For B…

It’s late at night. I can picture you at your computer, having just gotten out of a long, hot shower, the day’s aggravations and stresses completely washed away. You’re relaxed and your skin is warm and a little damp still. Every muscle in your body is loose and comfortable. You’ve wrapped a soft dark cotton bath towel around your waist and your hair is down and loose against your neck. You’re checking your email one last time before going to bed, making sure you didn’t miss any important messages from friends and family. Upon entering your email, you see nothing new in your inbox. You decide to read through the messages you’d received and read through earlier in the day. There are a couple of messages from each of your sisters, telling you about their lives on campus and crabbing about certain Professors they have for classes. Your father sent you a copy of the building plans for a new garage he wants you to help him build in back of the house when the weather gets warmer outside. (This elicits a grumble out of you and a few choice words.) You read through çankaya escort a message from your brother, and check out the latest picture of your nephew, who just had a birthday. You come across the message from me. The one with the provocative picture. With one hand on the mouse and a smile on your face, you open the message. My smiling face and naked breasts appear on your screen like magic. Your smile widens. You’re not sure why I decided to send you a picture like that out of the clear blue, but you’re not complaining. You look at the picture, seeing my long blonde hair, soft, pale skin, and even paler pink nipples. Your other hand is…elsewhere. Without looking down, you move your hand through the folds of the towel at your waist until it touches your cock. It twitches to life immediately.

With your eyes on the screen, your hand begins to slide over your cock, circling the head in light, quick circles. Your hand slides across the length of your cock then. You’re gentle at first, enjoying the vicious tingle that races up your shaft to your balls, then ankara rus escort more firm as you feel yourself starting to get hard. Your breathing deepens. You shift your position slightly in the chair. You let your mind wander and remember back to a rickety old front porch you once knew a long time ago. Seems like another lifetime, doesn’t it? Warm Summer nights, faint breezes carrying the scent of lilacs up to a second floor porch, citronella candles burning in the dark to ward off mosquitoes, long conversations with me that went nowhere and everywhere at the same time,…deep, slow kisses against the corner pillar where neighbors could see us if they happened to look out their windows.

As you remember, your hand moves along your cock faster, harder. Your eyes close suddenly, your breathing harsh in the quiet of your house. A low moan bubbles up from deep in your throat. You feel the hard, hot cock between your legs, pulsing…aching for release. You’re remembering how it felt to have my warm, wet mouth wrapped around you, licking quickly, sucking ankara yabancı escort you deep into my throat as your fingers tangled themselves in my hair. Your thumb brushes the tip quickly…back and forth, pre-cum all over your hand. You’re getting closer to that release.

In your distant memory, you hear my voice, gasping softly in your ear as you drive me crazy with your touch on sensitive places on my body. Your memories are vivid as you remember how my body would slide against yours when I got excited, breasts teasing your rock solid chest. You remember how my hands would come up and tangle themselves in your hair, pulling your mouth down to mine for heated, passionate, tongue-tangling kisses. You recall how I’d moan into your mouth when your hands would come up and gently tweak and play with my nipples through my cotton T-shirt as we kissed. With a low growl and a final solid stroke of your cock, you explode into your loosely cupped hand, moaning loudly…succumbing to the waves of pleasure running wildly through your body.

After a few minutes, you collapse back in your chair, panting, opening your eyes. My picture is gone, your email long closed. You don’t know how that happened, and chuckle softly. Time for bed. As you stand up, the towel falls from your hips to the floor with a soft sound. You barely notice…

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