Rainstorms and Interruptions

Double Penetration

It was finally raining. It had been a bit of surprise considering how long it had been since it had rained, and had been coming down for a couple of hours. While it was cutting the punishing dry heat they had had for the last several weeks, it was only making it more and more humid — enough that the already light clothes they had on were starting to stick.

They had headed up for a road trip that morning with the intention of spending some time together, but for the time being were waiting for the rain to stop so they could go on the hike they had planned. Neither was particularly upset by the rain, as they were both just happy to get the opportunity to spend some time with each other. The trip up had been full of laughing and banter, and the occasional glance stolen at each other. They had both worn swimsuits and thrown clothes on over top, with the intention of wading into a little lake halfway on their hike; he had a loose tanktop on with his short trunks, and she was wearing a light white gauzy wrap over top of her leopard-print tankini and briefs. Neither said it, but both were enjoying the view.

Normally this hiking trail had a little more traffic, but with the weather being what it was that day, it was pretty quiet, and they hadn’t seen anyone for hours. They had popped open the back of his van and were sheltering underneath the door, propped up on some blankets, with some music playing on one of their phones and a half-empty bottle of wine sitting beside her they had slowly been drinking. The conversation died off a bit, and they sat in silence for a while, watching the rain.

He went to reach for the wine and inadvertently brushed his right hand over her bare stomach between her top and briefs. She jumped a little, and he apologized.

“Sorry — didn’t mean to tickle you,” he said as he moved his hand. She reached over and put her hand on top, stopping him.

“It’s ok — just made me jump, that’s all. I didn’t mind it.” She looked over at him and smiled, and looked lost in thought for a second.

“My hand?” He smiled and gestured at his hand with his eyes, which she was still holding. She looked confused for a second, and then realized what she was doing and laughed.

“Got distracted, sorry. But you don’t need to move your hand. At least, not if you don’t want to.” A small smile crept up on the edge of her lips, and he couldn’t seem to focus on anything else. Trying to read his reaction, she slowly pulled his hand towards her stomach, and let it lay, palm down, on her skin. He looked at his hand, resting on her, and then back at her face.

Her stomach was soft, and with just a hint of sweat from the heat. He relaxed his hand, and spread his fingers out, the thumb sliding up ever-so-slightly under her top.

“No, I don’t mind that at all,” he said, looking at her face to try and read her reactions, his interest in the wine completely forgotten.

She lounged back and stretched, the swimsuit hugging her body as she reached her arms above her head and linked them together to work the kinks out. A deep sigh came bubbling up from her chest as she laid back into the blankets they had arranged as a makeshift couch for the two of them.

“That feels really nice,” she said softly. She propped up her head with one arm, and the other reached over to him and started tracing kızılay escort lines up and down his shoulder and arm. They looked at each other for a short while, both of them trying to read the other person’s intentions, with neither wanting to get it wrong.

They stayed like this for a while: quiet, looking at each other, enjoying the contact and the company. He started running his hand back and forth on her stomach, gently gliding across her skin. Her skin jumped at the sensation, but not unpleasantly, and she found herself involuntarily sucking in her breath and holding it as he continued to stroke her tummy.

Her own fingers trailed up his arm and across his chest, at least the parts exposed under his tanktop, and slowly down his chest to his stomach. She glanced down, and saw a noticeable bulge in his trunks, and her hand stopped as her breath caught in her throat for a second. She caught herself, and her fingers trailed down lower, reaching underneath his tank top to brush against his stomach. It was a little hairy, and she teased the hairs on his belly and ran her fingers up and down them, careful not to get too close to his shorts and what was inside, not yet.

His breathing got heavier, and his hand slowly went from gently resting on her stomach to sliding across her stomach and over her side. He could tell she was sensitive to touch and more than a little anxious, and he had to be honest, he was too. He was letting her take the lead, but his urge to reach out and hold her was incredibly strong.

“Is that ok?” she said in what seemed to her to be a surprisingly raspy voice, as her fingers continued to stroke him and run up and down his belly.

“Of course, whatever you feel comfortable with,” he reassured her. His thumb slid under her top as he stroked her side, his thumb brushing against her ribs. He liked the contrast between her softness and the hardness he felt in his trunks at that moment.

“I really love your body,” he whispered to her. “And I love how it feels.” His hand reached to hold her side, and he slowly leaned forward towards her slightly and stopped. “I’d really like to kiss you right now,” he said softly as he shifted. “But only if you want me to.”

She hesitated, just for a second, unsure of what to do in the moment. But she ran her hand under his tank and over his side, squeezed him, and pulled herself towards him and sunk into his lips, gently at first, but with an increasingly firm grip on him.

Luxuriating in the feeling of the connection, he leaned into the kiss as well, moaning deeply into her mouth. His own hand slid down her side and over her hip, firmly squeezing her bottom and gently but insistently pulling her towards him. Their bodies slid closer together, as their hands started exploring each other in earnest.

He broke their kiss and pulled back a bit, looking into her eyes. They looked at each other in silence for a moment, each running their free hand up and down the others side. Her hand slid up under his tank, and her thumb found his right nipple and rubbed it as she ran her hand over his chest. His eyes fluttered, half closing, and he moaned gently. He composed himself and looked her in the eyes again.

“I can take my tanktop off, if you like,” he said. “It you want me to.”

“OK,” she squeaked, then repeating herself ankara etlik escort in a stronger voice, “Yes, please.”

He sat up and grabbed the bottom of it with each hand, arms crossed, pulling it up and over his head in one smooth motion. She let her gaze linger on his naked chest and stomach; he wasn’t particularly muscular by any means, but she liked the way his body moved nonetheless. He was also hairier around his nipples and between; not a lot but just the right amount, she thought. Putting his tanktop aside, he leaned back on their cushion, eyes on hers, waiting for her. He smiled at her.

She leaned over, slowly, and reached her left hand out, placing it tentatively on his chest. She liked feeling the muscle under his skin; it felt so different from her own body. She gently squeezed his chest, and ran her thumb over his nipple.

“They’re so much smaller than mine,” she said. “So tiny! I like them.” She rubbed it a little harder, and looked up at his face. “Does that feel good?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, definitely,” he replied, his breath becoming a little heavier. “Everything you do feels good.”

She blushed, a little. Then she leaned forward and, very tentatively, licked at his nipple with her tongue. The hair around his nipples felt so odd under her tongue, but not bad. She flicked at it for a bit, and then leaned in a bit and sucked at it, causing him to gasp.

“Oh, god, that feels good,” he gasped. His hand came up behind her and stroked the top of her head and hair, tensing up as she gently bit down on his nipple, but she barely applied any pressure at all. Her tongue flicked over it, slowly at first, and then faster.

She pulled back, and looked up at him, an intense look on her face. “Was that ok? Not too much?” she asked him.

“It was perfect, I loved it. You seem to know just what makes me feel good, babe.” He smiled down at her, stroking her hair reverently.

She smiled, and leaned forward and kissed him on his nipple again, and then the other one, giving it a little flick with her tongue when she did. She liked the little intake of breath he made when she did.

Her kisses continued, up his chest, and onto his neck; he pulled his head back to expose his neck even further, and she took full advantage, leaning in over him. Her arms went around him, and she pulled herself very close to him as she did. She kissed his neck and up to his ear, kissing his cheek and jaw on the way up. She paused by his ear and whispered into it.

“Can I see it?” she asked shyly. “Just for a bit?”

He smiled and ran his hand up and down her back, gently, pulling her close to him.

“Of course. Just for a bit. Do you want to take it out?” he asked. She nodded.

She sat up on her knees, and then reached forward with her hand, slowly at first. She grazed her hand over his bulge, and he sucked in his breath, sharply. She paused and looked at him for reassurance, but he smiled and nodded at her to continue.

She stroked his bulge, slowly at first, up and down his trunks, and then finally took the top of his trunks in both of her little hands and slowly started pulling them down. He lifted his hips, helping her remove them, and she slid them down over his hips, freeing him.

Her eyes widened looking at his prick, and her mouth demetevler escortlar opened just a bit involuntarily. His hand, which was running up and down her arm, slid up her neck and cupped the side of her face gently. He leaned forward, guiding her by the cheek, and drew her in for a deep kiss. Both of them exhaled deeply with attraction for each other; her hand danced around and found his prick, and slowly started stroking him as they kissed, causing him to moan deeply into her mouth.

She paused from the kiss, and pulled back, her hand still rubbing his hardness. She looked into his eyes for a moment, as if she was deciding what to say, or how to say it. He waited, patiently, and finally she spoke.

“Can… can we make love? Please?” she asked. He looked at her for a moment, quietly, and swallowed nervously, nodding. Then he smiled and replied more confidently.

“Of course. I’d like nothing more.” His eyes were twinkling and the adoration for the other on both of their faces would have been plain to anyone lucky enough to have intruded on this moment between them.

She nodded, and pushed him back into the blankets, moving to straddle him. She looked deep into his eyes, now sure of her actions and herself, as she reached down; she had pulled a condom from god knows where, and opened the package and slid it on to him. Looking back up at him, she used one hand to slide her swim bottoms to the side and pulled his cock up to meet her opening with her other. Never breaking eye contact, she slowly slid down on him, her wetness making his entrance easy.

He was propped back on his elbows, his eyes wide as he watched her mount him, the intensity of the moment overwhelming. She sank down, fully, onto his prick, and reached for his hands. Gazing at each other, she began to slide up and down his hardness, her juices coating him and dripping down onto his balls.

She rode him, quietly, for some time, and neither one spoke, not daring to risk breaking the special moment between them. Finally, as she drew close, she leaned forward and kissed him again, grinding herself on his throbbing cock over and over. She leaned forward to speak into his ear, between deep breaths.

“I love you,” she whispered, her juices squishing as she ground herself down onto him. “So much.”

He grinned; she didn’t see it, but she could hear it in his voice and could see it in her mind.

“I know. I love you too, angel. A ridiculous amount.” As he spoke, his hands slid down her sides, and gripped her hips tightly, and he pushed up inside of her, meeting her movements.

She smiled, pulling back a bit, and then crushed his lips in another kiss, as their increasingly hurried pounding was steadily pushing her over the edge. She came hard, moaning deeply into his mouth. Her body spasms and moans pushed him over the edge, too, and his cock exploded too, filling the condom.

The two of them slowly relaxed and caught their breath, cuddling as they came down from their mutual high, whispering into one another’s ears and holding each other.

Finally, she rolled off of him, holding his hand, feeling her juices drip down her thigh. He sat up, kissing her on the shoulder, and forehead, and tummy, gently, and finally on the lips.

At just that time, the rain finally broke and started tapering off. They shared the rest of the wine, holding each other, quietly talking about what had just happened and what it meant for them; and then once the rain had finished, they got up and headed down to the beach to finally cool off from the heat, the humidity, and other things, too.

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