Pretend Mum and Dad


Pretend Mum and DadNote: This is just from my dirty imagination. Shelia knew that her 70-year-old husband could only get a ramrod hard on when they had a threesome. Which is why she is out in the shopping centre hunting for a suitable partner. She’s 65, buxom but still attractive and knew she could attract men – making sure of it with a shortish dress and her knees slightly apart showed off just enough hairy cunt for the discerning granny lover to take an interest.Casting her eyes around the food court she noticed that for the last 10 minutes or so a youngish guy kept looking at her…or rather the gap between her legs. To be sure she opened her legs slightly more. His eyes were wild. She had found what she wanted… a granny fucker. So, getting up and walking around the centre for a few minutes she came back to his table and asked if she could share it with him as she hated eating alone.Of course, he readily agreed, thinking all his birthdays had come at once. She could see that it would be up to her to get things started so said. ‘I don’t wish to appear forward young man but I could not help but notice that you were intently looking up my skirt. Did you like what you saw?’‘Oh, my name is Joan, by the way, what’s yours? He said Paul and shyly admitted he did like what he saw. With further questioning he told her that he preferred older ladies as they seemed to be down to earth and he liked them because they were mumsy and he had always had sexual fantasies about his mother which he knew was wrong but would not go away.Seeing how this could play out, Joan got up and moved to sit beside him.‘Paul, you must stop that. It is natural for every young man have those fantasies. It’s just a shame that there not more ladies like me who can help fulfil them without them feeling bad about themselves’ Putting her hand on his crotch and stimulating his hard on, she went on. ‘To be really truthful with you Paul, feeling your lovely cock, I too have lustful fantasies about fucking my son who is about your age. As she was saying that she undid a couple of buttons in her dress and placed his hand on now very wet cunt. Paul took the initiative and started very gently frigging her. Impressed by his long thick cock Joan said; ‘You know Paul I think we could have a lot of fun fulfilling our fantasies. In fact, only last night my husband Jack, said wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring home a suitable young man to play with us, treating him as our randy son and us as his perverted parents’. ‘Would you like that son’? He answered, yes mum.In the car on the way to Joan’s house, she tactfully told him about Jack and his ‘wants’ and he said he had no problems with helping dad providing mum did everything he wanted.With that cleared up, Joan stopped the car and phoned home telling illegal bahis Jack that she had picked up their son from university and would be home shortly.Jack was surprised and pleased to find Joan found a willing playmate. He had not shot a wad of spunk for over three months and his balls were aching for release. Knowing that he would have to stay hard for a couple of hours he quickly swallowed some blue pills.The fantasy became reality for them all because as Paul came into the front room, Jack hugged him really hard pushing his cock had into Paul’s crutch. ‘It’s nice to see you again son, we’ve really missed you and your loving ways with us, haven’t we Joan? Sure have, she answered. Joan said that she had to freshen up and would take a bath and told them to amuse themselves for half an hour or so.Paul, taking his role with enthusiasm said ‘Dad how have you and mum been getting on? Are you still having problems down there’, pointing to Jacks crutch?‘Well son, my old pecker is not what it was, you know. I really miss our wank play. In fact, mum said that I got harder when you and me played together and her cunt got really wet when she was watching us.’ So, what do you say we put on a show for her again’? Reaching over with his hand stroking Paul’s crotch he said: I bet your cock is really big now. Oh yes, you have a lovely one. They took no time in taking off their trousers and pants.Dad’s cock was not yet hard, but Paul’s was like a flagpole all 7 inches of it with pre-cum oozing down it. ‘Boy you have grown, haven’t you’ said Jack.Sitting side by side, they both took each other’s dick in hand and started to gently rub. With his son’s help, Jack started to get harder and with more precum oozing out it got bigger and fatter up to a full 9 inches. Paul was mesmerized. He had never seen a cock that big. ‘Dad, you have a great cock, I bet mum loves that up her cunt.‘She does, but I only get this big with a boy like you helping me. They continued to stroke each other for a full 10 minutes until Paul shot his load at least 2 feet up – three times. ‘Come on Dad, let me see what you’ve got’ as he increased the intensity of rubbing his hand over Jack bulbous blue cock head. Just as Jack cummed three months of spunk over the carpet, mummy Joan came in.‘Oh Daddy, look at you, your son has done you proud. Well done my boy. Now, as daddy is taking a rest, tell mummy what you want’. Dressed in nothing more than a see-through sheer teddy that barely covered her fanny she was everything that Paul desired. Her full voluptuous tits d****d over her fat belly and he was fascinated that she was really, really hairy down there. It was like a large triangle starting just below her belly button and finished up with hair at least two inches long dangling down from her illegal bahis siteleri fat cunt lips.‘Well mum, I don’t know where to start – everything is perfect’. ‘When you were little, I used to get so fucking hot when breastfeeding you I kept you on my tits until you were four. Even today, I make Daddy suck them. Make Mummy hot now my sexy boy.’ Getting up he sat beside her and lifted out her massive titties and started rubbing her big brown nipples.‘Oh, my baby boy, let me kiss you- I want all of you’. Pulling his head, she pushed her tongue into his and started exploring all his mouth and he did likewise with her, all the time rubbing her tits like mad. Jack sitting opposite, was getting excited seeing the action and was again getting a hard on. ‘Go on son, suck ‘em’Paul got to work. Mum said to Dad, ‘Daddy, our son is making my nipples get so large they are like g****s. He then let it slip from his mouth to switch to the other. Her entire hairy areolas were raised. ‘Mummy’s getting lovely and wet son, Mummy’s going to cum soon. Let’s cum together’. She then grabbed his hard-cut cock rubbed a few times and he jerked his spunk all over her and she came without him or her touching her pussy.After they all composed themselves and had well earned drink Dad said, ‘Well, son you are certainly putting a lot of lovely spunk into our lives. Shall we all have a shower and go to bed for our next relaxing session. Do you remember how you used to help us when you were younger? Now you cock is nice and big we can all have a really hot time’.Paul’s mind was in turmoil. He did not know what to expect but as he was enjoying himself, he went along with fantasy.Jack asked Paul to shower with him saying that he wanted to ensure his son was really clean. What he meant was that his and his son’s arse was shit free. That involved Paul experiencing his Dad’s soapy finger right up his bum and when asking Paul to do the same to himself asked him to use two fingers. His Mummy looking on with a big grin on her face said that she was looking real forward to a lovely threesome. In bed, his Mum said, ‘do you remember son, when you were little asking me to show you my cunt? No! Well ask me now’.Paul with a massive hard on and getting into the little boy mode asked, ‘Mummy, now I am big boy, will you show me your lovely hairy cunt?’‘Daddy’ she said to Jack, ‘is it ok for our son to look at my cunt? You know he will get very excited and you will have to ensure we all cum together’. ‘Well, if you think that’s what he wants, let’s do it’. Lifting up her legs and spreading her fat thighs Paul could clearly see her hairy cunt and arse.He crawled forward and was shocked to hear; ‘Lick it son, Lick my lovely hairy cunt juices and clit. He immediately started lapping between canlı bahis siteleri her thick lips from bottom to top with the full length of my tongue. ‘Aaahhh, yes, like that. Paul’s tongue was sliding in and out of his mums’ hole like a pile driver. ‘Oohh, yes. Keep sucking my clit’Even after cumming twice she did not want him stop. But Daddy Jack was now ready to blow his load and wanted in on the action. Seeing Paul’s cock almost spurting out pre-cum, he crawled on to him and literally lubed up his hand and rubbed it over Paul’s arse. Paul thought daddy was going to wank him off but instead Jack asked him to get on his knees. Slowly Jack eased his nine inches in and out of Paul’s arsehole which he found mind-blowing. He also held Paul’s cock and with great timing they all came together. The next morning Paul asked Joan if he could see her alone as he wanted some Mummy time. She said he could call round tomorrow afternoon when Jack went bowling. Looking back on his escapade Paul felt really good about everything. No longer ashamed but eager to explore their perverted world. Sure, they were fantasists but what was wrong with that. He was however, unsure about taking the Daddy side of things further. He far preferred his fuck slut fat mummy. With his cock ready for action, Joan welcomed him in and went straight in his Mummy role.‘Now son, what ever is the matter, why do you want to see me without Dad?‘Well Mum, the thing is you make me so excited I can’t stop getting erections. Look I’m hard again and that’s after wanking three times this morning.’ ‘Well we can’t have my little boy all frustrated can we. Here let Mummy take care of this problem right away. You know when you were little and was crying, I used to wank and suck your dickie and you loved it. Would you like me to do that now?’‘Oh yes please Mum’. She took off trousers and pants sat him down in front of her, holding his long thick cock. She then leaned in, taking his cock with her lips in one quick move. Before he could blink, his mummy had his entire fat dick down her throat. She held it there, running her tongue along it inside her mouth. Then she backed off quickly, letting the cock make a smacking sound as she did. It was soaked and dripping with her saliva.Paul was in ecstasy and wanted to fuck her face. He placed his hands on the back of her head. ‘Do you like sucking my fat cock Mum?’She pulled away her lips pressed to the wet, shining head.”Oh fucking hell, yes my baby boy’ And with that, she went back to bobbing her head up and down on her son’s meaty pole. After another couple of minutes, her fat, wet lips and expert tongue pushed him to the edge of cumming. He felt the load building up in the base of his cock. ‘Mummy, your little boy’s going to cum. Just as she pulled her head away, he spewed a massive creamy rope of cum all over her face. She smiled and looking up at him said: ‘Now give Mummy a nice deep kiss and then you can play with my big wet hairy cunt and arse, would you like that my darling boy?Part 2 to follow.

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