Rachel’s Secret


By way of introduction…the Plaza is a ritzy shopping and entertainment district in Kansas City. I wrote this story for a friend who I will call Rachel, who has unfulfilled cuckhold fantasies with her husband.


We’ve agreed to meet at a trendy restaurant on the Plaza. Its a busy lunch hour…the place is buzzing.

We’re seated in a corner booth, and soon we are chatting and getting to know one another. I tell you a funny story, and touch you as you laugh…and you feel a shiver run through your body.

As you talk you notice that now I’m playing with your hair, and gently massaging the back of your neck. You’re smiling and seem to be enjoying the sensations.

Soon, our eyes meet, and I pull your lips to mine and kiss you. We’re both oblivious to the bustle of the busy restaurant as we savor the taste and sensations of one another’s lips.

The waitress arrives with our food…and has to clear her throat to get our attention. You look at her and blush as she serves our lunch.

After a delicious meal filled with stimulating conversation, laughter and flirting, I suggest we go for a walk.

We find ourselves in front of the Victoria’s Secret store. I open the door and usher you inside.

As you might imagine at the Plaza Victoria’s Secret, the store is filled with attractive women dressed to impress, and I seem to be the only man in the store.

As we look at the sexy lingerie, you feel me stroking your back…with just a hint of nails raising occasional goose bumps.

You bend over to look at some hose and garters in a drawer, and you feel me tugging from behind on the waistband of your jeans…pulling your ass to my groin so that you can feel the rock hard bulge in my pants rubbing against your butt.

I suggest that you select a few çankaya escort bayan items and try them on. You choose a pink bra and matching panties and garter trimmed in black lace, and some black hose. You go to the dressing room, strip down and try on your items. To check the full effect, you put on the black heels you were wearing with your jeans.

As you admire yourself in the mirror, you’re startled to see the door open behind you, and I quickly slip inside.

Standing behind you, I see you in the mirror and you look stunning. Even in your heels I tower over. I embrace you from behind, kissing your neck, hands exploring. When your eyes are not closed in your reverie, you see us in the mirror with my arms engulfing your petite little body.

I pull your body close to mine and through the silky lace panties you feel my cock straining against my pants. You’re still facing the mirror as I begin teasing your nipples with my fingers…at first through the fabric, but soon pulling the fabric down under your breasts.

I reach down and quickly release my cock from my pants. As you turn to face me you feel my thick erection pressing heavily against your belly….leaving a cool trace on your soft skin as precum leaks from the tip.

I pick you up and as your lips meet mine you wrap your arms and legs around me. I reach down and pushing the silky fabric of your panties aside. You feel the head of my cock slowly invading your silky wetness.

We both gasp softly as you are slowly impaled on my big hard tool. Its stretches you soo tight. Your arms and legs are wrapped around me, and my hands are on your butt…moving your small frame up and down slowly….feeling every inch of me inside you. As you catch a glimpse of yourself suspended in the air while riding my big thick cock, ankara rus escort you let out a soft cry as you cum and I can feel your wetness dripping and running down my leg.

“I want it deeper” you whisper in my ear, so I lower your feet to the ground, still in your shiny black heels, turn you around, and bend you over the white chair next to the mirror. In the mirror, you see my eyes lowered and a smile on my face as I admire your cute little ass before me, ornamented by the lovely pink and black panties.

You brace yourself against the chair. Looking into the dressing room mirror in front of you, you are struck by the look of lust in both our eyes as my cock slams home with the first stroke. The pace and intensity quickly accelerates. Your eyes are closed now, but you hear and feel my balls slapping against your clit as our bodies crash together with each powerful thrust. It feels like an earthquake.

My hands are firmly on your hips…fingertips feeling the combination of the silk and lace of the panties you’re still wearing. I can feel the silk brushing against me as I guide your softness to meet each thrust of my raging hard cock. Your black heels have raised your ass to the perfect angle so that combined with my height and your position braced on the chair, my cock is hitting your g-spot with every thrust, and soon you are letting out little involuntary squeals of pleasure…forgetting that the store full of women is just outside the thin dressing room door.

As your dripping pussy is pounded into submission you feel a powerful orgasm begin to well up deep inside you. You hear my breathing change, you open your eyes, look in the mirror and see the fire in my eyes as you feel an explosion of molten hot cum deep inside your body. You involuntarily squeal ankara etlik escort as you senses explode…and your pussy releases a gush of wetness that splashes as my cock continues to drive deep inside you.

You feel cool traces of wetness running down your inner thigh to the top of your black hose.

I pull out and you feel me behind you, cleaning your legs with my tongue, savoring the fruits of our lust. I kiss the soft skin of your beautiful little ass as I finish, arise, and pull my pants up.

No words have been spoken in the dressing room, even as I quickly slip out the door.

The price tags are still intact as you remove the items you were trying on, taking care to fold the silky panties so that the sopping wet crotch is hidden inside dry pink fabric.

As you exit the door of the dressing room to find me waiting for you, you notice the looks of several of the beautiful model-types in the store. You feel that there is a hint of envy in their eyes. Did they hear the sounds coming from your dressing room? Do they know your secret?

I take your hand and we proceed to purchase the items you tried on. We leave the store and I walk you to your car. As we part with a gentle kiss, you notice that my pants once again show signs of desire.

At home later that evening, you tell your husband you bought something special for him today. You tell him to give you a few minutes, then join you in the bedroom. He enters to find you reclined on the bed, with a beautiful sexy glow. The black lace, hose and shiny heels contrast with the pink silk and your soft skin. He almost runs to you as he eagerly attacks. He removes your panties, not noticing the rough spot where the juices that soaked the fabric earlier in the day have now dried.

He plunges his tongue into the still-tender folds of your hot little love box. His voice is a bit muffled as he devours you, but you hear him say “mmmm….you taste unusually good tonight…what did you do?”

You smile and say. “Just got a little something special from Victoria’s Secret….my little secret”

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