Plane to Paradise


I was so excited. My boyfriend and I were headed on a plane to the Caribbean. We both worked hard and really needed the vacation. Although it was cold where we came from, I put on a short skirt and tank top, in anticipation of the weather where we were landing. I also know that miniskirts get my boyfriend all riled up, and I wanted to give him a little tease of what was in store for the two glorious weeks ahead.

We were on a late flight, and shortly after taking off the cabin lights went out. My boyfriend looked like he was about to fall asleep, but I didn’t allow that to happen. My head was leaning on his shoulder and I slowly started licking circles around his ear. He awoke with a soft moan, forgetting where he was. I showered his neck with kisses, and whispered in his ear. I loved getting him all worked up in public. Usually he wasn’t too receptive, but I was hoping today would be different.

I slid my hand under his blanket and found him stiff in his pants. I slowly ran my hand up and down his hard cock. I undid his fly and felt the skin. I slowly rubbed him up and down, as I was still kissing his neck. I had the window seat, so people couldn’t really see me kissing him. Plus, the girl next to him seemed to be asleep. This excited me even more. Soon enough I could feel his cock dripping with desire. I laid my head down on his lap. I couldn’t get perfect access so I just licked the head of his cock softly. My hands played with his balls and soon he came. I was so happy he had let this happen with people all around, and so aroused. eryamandaki escortlar He soon returned the long soft kisses on my ears and neck. He felt under my shirt and played with my hard nipples. He traced circles over my stomach and I was aching for his hand to go lower. Finally he reached up under my skirt, pulled aside my thong and found my wet slit. He traced his fingers up and down slowly. He had me stifling my moans. His finger finally prodded deep into me. He then worked his way up to my clitoris. He circled around it with just one finger, bringing me to the brink of climax. He thrust his fingers inside of me while rubbing my clit with his thumb and brought me to an intense climax. I new for sure my juices had left a wet spot on the seat, but it was so worth it.

Next he surprised me and got up to go to the bathroom, and motioned for me to follow him. I tried to recompose myself, and followed him into the bathroom. I couldn’t keep my moans down. I had never wanted his cock inside of me more. I sat up on the sink as he ripped off my panties. He attacked my pussy with his mouth, bringing me to another amazing orgasm. He then stood up and kissed me. I could taste my juices on his mouth and I loved it. I pulled down his pants and rubbed his cock, and then he shoved it inside me. The cold metal of the sink was pressing against my asshole and it felt so good. I quickly came to another orgasm. I reached around and grabbed my boyfriend’s balls. I played and squeezed until he came too. There was no way the whole plane didn’t hear us, etimesgut bayan escort but I loved it.

We returned to our seats a couple minutes later, with grins on both of our faces. This time he took the window seat and I sat next to the pretty girl. She looked about my age, 24. She had a beautiful, tanned, voluptuous body. As I sat down she opened her eyes and smiled seductively at me. I am attracted to women also, and she was so beautiful. I smiled back and wasn’t quite sure what to do. Then she asked me if I was having a good flight. I said yes and she winked. She said she only wished she had someone to make the flight a little exciting for her. Was this a proposition? My boyfriend was listening intently but letting me do all the talking. Next I felt her hand on my leg. Now I was sure what she wanted and I was excited to give it to her. I spread my legs showing I was receptive to her touch. She moved her hand up my skirt and massaged my inner thighs. I moved my hand onto her lap. I also massaged her thighs and moved my way up to her hot mound. I could tell my boyfriend was getting hot and wanted in on the action. I asked her if she would mind switching seats with me, so she would be between me and my boyfriend. She willingly moved over. Now we both had access to her. She was wearing a tight button-up shirt. My boyfriend worked his way through the buttons and started caressing her breasts. She was not wearing a bra. The cold air over her nipples made her gasp out loud. He pinched her nipples ankara escort and then took one in his mouth. He rolled his tongue over her large erect nipples. Meanwhile I was working my way down with her zipper and under her panties. She lifted her butt off the seat and let me slide her pants and underwear off. I looked around. It looked like everyone else on the plane was asleep. We were safe.

As my boyfriend licked and sucked her nipples I ran my hands over her shaved mound. I brought my fingers downward, entering her. She was already so hot and wet. I entered her with my fingers, first one, then two, then three. I started thrusting my fingers in and out of her and I could feel her breath quicken. My boyfriend brought a hand down to her clitoris and started stroking it, while I was fucking her with my fingers. I leaned closer to her and kissed her. It was a deep passionate kiss, and it stifled the moans of the orgasm I felt her have in my hand. We kissed intimately, until I felt her breathing return to normal.

She next turned her attention to my boyfriend. She felt his again hard cock pressing firmly against his pants. She pulled down his pants and started rubbing him. She then kissed him too. He pulled her closer, and then she mounted his lap. She was facing away from him, and slowly let herself down on his cock. She rid him up and down while he was playing with her tits. I could not handle it, I had to get myself off. I started playing with my own vagina. I was so wet my hand slid in and out of my pussy. My other hand found my clitoris, and I brought myself off as I watched the two of them get off.

We all got our clothes back on and got back in our seats just before the cabin lights went on. Our captain told us we’d be landing soon and wished us a good trip. The plane ride was just a start for the vacation to come!

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