Pool Party


Larry lived in an incredible condo in the South of Market Area in San Francisco, and the nicest thing about his place was the rooftop pool, Jacuzzi and the amazing view of the bay bridge. The pool was kept warm enough to swim in year round and the roof had windscreens and heaters so one didn’t mind wearing a swimsuit (or less after dark). Larry often held parties on the roof and more than a few times people ended up in the pool in whatever they dared to bare. Larry usually invited David to his parties as David made an excellent bartender, both personable and being a very light drinker, tended not to get drunk and obnoxious with the female guests.

David loved coming to these parties and being the bartender, since, as he often would say, “one way to make sure you meet and get to talk to EVERYONE,” Having recently separated from his girlfriend of 2 years, he enjoyed being able to talk with someone other than his cat. David arrived early and helped set up the bar on the roof and chatted with several of the early arrivals. He overheard that Larry’s sister was down from Canada with a friend of hers, but knowing Larry’s sister, said friend would quite likely be buried under all the guys at the party. David chuckled and served another drink.

About an hour into the evening, a vision of loveliness broke out of the crowd escort eryaman and asked David for a drink. As David was fixing it, he introduced himself and started a conversation as he enjoyed the view of 5’8″, light brown hair, golden skin with full breasts and curves that scream “Woman” rather than waif. She introduced herself as Helen, thanked him and went back to her friends once she received her drink. A short time later, she went back, not for another drink, but to chat.

As it got later, and people started filtering out, someone suggested those who remained to jump into the pool. An apparently popular suggestion because clothes started coming off, some down to skin, others down to underwear. Helen popped back over to the bar in all her naked glory causing David to drop a glass. He gave Helen an embarrassed smile and said, “Thank god for plastic.”

She blushed and said, “I’ll race you too the pool.” David hesitated for a second then stripped to match her nakedness and chased her across the deck, following her graceful racing dive with a more tugboat like flop into the water.

In the pool, their talk continued, and as the conversation became more personal, they found themselves moving closer, touching as they laughed at a shared joke. The touches became light caresses and he noticed her warmth along his side ankara escort and chest. She seemed to raise the temperature of the water 10 degrees. Or was it him feeling her soft breasts against his chest? Arms seemed to naturally circle each other as the conversation moved from intimate to sensual, until that first kiss. Tentative but sweet, she sighed as they broke, his arms wrapped around her waist as her hands cupped the back of his head. The next kiss they shared more, tongues lightly dancing together he found her long legs wrapped around his waist so he moved his hands to hold her round sweet ass as he pulled her closer to him. Both shuddered and moaned at the intensity and jolt of feelings that kiss shot through them.

The kisses became more intense and the caresses became tweaks of nipples and kisses(sucking?) of erect dark areolas. His tongue flicked across the peak of her nipple, sending a shudder of pleasure through her body. She whimpered and pressed herself against him, grinding her nether lips across his hardening cock as she brushed her lips over his throat and sucked his ear lobe. He moaned and replied in kind as he slipped a hand between them to tease her soft curls. He pressed lower to tease her clit, causing her to cry out in shock and pleasure as his finger rolled over her bud. Bucking elvakent escort against him, the angle shifted and she impaled herself on him, his shaft sliding to a perfect fit in her sheath. This brought a cry from her very soul as the needed fulfillment brought her over the top and she shuddered with her climax. She wrapped herself around him forcing them both to stillness without a muscle moving except for the clenching and unclenching of her inner muscles around his shaft.

As her breathing calmed and she recovered from the sudden climax of that first entry, she relaxed and moved over him. Rocking her pelvis, meeting the thrust of his cock, building slowly, taking him deepl. Their thrusts increased in intensity and speed, causing whimpers and groans from each, as she reached her peak again, the clenching of her body causing him to explode, filling her with the molten fluids of his climax.

As they held each other coming down from their shared passion, a voice from the pool deck spoke, “Hey love birds! If you two are quite done, we need to lock the roof for the night.”

They looked up to see Larry’s sister holding two towels with their clothes at her feet. “Come on, hurry, Helen. The taxi is going to be here any minute!”

Helen looked up and shook her head. “No, I think I’m going to take that job offer at SFU.” She looked down at Dave and asked, “Mind putting me up for a few days until I can find an apartment?”

He looked deep into her eyes. “No, I think, if you wish, you’ve already found an apartment. Hope you don’t mind my decorating.”

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