Player Discipline


Jerry Travis was a pretty normal guy. He’d just turned fifty-two, was in good health, and worked as a regional manager for a large trucking company that gave him a good living. Just under six feet tall, Jerry wore more of his 185 pounds around his waist than he would prefer, but was certainly not fat. He had mostly salt and a little pepper thinning hair, and had recently started sporting a short scruff beard. Jerry’s brown eyes were surrounded by crow’s feet, and he projected a confident, masculine air.

Softball was a big part of Jerry’s life for almost twenty-three years. His daughters all played ball, and he’d coached ball for seventeen years. Jerry loved the game, and had been very successful as a coach. It was exhausting at times, but Jerry kept at it although it took most of his time.

Enough of his time that softball contributed to the downfall of his marriage. After years of complaining that Jerry didn’t spend enough time with her, Jerry’s ex Sherry divorced him and took up with one of her co-workers.

The jolt of the divorce almost made Jerry quit coaching, but his sister begged him to continue so he could coach her daughter. Jerry agreed, and spent four more years shepherding his niece Lauren on the ballfield until she decided to quit playing to focus on school.

One of the things that made Jerry such a good ball coach was that he genuinely cared about his players. Jerry learned their names before the first practice, gave praise where it was due, and criticism when necessary. He didn’t tolerate any unsportsmanlike conduct, insisted that his girls hustle, made sure that everyone was on time for practices and games, and rewarded effort more than results.

Through the years word had gotten around about Jerry’s abilities to lead. His teams won many championships, and Jerry reaped the blessings of having many of the best players wanting to play for him. His players were by and large fiercely loyal to him, and the parents more so.

Jerry coached literally hundreds of girls during his career. Many of his girls went on to play college ball. Some even became coaches. While coaching had in some ways cost him his family, Jerry felt very proud that he’d had such a positive impact on so many young ladies.

Gayle Dixon was one of Jerry’s players. Jerry started coaching her when Gayle was eleven. Gayle was one of the fastest players Jerry had ever worked with. Jerry turned the natural right-hander around at the plate, working with her to become a slapper. In her second season with Jerry, Gayle moved from substitute to leadoff hitter and shortstop.

For her first three years with Jerry, Gayle was a model player. She did everything she was asked to do, and looked to have a promising future if she decided to continue to play ball.

But things started to unravel when Gayle turned fourteen. Gayle’s parents had split years ago, and as she entered her teenage years Gayle’s mom had a hard time dealing with Gayle’s ever-increasing rebellious streak. As Gayle changed from a girl to a young woman, things got even worse. She began actively seeking the attention of boys, and her focus on school and softball waned.

While Gayle was fourteen, there was an incident that caused one of the worst problems Jerry had ever had as a coach. Jerry’s catcher, Katie, had left her equipment bag with rest of the team’s in a big pile at a tournament. Someone stole $45 that Katie had in her bag, and a couple of the player’s accused Gayle.

Jerry listened to the complaints from players and parents, but decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to be sure it was Gayle. There were some bitter feelings after this, and the season ended on a sour note.

The next season Katie and two other players didn’t return to Jerry’s team. Jerry wondered about if he’d made the right decision about the missing money. Gayle was a handful that year. She played lights out softball, but went missing at times running off to chase boys. Having seen this many times before, Jerry knew that Gayle was about done as a player. The team went on to have a strong season.

When the season ended, Jerry’s niece Lauren tearfully came to him and told him that she wouldn’t be playing any more. Lauren knew her limits as a softball player, and told Jerry that she needed to focus on school. “Coach, there’s no way I’m going to get a scholarship to a good D1 school playing ball. I want to become a vet,” Lauren told him through her tears.

Lauren’s retirement relieved Jerry of his promise to his sister, and Jerry decided to retire from coaching. While he no longer saw Gayle on the ballfield, Jerry did see Gayle from time to time. Jerry was always invited and attended Gayle’s birthday parties, and Gayle always screamed loudly and hugged Jerry when she saw him. Jerry enjoyed seeing Gayle and many of his other players.

Jerry’s sister had a pool party for Lauren’s eighteenth birthday. When Jerry got to the party, he went out back where there were lots of people grilling, splashing and having a good time. As he walked towards the pool area he heard a shriek.

“Coach!!” erotik film izle Gayle swam to the edge of the in-ground pool and climbed out. As was normal, Gayle rushed to Jerry and hugged him. Jerry took a step back, having gotten wet from Gayle’s embrace. “Oh, I’m sorry!” Gayle said realizing how wet she’d gotten Jerry. She grabbed a towel and patted his chest. She kept patting him downwards, and for the briefest of moments Jerry felt her hand on his crotch. She smiled at him and said, “I always get excited to see you, Coach.” She gave him the towel, and jumped back into the pool.

Looking around it seemed that no one had noticed, which relieved Jerry. Stunned and a bit unsure as to what had just happened, Jerry decided he needed a beer. As he mixed with the party-goers, Jerry took a look at Gayle.

A year older than Lauren, Gayle had several tattoos, including a tramp stamp. Gayle was about 5’6″ tall, and had long light brown hair with some light streaks. Gayle wasn’t very busty, but wasn’t flat-chested either. Her bikini bottom covered her backside, but the front was impossibly small. Jerry shook his head, saying to himself, “Cut that shit out now.”

As the party continued, Jerry found himself sneaking peeks at Gayle. Gayle was sitting on the side of the pool with her legs in the water talking with a couple of friends who were in the pool. Jerry was walking around the pool across from Gayle and snuck a glance at her. Gayle noticed his look and smiled at him, looking directly towards his eyes. She tossed her wet hair from one side to the other then adjusted her bikini top.

Later Jerry standing off away from the crowd when he felt a warm hand on his lower back. “Here you are,” Gayle smiled at him. She’d changed to a pair of short shorts and a loose fitting halter top. “I made this and I want you to try it.” She held up a cracker with some dip on it. Jerry took the snack from Gayle and popped it in his mouth.

While he was chewing his eyes were drawn to Gayle’s chest. Her nipples poked against the satiny top making it obvious that she was braless. “Do you like it, Coach?” she asked.

“Yeah, good stuff,” Jerry replied. Gayle smiled at him and tossed her hair back.

“I’m glad you like my stuff.” Was that innocent or innuendo Jerry wondered, worried that she’d caught him looking at her tits. Gayle reached over and took the longneck beer out of Jerry’s hand. Before he could protest, Gayle took a deep pull and handed it back to him. “SShhhh, I won’t tell if you won’t, Coach.” Their eyes locked for a moment, and then Gayle scooted off.

This exchange stayed with Jerry, and he sometimes asked himself, “If…” Jerry kept track of Gayle via Facebook, and saw that she was a wild child. There were several pictures of her drinking and partying with her friends on her feed.

The only downside to Jerry’s job was that he had to travel. Jerry greatly preferred the comfort of his own home, but spending a few days in a hotel wasn’t the worst thing that could happen.

After inspecting the terminal in Savannah and finding that it was running smoothly, Jerry went looking for a place to have some dinner. Knowing that the Women’s College World Series was happening, Jerry decided to head to the TGI Friday’s where he could hopefully watch some softball.

Years removed from coaching, Jerry still loved the game. Pulling into the parking lot, he reached in his back seat to grab his jacket- the rain had started coming down. Jerry maneuvered himself to a booth so he had a good view of a big screen where Michigan and Arizona were playing in Oklahoma City.

The rain really started to cut loose, and the noise made it impossible for him to hear the play by play of the game. Not that he needed it- Jerry had no problem following what was happening just from reading the on-screen information. A waiter came by, and Jerry ordered a burger and beer.

While he was waiting for his food, Jerry heard some loud laughter behind him. He turned to see what was up, and saw a group of five young ladies all in green scrubs getting ready to leave. Jerry thought he’d recognized one of the voices, but couldn’t place it right away. A second later, he heard, “COACH!”

Gayle left her girlfriends and ran to his table. He stood to greet her, and she hugged him. Looking at her outfit he asked, “STC?”

“Savannah Technical College. I’m studying to be a dental assistant.” Gayle looked good, even in the plain scrubs.

“That’s great, Gayle,” Jerry replied.

“What are you here for?” Gayle asked.

“On business. I’ll be heading home tomorrow afternoon.”

There was a short pause, then Gayle said, “I was just having a drink with the girls before I went home.” Gayle smiled at him, smoothed her top out, and tossed her hair back.

Jerry felt a bit warm. Gayle looked at Jerry and said, “I miss seeing you. You left the party before I got to say good-bye.”

“Something came up and I needed to go.” Jerry saw Gayle’s friends looking at her and said, “Looks like your friends are waiting.”

Gayle film izle looked at Jerry for a long second, and then said, “Yeah, don’t want to keep them waiting. See you, Coach!” Gayle turned and went back to her friends. Jerry watched her go, both somewhat relieved and disappointed. He sat back down in his booth.

A couple of minutes later Jerry was surprised when Gayle slid into the booth across from him. “I told my friends that I didn’t want to drive in the rain and that I’d catch up with them later.”

Just then the waiter arrived with Jerry’s food and drink. Jerry looked at Gayle and said, “Want something?”

Without missing a beat, Gayle asked the waiter for a Long Island Ice Tea. Jerry raised his eyebrows at her, and Gayle said, “I love those- you can’t taste the liquor and they always get me smashed.”

While Jerry ate his burger, Gayle peppered him with questions. “How’s Lauren?” “What exactly do you do at work?” “How long does it take you to get home?” Jerry kept his answers short, peeked at the game on the TV, and tried to stay polite.

As Gayle’s Long Island Ice Tea disappeared, the tone of her questions changed. “How long have you been divorced?” “Do you live alone?” “Do you have a girlfriend?” Jerry answered. “Long time now.” “Yes, but my dogs keep me company.” “No girlfriends.”

Gayle’s questions left Jerry feeling unsettled. He felt like he was auditioning for something. At one point Gayle noticed Jerry looking at her nose piercing. “I think it’s kinda rebellious and cool. I have other piercings too.” Gayle looked at Jerry to gauge his response. Upping the ante, Gayle stuck her tongue out.

Jerry gave her an awkward grin. “That’s, uhh, nice.”

Gayle giggled back and him and took another sip from her drink. “So I’ve been told.”

For the next ten minutes Gayle kept pressing the issue, flirting without being blatant about it. She still had plausible deniability. Jerry felt an urge in his groin that was growing. He was having an increasingly difficult time balancing caution and lust.

Jerry finished his burger and gulped down the rest of his beer. Gayle was almost done with her Long Island Ice Tea. Jerry noted her broad mouth with thin lips, blue eyes and strong chin. He wondered what she would look like with his cock in her mouth.

Snapping out of it Jerry asked if Gayle wanted anything else. She slurped the rest of her drink and said, “No.”

Jerry paid the bill and grabbed his jacket. “You live far from here?” he asked.

“Just on the other side of town,” Gayle replied.

It was raining cats and dogs. “You sure you’re going to be OK driving in this?” Jerry was equally concerned about her driving in the rain and under the influence.

“I’m fine.”

“At least let me walk you to your car.”

“Thanks. I just need to go potty first. Do you mind waiting?”

After she returned from the restroom they walked to the exit. “Where are you parked?” Jerry asked. Gayle pointed to a red Camaro that was on the opposite side of the lot from Jerry’s F150.

Jerry held his jacket up like an umbrella and they dashed to Gayle’s car. When they got there Gayle fumbled with her purse and opened the door. Turning from Jerry she leaned in for a second and then turned back towards Jerry.

Hugging him while he held his jacket up to protect them from the rain, Gayle stepped in close to Jerry and wrapped her arms around his waist. Then she staggered back and bumped the car door closed with her hip.

She tried to open the door but it had locked. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed. She ran around to the passenger side door but it was locked too.

“OH MY GOD COACH I JUST LOCKED MYSELF OUT! What are we going to do?” Jerry tried the door but it wouldn’t open.

“Come on with me,” Jerry said. They ran across the lot to Jerry’s truck. Jerry opened the door and got Gayle inside. He then ran to the driver’s side and climbed in.

“Who can you call to come and bring you some keys?” Jerry asked.

“No one- my phone is in my purse. My roommate is out of town and doesn’t get back until tomorrow morning.” Gayle was soaking, and so was Jerry. He gave her his jacket and started his truck. “Coach, I don’t know what to do,” Gayle said softly, wiping the hair from her face.

“Guess you’re coming with me, young lady,” Jerry said somewhat resolutely.

“If you say so, Coach,” Gayle smiled at him, almost with intent.

The short ride to the Marriot went quickly, and there was tension in the air. When they arrived, Jerry said, “C’mon, let’s get inside where it’s dry and try to figure this out.” He grabbed his briefcase from the back of the truck and led Gayle inside, holding her by the inside of her left elbow.

As they rode the elevator up, Gayle looked at Jerry and said, “I’m sorry about this Coach.” She looked like she was about in tears.

“Don’t worry about it, sweetie. We all make mistakes.” Gayle looked at Jerry and smiled. Jerry was glad he could make her feel better.

Jerry opened the room and moved to set his briefcase down. Gayle went seks filmi izle to the bathroom and emerged with a towel around her head turban-style. She was carrying a second towel, and walked over next to Jerry. “Looks like I got you wet again, Coach.”

Holding the towel in both hands, she patted Jerry’s face dry. They both were soaked from the rain. She rubbed Jerry’s chest some, looked Jerry straight in the eyes and said, “Let me take care of you, Coach.” Jerry felt himself stirring quickly, and Gayle once again dropped her hands between his legs.

This time there was no mistaking her intentions. Gayle’s hands rubbed his groin. “This feels nice, Coach.” She held Jerry’s balls in her left hand and stroked the outline of his growing cock with her right. Despite wearing green scrubs, having her hair up in a towel, and waterlogged makeup, Gayle looked alluring.

Jerry looked at Gayle, less than half his age, ready and willing. But he still didn’t feel right about the situation. Something wasn’t right. He took the towel from her and said, “Gayle, wait a minute.”

“Wait for what, Coach. I’ve seen how you look at me. Don’t tell me you don’t want me.” She stood with her hands on her hips, shoulders back.

“It’s not that, it’s just, just…”

“Just what, Coach?” Irritation had crept into her voice.

“Gimme a minute to figure this out, Gayle.” Jerry walked away from her and pick up his cell phone. “There’s got to be something we can do.”

Gayle sprung at Jerry and grabbed the cell phone away from him. “THERE’S NOTHING TO FIGURE OUT, GODDAMNIT.” She threw the cell phone across the room.

“What the fuck, Gayle?” Jerry was mad as hell. He couldn’t believe how one of his players was disrespecting him.

“What are you going to do now, Coach? Do nothing like you did when I stole Katie’s money?” Shock came over his face. “That’s right, it was ME- I DID IT. I took the bitch’s money.”

Jerry was getting more enraged by the second. “I gave you the benefit of the doubt.”

Unbelievably, Gayle slapped him. “I didn’t want the benefit of the doubt, you asshole, I wanted…”

Stung by the slap and beyond pissed off that she’d lied to him, Jerry grabbed Gayle’s collar and cocked his right fist. “You ungrateful little bitch!” He saw her panic in fear, waiting for the blow. “I ought to…”

“Do what, Coach? You gonna punch me out?”

Jerry was able to stop himself from breaking her pretty face. “No, I’m not going to punch you. But I am going to do THIS!” Jerry sat down on the bed and pulled Gayle down with him. He situated her across his lap and began spanking her as hard as he could.

“Lie to me?” SMACK. “You deserve much more than this, young lady.” SMACK SMACK. The wet green scrubs provided little protection for Gayle’s ass. “I won’t tolerate being treated like that!” SMACK. SMACK SMACK.

Gayle whimpered, but stayed put, not even moving her hands to cover her ass against Jerry’s onslaught. Jerry continued to wear her ass out until his hand hurt. Spent, he finally stopped, and pulled Gayle up off his lap. She kneeled in front of him, her butt on the floor between her ankles.

“Gayle, I…” Jerry was spent, the adrenaline having run through him.

Gayle looked at Jerry and put her finger on his lips. “Thank you.” She nodded at him, keeping her finger on his mouth. “I have needed that for a long time. I wanted what only you could give me.” She raised herself up off the ground, and kissed Jerry softly for a few seconds.

“I’ve been acting up for years, hoping that someone would care enough about me to discipline me. Everyone kept coddling me, letting me get away with whatever I wanted to do. You’ve been the only person in my life that didn’t let me get away with things.” Again, Gayle leaned in and kissed Jerry, this time slipping her tongue into his mouth for a second.

Unleashing his dominant side had given Jerry a rush of testosterone. “So you’re ready be a good girl?” Jerry looked down into Gayle’s eyes, and wiped tears off her cheeks.

“I’m not really a good girl, Coach,” Gayle purred. “But I’ll do what you tell me to do.”

“Go bring me my cell phone.” Jerry grabbed his wallet and room keys while Gayle fetched the phone. The Otterbox did its job.

Jerry asked, “That was no accident, was it?”

Gayle looked at him, puzzled. “What are you talking about?”

“You meant to grab my cock at the party, didn’t you?” Jerry smiled at her.

“Oh…” Gayle paused. “Yeah, I did mean to cop a feel. I hid it in the towel, though.”

“I wondered if I was imagining all the teasing.”

“You weren’t imagining anything. I wanted to fuck you. If I had the chance I was going to take you into a bathroom.”

“You’re a hot little slut.”

Gayle looked at Jerry and said, “Uh huh.”

“Time for you to get out of those wet clothes, and get cleaned up.” Jerry pulled Gayle to him, holding her face and letting her tongue into his mouth for several seconds. “Go do what you’re told.”

Gayle lifted the scrub top over her head, kicked off her shoes, and stepped out of her scrub pants. She then removed her unremarkable bra, smiling as she showed Jerry her pert breasts. She had small bars through both of her nipples. “I told you I had other piercings,” she giggled.

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