Rebecca’s Rebirth Ch. 03


“Okay,” Amy cried out, “Action!”

I was in bed with my lover, Evie, while we were making another video for my ‘Missy Holloway’ website. Missy Holloway was my nom de guerre for my porn star alter ego. My real name is Rebecca Young and I’m a freshman at USC in Los Angeles majoring in Chemistry. After having been raped by the pastor of the evangelical church I attended for years, I discovered a love for exhibitionism, sex and orgasms…things that were considered evil when I was a Christian zombie. A photography and painting professor for whose classes I used to pose, introduced me to a porn photographer who convinced me I could be a star in the porn world.

By the start of the second semester of my first year I had, already, made three porn video scenes for a major producer of said movies. They had been posted on their website as the “String of Pearls” because I was wearing fake pearls and because my co-stars ejaculated on my neck in what is known in porn parlance as a ‘pearl necklace’. They even used the Glenn Miller song, “String of Pearls” during the videos.

Apparently, those first three scenes combined on a DVD were the biggest sellers in the company’s history and earned me a bonus payment due to views online and DVD’s sold, a part of the contract that my agent had negotiated. I received a 5% royalty from the DVD’s and $1500 per every 1,000 views online. The producers were so pleased that they wanted me to sign a ten-scene contract that my agent, Otis, was currently negotiating.

Also, I had a three-scene contract with another porn company during spring break in Las Vegas. On my way to LA from Nebraska, I had spent a couple of nights in Vegas and had become intimate friends with a showgirl named Lauren, whom I was anxious to see again. The Vegas scenes were with a company that specialized in BDSM, fetish and other kinkier stuff, something I was really looking forward to.

So, all in all, my college career was proceeding well as I was holding a 4.0 GPA and my nascent porn career was doing very well. As I mentioned above, we were trying to get a number of scenes completed for my website in order to have weekly releases. The website took off after my ‘String of Pearls’ set came out and was pulling in some very good money. I had partnered with Max, who was a known porn photographer and video maker and was the person who pushed me towards porn as a career.

Amy, who was filming our current scene, was my roommate when I lived on campus the first semester. She was a fine arts major concentrating on photography and painting and I had offered her opportunities to film and photograph for the website. She had a very good eye and the scenes and pictures she took were the highest rated on the site.

By and large, whenever Evie and I did a scene together we just made love to each other and, pretty much, ignored the cameras and directions that were thrown our way. However, this time, Amy had some definite ideas that she wanted us to follow and was constantly stopping us because we weren’t doing what she wanted. Everybody was getting frustrated as Amy cried, “CUT!” for the umpteenth time. Finally, I said, “Just show me what you want!”

Amy wanted me to use my tongue on Amy’s pussy in a particular manner, but she wasn’t verbalizing her directions very well. She replied, “I can’t do that!”

“Why not? Evie won’t bite…I don’t think. Just show me so I can understand what you want me to do.”

Amy’s frustration was peaking so she said, “Oh, for Christ’s sake, okay. Move out of my way!”

Amy set her video camera down, crawled on to the bed between Evie’s legs and began tonguing her the way she wanted me to do it. I had to smile because Amy, when we first met, made it clear that she didn’t want anything to do with girl-girl love. As she was showing me what she wanted, Evie began moaning and pulled Amy into her vagina for more contact. I watched with a smile as Amy pleasured my lover and noticed that Amy was really getting into it. Since the filming was done in my bedroom with lots of lights which made the room very hot, Amy would usually film in her underwear and I was noticing an obvious wet spot forming on hers.

I had promised on our first day together that I wouldn’t force girl-girl sex on her, but with her eating out Evie and getting wet while doing it, I felt that that was tantamount to an invitation, so I reached out and began rubbing the wet spot and the pussy beneath in an effort to gauge Amy’s acceptance. When she moaned loudly and pushed back into my hand, I knew I had an open invitation. I pulled her panties down to her knees and began to lap my tongue into her hot, wet vagina. Amy moaned loudly as I licked her, so I made my way down to her clitoris in an effort to get her off quickly and often.

As I hit Amy’s clit, she cried out “OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!” She tried to say more, but Evie pulled her face back into her pussy. After just a few minutes, Amy began shaking and groaning loudly as she sincan escort had her first orgasm. She even squirted a bit! I, however wasn’t done as I kept up on her clit with my tongue and began pressing fingers into her sopping wet hole and began to massage her G-spot. Her next two orgasms were cataclysmic as she sprayed my face with her girl cum.

In the meantime, Evie was crying out in ecstasy with what Amy was doing to her. Finally, Amy couldn’t take any more and begged me to stop. She turned over and lay next to Evie while both women gasped for air. “So, Amy,” I said, “I expect you to shave that muff of yours before I go down on you again. The hairs kept tickling my nose and came loose in my mouth. If you need help let me know. By the way, you have a real sweet pussy that I think Evie should try out next!”

Amy looked at me with shock as she said, “But, but, I’m not a lesbian!”

I smiled down on her and said, “Neither are Evie and I, but tell me that wasn’t the best sex you have ever had!”

Amy stuttered a bit trying to come up with an answer until Evie rolled onto her side and pulled Amy into a deep, passionate kiss. At first Amy resisted and then, after a couple of moments, just melted into Evie’s arms and returned the kiss. The two of them looked beautiful in each other’s arms as they kissed and fondled each other. I turned out the filming lights and then crawled into bed next to Amy and began rubbing her wonderful body. After a while, she turned to me and with lust in her eyes began kissing me. The three of us spent the night together and gave each other multiple orgasms.

In the morning when Amy woke up, she looked embarrassed, but I pulled her into my arms and said, “Amy, relax. You are still the same person you were before except now you know how to make love with women. You can be with us as much or as little as you want, but know you will always be welcome in our bed and that we both love you.”

Amy stared at me and then tears began to form in her eyes. She pulled me into a hug and sobbingly said, “I love you and Evie too. Thank you for the most wonderful night of my life. I was always afraid when I felt attracted to women, but now I feel emancipated.” I hugged Amy for a good long while until her tears ebbed and then we all went about our day.

So, between my first three shoots with Porn Palace and my upcoming spring break shoot in Las Vegas, Evie, Amy and I managed to get a lot of pictures and videos shot for the Missy Holloway website. Evie was doing a banner job issuing teasers on twitter and then issuing stills on the website before unveiling the videos. A week before spring break, Evie commented that we need some more variety besides her and I making love in our bed and that she thought we needed to incorporate some men in the picture. I agreed, but wasn’t sure where we could find men who would be willing to fuck on camera.

“Well, maybe we can hide their identity by giving them masks or something,” Evie responded. “I think, given half a chance, most men would love to fuck you, and I think most of them would love to do a porno. We’ll just have to find some guys.”

I laughed and said, “I know five guys back home who would do it in a heartbeat. Maybe we can fly them out here and film 2 or three different scenes with each guy so we would have 10 to 15 scenes to mete out over time.”

“Do you think they’ll do it and who are you talking about,” Evie asked?

“Well there’s Jason, Millie’s brother. He was the first guy to fuck my ass. Then there’s David, my first and only boyfriend who is going to Cornell. He was the first person I had consensual sex with and was a wonderful lover. Carl, Hugh and JD were friends of David’s that he invited to join us during our prom weekend giving Millie and I our first DP’s and gangbangs. If I can find them all, I’m sure I can talk, at least, some them into coming out here. After all, they all owe me, well, except for Jason maybe. After that we may need to work on some local talent.”

Evie laughed and said, “Well, there is a whole campus of men 3 blocks away. I wouldn’t mind getting a little piece of Otis while we are at it!”

Before long spring break was upon us and our trip to Las Vegas. All of us were anxious for a break from school work and were looking forward to a change of scenery. I had been in touch with my friend Lauren who was a showgirl in Las Vegas and I told her of our spring break trip and the reason behind it. Her response was funny saying I leap frogged past her in the sex industry. On the flight to Vegas, I sat with Otis and discussed our schedule. “Okay, you shoot the first scene on Monday, so that gives us three days to enjoy ourselves before you have to work. The other shoots are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday. This gives you a day between scenes to, ostensibly, give you a chance to recuperate between scenes,” Otis said.

I sat and pondered the schedule and asked, “Have they given you any indication what each day will be ankara escort like? I’m curious to know how much physical beating will take place. I don’t bruise easily, but when I do they stick around for a while.”

“All they told me,” Otis replied, “Was that each day would be more intense than the previous day. I would imagine that these guys know what they’re doing.”

Otis had hired a large van to accommodate all of us and our luggage to drive us from the airport to the hotel and to the shoots. We loaded everything and everyone up and headed to the Las Vegas Starz hotel. I was looking forward to three days of relaxation before the shoot began and was looking forward to seeing Lauren again. We checked in with a block of rooms together on the 21st floor. Evie and I were together with Amy; Tina and Ashley shared a double room as did Didi and Diana. Otis had a room to himself which was connected to mine with an interconnecting door.

It was a little after 12 noon when we were all settled in, so we decided to have lunch and then hit the pool for some much-needed tanning and relaxation time. By the time we hit the pool, I saw Lauren stretched out on a chaise lounge working on her exquisite tan. As I made my way to her chair, she saw me, jumped up and ran into my arms. We hugged and kissed for several minutes and then I turned to introduce her to my college friends. All my friends stared at the statuesque beauty as they were introduced, but they all managed to get ahold of themselves pretty quickly.

There were a lot of empty chaise lounges around the pool so my friends found places to begin their sunning. I took one next to Lauren while Evie took another one next to me. Due to Evie’s fair skin, we managed to move an umbrella to her chair for her to hide under. Evie had a very tiny bikini on, which was very different for her, but she had been working out a lot since she moved in with me and had shed most of her extra weight. She looked very good in her maroon swimsuit which barely contained her still large breasts. I noticed Lauren checked her out pretty thoroughly as we got her situated.

“So, my sweet Rebecca is a porn star now,” Lauren stated. “After you told me about your new career, I made a point to check out your videos and joined your website. I have to tell you, those “String of Pearl” scenes are pretty fucking hot! I, also, love the scenes with you and Evie. The two of you look so in love it just doesn’t seem staged at all.”

I laughed and said, “Well, we are and it isn’t! We just make love and Amy films us. It’s pretty easy. We do, however, need to make some changes to liven things up a bit. As wonderful as it may be, people will start to get bored with scene after scene of Evie and I having sex. You wouldn’t consider shooting a scene or two with us while we are here, would you?”

Lauren laughed and replied, “As great as that sounds, I can’t. My contract with the hotel stipulates that porn shoots and prostitution are strictly forbidden.”

“Not even if we can disguise you,” I asked.

“As much as I would like to, I probably shouldn’t risk it. This gig pays too well and I need to save as much as possible because it won’t last forever. I’m sorry.”

I pouted a bit and then said, “I really can’t blame you. Well, I hope we can spend a lot of time together while we are here.”

“I do too. I’d really like to have a romp with you and Evie both if you two are open to it. The two of you make me really hot!”

Later that afternoon, Lauren took her leave of us as she had to eat dinner and get ready for her shows. When Lauren left, Amy took her place and asked, “I hope you were trying to talk her into doing a scene for us. That woman is incredible!”

Laughing, I said, “I tried, but her contract stipulates that she can’t make porn films. She is something else isn’t she. Well, I’ll see if she would like to join us tonight for a little fun.”

When we finished up at the pool, we all retired to our rooms to shower and get ready for dinner. Otis said he was treating us and took us to a very nice restaurant at the Bellagio for dinner. After dinner, we watched the fountain show for a while and then returned to our hotel. I told the others I would meet them upstairs and went to deliver a note to Lauren to join us after her shows. I wasn’t sure if she would come, so didn’t delay our loving with Evie, Amy and myself. The three of us were going at it pretty hot and heavy when there was a knock on the door.

Knowing it could only be Lauren, I got up from the bed and opened the door wide while standing there stark naked. Lauren’s eyes went wide as she saw me and then stepped into the room and kissed me deeply while she kicked the door closed with her foot. When she broke the kiss, she said, “Started without me I see. Whose deliciousness do I detect in your kiss? I want some of that!”

I laughed and said, “That’s Evie. Now you can see why we’re lovers!”

Lauren quickly disrobed, crawled onto the bed, spread etimegut escort Evie’s legs wide and said, “I’ve dreamt of this moment ever since I saw the first video with you and Rebecca!” Lauren then dove face first into Evie’s muff and began eating her pussy with a vengeance.

Amy was watching wide eyed as she admired Lauren’s body. I indicated to her that she should get behind Lauren and take advantage of her wide-open pussy and ass. Amy’s eyes got even wider as she maneuvered behind Lauren and began licking and sucking both holes. Lauren let out a deep moan as what Amy was doing to her registered. I stood to the side and watched the three passionately enjoy themselves. When Evie caught my eye, she said, “Sit on my face Rebecca.” I did as Evie asked and planted my pussy on Evie’s mouth. I had a perfect view of what Amy was doing to Lauren as I enjoyed Evie’s ministrations.

Before long, after Evie, Lauren and I climaxed, we all swapped places as the 4 of us brought each other multiple orgasms during the course of the night. In the morning, Lauren took her leave of us and we told her she had an open invitation to join us every night if she wanted to. Lauren asked if she could attend my shooting on Wednesday and I told her I would love her to come.

After breakfast, I decided I wanted to get a Brazilian wax, so Evie and I went to the hotel salon to make an appointment. As it turned out, they had immediate openings, so we both got our genitals waxed clean. We were both amazed at how bare and smooth we were and decided that waxing was the way to go. As I waited for the salon to finish with Evie, I decided to see if I could get ahold of my old boyfriend David to find out if he would be interested in flying out to LA and be a part of our little website.

After I dialed, he picked up on the second ring and said, “Rebecca! What a pleasant surprise. I was just thinking about you.”

“Hi David,” I replied. “It’s nice to hear your voice. How are you doing at Cornell?”

“I’m doing well. The courses are hard and everybody here is really smart, but I’m holding my own. How are things at USC? They have a much better football team than Cornell has!”

I laughed and said, “You know I know shit about football, but the classes are great. I’m holding down a 4.0 and have made lots of friends. Before I forget, how is your Dad doing and your Mom, for that matter?”

“Dad is pretty much back to normal which makes my Mom happy. I talk to them every week to try and stay on top of things. So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

I smiled and thought, direct as always. “Well, two things actually. First, and I hope this doesn’t weird you out, but I’ve become a porn actress. I’m sure you recall how much I like having sex and I just, kind of, fell into porn. So far, it has been great. As a matter of fact, I’m in Las Vegas right now where I’ll be shooting 3 scenes later in the week for a site called Fetish. I’ve, also, done three scenes for Porn Pros and have my own website. I use the name, Missy Holloway, as my nom de guerre if you want to check them out. We were discussing improvements to my website, which has been mostly scenes with another woman and thought we should inject some males into things. So, my immediate thought was you and, perhaps, the other guys from our prom romp. And, second, as I thought about you I decided I just wanted to hear your voice. I know this may seem pretty weird, but what do you think?”

There were several seconds of dead air before David responded. “Yeah, pretty weird. You want me, Carl, Hugh and JD to be in porn movies with you?”

“Well, yeah,” I replied. “Not all at once and mostly I just want you if you are up for it.”

“Wow, I don’t know. We have spring break in a couple of weeks, but I was going to go home. Plus, I don’t really have the money to fly out there. I would love to see you because I think about you all of the time.”

“You do? Don’t you have a girlfriend out there?”

“Well, no I don’t. I’ve gone out with a few girls, but they never, really compared to you. I know that sounds pretty, I don’t know, sappy or something, but I never quite got over you. I imagine you have lots of boyfriends out there.”

“Actually, I don’t. I haven’t been on a date since I got here. Obviously, I’ve had sex, but only with porn guys. I am living with Evie from home and I love her, but no men in my life. You’re the only boyfriend I have ever had. So, anyway, I would pay for your airfare and you can stay with us in our apartment. We could hide your identity during the filming if you want. It would be great if you could spend a week or more here so we could get in three different scenes. If you can use one of the weeks from your spring break, that would be nice, but I thought maybe early into summer break would be best. We get out pretty early around the first of May.”

“Hmmm, I think our exams are done around the 18th of May. How about the next two weeks after the 18th?”

I laughed and asked, “Does that mean you will do it?”

“Yep, actually, I’d pretty much do anything to have sex with you again!”

“You say the sweetest things! So, which day do you want to fly out here? On the 18th or the 19th?”

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