ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #5


ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #5iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #5 – ThudWarning – while there is no sex in this story, please don’t hate me for that, there is a scene with a nude Jade West in it]”Are you Madame Clara?” Amy asked as a peculiar mousey looking woman made her way into the inn’s foyer. She was younger than Amy had expected, but one look at her eyes, and her age showed tremendously, and her body language showed that she was instantly uncomfortable but seemed to be fighting through it.”Yes…” she said with a sweet smile, looking at Amy and then to Savanna. Normally Savanna was rude to new people, but she offered out her hand for the psychic to take, earning a laugh from both of the adult women. “I’m assuming you’re Mrs Shay, the one who called me?””That I am, but you can call me Amy. And this is my daughter Savanna,” she said with a smile, as she held onto Savanna’s hand and led the medium through to the conservatory where she could set up. “I think this is where we are going to hold the stuff tonight if that’s ok.”Amy had no idea where the idea came from, but she had thought of a really interesting idea for how the girls could have a safe and simple bachelorette party, and Carly, as the wedding planner, seemed to be a big fan of the idea.”This seems just fine, Amy,” Clara said, as she took a seat and began to unload her supplies from her bag.”I want to keep things light if you can… I think there’s a lot of stress and tension and I think the last thing anyone here could use is something terrifying.””I will probably just give basic readings, using the runes and the tarot, possibly commune more with the spirit world… does that seem acceptable?””That sounds like exactly what I was hoping for. And just in case the ‘spirits’ need a little bit of help, I got some basic information on everyone that’ll be here tonight,” Amy said, producing a small notebook she had spent most of the morning making.While the adults talked a bit more, Savanna was starting to look at the tarot deck in front of her, marvelling at all the pretty pictures on the cards, but getting them very mixed up.”Savanna!” Amy said, trying to scold her daughter from once again fooling with stuff she had no business in.”She’s fine,” Clara said, leaning over so she could be on eye level with the young girl. “You’re a very wild and lively spirit, aren’t you?””Mom says that I’m a terror,” which caused the two women to share half smiles. “Are these magical?””In a way. Those cards help me see and know things. They allow me to tap into the spiritual realm and understand and help people.””I know things about people too but I don’t use magic,” the ch*ld shot back, as if this was a contest.”I will bet…” the psychic said looking at Savanna as she wandered through the cards but stopped on one in particular, cocking her head. She turned the card around and showed Clara the ten of swords, a notably negative card which featured a body with ten swords sticking through it.”Does this mean that someone else is going to die here?” she asked with innocence, as the two women looked horrified. It was just a question, but the wording made both of them feel incredibly uneasy.Amy took Savanna’s hand and pulled her from the room to give Clara some time to think and setup, and to get her daughter, who was getting creepier by the hour, back upstairs where she could hassle Spencer with her weirdness.* * *Freddie stared at himself in the mirror, knowing he should probably shave a bit, but since this really was his last free day before going on display, he decided against it. For the next day or so, he was going to be a pure bachelor. He vainly admired himself, post shower, in the mirror, focused on how good of a hair day he was currently having. And just when he thought things were off to a good start, he opened the bathroom door.Standing next to his bed was his future wife, without a shred of clothing on her, revealing every bit of her succulent flesh that was humanly possible. He’d seen Jade naked thousands of times at this point, but he always took the time to appreciate her beauty and this moment, while surprising, was no different.”You look pretty great, babe,” he said with a smirk.”Do I?” she said, coyly biting her finger, giving off a seductive look that making the tight towel he was wearing even tighter. “I hadn’t noticed.”His hands moved forward toward her sides, but she dipped away from him, teasing softly as she could see that he was enjoying her show.”I gotta ask… what’s the occasion, Jade?””No occasion. Just wanted to see you…””Jade,” Freddie smirked, suddenly getting what she was playing at. “Is this your way of telling me to enjoy myself today, but not too much?””Me? I would never…” she said, in her breathy, sweet accent that she always used when pretending to be Tori, which had been an interesting development a few times. “Is your bachelor party today? I had no idea…””Seeing how you just brought it up with no cue from me, answers that question, babe.””Guess I better put some clothes on then…” she taunted, turning away from him, before he grabbed her hips and spun her back around to him eliciting a squeal. “You’re not my husband yet, Mister Benson!”This chastity thing was utter bullshit for Freddie, and it had never been more difficult to resist the girl than in this moment. Still, his hands stayed firmly on her hips, not moving up to fondle and worship her generous chest which was extremely sensitive, or moving them lower so that he could play with her delicate flower and tease her like she was getting him.Instead, Freddie just pulled her close, his hardness pressing against the towel, and certainly against his future bride’s crotch, physically calling Jade’s bluff.”Mmmm…” she cooed, losing herself for a moment and burying her face in Freddie’s warm neck. “I cannot wait for this wedding to be over, Fred-die Benson. I need this.””Me too, babe,” he said with a sigh, knowing they didn’t have time for this if he was going to meet the guys downstairs when he said he would. “Should I be worried about tonight?””Oh please…” Jade said, pulling away slowly. “Everyone else planned this thing for me tonight, and I don’t think your mom, Tori, Carly, or her s*ster in law are interesting or wild enough for you to worry about at all. Now, if I got to plan this out, it would be Magic Mike but X-rated…”Freddie slapped her ass softly for being such a teaser. “Well, I will see you tomorrow, I guess… assuming we both survive the night and can still stand.””Oh, I meant to tell you…” Jade said, gathering her clothes from the bedside. “I talked to my dad this morning. Apparently, my mom felt so sick last night that she took a night shuttle off the island to rest in Seattle.””I can’t imagine what could have happened…” Freddie said as he dressed, still very bitter about his future in laws being such terrible people.”Pretty sure she got what was coming to her, if you ask me,” Jade said, before kissing his nose. “Remind me when I’m naked with you again to repay you for standing up for me… and us.””You can count on it, baby.”* * *”But the spirits, mom!””Savanna…” Amy started, petting her daughters head, and looking into her curious and innocent eyes. “There’s no such thing as spirits.””But that lady talks to them and they tell her things. I think I’ve talked to them too.””Sweetie, there is nothing going on and you haven’t talked to any spirits either… You were probably just imagining it.””No, I’m not!” she screamed out. “The spirits are going to tell her bad things. They are not very happy with us.””Savanna…” Amy said, rolling her eyes. “Look, even if there are spirits, I don’t think there’s anything bad for them to tell her. Everyone is happy here and we have nothing to worry about.””You promise?””Yes, little lady, cross my heart,” Amy said doing a massive pantomime cross on her chest, “hope to die.””You shouldn’t hope that, mommy… I don’t want you to die.”Amy sweetly kissed her forehead and stroked Savanna’s hair, hoping and praying that Spencer was having a good time at the bachelor day be-cause his daughter was about to drive her crazy. “Everything is going to be fine.”* * *As Clara was finishing her morning ritual of trying to cleanse an area of evil spirits, she thought that checking some of the notes that Amy had made might not be a bad idea, and at least could give herself a level of familiarity.The blonde woman scanned the sheet looking for any names that popped out at her, as far as a link to something powerful:April 17, 1994 – Sam PuckettNovember 15, 1988 – Amy Rivers-ShayJuly 24, 1994 – Carly ShayJuly 26, 1995 – Jade WestMarch 8, 1995 – Trina VegaOctober 11, 1995 – Tori VegaNovember 8 – Noelle WestlakeFebruary 26, 1996 – Cat ValentineThere were a couple other names on the list, but drops of blood a third of the way down the page alerted of two things: One, that she had canlı bahis a serious nose bleed going on that she was completely unaware of, and two, that something was very, very wrong here.* * *On the back porch, there was a gathering of guys, the likes of which would have looked incredibly strange to an outsider, but the more that Nate, Andre, Robbie, Spencer, and Gibby hung out together, the easier it all seemed.”So… did you take care of the thing,” Andre vaguely asked Gibby as he took a sip of his beer, despite it not even being noon just yet.”The thi-?” he responded for a half second and then understood what he meant. “Yeah… found the ‘package’ for tonight. Local girl.””Stripper,” Robbie said with an embarrassing grin. “Yes…””She better be hot, man,” Andre said quietly. “If she’s a local, she probably doesn’t have any teeth and like C-section scars or something.””Clearly, I walked up at the wrong moment…” The guys turned around and saw Freddie standing there. “Who has C section scars now?””Nobody,” Nate said coldly, hoping the guys could keep a secret better than this.While the word ‘friend’ was a stretch for a couple of these guys, Nate especially, Freddie couldn’t think of a better group to spend his last full day of freedom with.”So if this is my bachelor party- a bunch of grown ass men standing around and drinking, then this is a piss poor excuse for a shindig.””Just so happens, little man,” Spencer said, rubbing Freddie’s hair out of place, “that we have just the thing for you to spend your day doing.””Go on…” Freddie asked, as Spencer produced a small box from his jacket. The groom quickly tore past the tape to see what was inside, and found a tiny figurine with a phaser-sword and starship, and Freddie instantly knew that this was. “Holy chizz, Spencer… are you serious? The roleplaying game? We’re doing this?””Yup,” the best man said, patting Freddie on the back.”Learned a long time ago,” Gibby added. “Some guys like to fish, some like to hunt, but Freddie Benson loves him some Galaxy Wars.””And the Fight for the Federation expansion,” Robbie added.”This is incredible,” Freddie said, elated at this development. “I have been trying for years to get people to play this game.””And now you have 5 people that are prisoners to your game for the rest of the day, and we have some other plans for tonight,” Spencer said with a laugh. “Oh, and wait until you meet our 7th- Rhonda.”* * *”So I guess that’s one down for the party tonight,” Carly said, going over the list and pointing out that Mrs West wouldn’t be making it to the bachelorette show.”Is it really that big of a loss, Carls?””You know it burns me up when you call me Carls… only reason I let Sam do it is because… well, you’ve met Sam.””That I have,” Amy said with a knowing release of breath. “My question was, do we need to make any changes or arrangements due to the mother of the bride being absent?””Not that I know of…” Carly thought, and looked over the basics of the night. “In fact, I think we are all better off for her absence.””Fact.”The two Shay women walked around the foyer and meeting hall of the inn when they ran across Savanna and Col. Shay laughing together.”What are you two up to?” Amy asked.”Poppa and I were just playing some cards,” the little girl shot back, her eyes never veering from the cards in front of her.”Savanna is playing,” Col. Shay said, shaking his head. “I’m getting completely obliterated at Go Fish by my granddaughter.””Savanna?””Yes, Aunt Carly?””You have to go easy on this old man,” the former web star said, smiling at her father, and teasing with him. Ever since his return, Carly had got-ten much closer with her father, and the f*mily as a whole, and most of that was due to her niece’s arrival. “In his old age, he’s not as sharp as he used to be.””Hardy har har, k*ddo…” he fired back. “You should try matching wits with this one…””You go away,” Savanna said coldly. “Grandpa and I are playing and I need my focus.”All the adults were stunned for a moment and shared a restrained laugh at the bossy little girl who seemed to run things most of the time.”That wasn’t awkward at all…” Carly said with a faint smile.”You should try spending day in and out with her,” Amy said, shaking her head. “She’s been acting crazy lately too.””Speaking of crazy,” Carly interrupted, “Not sure if I told you, but I think I’m going to give Freddie and Jade a memory book about them. You know, their early lives, before they met and then probably get some stuff from when they were dating.””That does sound like a good idea.””Yeah… I finished Freddie’s side up before we left Seattle, but Jade’s side has been tough… probably because I just don’t know her as well. But I need to get a few pieces that are really important laminated.””Cool… I can go with you to the library or copy store here if you want me to.””Nah… I think you need to tap out your father in law from the looks of the way Savanna is being a sore winner.””No rest for the weary,” Amy said, shaking her head. “Or wicked… I can never remember how that one goes.””Since it’s you, let’s just go with both, just to be safe,” Carly joked back before heading upstairs to grab her book.Within a few minutes, Carly was out the door, headed to the shop down the road to make her copies, and she booted up her PeadPod so she could listen to music and jog most of the way.She wasn’t sure if it was the music or what, but her mind began to wander and she was daydreaming for much of the run. Carly was so lost, in fact, that she didn’t see or hear the car in front of her.”Holy shit!” she called out as the car nearly hit her, just swerving to miss her, and she dropped her book, onto the ground.”I’m so sorry…” the woman driving said, a tissue held up to her nose. “I started getting this nosebleed this morning and it just hasn’t stopped… are you alright?”‘Yeah…” Carly said, “It’s ok… Hope you get that taken care of miss…””Clara,” the woman fired back. “And I hope to… not sure what the problem is here. Be safe, young lady.”The car drove off and Carly looked to where the book had landed and was completely horrified to find that it had partially landed in a puddle, and while it wasn’t dirty, the water had done some damage.”Fuck…” Carly said under her breath, and headed back to the inn, to see what she could salvage from her gift, knowing she was going to have to practically start over on some of these pages. Silently, she cursed the woman, and then herself for not paying attention as she should have.* * *If the lacklustre relationship that Marissa Benson and Jade shared wasn’t well known before the start of the bachelorette party, it became brutally obvious very quickly. Not even counting trying to pressure Sam into stealing Freddie back, Marissa hated Jade every step of the way, and especially when he got engaged to the tramp.Jade felt very similarly about the overbearing role Freddie’s mother had played not only in their relationship, but in Freddie’s whole life, damaging him for a long time it would seem. Though, even with all of the woman’s insanity, Freddie still came out an incredible guy so she could at least be thankful for that miracle.”I know it’s not much,” Marissa said, bringing a box from upstairs down the stairs, sitting it on the table before opening it, “But I came up with the idea that we could all match.”What came out of the box in front of Marissa was enough to make Jade’s stomach turn. Pink and green sweaters with Freddie (heart)’s Jade emblazoned across them. Sam was practically snickering, which Jade shared a laughing glance, before realizing that the blonde was a couple sheets into the wind already so most things were making her giggle.The party was pretty boring overall for the bride-to-be. There was drinking, mild music, and apparently some psychic that Amy had found was going to come later. Mostly, the girls had just clumped up into groups and were chatting to pass the time.Thankfully for Jade, Cat and Tori had remained close by her side for much of the evening so far, and since they were the primary bridesmaid and Maid of Honour, she felt comfortable with her court.Noelle moved back and forth between Cat’s side and hanging back with Sam since Noelle and Jade weren’t exactly best friends but both sides had more than enough conversation points. It was during one of these conversations that Noelle mentioned to Sam what happened with the ring, and losing it by the water.What she didn’t realize, however, was that Trina was listening in on this conversation, and was instantly inspired for a way to get back at that cocky black haired bitch for ruining everything.”Just wait until you see what I got you guys,” Tori said, really excited. “Actually, let’s go check it out now.””Thank god…” Jade said, rolling her eyes. “I need to get away from these people for a few minutes.”The Latina took Jade by the hand, along with Cat, bahis siteleri and headed to the dining room, where Tori had laid out an amazing tea set that Andre’s grandmother had left her, and since she really had no use for it, and since Andre came up with the idea, Tori thought a wedding gift would be a great use for it.What was revealed behind the door, however, was something that sent waves of anger and sadness through all three girls, and Tori let out a scream.The set had been smashed to pieces. And not like the table cloth had been pulled off and it fell to the ground, but the set was still essentially in place where Tori and Andre had set it up, but each individual piece of china had been broken apart.The other women rushed behind the trio and looked at the dining room, each one just as horrified as the rest. But Amy’s feelings of shock were quickly replaced by anger as the culprit seemed obvious to her.”Has anyone seen Savanna?” she asked coldly, fist clenched.”I’ll go find her,” Carly said, knowing her s*ster in law had gotten fed up with Savanna’s precocious nature today.The former web star ran up and down the halls of the inn, looking and listening for her niece until finally, she heard a faint voice coming from the library. Slowly, Carly crept up on the door and saw Savanna sitting on the floor playing with cards and just talking to them. As she listened closer, she could hear that it wasn’t a conversation, but a phrase repeated over and over.”One by one. One by one. One by one.”Carly reached out and touched Savanna’s shoulder and the little girl jumped a bit.”Aunt Carly?””Yeah, sweetie… are you ok?””No… I’m not going to get to be a flower girl, am I, Aunt Carly?””Savanna… why would you say something like that?” Carly asked, feeling very uneasy. “Who told you that?””The spirits. Mommy doesn’t believe in them, but my new friend told me all about them and what’s going to happen.”Carly considered asking, but humouring the little girl’s fantasies seemed like a really bad idea, and asking if she knew about the china incident seemed like an issue for another day.Taking Savanna’s hand, Carly pulled her up and led her up the stairs to her dad’s room. Normally, Spencer would be the first person that she would take Savanna to, but since he was busy apparently with Freddie’s thing, the Colonel was the obvious next choice.Once Carly had dropped off the creepy little girl, she raced back down to the party, hoping she hadn’t missed anything important, as if that was possible.* * *A few miles down the road, the second part of the bachelor party was underway at this dive bar filled with locals who seemed to be fishermen for the most part. Needless to say, the clean cut young adults from the big cities stood out tremendously.The first part of the day had been tons of fun for Freddie, and Robbie, for the most part, but seemed to be absolute hell for the rest of them. Nate could never pick up exactly what he was supposed to be doing and sat out for quite a while after his character was killed. Spencer and Andre were miserable, but they didn’t let Freddie see that since this was about supporting him.Gibby had never played an RPG before apparently, because he kept trying to control the situation. For the second round, when Nate was taking a nap, they just made Gibby the Dungeon Master so that he could do what he wanted to. This concept also blew his mind since there were no dungeons in the space based games, and the title was just a term.Freddie was nervous meeting the mysterious Rhonda that the guys teased him about on the way to the room to play the game, but arriving, he discovered that he spent all that time being anxious about meeting a blow-up doll with a bad black wig that had spray paint to simulate Jade’s former hairstyle. For most of the game, Freddie was handcuffed to the plastic plaything, and when Nate dropped out she took his place. There was no notable difference sadly.But tonight, Freddie had good reason to be concerned. Somehow the guys had come up with the idea that getting a stripper for the occasion was a good idea. Gibby had found some local girl, named Annalee, which all the guys spent most of the day teasing him about the quality of such a girl.However, all the laughing and jokes came to an abrupt end when she arrived, and she was incredibly attractive. Brunette with a very thin body but incredible curves. Robbie’s jaw remained on the floor for a pretty good while as the young lady danced in her bra and underwear since the bar forbade the nudity, but Annalee pushed the limits, eager to earn her tips.As she slid her back against Freddie, sliding down between his legs, she quickly spun around, kneeling on the floor, her hands firmly on his knees. She looked up at him with a seductive look, that quickly turned to terror.”Freddie?! Freddie Benson?!” she exclaimed.”Umm… yeah?””It’s me… Lee Anne… Mrs Briggs’ niece. You and Sam and Carly babysat me a few times.”The colour drained from his face as he looked down at the girl, unable to see the 8 year old that he had played board games with a decade ago.”Oh wow… I had no idea that you were… and you look… great,” he choked out while the other guys looked at him, “I, uh…””Just relax, man… This is just a job,” she said, moving back up to grind against him.”Yeah… I… can’t do this,” he said with a heavy sigh as he moved from the chair and headed up to the bar, while Andre took his place with gusto.Freddie looked at the barkeep, then back to his friends that were having the time of their lives, including Robbie who was passed out on top of Rhonda, which had already served its purpose as the photographic moment of the night. Nate was doing his best to not look at the dancing woman too suggestively, and drinking away the evening as he texted with Tasha, eager to get back with her.* * *”I see that you… must be careful,” Clara said, looking at the rune stones and comparing them to what she had read through the tarot cards. “You are not on the side of the angels… and that will be your downfall if you don’t carry the heavy burden of-“”Fuck this,” Trina said, blowing off the psychic completely, and rushing from the table.”I’m sorry, Miss Vega, but-“”Clara…” Amy said through her teeth. “I thought we agreed to keep things light and fun. So far you’ve just been making people uncomfortable.””I’m sorry, but there are some very sinister f*rces at work here, and I would rather keep people safe from-“”Look, I don’t care what sort of mumbo-jumbo hoodoo you think you can do, I paid for entertainment. Lie if you have to.”The medium looked with a gaze that haunted Amy a bit, unsure of how to feel about being asked to betray her gifts. But then again, everyone has to pay a mortgage.”Yes, ma’am,” Clara said softly. “Who’s next?””I am,” Jade said, looking a little worse for wear. The rules of the night were that anytime Freddie’s name was mentioned, the speaker would have to drink. Needless to say, Mrs Benson was beyond gone at this point, and Jade had intentionally ‘forgot’ the rule but ached to drink away her feelings of loneliness.”Alright… Jade,” Clara said, looking at the deck and giving the former mean girl a six card spread.As the cards flipped over, they revealed, a seven of swords, reversed two of cups, The Fool, ten of swords, The Empress, and the Tower reversed.”Ah… I see that you have a complex relationship on this island, and one of uncomfortable love has led to betrayal. But the betrayer will actually be your saviour, and though the journey to be safe will be rife with stress and incredible loss, but there will be a light at the end.””Nice…” Jade said, sarcastically. “That was decidedly cryptic. Can’t imagine who it might be about.”Jade shot a look over and Cat and Tori signalling that they knew who she was talking about, though the list of people that had betrayed the former Goth was longer than just Beck.”I know who will never betray me though… Freddie.””Drink!” several people, including an already inebriated Tasha, shouted out as Jade gladly downed a shot of something she had poured herself.”Oooh… me next,” Noelle said, jumping up and down, taking Jade’s seat quickly, since Cat’s was less than positive. The shy intelligent girl had been very nervous to get involved with this stuff since she was raised on the belief that it was evil. Still, her curiosity got the better of her.Once again, Clara prepared the spread for the raven haired brain, looking to Noelle, and revealing another six card spread. This time, it opened with the 9 of cups, the seven of wands, the Page of Swords, Temperance, reverse The Sun, and reversed The Hanged Man. The irony of her last card was not lost on Noelle at all, as she laughed at the possibilities, until she saw the serious look on Clara’s face.”I can see that you are planning to start a journey with a loved one, and you feel that your love cannot güvenilir bahis be stopped by any f*rce, but you are too curious at times for your own good. A strong bond of trust will take you far, but you feel out of place with a group of friends. This nature will lead to sacrifice, but for the good of those you love.”Noelle, just stared, concerned that if the bits about herself were true, than would the future parts also come to pass? “Umm… thanks… I guess.””They’re only cards, dear,” Clara said after getting a glance from Amy. “I think I have time for one more, if anyone would like their fortune told.””I think I want a go at this,” Carly said, looking a bit nervous, but not wanting to show her fear or concern that the woman could draw from. Plus, she wanted to see if she could intimidate the woman since she nearly ran her over earlier.Clara prepared the cards, but something felt really off, and she fumbled the deck and spilled her cards all over the floor. Bending over to pick them up, she saw a splash of red fall onto a sideways version of the Moon, and as Clara gripped her nose, she knew her nosebleed had returned.”I’m sorry…” she said, as her nose dripped on several cards, including The Hanged Man, The Tower, and Death, three of the most ominous cards in the deck. “I can’t… I need to go.”The woman gathered up her cards and her belongings and threw them into the bag before starting to race out of the door, but Amy stopped her at the doorway.”Clara, we paid for-“”I don’t care how much you pay me, and I will give every cent back…” she said, her eyes wide with terror. “None of you are safe here, and you need to leave right away. Grab your loved ones, and leave this island… Otherwise, a terrible fate awaits all of you, one by one!”The words that Savanna had repeated over and over haunted Carly, and she started to go after the escaping psychic, but Amy stopped her short, eager to put the crazy woman out of mind.* * *On the dark edge of the shore, Trina Vega was walking around, using her phone for a makeshift flashlight, trying to look into the water and on the edge for what Noelle had lost. Motivated as much by revenge as greed, Trina wanted to stick it to that uppity girl and ruin her chances with Cat. Plus having a diamond would certainly be nice since she was secretly afraid that she would never find someone to love her.”C’mon…” she said to herself. “I really need to find you, sparkly diamond thingy…”Trina trailed off as she saw a shadow behind her, but before she could turn around and see who was stalking her, she felt a sharp pain against the side of her head, and just dropped, everything becoming a vortex of black.* * *Though she promised she wouldn’t bother him, Jade was feeling very lonely as she walked along the edge of the pool, and needed to talk to Fred-die. She brushed off her fortune, but the truth was that it really threw her, and she needed something that would make her feel comfortable.Dammit, she thought, voicemail again. She debated hanging up, but decided to leave a message so he could at least come see her when he was done with… whatever he was doing.”Hey, baby, it’s me… Tonight was really shitty, so I kinda hope your night sucked. I’m just at the pool… Had to get away from all that crap, and-“Jade’s words were stopped when she felt a strong pain against her head, instantly blurring her vision and pushing her into the pool. She wasn’t sure if she was underwater for a second or a minute, but there was a humming sound when she came up for air, and saw the glimmer from her phone at the bottom of the pool. Jade dove back in to grab it, mostly out of love for the device, and since it was a gift from Freddie not long ago.When she came back up however, she found a hard plastic sheet blocking her way. Quickly realizing that the pool cover was over her, she raced for the thin area where it hadn’t gotten to.As fast as she swam though, she just couldn’t beat the creeping cover to the other side, and it covered her, and she used as much energy as she could to push and break through it, but felt herself getting weak, and before she knew it, everything became pain and burning as she gasped for breath and darkness quickly enveloped her as the humming sound started up again.* * *”Is she ok?!”These words were the first things that Jade West had really heard since Freddie’s outgoing voice message. They also caused her to vomit a bit of chlorinated water, she had apparently swallowed.Her eyes fluttered open to reveal Freddie kneeling on one side of her, and her father, dripping wet on the other side. The strange taste in her mouth signalled that her father was the one who had given her mouth to mouth, which was disgusting of course, but she certainly wasn’t going to com-plain now. Standing around behind them were nearly all the girls from the party, and a few of the guys, including Beck, and Carly’s dad.The two major men on Jade’s life now sat face to face, Freddie giving a soft nod to signal that perhaps he wasn’t the worst father ever.”Are you ok, babe?” Freddie asked, cradling her head into his chest and rocking her back and forth.”Yeah…” she said softly, still gasping for air a bit. “I think so.””What happened, sweetie?” Robert asked, looking around the pool.”I’m not sure,” she said, shaking her head. “I was calling Freddie… leaving a message, and then it all kinda goes black. Like I got hit or something. Then the pool closed up.””There was no one at the control when I saw you in the water,” Robert said, “Are you sure you didn’t hit the button and then fell in?””No!” she snapped. “Someone hit me, I fell in, and then, the cover came over.””We can talk about this in the morning, Jade,” Robert said getting up. “I assume you can get my daughter to her room safely, Mr Benson.””Yes sir,” Freddie said, not even concerned about their spat the night before. He helped jade to her feet as the crowd dissipated and headed back inside for what was left of the bachelorette party, but the bride and groom headed upstairs, and while they had no intention of having sex, Jade slept in Freddie’s bed that night, as the muscular teen spent most of the night sitting up, unable to sl*ep, watching over his lover.* * *A couple miles away from the inn sat Schneider’s Cemetery, behind the primary church, the future site of the Benson-West wedding. Despite a look across the surface of the area, which showed the grounds completely empty, there were still muffled sounds to be heard. But this wasn’t un-common really, as many ch*ldren would dare each other to spend time in the graveyard, hearing strange noises and assuming the mythical Slasher had returned to get them.Tonight however, the sounds coming from an open grave in the area, were not from some spirit or a****l, but from a curvy brunette who had tape across her mouth and her hands and feet were tied together. The rope from Trina’s hands fed into a small pipe above her head.Trina squirmed and wriggled and did her best to get out of the ropes, screaming muffled sounds for anyone who might hear her, but sadly, there wasn’t a person around for at least half a mile. She had no idea how long she had been down here, but she had been awake for several minutes now, staring upwards at the night sky view blocked by a couple taller statues, arms pulled hard against the dirt wall of the grave’s edge.As she squirmed, she felt something sharp. With all her energy, she ground the rope against the sharp part of the pipe, where apparently it had been chipped, trying to cut through the rope as fast as she could. Trina quickly realized that the more she freed herself from the rope, the harder it became to move her arms, as if it was weighted by something.The eldest Vega s*ster pressed on, trying and stretching as hard as she could to get herself free from whatever sicko would do this to her. Her hands and wrists were red from the stress and she could feel blood coming from her hands where she’d scrap*d too hard on the sharp thin pipe.Finally, after a good couple minutes of cutting the rope, she felt it finally starting to give, and she got one hand loose. The shadows above shifted tremendously, but she was determined to get out of this awful situation and didn’t notice. She reached to rip the tape off, but the focused strain on her other arm was so intense, that she had to give her attention to that, practically spraining her wrist as she strove to free herself from the nylon restraint, until finally she had both hands free.Trina only had a split second to enjoy her victory before she realized in the deepest horror the immense mistake she had made. The rope was tied to a loose large stone statue above the grave as it turned out, and without a weight to keep it from falling, the angel fell forward into the open grave.The eldest Vega was only able to whimper as she felt the immense falling weight hit her, crushing her, breaking bones, and with no one able to hear her muffled screams of pain, within minutes, from the combo of shock, internal injuries, and probably hopelessness, she was dead, and the cemetery was silent once more.

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