Priya and Ganga and I


At the age of fifty-eight, after almost spending my entire career in the Indian Army I decided it was time to get into the Private Sector. The financial incentive was too tempting. I could stand to make a whole lot more in the last few working years. The offers were coming in non-stop and I finally succumbed. My two sons were married and settled, my wife’s medical practice was steady. There was nothing to lose. The only downside was that I would have to move to a different, smaller city than what I was living in the past fifteen or so years. That was OK with us. I wanted a change. It would mean that I stayed away for three weeks of a month and could visit home as and when needed.

I was trying to settle in the new city and was staying at the company provided accommodations temporarily and had sent out feelers that I was looking for an apartment, as I like to be independent. Needless to say the offers came in left and right from brokers as soon as word got out. But I was very particular about what I wanted and was willing to wait till something I liked came along.

One evening I was working late in the office on a client’s Request for Proposal that was proving troublesome when I noticed a woman walking into my department. I did not pay much attention until she knocked on my door, which was open.

I looked up, and she said, “May I come in, sir?”

Now is the time for me to confess that I am a pervert. It doesn’t take me more than a few seconds to get a measure of a woman or girl, believe me. I took stock of her in a flash.

Slim, perhaps early twenties. Exercised, but not too hard, maybe power yoga. Toned arms. Well dressed, not too fashionable, but not too conservative either. The top of her kameez was low enough to show her long neck and upper chest. Small breasts with no cleavage showing. I could make out the faint outline of a bra. Flat stomach as her dress was tight against her belly. Perhaps recently married with no kids yet. Fantastic, thick, black hair that she plaited. Flat face, not too sexy or luscious. Big, scared, cautious eyes. My guess was that she was middle class, maybe not too well-to-do. A subdued, careful, not so confident look about her.

Fuckable? Hell Yeah!! I would be between her legs in a jiffy if she allowed it.

“Yes?” I said, laying my pen down.

“Sir, my name is Priya. I am from the accounting department,” she said.

Fuck. Was I in trouble already? I knew that dinner last week was much above the company limit. What the fuck! I should have stayed in the army, I thought to myself.

“Oh, Oh. Am I in trouble?” I asked.

“No, no, sir,” She laughed nervously, and looked around to see if anyone was watching or listening. There was no one at this time of the day. “I heard you were looking for a place to stay. Just wanted to ask.”

I nodded. I wanted her to go on speaking so I could take a good look at her. I had been in the city for about three weeks with no action. I did not have time, I just wanted to settle in before I made any moves.

She had moved into my room, and her slight hesitation in starting the conversation piqued my interest. I could make out that her thighs and legs were slim but firm and shapely by the way her top went down to her knees and hugged her lower body. She was cute in a homely sort of way.

Yes, Definitely fuckable! Right now. On my table!

“We have an.. I mean my husband’s family has remodeled our house. We have a nice one-bedroom on the top floor. It is very private and nice, sir. If you want to take a look…,” she then proceeded to give me details as I showed interest.

I asked her questions, some serious, some mundane and some funny. As we talked and she laughed, cautiously and shyly, I could see her getting more comfortable with me, but she kept looking out to see if anyone was watching us. I thought to myself, “Oh, so that sort of girl. Wants to chat but scared of what others would think. Interesting”

“OK,” I said finally. I can come take a look tomorrow evening. Is that OK?”

“Oh really, sir? That would be great!”

“Alright, then. Anything else?” I said, reluctantly, as I wanted her to stay, but also wanted to finish my work for the day.

“Eh, er,… no, no sir. Tomorrow, then. 7:00 PM?”

She turned and walked towards the door. I quickly checked out her ass. The dress was light and I could make out the shape of a great fucking ass, and it jiggled in the two steps she took. Her panty was tight against her butt cheeks, and I sensed her panty line through the thin layers of her dress. She suddenly stopped and turned back. Fortunately, I had looked down just an instant before and she did not notice me ogling her.

“And, Sir,” she said, looking at me, lowering her voice. “It will be good if you tell them that a broker told you about the house.”

“What? Why?” I asked, and then I understood immediately. She did not want whoever was in the house to know that we had discussed this. Probably scared of her husband or in-laws or whoever. “OK, no problem,” çankaya escort I said.

I was intrigued. Secrets already. Definitely worth a look.

That night, for the first time in about three weeks, I masturbated. Right on my bed. I jerked off thinking about Priya. Just like that. I had only seen her for about ten minutes, but boy was I ready. I had seen and talked to a number of ladies and girls since I joined this new office. Some hot and pretty, some not so. But none has aroused me like Priya did. Why? What the hell? Who knew! At that instant all I wanted was to fuck her, hard and long.

Her slim body under my big, heavy, Army moulded physique, struggling as my thick cock pummeled and pounded her cunt mercilessly. The juices from her vagina flowing down from my distended penis onto the floor. Her legs spread wide apart to accommodate me. Our bodies making squelching sounds as we crashed against each other’s sweaty bodies.

I sucked on her nipples, big and round in relation to the size of her boobs. She squeezed them as much as she could and presented them to me.

“Oh, Oh, Priya,” I screamed softly, as I pulled and pushed into her cunt hole. “It is so good. You are so tight. Fuck, this is so good. Fuck, Fuck!”

I put my hand on her ass as spread her cheeks and rammed my middle finger into her ass. She shrieked in amazement and pain.

“Oh God! What are you doing. Aaah, it hurts. No. no, don’t take it out. It is good! Ah! Ah! Aaaaaah..Aiyo, Amma, Aiyo!”

“I am going to finish. I am coming,” I howled. “Take me in your mouth. Take it!”

I pulled out of her, scrambled to her head, and she opened her mouth and took me in. “Ummmmm. Ummmmm, Ummmm,” she mumbled as I fucked her mouth. I raised myself and became stiff as my cock readied itself to explode.

My cum spewed out of my cock in long, exquisite spurts. I looked down and imagined coming on Priya’s face and tits.

“Oh, sir. Come on my tits and face. Oh! How much of it you have! I love it! Fuck me again, sir! Oh, yes, please, please!”

Man, what a release! God! It was about time. Would she allow me to do it? Would she be thinking of me as well? How did she do this to me? Some questions did not have any answers. I slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about her.

The next day, I sought her out but I had no excuse to go to the accounting department. I hung around the cafe during the afternoon coffee break, and I saw her come out with her colleagues. They paid me no heed, but she immediately saw me and looked away and blushed. But I kept my eyes on her but she dared not to glance back at me. I stared at her swaying ass for a very long time.

That evening I went to see about the rental property. She was in the small front yard looking out, and as soon as she saw me coming she hurriedly went into the house.

An older man came out and I made the necessary small talk and enquiries about the house. I made him out to be her father-in-law. I say older, but he must have been much younger to me, maybe fifty max. Like most men, he had let himself go and did not look like he took care of himself. Thin, lean, pot-bellied, wearing glasses, he squinted at me with suspicion as I introduced myself and gave him the reason for my visit.

A younger version of him came out the door to see who it was. This obviously was Priya’s husband. And I immediately cursed the practice of arranged marriages in India. Here was this cute, smart, sexy (according to me) girl married to this fucking asshole! He was already losing hair, wearing a sleeveless vest showing off his huge belly, thick glasses and dirty teeth, chewing paan in the early evening, and certainly having not exercised a day in his life. Why would she even agree to get married to this guy? Or let him near her? Or allow herself to be fucked by her! Goddam, lucky motherfucker!

He also looked at me suspiciously, and asked gruffly, “Which company?” When I told him, he looked surprised, “Oh, yeah. I know that company. They don’t pay very well, I know, my wife works there.. Ay, Priya, come here!” he commanded.

She rushed out at his command, looked at me and feigned no knowledge of me.

I asked, “Sorry, I have not seen you at the office. Do you work at xxx? Which department?” Two can play the game!

She was wearing a gown (a relaxing dress worn by women that covered them from neck to foot, sometimes also worn to sleep), “Accounting,” she responded.

“Ah, ” I said, “I am in Business Development and Planning, probably different building,” I lied, and held her eyes briefly.

“OK, OK,” her husband brushed me off abruptly. “These are the terms,” he said, handing me a piece of paper, “Rent is xxx Rupees, OK?”

“Let me read the terms and think about it for a day. I will call you,” I said. Never accept the initial terms, first rule of negotiation.

“Decide quickly. There are many people looking at this,” he said, as she turned to spit out his paan. I quickly glanced up at Priya and she shook her head so very slightly. ankara rus escort SO, the guy was lying.

Then another woman came out, and I had to hold my breath. She must be Priya’s mother-in-law, I thought. She was a beauty, at least for her age. She was much younger than me, maybe mid forties. She was fair, with a charming and welcoming smile. She had a round face, with wide, dark, beautiful eyes and bushy eyebrows and a long exquisite nose. I was reminded of an actress I had a crush on when I was young. Actually, still had a crush on. The actress had aged gracefully and sexily, and so it seemed did Priya’s mother-in-law. She was slim, and the sari she wore accentuated her curves. Her fair midriff was exposed and I could make out the faint roll of fat on her hips, and her half-hidden belly-button. Her sari was tight and outlined her thick thighs. From where I sat I could clearly see that her breasts strained against her blouse. Dammit to hell and heaven! Was she hot, or was it just me being desperate?

She was confident as she spoke to me, meeting my eyes, “Will any other family be staying with you?”

I replied no. But then her husband cut her off, “Okay, Okay, this is for us men. Go and mind your business…”

But she stood firm did not go.

“It’s okay,” I said, with a little laugh. “If I am going to be her tenant, she has a right to know all about me.” Everyone smiled at this, even the men.

She asked, “Where are you from originally?” I responded with the name of the place of my youth, and she suddenly exclaimed, “oh, aiyo. I am also from there! Which part?”

This went on for a few minutes and we realized we knew a few people and places from our days there though we lived a few years apart. I was looking at Priya and her mother-in-law (found out her name was Ganga) and sometimes at the men while talking, but I was consciously filling my mind with images of the ladies. This was going to be great.

They showed me the room and other facilities but I was in a daze. I could only think of how good it would be so close to Priya and Ganga. As I talked to the men, I had a feeling that Ganga was looking at me. And a few times I looked up at her, our eyes met for a second or so before she looked away. I sensed a connection forming. So the women were taken care of. Now for the men.

I realized the dynamic that was being played here in the house. One that was being played in millions of homes all over India. Seemingly powerful men, trying to silence and sideline women. This would be interesting. I decided then and there to accept the apartment.

On the way back though, I surprised myself. Images of Priya were in my mind, no doubt, but they were interspersed with those of her mother-in-law. I was thinking of them both. The way they looked, their bodies under their dresses, the exposed bra straps, their long, beautiful necks, with gold chains around them, their smiles and giggles. Ganga was well built and I could see she had good sized boobs compared to Priya’s small ones. I had glimpses of nicely defined legs and calves. God! What was I thinking. Both of them? Shit! Yes! Why the fuck not!

I knew it was not going to be easy. I wanted Priya. She would definitely be a captive fuck for me. I just would have to play it slow and easy and be patient, …and have a little bit of luck. But Ganga, the mother-in-law? That would really take something.

I had a lifetime of experience in this game. It was not the fucking or sex that excited me. That was the ultimate goal, don’t get me wrong. But it was the chase, the feeling of getting something that was given reluctantly and not readily. The simultaneous breaking of the wall of innocence and the building of a fantastic relationship. The slow conversion from nothing to a willing partner – that was the real excitement. The wonders that you could show someone who imagined they were not possible. That was the game – that was far more erotic that an immediate, consensual tryst.

A roll on the bed with a young (or old, for that matter) whore has its merits on occasion. Or a woman giving it up for favors or money or appreciation was okay at the best of times. Sex with a wife can become a chore, if you ask me or anyone daring enough to be very truthful. I was already fantasizing about other women and girls within six months of my marriage.

But what was the emotional benefit in these relationships for either party? What is the fun in that? No Pain, No Gain. No Guts, No Glory.

I knew where the line was and did not cross it. Not once in my life had I forced myself on anyone. Over the years I honed my skills on what and when to pursue. I understood when a ‘No’ meant a definite NO, and when there was wiggle room. I pushed the envelope, no doubt, but not too much. We’ll see, I thought.

I couldn’t help myself. I kept thinking of Priya and Ganga till I got to my flat. I had a raging erection throughout my trip back. I was looking forward to sleeping on my bed and fantasizing about the two ankara yabancı escort women, perhaps even to masturbate and jerk off, relieving the tension, and satisfying my desire, quenching my lust.

But as I undressed and got ready for bed, I suddenly decided to do something I had not done in a long time. I had done this numerous times in my life and I was not always proud of, though. But hey, one life to live, and we all make our own choices.

Experience had taught me which hotels were good, which were bad and which ones to avoid. I slipped out of my flat quietly and checked myself into a decent, not too expensive, four-star hotel for the night. I looked around and immediately found the person I was looking for, and also instantly knew he was looking for someone like me. I went up to my room, and he followed, as I thought he would. I handed him some xxx Rupee notes (money was not a limiting factor) and told him my preference. I did not have to wait long. He returned with two girls, one young, and one older.

I took the girls inside. Both were shy and obviously scared of me. I towered over them and my size was surely intimidating. The younger one met my eyes, while the older one was staring at the floor. And I made my decision. I patted the younger girl’s arm and said, “Go clean yourself,” and I put some money in the palm of the older girl and asked her to leave. I gave her butt a squeeze and said, “Maybe next time,” but we both knew I didn’t mean it.

The girl was already in the bathroom wiping her feet and hands and face. I went in and started taking my clothes off. She looked up, shocked to see me naked, and immediately looked at my hardening dick, and her eyes bulged.

I said, “Take it all off and bathe.”

She hesitated, but removed her clothes. First her top, then her salwar, loosening the thread that held it and stepping out of it. Then she reached back and unclasped her bra. She stopped and looked at me. I ran my eyes on her body, and started stroking my cock. She looked down again at me cock and swallowed.

“Take that off, clean yourself and come,” I said gruffly, my lust and desire rising. Oh! How I wished Priya was her. Or even Ganga. Or both! Fuck!

I had chosen her because she looked a bit like Priya. That was my luck. I lay on the bed and waited for her. She dried off and came and stood next to the bed unsure of what to do. I patted the bed and she sat down.

She was a pretty girl caught in a difficult social situation. Born in any other layer of society she would have had a good education and probably a nice standing among her folk. But I couldn’t waste my time thinking of those things now.

Her breasts were big and fantastically firm and barely jiggled as she moved. Her nipples were small, but were already hard and sticking out. She had a flat belly, firm, solid thighs and a generous amount of hair between her legs. The line of her cunt was very thin, but very dark under the thicket of hair. She looked at me unwaveringly. She seemed bold and willing to do what it was I wanted.

I reached up and held her head and pushed it down on my throbbing, thick, swollen, hot cock. She did not hesitate. She immediately grabbed my dick, opened her mouth and swallowed it.

The feel of Priya’s cool mouth and tongue was exhilarating. Somehow she knew what to do. Her tongue played with the underside of my cock, licking the thick vein. Then she moved her tongue to the sides of my dick, swirling, sucking, pulling. Then she lifted her head until just the tip of my cock was in her mouth. She swirled her tongue on it, this way and that. I was delirious with pleasure!

I reached up and held her head steady and started pumping up and down with my cock.

“Oh, Priya, aiyo! Your mouth feels sooo good. Keep my cock in your mouth. Ah! Ah! Ah!” I screamed softly as I thrust my distended member in and out of her mouth. I could see the thick veins shining with her spit.

“Mmnnn, Mmnnn, Mmnnn,” she mumbled, with my cock in her mouth.

Oh! What a feeling! Even after having experienced this a hundred times or more, it still felt like it was the first. The feel of a girl’s mouth and tongue and spit on my cock! Her lips were stretched tight to accomodate my width. I could see her drooling, her saliva flowing down the length of my long, hard, dick. Her fist flying along and stroking my cock.

After a while I stopped and pulled my cock out of Ganga’s mouth. I turned and pushed her down on the mattress. I grabbed hold on one tit with my hand and squeezed hard, and I bit down on the nipple of the other, revelling in its hardness and taste. This was so different from Priya’s, whose nipples were smaller in comparison.

“Aiyo, ouch, amma! You are hurting me! Aaah, Aaah!” she squealed.

I parted her thighs apart gently and placed my palm on her hairy mound. I inserted a finger into her cunt and started pumping in and out. She started creaming. I could see thick, white juices secreting from her hole onto my fingers. I did this for a few minutes, looking at her face to observe her reaction. She had closed her eyes, her mouth was half-open and she was panting and mumbling something unintelligible. Her hand was on my wrist, following its motion of my fingers in and out of her vagina.

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