins in director’s chairs and walked back to make-up with Bianca.

I walked over to the two delicious blondes and asked one of them, “Are you flying standby also?”

She smiled and looked appropriately confused. “I beg your pardon?”

“Standby. I’m not scheduled to shoot today but I’m here in case one of the male actors is unable to perform.” I smiled and made a gesture with a curled finger which needed no translation. “I guessed one of you might be here in case Bianca chickens out.”

The girl looked horrified at my comment. “Never! It’s disgusting that you could even think that!”

I donned my bestwounded puppy look and hung my head. The other girl was quick to jump into the conversation. “Please don’t take offense! I’m Ashleigh and my sister Liz is just nervous. We’ve never been to anything like this before and I’m sure she didn’t mean to put down what you do for a living!” She held out her hand for me to shake.

I shook it and said, “Jeff Knowles Ashleigh.

Liz I’m sorry if I offended you. I really meant no harm.”

I could see the stern exterior crack a little as she said, “No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. Like Ash said, it’s none of my business what you do for a living.”

I looked into those bluer-than-blue eyes and smiled. “Actually that’snot what I do. I’m the District Manager for Arcane International. It’s eryamanda yeni escortlar just that Ernie, that’s the videographer on this shoot, told me that two of the three male actors were relatively new to the business andmight have issues. If they all work out okay I’ll probably take off since I’m not getting paid to be here.”

She didn’t break eye contact as she said, “Wait a minute, wait a minute! You’re the Manager of the corporation and you’re willing to volunteer to let a camera film you having sex?”

Without losing eye contact I moved my face a few inches closer to hers. “Ernie’s an employee and more than that he’s afriend. If a friend of mine gets in a possible jam then I stand ready to help, soYes!, I’d be willing to do that.”

I wanted to kiss her and I think she would have let me but I knew the first move would have to come from her. She finally shook her head and pulled her face back, but only an inch or two. “Whew! I don’t think I could ever bethat much of a friend!”

I took a step back and addressed Ashleigh. “So if you don’t do this type of work what other shoots have you done?”

“Oh we’re not models, we’ve never done anything, really!”

“Nowthat surprises me! Twins are unusual enough but when they’re as lovely as the two of you… well, you could be working as much as you wanted!”

Liz said, “You mean we’d have to take our clothes off and pose playing with each other, right?”

I tried to look frustrated. “I never said anything about that! Liz, why do you always jump to the most extreme conclusions?” As I walked away I noticed that all three of the male stars were talking to Ernie so I drifted over.

Ernie was saying, “…won’t be necessary. After I get the images back in the studio I might leave all the early footage on the cutting room floor but we still need to shoot it. This is this girl’s first shoot like this so she’sgot to be a little nervous. We add a dash of plot, a few minutes of film with her clothes on and then we can progress to stripping her and the fucking parts.

Oh, here comes our little star!” Pins led Bianca to the set. Bianca was wearing a tartan miniskirt/bib combo over a white shirt which was one size too small and forced her ample tits out to either side. A pair of Mary Janes over white socks completed the schoolgirl outfit.

Ernie addressed the whole crew. “Okay let’s not get bogged down with too much dialogue for everyone to remember. The plotline is super simple. Dr. Ross, here, is your history teacher, Bianca. He’s just told you that you’re not only failing his course but math and biology too! You plead and sob that you have to pass or else your parents won’t pay for college even though you’ve already been admitted. He tells you to wait there and he’ll talk to the other two teachers about possibly working something out. You wait, they all come back together and pretty soon you begin to figure out what it’ll take to pass all three classes.

Make up your own dialogue, just stick to the plot. Okay everybody clear the set except for Ross, you sit at your desk. In a minute Bianca, you come in.”

I sat in a director’s chair on the opposite side of the stage from the twins. I figured that if I’d done it perfectly, Liz would come over. If Ashleigh came over to talk to me then I’d done itokay, but not up to my usual standards. If no one came over then I’d know I was slipping!

They were at the point in the video where the three teachers file back into the classroom. The guy who played Dr. Ross said, “You know Bianca that just because you’ve already been accepted to college is no acceptable reason to slack off on your studies. By all rights you should fail all three of our courses but my colleagues and I have decided to cut you a little slack.”

Bianca gushed. “Oh thank youso much, Dr. Ross! This means so much to me. Is there anything I can do to express my appreciation?”

“Actually yes there is. If you’re supposed to be anywhere for the rest of the afternoon you’d better call and postpone it as you’ll bethanking us for quite a while.” He unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. Bianca dropped to her knees and started tentatively licking the head of the throbbing piece of meat,

Just as she started sliding it further into her mouth Bianca could feel another one of the teachers kneeling behind her as these arms reached around her and unbuttoned the straps to her bib. Next it was the buttons on her shirt which she felt opening until the hands lifted her skirt up over her arms and tossed it aside. The shirt soon followed and the girl was left with only panties and shoes.

Bianca’s head was now furiously bobbing up and down the length of Ross’ cock while the other two teachers were caressing her tits and playing with her pussy and rectum. She seemed a little squeamish every time anything approached her bottom but certainly lookedreally into being the model of a happy cocksucker.

I sensed someone sincan escort bayan getting close to me but I didn’t move or try to look. A familiar voice whispered in my ear, “I could never do anything like that.” As the girl rose and stood behind me she added in a normal speaking voice, “On film.”

I made no indication I had heard anything but I was hip hopping my way back and forth between my ears. I thought, “who’s bad?.. I be bad… totally bad?.. Profoundly bad!” Without moving a muscle I had hooked and landed my ‘catch of the day’. She may not have known it yet but Liz was in the stern of my sport fishing boat flopping around, squandering any last vestiges of resistance she might have had.

I made a mental note to myself to find out what Javier might pay for a matched set of blondes.

Ashley came over and asked her sister, “So what do you think?”

“You’re joking right? There’s no way I could do something like that!” She pointed to the set and I looked up and saw Bianca lying on her side on the desk with three cocks vigorously pumping into her various ports of call. It was kind of exciting to me to see how much she was into it.

She was really enjoying herself so I said. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s just an observation mind you, but it looks to me like she’s having fun!”

Ashleigh said to her sister, “You know Liz, I’m not sure I could ever do that either but I think Jeff’s right. B is having a ball, in every sense of the word!

What I want to know is what the deal is if I wanted to do a more sedate, almost atame modeling assignment?”

I replied, “That depends. First you schedule a test shoot with Ernie. He’ll try to catch a variety of looks at start you a portfolio. We at Arcane then shop your pictures to our clients in an effort to find you work. It’s kind of simple, really.”

Liz cut in. “What would the test cost us?”

“Normally twelve hundred apiece but since you’re friends of Bianca’s I’m sure I could get that waived. Do you want me to ask Ernie if he’s got any time tomorrow?”

The two girls looked at each other. Liz nodded at her sister. Ashleigh said, “Yeah, why don’t you ask him?”

The twins giggled at each other at the same moment that all four actors came simultaneously. Bianca looked like she’d fallen into a vat of cum which caused the twins to giggle even more.


I went into the dressing room to make sure Bianca was handling the aftermath okay. I pointedly asked her if she was all right with everything to which she replied, “Yeah, I’m okay because that wasn’t me on stage!

I’m not sure how it all happened because I was getting progressively more scared as the time to do it came closer. Then as soon as the camera started rolling and the first guy unzipped his fly, the nervous girl left and was replaced with a girl who wascompletely turned on at the idea of servicing three cocks. At that point if Jeff had found another six horny guys it would have been fine with me!

Weird, but thanks for checking on me Pins! I really appreciate it.”

Ash ducked her head into the dressing room. “Can we leave soon Pins?”


Do you want a ride Bianca?”

“No thanks. Iknow I’m going to fuck Ernie for sure, and maybe I can get Jeff to join in!”

Ash replied, “Jeff’s already gone.”

That surprised me. I thought he’d want to get a piece of Bianca. Apparently she thought so too as she got a puzzled look. “Really!”

Ashleigh grinned. “Yeah he left about ten minutes ago with my sister. As they were leaving Liz told me to cover for her with the parental units!”

I had to ask, “Cover for her for a while, or cover for a long while?”

Ashleigh grinned coyly, “Let’s put it this way. I heard him ask her out and it went like this: ‘Hey Liz, after the shoot how about coming over to my place so we can try out every position Bianca used tonight’?”

Bianca asked, “And she said yes, interesting!”

“No, what she said was, “I’ve been keeping track of all her positions and I’ll hold you to that!”

As I left for the car I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t sure if Ash’s silence was due to her awareness of my displeasure or if it was just a case of this type of behavior being ordinary for Liz.

As the miles rolled by and I began to calm down I saw that my temper was misdirected. If Liz had picked up some boy in a bar and fucked his brains out on the Opera House steps I would probably be cheering her on for loosening up on the reigns she normally used to keep order in her life. She had no way of knowing how amoral and twisted Jeff was. On the other hand…

“When you guys met Jeff did you tell him I was your cousin or did he think you were friends of B’s?”

“Friends of B’s, definitely. I’ve been thinking about seeing if I could model so I figured she was the more experienced model and therefore the logical one to associate myself with in his eyes. I knew you’d modeled but I got the ankara escort impression that you were more like management.”

“Your reasoning is a little messed up, though. Sure, I modeled a little in the nude one time but Bianca’s aporn star! I’m absolutely sure I know how Jeff thinks in situations like this. Here are these two pretty twins, friends of a girl who not only shoots porn, but has developed a real taste for it. He gets one of them to go home with him by promising her he’ll fuck every one of her three holes from every angle possible and…”

I decided on a different tack, “Did B ever tell you about her first shoot? She showed up with this friend of hers, a girl named Annie, and it was Annie who wanted to try alittle tasteful nudity. Bianca insisted that she wouldn’t even appear topless, no nudity what so ever! When it was Bianca’s turn on stage she got on the bed in lingerie and Ernie tookmaybe fifty pictures.

Ten minutes later she was naked before the camera and two minutes after that she had Jeff’s cock in her mouth. It was no more than another five minutes before she was sitting on that cock reverse cowboying him anddefinitely less than five more before she was moving backward in the doggie position so she could ram Jeff’s cock up her ass.

Ilike B quite a bit but just remember that the person you chose for Jeff to identify yourselves with went from being totally non-nude to an onscreen whore in maybe fifteen minutes.

No matter what anybody says beforehand, if you ever schedule a test shoot remember what category Jeff thinks of you as being in!”

We traveled maybe another mile down the road when Ash said, “We scheduled a shoot for tomorrow at eleven in the morning. Liz will go straight from Jeff’s apartment to the studio and if you don’t want to drive me B said she’d pick me up.”

As I pulled into the driveway I said, “I don’t know what I want yet.” Neither of us got out of the car. I finally banged my own forehead into the steering wheel. “Of course what I want doesn’t matter. It’s really up to you guys. If you want me to be there of course I’ll drive you!”

“When we were in the Mall inCornered, do you remember how mad the two of you were at me when you thought I was trying to run your lives?”

Ash looked in her lap, “Not reallythat mad!”

I smiled, “Well when you went off with B to try on that see-through top Liz looked at me with thisfurious expression as if it was up to me to stop you. I told her she couldn’t have it both ways. If you guys want to be treated like grown-ups then okay, I’ll back off but you can’t blame me if I don’t jump in and bail you out of a mistake.”

“I’d like you to drive me and stick around, if you don’t mind.”

I leaned over and hugged her. “You got it.”

The next morning Ash did a commendable job of covering for her sister. She rolled around in Liz’ bed and left a plate with toast crumbs on the kitchen counter alongside an empty glass which had traces of grapefruit juice left in it. When her parents got up they assumed that Liz had already left after having spent the night at home.

We got to the studio parking lot fifteen minutes early yet it was already host to several cars. I recognized Jeff’s E-Jag and Ernie’s SUV but there was another Lincoln Town Car I couldn’t place.

As we entered the studio we saw the red light on the door which indicated a sound shoot. I pointed at it and gestured to Ash to remain quiet.

As we quietly inched our way toward Studio 1 I could hear Jeff’s voice, “Take it all, you cheap whore! Fuck me hard, it’s the only thing you’re good for!”

Neither Ashleigh nor I needed to turn that last corner. We both knew who was on the receiving end of all the gutter talk. Ash grabbed my upper arm so hard I was sure it was leaving marks but we rounded the corner together just in time to see Jeff pulling out of Liz as she stayed on her hands and knees as his cum splattered all over her face and in her hair. Ernie yelled cut and Liz immediately squealed, “Yech, Jeff, this stuff’s in my hair, all over my face and running down my tits! Do we really want this gross a memento?”

Liz saw us standing in the doorway and squealed again as she ran to the make-up room. Ash ran after and I just stood there as Jeff threw on a robe and walked over toward me.

I didn’t say a word as he cupped my face in his palms and gently kissed my lips. “Pins, I’ve said it before but it’s still just as true! You’re a fucking goldmine! See that guy sitting on stage right?”

I looked over and saw this Hispanic looking suit. I nodded.

“Eightythousand dollars! That guy works for Medina and he’s just bought the twins for eighty grand!” He saw me impassively staring at him and added,

“Cat swallowed your tongue?”

I just said, “No.” as I started toward the dressing room he grabbed me.

One thing you had to say about Jeff, his sense of self-preservation was really well developed. He was about to argue until he saw the look in my eyes. He immediately let go.

I stormed into the dressing room and kissed my cousin Liz softly on her forehead. I just said, “Ash and I are leaving now. I won’t try to order you around but we really want you to come with us.”

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