Real ex gf making me eat cum


Real ex gf making me eat cumDana and I had been together for about a month and my sex life had never been better. We were both in college and she was the first girl to really get me to explore my sexuality. She was a beautiful 21 year old blond at the time. She had a fat ass but small waist and really big tits. When we first got together (as seen in my first story) she opened me up to face sitting which is now my ultimate fantasy. We were out at a bar one evening getting absolutely blitzed and dancing. She was very open about sexual contact in public. Nothing stopped her from reaching into my pants on the dance floor and playing with my cock. The band was playing and I was behind her. She leaned back and kissed my neck and slowly slide her hand behind her back and inside the waist of my pants. I never wear underwear so my cock was fully exposed to her. My semi hard cock immediately stood to attention when she did this. She spent the next hour on the dance floor finding ways to tease the top of my cock whether it was inside my pants or on top of them. I was teasing her clit too as I slid my hand under her floral pink top and into the waist of her black miniskirt. The first time I did it she was in front of me again and my middle finger glanced her waxed smooth pussy and it felt like I had already came in her she was so wet. I circled her clit on the dance floor surrounded by 100’s of other college students. There had to be people there that saw what was going on but she didn’t care. And I sure as fuck didn’t care. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her on the walk home from the bar. This made her pussy squeeze around my finger and she licked the side of my neck and said, “let’s get the fuck out of here then. NOW!”We started to walk the 6 or 7 blocks home through campus and I told her I wanted to fuck her in the open. She had changed me into a fully sexually charged crazed guy in the month that we had already been together. We got to a clearing on campus where people usually grow frisbees during the day or just lay out. It was a big open field and bursa escort I told her I wanted her I the center of the field. It was about 1 in the morning at that time so not many people would be waking around campus. When we got to the center of the field, we laid down in a fairly dark area and I pulled her black skirt up and revealed her absolutely soaked pink thong. She told me to suck on her pussy as she laid back on the grass. I got down to do it and she said, “Wait, strip naked for me. Completely naked”. I was shocked. My heart started to pound. I couldn’t get naked here could I? I said, “fuck it. Let’s do it”. I looked around and saw no one and thought this is the time. There in the middle of the field I got totally naked as she lay dressed with her skirt pulled up and her pink panties dripping. She got so excited with this control over me. Something came over her at that moment. I feel like this was a massive turning point for our relationship. One of complete control by her over me and our sex life. It was so exhilarating. I loved it. She was in full control. I asked what to do next and she said I needed to lick her pussy clean. I got down with my ass in the air, totally naked and licked her pussy like cleaning it up would reveal gold. I was sucking her fat pussy lips and licking her hard clit darting my tongue deep into her wet swollen lips. It was so amazing. I didn’t care where we were, Dana was going to be satisfied tonight in any way I could make her. She came in about 3 minutes. When she came her thighs, like they always did when I made her cum with my mouth, squeezed together and kept my head in place as she was cumming, making sure I wouldn’t move. They were so powerful that I saw stars each time. It’s like she knew how much air I could stand to be without and for how long because just before I would start to struggle for air she would let up. She then pulled off off those pink panties and told me to lay on my back. She straddled me and put her glorious asshole above my face and told me to lick her ass. I had never done this before but it was a fantasy bursa escort bayan of mine. I had precum dripping down the tent pole of a cock I had sticking up when she said this. She lowered her ass over my face and I started tongue fucking her beautiful asshole. I had never been more turned on. She spent the next 10 minutes drowning me in her ass and pussy. Using my face as a fuck toy. Grinding her ass and pussy all over my mouth. She then told me that I had to earn fucking her pussy in that field. She said that I had to finger her asshole while eating her pussy and if she didn’t cum, I couldn’t fuck her. My throbbing cock was begging for release at this point. I flipped her back on her back and slid my pointer finger into her ass as she moaned in ecstasy. My tongue darted around her clit so fast that her eyes started to roll around her head. She was writhing in full sexual bliss. She came so hard that she oozed cum from her pussy. I cleaned it up immediately. Out of breath she said ,”fuck me now and make me cum. You better not cum first or you will have to eat it out of me!” I immediately got wide eyed. I had never thought about that or even expected her to say something like that. She nearly yelled now, “fuck me now and don’t cum until I do. You better do as I say or I’ll punish that sexy ass of yours.” This came out of nowhere but got me so fucking excited. In the middle of a field outside I was becoming her sex slave. I entered her pussy and knew I was not going to last long. Eating her ass and pussy and listening to her moan got me so excited. My mind was racing. If I came was she really going to make me eat my cum out of her pussy. Was she just saying this to get me going. I started rhythmically fucking her. She was reaching back and playing with my naked ass at this point. She slid one of her fingers in my mouth and said, “get it real wet. It’s gonna fuck you”. My eyes must have looked excited because she said ,”oooo. You like that huh?” I said “oh yeah” not knowing if I would or wouldn’t. The second her finger entered my ass, I knew I was going to cum escort bursa soon. She pressed it in so far, she hit my prostate and my dick started spitting ropes of cum deep into her pussy. Holy fuck, she hadn’t cum yet. She grabbed my my face with her open hand positioned it right in front of hers and gave me a hard slap. She then said, “now it’s time for you to clean that up. I said to make me cum first”. I didn’t know what to say. I said, “are you fucking serious”. She said, “of course I am. Get down there and clean up that mess in my pussy. And make me cum doing it”. Fuck. I was about to taste my own cum. Without hesitation he sat on her side and pushed me on my back. She straddled my face and I could see the cum starting to drip out of her stretched pussy. I was terrified but also surprising extremely turned on. I grabbed her ass and went for it. She smashed her cum filled pussy onto my face wiping cum and pussy juices all over me. It tasted extremely salty, but I surprisingly enjoyed it. I was eating my own cum out of her pussy. I reached up and was playing wit her glorious tits as she slid her cum filled snatch across my face. My tongue spent no time at al getting all the cum and making its way to her clit. She exploded one last time with an orgasm so violent that a Bit of my cum came darting from her pussy and I licked it clean. She came off from above me, turned over and slapped my face hard again leaving me whincing. She said, “I told you what would happen if you came first. But, that was a good cleanup. How was your first taste of cum? Did you like it? There will be way more of that now that I control you”. I said, “ that was amazing. I want you so bad. I’ll do anything for you. I loved that.” I grabbed my my clothes and got dressed as she pulled her skirt back down and grabbed her panties. She told me to wipe the cum off my face with her soaked pink thong. It was cold and smelled of her pussy which immediately got me hard again. She noticed the bulge again my my jeans and said that I could have her again when we got home but I knew what I had to do now if I didn’t listen to her. Our relationship slowly turned into mistress and slave over the next year. We were exclusive but she opened me up to so much. I can can not wait to share more if people are interested. Leave a comment and I will write more.

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