Please Don’t Go Emily


The truck had arrived that morning with all of their new furniture. Caron and Scott were so excited to be homeowners at last. They had driven from the closing in the lawyer’s office that morning to meet the truck from the furniture store. When they had decided to move out of their old apartment, they had wanted to treat themselves to a new living room set. Their shopping got out of hand when they went way overboard and bought a new bedroom set, as well.

Scott gave the driver and his crew a nice tip after they had all of the new furniture in place where the proud homeowners wanted it. Caron took Scott by the hand and they quickly set out to test the new mattress.

“I am so freaking happy! Fuck me again. Please, Scott! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, again and again. I want you inside me so bad. I don’t want you to ever leave me. I want you inside me forever.”

“Oh, please Caron. Get off of me. We’ve been screwing for hours. I’ve cum inside you three times and I don’t think I have anything left in me. I’m drained, honey. Get off.”

He pushed her shoulders away from him as she dismounted his penis. She had been riding it all afternoon like a rodeo cowgirl. He rolled over to kiss her breast and suckle her nipple one more time. He slid his fingers inside her, again. He wanted to make sure she was completely satisfied, so he ran his thumb around her clit until she arched her back and her body shuddered with ecstasy. They were so in love, still acting like newlyweds, even though they had been married for five years.

“Now, do you think we can get some sheets on this bed before the movers come back with the second load of furniture?” He was pulling up his pants as he raised his naked ass off their new Tempur-Pedic mattress.

“I love this old house,” said Caron. She pulled the loose sheet up around her naked body.

“I can’t believe we finally bought it. I want to install one of those fancy tin ceilings up there. Do you think we can have a couple of tiles of mirrors up there, too? Would that be keeping with the period of the house, or would that just be me wanting to see your sexy ass rising and falling into me while you make love to me?” She winked at him and pinched his cute little ass before he had a chance to shake everything into his pants.

“C’mon, you horny, Devil,” said Scott, hoping she wouldn’t want an encore of their last love making session.

“Get your butt out of bed. We can consider that mattress christened. I think I hear the truck coming in the driveway. Come on.” He trotted down the back staircase, through the kitchen, and met the movers on the back porch.

“Hi, guys. The boxes are all labeled which room they go to. I guess you can figure out where the furniture belongs. You know–recliner in the den, table in the kitchen. You’ll figure it all out.”

“Wow! I can’t believe you bought the old Smithfield house,” the driver said as he placed a box on the kitchen counter. “You folks must be pretty brave.” His eyes were glancing around the room and up toward the ceiling.

“Hi, I’m Scott Cooper,” he extended his hand to the driver. “What do you mean by that? Is there a problem with the house?” He was still pumping the outstretched hand of the driver.

“You know it’s haunted, don’t you?” The driver looked nervous and his eyes never stopped looking around the room as if he were going to see a puff of smoke appear above my head with a stranger’s face floating in it.

“No. The real estate lady never mentioned that to us. What do you mean when you say, haunted?” Scott escort eryaman was already unpacking the first carton and began to put things away in the cupboard.

“There are ghosts living in here. Spirits. Spooks. Whatever you want to call them, they’re here. This house has been on the market for years. The Smithfield’s would rent it out because they couldn’t sell it. The renters would stay for a couple of months, but they would leave in a hurry.”

“Well the Coopers are here now, and we aren’t going to have uninvited guests for dinner,” Scott stood with his hands firmly planted on his hips. He leaned in closer to the driver and whispered, “Please don’t mention this to my wife. She’s upstairs getting dressed. I don’t want to upset her.”

Caron Cooper fell in love with this house the moment she walked through the front door. It had old-world charm. The foyer had stained glass windows on either side of the entry. A crystal chandelier hung from the center of the ceiling. There was five thousand square feet of rich walnut paneling, wide board hard wood floors made out of oak, three bathrooms, four bedrooms, dining room, parlor, a pantry off the kitchen and two fireplaces. Yeah, it needed some work, but not much. It mostly needed a good cleaning and the cobwebs needed to be swept away from the corners.

They had read some of the history in the local library about the Smithfield family. The house had been left to the great-great granddaughter of Howard Smithfield. He was a jeweler and very well known east of the river for his fine work in creating unique heirloom pieces, mostly brooches and hat pins. The granddaughter loved roses. She had planted one of ever variety in the garden just outside the back door. There is a path between the rose bushes that leads to her tombstone only a hundred feet from the house.

Nonetheless, Caron and Scott were fine with the knowledge of Emily being planted beside her beloved roses. They felt she would be at peace lying next to the things she loved. But, now with the new information of the house being haunted, Scott wasn’t so sure Emily was at peace in the backyard.

It took about a week to get all of their personal belongings put away. All the empty cartons had been tied up and taken to the curb for pick up. The different pieces of furniture had been moved and then moved, again, several times. Caron had worked tediously to get all the window treatments completed, while Scott hung pictures on the walls.

But, Scott had to return to work, which left Caron to tackle the weeds in the rose garden on her own. She loved being outside and fall was a great time to dead head the rose bushes and cut back on all of the damaged canes. The garden had been neglected for so many years and as the new homeowner, she was going to be the one responsible to put the rose bed to sleep for the winter. She wanted it to awake in the spring with color and the wonderful fragrance of rose petals.

By Halloween the leaves had begun to fall and scatter about between the plants. Caron could see at the end of the path how they would accumulate around Emily’s tombstone. She would rake away the leaves around her marker every day, but every night the leaves would return. It was almost as if someone was trying to cover Emily with a blanket to keep her warm for the winter.

“I worked in the rose garden almost all day today, honey. How was your day?” Caron was carrying a chaffing dish into the dining room to have their evening meal together.

“I’m tired tonight. I think I’ll go to bed early.” ankara escort Scott was pouring a glass of wine for each of them.

“Oh, this is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down today. Maybe I’ll join you in that bed as soon as I can get the kitchen cleaned up after dinner.” She took a sip of the wine. “This is a good choice for dinner, honey. What year is it?” She took another sip of the wine, a bite of the beef tenderloin, and another sip of the wine. “Mmm, very good.”

“That’s a ’95. It was a great year for red in California. The beef is excellent, sweetie. You’ve outdone yourself today between all of your yard work and this excellent dinner.”

“Thank you.”

“I’d love to have you join me in that early bedtime tonight, sweetie.” Scott smiled and reached over to Caron’s breast and gave her nipple a playful squeeze. Caron had a wonderful bosom. Scott always had a difficult time keeping his hands off of her full-size breasts. Sometimes when they made love, he would kiss her breasts before he would kiss her lips. He was a boob man. He loved the weight of them in his hands. He had a way of making her nipples hard just by looking at them. Oh, yeah. He couldn’t wait to get her into bed tonight and suck on those nipples. He could feel his cock begin to grow beneath the table.

“I can get the kitchen cleaned up in a hurry, honey.” Caron ran her tongue along the edge of her wine glass. Then, she ran her tongue from the bottom of the glass up to the rim, drawing out a long noisy mouthful of wine as if she was sucking cum out of his penis.

The table was cleared quickly and the empty bottle of cabernet was placed into the recycle bin just before they made their way up the back staircase to their bedroom. Scott left his tie on the banister. Caron’s shoes were left in the stairway. Each of them stripped as they climbed their way to their love nest, shirt in the hallway, blouse left on the doorknob.

They reached the bed with full passion for each other. His cock was hard when she took it into her hand to stroke it. The tip was already oozing with pre-cum as she lowered her mouth to lick it dry. Her tongue circled the tip just as it had circled the glass of wine while they dined together just a few moments ago.

His hands reached for her breasts to caress. His lips surrounded her nipples and sucked gently at first. Then, his passion for her took control of his lustful thoughts as he couldn’t wait any longer to enter her. He spread her legs and guided his eager cock into her love canal; slowly, at first. She began to moan and move her hips in rhythm to his every thrust. Pump after pump, her moans turned into grunt after grunt as her nails dug deeper into his butt as she tried to pull him even deeper inside of her.

“Come on, Scott. Make me cum. Make me scream. Yeah, baby. That’s it. That’s it. Yes. Do it, do it, baby. Yah, y’ess!” Her back arched and he could feel the quiver come from inside her body as he released his passion inside of her.

“Ahh, Caron. That was great. You certainly do bring out the best in me. I love you.” With a complete release of all of the tensions from the day, Scott laid his head on his pillow and slowly drifted into a dream.

Caron reached for the sheet as a chill had suddenly taken over the room. After her long, hard day of yard work and a satisfying love making session with her husband, she was quickly asleep, too.

Scott lay on his back in a deep sleep while he began to dream of Caron holding his cock in his hand. She began to elvakent escort stroke him as she always did. He could feel his cock start to rise beneath the sheet as her hand completely surrounded his shaft like it had never done before. Her movement was faster than her normal stoking. He wondered if he was masturbating or if she had perfected her touch.

He fell deeper into his sleep and deeper into his dream about his wife jerking him off. She had never touched him like this before in their five years of marriage. It felt so good even if it was just a dream, and yet, if felt so real. He could feel his hips begin to rock slowly toward her strokes. Her hand moved faster and his hips rose to every downward stroke. He could feel the warm sensation of her mouth surround the tip of his cock. Her tongue circled around and around, then suddenly, he thrust his ready cock deep inside her waiting mouth and deeper than she had ever taken him before.

Caron had never allowed him to cum inside her mouth. She didn’t swallow. But, in his dream, she wouldn’t let go. He continued to fuck her mouth. Her lips firmly around his cock and her hand kept stroking as fast as her mouth was rising and falling on his cock.

She began to suck while guiding her mouth up and down until the pressure was finally too much for him to take and he had to release his love into her. He tried to hold it back, but he couldn’t. It exploded inside her and he heard her swallow. He felt his cum drain down her throat. Finally! Finally, she had accepted him inside her mouth.

Almost awake from his deep sleep and not willing to leave his dream behind, he reached for her head between his legs to stroke her long blonde hair and to say thank you. But, his hand touched something unfamiliar and he began to awake. His hand was stroking long hair, but it was curly. Something he had never felt before. It wasn’t Caron’s head. But, whose was it? He reached for it, again. He played with the hair between his thumb and his index fingers. He could fell himself gently coming out of the dream and becoming more alert, but he didn’t want to leave the dream behind. It was a wonderful dream of his wife giving him a blow job that he had always wished to happen.

Scott slowly raised his head and looked down, but before his eyes could focus in the dimly lit bedroom, she was gone. Was there someone there? Did he actually feel that long curly hair? Was it really a dream? He shivered and shook his head. It seemed so real to him.

He was suddenly cold and reached for the blanket. Caron was sound asleep next to him. He rolled over and drifted back to sleep.

The next morning, Caron was up early, long before Scott had to be at work. She had been in the basement poking in some old boxes left behind by previous tenants. When Scott came into the kitchen for his coffee, Caron was just coming up the basement steps carrying a dust covered box.

“Look what I found in the basement.”

“What’s that?” He set his cup down to help her with the box.

“It’s full of pictures of the Smithfield family. Look! Here’s a picture of Emily. She’s the one who is buried out back in the rose garden. She was beautiful. Look at her. She had long, red curly hair. I think she was only thirty when she died.” Caron turned the photograph toward Scott so he could see her, too.

Scott took a sip of his coffee at the same time he looked at Emily’s picture. Coffee spewed halfway across the kitchen.

“Are you okay, Scott? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”


Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoyed my little tale. Please help me to celebrate my birthday by taking a few more seconds to vote on this contest story. Be kind. I’ve never been this old before.

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