REAL Asian Massage Parlor Stories #1


REAL Asian Massage Parlor Stories #1Man do I have many to share with you.I have to start somewhere but I am 55 yrs old and have been going to Asian massage parlors since my older brother stared taking me when I was 13 for my 8th grade graduation present. But I still cant get enough of them!.I seek out the full service places,who care about hand jobs,that’s for pussies and I can jerk myself off if I want..Now that I’m a bit older I have a routine and a local place about 20mins away I go to. I usually take half a Viagra so I get my money’s worth and take a few hits on the vaporizer to make it interesting. Its always exciting and sometimes hit or miss on the quality of girls they have (usually a selection of 3) and the place is relatively clean and sleazy just enough to set the atmosphere right. The girls dress the part usually in a short like dress t=with no lisp stick or perfume so the guys who are married can go home like they just ran an errand to the Home Depot undetected. I usually ask to see who what girls are available so I can see what best suits my taste that day. This recent day 2 Sunday mornings ago as my wife said she was going to while I knew in the back of my mind that as soon as she went out the door I was going to pop the Viagra ,take a couple of pokes on the vaporizer and call the Asian whorehouse for an appt. How.How wrong is that!. So when I got there I girl sakarya escort was vacuuming the floor and she was just ok looking and wanted to see the other 2 girls but one was busy..She brought the other girl over to me and introduced me and her name was Sophia.Sophia was mid thirties tall and slim natural dark brownish hair with a delightfully slutty looking cheap dress on that revealed her ample bosom with some sort of high heeled sandals on. A decent specimen for my experiments I thought.. I said I would take her and she led me into a room I have been many times before,decent size room with a stand up mirror leaning up against the wall and a decent size massage table. I pay her the house fee $60 and undress to my undies and sit on the table and waited for Sophia. She returned a few mins later with a condom wrapped in a paper which is the standard cause I’m pretty sure my face has I want to fuck written all over it. So here is where the fun starts.. I’m 6’2 200lbs in decent shape with a decent size 8 inch tool on me.I do the usual ,tell her she is pretty ,she says I’m handsome and I tell her I want to have fun 1st b4 the massage.I pull her towards me and kiss her neck and reach around and feel her ass.I pull down the top to her dress to reveal her nice size C/D tits overflowing in her brown and pink lace bra.She takes off her dress and I tell her to keep the heels adapazarı escort on (I love fucking women in heels,doesn’t everyone?) so now she has her matching thong and bra set and her heels on..Again I pull her towards me and the Viagra is kicking in at this point as I’m sitting on the table.She drops to her knees and starts sucking me off.. Now here is the testy part.. I have to gauge how they like to play,easy,firm or rough. So after determining that Sophia is a nasty whore who likes it s bit on the rough side I now kick it up a notch.I ask her to stand and unhook her bra and play with her tits for a bit.She tells me in he broken English that she likes her lovely brown pencil eraser length with nice areolas sucked hard,pulled hard and bitten slightly so I oblige and do that for a bit. I then tell her to get back on her knees and continue sucking me while I watch her ass sticking up in the air in the mirror I do thhis for 5 mins and then ask her to lay on the table so I could face fuck her which she does without hesitation.By now my cock from the Viagra is like a weapon,Its hard as a rock and fat and she is amazed by the sight of it. She starts to say something that I find strange but utterly amusing she starts to keep repeating “Your beautiful,I Love you”.So I play along make her get back on her knees with the back of her head against the massage table and I start sakarya escort bayan face fucking here again while I’m hold the sides of her head so she has no escape for the filth I’m about to unleash on her. I start plowing my cock into her mouth and telling her “I love you my little dirty bitch”..She loved it..saliva was shooting out of her mouth as she gasped for air. After a few mins of this I had her lay on the table and put the condom on she had which by now my cock was so hard it barley fit and had her sprad her legs while I just put the firsts third of it in her pussy.She was sweaty her face was beat red and had spit on the side of her face from the face fucking I gave her.I grabbed her buy the shoulders first.. then her by her neck as leverage so I could drive my rock hard cock into her..Theses girls at this place are usually pretty clean but I could detect and slightly smelly pussy form this one but I didnt mind cause I was there to use here as a fuck toy for awhile and she was proving to be a good one. After a few mins of stationary i flipped her for some doggie and made her kneel on the table and hang stick her ass out over the edge so I could fuck that smelly pussy good from behind while I was saying the most raunchiest things to her..Now I did my usual which is made her get back on the floor on here knees I pulled the condom off and had her suck my cock few a few seconds more then I pulled it out of here mouth pushed her head back at the top of her forehead by here hairline and busted an nice size load on her face..All the while while telling her I loved her.I cleaned up gave her a tip and went home for a nap .

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