Primal Instinct Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Tastes of Freedom

It’s strange, sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I hadn’t become a knife guard. It’s ok if you don’t know what that is. I sometimes wonder myself. It’s weird, but when someone asks you what you do for a living, and you tell them you’re a body guard, they sort of glaze over, thinking that it’s like Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

Tough break. Sometimes it can be like that, but not often. My brother and I trained for years in Baja, which is a very fast and effective method of fighting with sticks, like batons.

Only, he and I modified it to use the daggers we’re both so fond of. Anyway, I got into the regional championships in demonstrations and I was pretty stoked about it. Ilya always laughed at me when I bought home the trophies or the prize money.

Ilya went in to private fights, cage fights and the like. He was good, too, but not on my level, even if that does sound immodest. I’ve always believed there’s no shame in knowing you’re the best.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. Ilya got into a bad crowd one night, and called me up. I went to pick him up, but by the time I’d gotten there, he was already being challenged into the ring. It took about four seconds. He’d been stabbed before the fight, then covered up, like in Gladiator. I wasn’t impressed, and leapt into the ring.

Six years later, and I got out of prison. I would have spent more time inside, but I had a good lawyer, Karen Jacobs. She told me to look her up when I got out. I had to find a job, so I rang her. She seemed happy to hear from me.

I wound up in her office, very uncomfortably I might add. No sight of a woman in six years, you get a little antsy. Over and above the fact that Karen wasn’t exactly my normal type, that is to say, a bit long in the tooth, a bit on the thin side, and with a voice that could crack glass within seconds. After six years, my standards had lowered a mite.

I think my breathing started to heat up the room, and she noticed, because her own started to get a bit faster. I was sporting a hard on the size of Brazil and licking my lips when her buzzer went off.

Her secretary brightly announced that her sister was coming in. Karen leaned forwards and hit the button, and I gave a bit of a growl at the sight of her breasts stretching her business suit. Her eyes widened as the door opened, and my lust clenched in on itself under a fair bit of control. That was one thing that prison had taught me, to control myself.

Just because you can take someone in a fight doesn’t mean that you could take their two dozen or so friends eagerly watching you. The door opened behind me, and I twisted in my seat. I didn’t want to stand up, because a part of me still was.

Karen’s sister was a sudden centre of focus as she walked in. White slacks clung to long, very shapely legs, which rose up to the kind of ass my hormone riddled dreams had paraded in front of my vision every night for the last six years. A thin gold chain encircled a perfect waist, into which was tucked a pressed white blouse.

There was just the hint of cleavage that tantalized, and I felt another growl begin deep in my chest. Thick, curly tresses of hair fell across her shoulders, and I smelt the faint combination of apples and something indefinable feminine.

The sister stopped at my hungry look, and met my eyes. We paused for a second, and I felt something move inside me. Her eyes were a vibrant lavender colour, and I was spellbound. My hunger died away in the sudden calm. The animal that prison had brought out in me was suddenly and completely enraptured.

I stood up and offered my hand. She smiled shyly, and put a hand to her chest subconsciously. My head turned back to Karen, who cleared her throat, but my eyes stayed locked with her sister’s.

“Janelle, this is Piotr. Piotr Voinovich, my sister; Janelle Kaspowski-Christoph.” My eyes narrowed for a split second as I saw hurt and anger flare in Janelle’s eyes. There was a story here. I stepped back to allow her to sit, but she shook her head slowly and dipped her head, finally breaking our eye contact.

I blinked, and inhaled sharply as I remembered to breathe. I turned back to Karen, but Janelle spoke up. “Sorry, sis, I just got away for a moment, and I thought you were alone.”

There was an unspoken question in her eyes, and I glanced back at Karen, who for a second looked outraged, then suddenly calm. “I was just looking Karen up for a chat. I wouldn’t interrupt a sister’s conference, so I’ll lead off.” Karen’s eyes darkened, and I felt her disappointment.

She swallowed and ran her hands down the front of her suit, drawing my eyes back to her chest for a split second. I felt the beast rear up again, and I knew she could tell I wanted her. I doubt she knew I wanted anything, as long as it was female and willing.

I beat the beast back down for a moment, then dipped my head. “If you’d like to finish our chat, maybe eryamanda yeni escortlar I can wait? It it’s not too much trouble of course…” Karen hurriedly agreed, and I took Janelle’s soft hand in my calloused one, and kissed it gently.

Her eyes softened and she blushed. I noticed the showy ring on her wedding finger and I tried to look at her eyes again, but she looked away. I strode past her and shut the door quietly. I strode out to the secretary’s desk and smiled at the young girl, probably not much more than eighteen.

“Karen asked me to wait. Do you know where I can get some coffee?” The girl looked up and smiled. She bid for me to lean closer, and I did so, noting her low cut dress. I felt a moment’s chagrin that I was looking at anything with a skirt and a pulse, but dismissed it. Six years. The secretary looked confidentially down the hall.

“They’re normally in there for an hour or so. If you’d like, I can…” She was cut off as the intercom hissed.

“Rachel, I’m going to have some lunch here with Janelle. You can take half an hour off, if you like.”

Rachel, the secretary, took one look at me and devilishly smiled. “Thank you, Miss Jacobs. Would you like me to make another appointment with Mr. Voinovich?” There was silence on the intercom for a moment, then Karen’s voice came back.

“No, but if you can tell him to come back in forty minutes or so, that would be fine.” I smiled at Rachel and ran my tongue over my teeth as my hunger flared up again.

“Coffee?” The young girl smiled to herself and nodded, pressing several buttons on the answering machine and standing up.

She wore a tight mini skirt and a black business jacket, with dark blue high heeled shoes. Her legs were encased in navy stockings. As we made our way to the coffee lounge, she made a sharp left and beckoned for me to follow her.

We made our way up into the stairway, and I felt my cock harden as I followed her swaying ass as we headed for the roof. With only one floor to go, she turned off, and we stepped through the door. She stopped just as I turned from closing the door, and I bumped into her and growled, my erection straining against the front of my jeans.

She sighed as she felt me slide up between the cleft of her ass cheeks, and then gave me another devilish smile over her shoulder. I growled again and she stepped away from me, pointing out to the bare rooms. I looked at her for a moment longer, then followed her arm as she motioned around us.

“These are to be the new offices for Dartmouth and Kimball, as soon as they’re finished. Right now, they’re just lighting and air conditioning. Nothing else, no cameras, no nothing.” I moved up behind her as she stood looking out at the cityscape spreading out before us behind the panes of tinted glass.

“Is there a reason you wanted to show me this?” She smiled devilishly again, and closed her eyes as she slid her hands around to cup the bulge in my jeans.

“No, I just wanted to be somewhere so you could show me this…” I grunted and she squeezed me. I began to nuzzle into her neck, and my tongue slid out to suckle at her tender flesh. Her head tilted back and she sighed.

Despite myself, I was impressed as she simultaneously and single-handedly undid my zip and eased me out of my boxers. She rubbed herself up and down my body until my rough hands stilled her. I growled again, and she moaned as my hands pushed her skirt up to her hips.

I felt a sudden surge of lust as I saw the suspenders stretching tight across her thighs to the vivid blue lace encircling her loins. With another growl, I pushed her over with one hand, the other gripping her thigh. I nudged towards her, and she whimpered. She cried out in shock when I entered her, and I laughed harshly.

“Still a little girl, eh?” She nodded mutely as I began to heave up inside of her, and I felt her legs collapse. As she knelt down and laid her head onto her crossed arms, I pushed into her again.

I’m tall, six foot ten, and it was difficult, but the beast inside me raged at the softness of a woman after so long. I began to pound into her faster as she began to softly sob. “It…it hurt…oooh…” I took little notice of her words as a red curtain draped over my eyes.

Another sudden urge gripped me, and I withdrew from her for a moment, and leant forwards. My tongue slid inside her, and she gasped at the sudden pleasure. Her moaning made my cock strain, but I was too enraptured at her taste I had missed so much.

I felt her spread her legs, and she rolled over, lifting her leg over my head as she lay on her back. Her eyes met mine as I slid my tongue over her clit and swallowed her juices. I ran the tips of my front two teeth over her clit, and she gave a yell and flooded mouth with her cum as her hips bucked against my snaking tongue.

She lay back and sighed, her hands stroking my cock as I slid up and into her with no resistance. This time, she didn’t sincan escort bayan whimper, only moaned again. Rachel laid her head back and wrapped her arms and legs around me as I moved within her.

With another shudder, she coated my balls and thighs, and I reached down between us. I covered my fingers in her come and brought them up to my lips, tasting her. She caught at my hand and sucked on the tips of my fingers, to my animal’s raging pleasure.

My cock surged inside of her, and her eyes widened. Her mouth opened in a soundless moan, and I kissed her. Her arms tightened around me, and I shut my eyes and thrust up into her, tensing my whole body as I thundered my cream into her.

We stayed like that for a moment, then I moved inside her again; the beast wasn’t satiated by a long shot, and she whimpered again. Our eyes met, and she shook her head. “You’re too big, and I can’t take it.” My face screwed up as I slid my cock out of her.

“I’ve waited six years for a taste of flesh, Rachel. I can’t help it if I’m this hungry.” I growled again, and she turned away.

“Well, fuck off and do someone else. As it is I feel like I’m not going to be able to move ever again. And don’t even think about looking at my ass.”

I felt hot anger, and I wiped my cock on her skirt as she lay there catching her breath. I was still incredibly hard. She’d done nothing more than whet my appetite. I paused for a moment, thinking of rape, and then pushed it back inside my crumpled jeans as I slid them back on.

I may be an animal, a killer. But I’m not a rapist. I’m just hungry for sex. She opened one eye and then the other as my cum slid onto her hips from her skirt. Her look was withering as she realized what I’d done. “You bastard!”

My blue eyes went glacially cold, and she shrank back. Her gaze went to the still hard bulge in my jeans. “That was nice…can I…” I turned to go, not satisfied in the least, and she leant forwards and grabbed at my leg. “Can I see you again? I have a feeling we could be good together.”

My eyes softened as I looked down at her. Even after what had just happened, she was still alluring, and most definitely still fuckable. I’m not a completely insensitive asshole, and I know I keep mentioning it, but six years.

One quick fumble wasn’t going to satisfy me for a while. I felt something stir deep inside me, though. Something that thought, not the beast. “For what? I could barely get started, and you’re sore. I’m not gonna be here to be used.” She looked at me for a moment as I walked towards the door.

Karen was saying goodbye to Janelle as I walked back into the office waiting room. I knew I smelt of sex and Rachel’s perfume, but I didn’t care. My erection faded a moment when Janelle’s enthralling gaze met with mine, and I dipped my head to her. She smiled to her sister, then hurried past me. Karen beckoned to me, and her eyes narrowed as I passed her.

I heard the door shut behind me, and then the lawyer strode past me. My mind was still on Janelle, which was strange. Normally, I didn’t pay that much attention to women, and now that I was in the middle of trying to swallow an entire buffet of women, I didn’t like that one single one so easily became the centre of my attention.

In front of me, Karen was openly staring at my crotch, a small smile on her face. “So, Piotr, what exactly can I do for you?” My gaze drifted to her chest again, and the straining breasts barely contained. She must have undone a button before she came back in.

A tantalizing line of bright red lace showed from the lapel of her shirt, and she rested her chin in her hand as she crossed her legs. My lip twitched as I realized I had missed a chance at a Basic Instinct glimpse of the forbidden lands.

I ran my tongue over my teeth again, and noticed that Karen’s chest was moving up and down faster. “I need a job, Karen. A way to earn a living. And a place to stay, until I can get my feet on the ground.” Karen’s eyes had a far away look about them, and I crossed my own legs as my cock began to throb.

Her pink tongue darted out to her lips. “I never liked that. Feet on the ground…” My lips curved into a knowing smile, but I raised my eyebrows, questioning.

“Oh? You prefer your head in the clouds, dreaming?”

Karen returned my knowing smile, and offered me a cigarette. I shook my head, and she got out of her chair and opened the window. Her skirt was a tiny bit longer than Rachel’s had been, but it still rode up her thighs nicely.

I grew tired of the innuendo, and stood up as Karen sucked on her cigarette, her eyes half lidded as she watched me. Her eyes drifted down to my jeans, and the bulging zipper. With another quick drag of her cigarette, she bent over and flicked it out the window.

She slid it closed and made her way over to me, sitting with her legs crossed just in front of me on her desk. Her eyes drifted up to mine, and she must have ankara escort read the hunger there, because she crooked a finger at me and beckoned me closer.

I took one step and was against her. She glanced down at my jeans, then ran a fingernail over my zipper, which bulged bigger as my cock grew thicker. Her eyebrows lifted, then her mouth opened as she began to pant. I reached over and tilted her head back, my mouth searching for hers.

She kissed me for a moment, then her hand slipped into my open jeans and grabbed my cock in a crushing grip. I gasped and broke the kiss, and her heavily lidded eyes met mine. “Shh, Piotr. I’m the boss here. I tell you when you get to kiss me…”

I growled low in my throat, and her lip curled in a smirk. “It’s about time you were introduced to how you pay me…pro bono work doesn’t seem to interest me much at the moment.” My eyebrow lifted, and she squeezed my shaft, then gave a very wolfish grin.

“You better fuck my cunt six ways from Sunday, Piotr. Have you any idea what it’s like trying not to finger yourself silly under the desk while talking to your sister because the man who ought to be getting you off is busy filling your secretary’s skanky little hole?” I leant in close and smiled right into her face.

“No, because I don’t have a sister, and if you wanted, I could have done you while you were talking to her.” Karen’s eyes widened, and I thrust up into her grip with another growl. She looked down at my pulsing heat, and flicked her thumb over my tip, wiping away the droplet of precum that was oozing out of it.

She brought it up to her mouth, and eyed me steamily as she sucked it off of her thumb lustily. I grew painfully hard, and grabbed her roughly. She slapped me hard, and I spun her over onto the desk, face down. She spread her legs, but I slapped her ass cheek with a ringing slap.

She moaned as I kept going, and I noticed with lust that she was beginning to grind her hips into her desk. Her eyes met mine with fire, and she kicked her legs out, and pivoted on the desk so that she was sitting up, her legs spread and her wet hole gleaming.

She slid her feet onto my hips and pushed my pants down around my ankles as I discarded my shirt. I stepped out of my pants as she ripped at her top. Her large breasts bounced as I grabbed at her shoulders, pressing her down onto the desk.

She spread her knees as I moved between them, and she squeezed her nipples viciously as I slid into her. Karen’s breath hissed out between her clenched teeth as I slid inside of her again and again. She let go of her left nipple and slid her hand down to pinch her clit as I fucked her.

She lay back as my rhythm slowed, my hips moving side to side against the heat of her walls. She was moaning incoherently, and I felt her clench around my rock hard meat as her hands suddenly gripped the desk. My hands reached forwards and gripped her shoulders as I fucked my pole up into her with bruising force.

The office was filled with the sounds of our juices fucking into each other as our flesh slapped together. My hunger rose as I kept fucking her, and the beast reared up again.

Karen gasped as I gripped her hips hard and lifted her, still impaled on my cock, and pushed her over her desk. A jar of pens flew off the desk as my wet cock slipped out of Karen’s tightness, and she looked back at me. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Russian? Keep fucking me, or I’ll have you back in prison in a…ooooh.”

My mouth again tasted that wonderful juice as I licked her out. Her excitement coated my cock like paint, and a sudden wicked thought flashed through my mind. I slipped my fingers up inside of her and straightened up again. My cock began to nudge against the tightness of her rosebud, and I slicked up my thumb with her juice, then slid it deep into her ass.

Karen gave a cry of surprise, and arced off the desk. She shuddered around my fingers, and more juice dripped out of her juicy hole. I slid my cock inside her hot little cunt again a few times, and she whimpered. I rubbed her juice over my tool and began to fuck my fist.

After a minute, my juice covered cock was fully lathered up, and I pushed into her ass. Her legs jerked wider and her head arced up in shock, and she was silent as I pushed deep into her ass. I felt her sphincter tighten around my shaft, and fought a wave of pleasure.

I began to move back, and Karen shook her head. “No, no, no…you…no…you can’t…oh…it…I’m…boss…” I thrust into her, and Karen sobbed in pain. I reached around and slid two fingers over her clit, rubbing the sides of it again and again. She moaned and quivered on my cock as she came again.

Her hands reached back as she reared up to her knees, and grabbed the back of my head. She stuttered obscenities at me as I continued to fuck her ass, and she clamped down on me as she came again with a gasp.

My balls tightened as I thrust into her, and I felt my orgasm begin to work it’s way up from the base of my spine. I wrenched my cock out of Karen’s ass, and she slid to the floor in a boneless heap. Her meaty breasts were right in front of me, and I slid my cock in between the pale folds and thrust a couple more times.

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