Jayla was at home, alone as usual. She was getting used to the fact that Manda was never coming back. Ever since she told Manda that she wasn’t completely gay, things hadn’t been the same. And then one day she left without so much as a note. Jayla felt betrayed. Even with her fiery red hair, bright blue eyes, and luscious ass, she felt like the ugliest person in the world. She was so hurt that she locked herself up in her room for days, not even trying to let the world in. Two weeks after Manda left, Jayla got a phone call from her friend Arlo. Jayla and Arlo had known each other since they were kids, and he was the only one she ever told everything. Even though he had moved out of the country 3 years ago, they were still best friends. Even his voice was enough to put her more at ease.

“Jayla? Is that you? You sound horrible, honey! What’s wrong?”

“Manda left. Two weeks ago. I haven’t been out or stopped crying since.”

“Oh sweetheart, what happened? I thought you two were inseparable.”

“I told her I wasn’t a lesbian.”

“What? Since when? You haven’t looked at a guy in ten years!”

“I know, but I just knew it all along, and she couldn’t except that. You know what an überdyke she is. She’ll dress like a guy, act like a guy, and can’t see why I might like men still?”

“I know Jayla, all men are pigs. Even the fake ones. Is there anything I can do?”

“Only if you were here, but you’re not. You’re in London sincan escort still. But thanks for the thought.”

“Give me 24 hours. I’ll think of something.”

He hung up the phone, leaving Jayla to wonder what sort of thing he could possibly do to cheer her up. ************ The next day, she woke up, feeling groggy and sad (the way she had been feeling for weeks), when she heard a knock at the door. She cursed under her breath, put on some sweats without bothering to put on underwear, and went to answer the door. A handsome blond haired, blue eyed man stood in her doorway with a bouquet of blue forget-me-nots.

“Hey you.”

“Oh my God, Arlo! What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I told you I’d do something.”

Jayla threw her arms around him, feeling the beat of his heart. For some reason, it was beating quicker than she thought it should, and to her surprise, hers was beating faster as well. She breathed in his scent, bringing her to the safe place she needed to be. She held on tighter, nuzzling her head into his neck. He immediately responded by rubbing her back, slowly moving down towards her shapely ass. As soon as his hands reached their target, they both pulled back slowly, looking at each other with a mixture of mild shock and complete lust. Simultaneously, they lunged at each other, mouths pressed hard in a bruising kiss, their tongues duelling back and forth in a passionate dance. Somehow they managed to pull ankara escort away, and they stood there in her front hall, his mouth on her forehead, hers in his chest.

“Jayla, I’ve wanted this for so long. You’re the one, the one I’ve dreamed about since I was old enough to want this, and even though I never thought having a relationship with you would be possible, I kept hoping. Now that we’re here, I have to have you. If I can’t, you have to tell me right now so I can run back to my hotel and take the longest cold shower in history.”

Jayla looked up into his eyes, her own shining with a mix of purest love and purest lust.

“Arlo, take me now. Please…”

This was the only bidding he needed. He scooped her up into his arms, and he practically ran to her bedroom. He lay her down on the messy covers and pounced on her, unable to stop touching her. His hands roamed all over her body, caressing her face, moving down to her breasts. He tore off her shirt, pleased to see that she still didn’t wear a bra. He took a perfect pink nipple in his mouth, rolling it around across his tongue. She let out a moan of pleasure, encouraging him on. As he was sucking on her nip, he moved his hand down to the waistband of her sweatpants and gently tugged them down.

“How come you’re not wearing panties, love?”

“Are you complaining?”

He looked at her and smiled his shit-eating grin. “No ma’am. Not me.”

As soon as Jayla reached etimegut escort for the buckle of his belt, they both knew that they were way past any need for foreplay. She fumbled blindly with his pants while he kissed her all the way down, gently teasing her navel with his tongue, until she practically yanked them right off. Arlo lay between her legs and took his cock in his hands, gently probing her sopping entrance.

“Are you ready, love? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Don’t worry. I need this. I need you! Please make love to me, Arlo. I…”

She lost all thought in her head as he slowly pushed inside her. They groaned in unison as his finally bottomed out in her, his hard length filling her completely. He started out slowly, rocking his hips in a careful rhythm with hers, building up a sensation that Jayla hadn’t felt in a long time. If I had known that sex with men could be THIS good, she thought, I don’t think I could ever have given it up completely! Arlo started to pick up the pace, and before long he was slamming into her, his cock driving in and out of her gushing pussy, both of them moaning at the pleasure that was overwhelming them.

“Jayla, I’m close. I can’t hold back any more!”

“Arlo, cum with meeeee…..”

She let out a primal yell of complete pleasure, writhing underneath him in a frenzy of orgasmic bliss. He roared at the sensation of her contracting pussy, and came harder than he had ever cum before, shooting burst after burst into her spasming tunnel. They lay like that for a long time, bathing in the afterglow of their sudden and newfound union. They knew, without saying a word, that life was going to be better from now on.

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