Reunion Ch. 02

Double Penetration

This is the conclusion to a previously posted submission. For more on these characters, you may want to read “Reunion”. Thanks to everyone who offered advice after part one.


Mike stirred under the covers. Something smelled appetizing. Mike opened his eyes to a delectable sight: Weslie had her back to him was pouring some wine into a bowl. She was clad in nothing but her silky chocolate skin and her apron. She put the bottle aside and whisked the contents of the bowl. It made her round bottom jiggle. When Weslie finished her mixing, she poured the concoction into a dish. She bent at the waist to place it in the oven. Mike licked his lips, and his cock stirred under the blanket. As if she’d felt his gaze on her, Wes turned around and smiled at him.

“Hey, Honey. I see you’re up,” she said. “Food should be ready in a little while,” she added over her shoulder as she removed a pot from the front burner.

Mike sat up and just stared at Weslie’s busy form. His eyes traveled down the feminine lines of her back, to the sexy curve of her butt. He loved her body, even if every time he told her so, she seemed to find the idea unconceivable. He was prepared to spend a lifetime showing her just how beautiful she truly was.

He suddenly felt the need to touch her smooth, tempting skin. He walked over and reached around her waist, pulling her close to him. Wes leaned back and rested her head on his shoulder, exposing her enticing neck to him; he placed a soft kiss there. He slipped a hand under her apron and caressed her belly. He felt her withdraw slightly; he knew she did not like her stomach. He continued rubbing the soft flesh, nibbling her sensitive neck at the same time, grinding his growing erection against her luscious ass. Wes soon relaxed, yielding to the pleasure.

Mike pulled the ribbon holding Wes’s apron. He turned her around so that she was facing him and got the apron off of her. They kissed. He loved the way she ran her hands through his hair, as if she wanted to pull him in even closer. As if she just couldn’t get enough of him. She insisted on him keeping it long enough to grab. He planted a kiss on her cheek, then one on her chin, and another on her graceful collarbone. He licked his way down between her breasts, to the small bump of her belly. He couldn’t resist slipping his tongue in her bellybutton.

He knelt before her and buried his nose between her legs. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, immersing himself in the sweet, musky scent that always made his mouth water. Wes shifted and whimpered in anticipation. Mike spread her thighs and scattered reverent, feather-light kisses on the tender skin framing her slit. He held her dark, swollen lips apart with his thumbs and forefingers, and took his time licking Wes from the edge of her puckered hole to just below her clit. Mike relished the taste of his lover’s juices; he moaned into her sex.

Wes whimpered. Her knees buckled, and she reached back, placing her hands on the counter to support herself. Mike held on to her hips as he circled her clit with the tip of his tongue. He paused for a moment and looked up at her. He smiled at her cry of disappointment, before diving back in and thrusting his tongue inside her moist heat. He rubbed her clit with his thumb, fast. Weslie grabbed at his hair, pressing his face harder against her core. Mike strained to get sincan escort his tongue as far as he could inside her, until he was rewarded for his effort. Wes came with a loud cry, quenching his thirst for her juices. She collapsed to the floor. Mike was there, waiting to catch her in his arms. Their lips met once more, and Wes smiled as she tasted her own flavor in their kiss.

Mike watched Wes as she walked toward the bathroom. He was mesmerized by the seductive sway of her hips. Sometimes he had a hard time believing she loved him. He felt lucky to be with her, and not because she told him he was, as some of his exes had. Mike had had plenty of girlfriends in the past. However, the relationships had been short term, due his inexplicable attraction to girls who took as much pleasure in hurting themselves as they did in hurting him.

He had planned to wait until marriage before making love to any woman. There were diseases out there, and the thought of fathering a child with a woman he merely liked was frightening. Of course, it hadn’t been easy, and over the years there had been a few close calls.

Mike had thought long and hard before telling Wes he was a virgin. He knew she hadn’t been one herself since sometime during her high school years. That was a good decade of experience she had on him. Would she think he was strange? Would she be shocked? Would she then rule him out as anything more than a friend?

Eventually, Mike had decided to mention it in one of his messages to Wes. He’d waited for her reply, checking his messages every hour. It took a day or two for Wes to reply; apparently she had needed to give it some thought. Eventually, Mike found a new message in his inbox. Weslie had written that she was surprised. However, to Mike’s relief, she had added that she could understand his reasons. She was willing to wait for him to be ready. After all, she often wished she had waited longer before losing her virginity.

It turned out not to matter in the end. When they first met in the flesh, during her first visit to see him, he had found her incredibly seductive. By the time she’d allowed him a glimpse at her naked skin, he had wanted to spend hours exploring it. He had kissed the tempting mounds that were her heavy breasts, and rubbed his face against the comfortable skin of her belly. When she had parted her thighs, inviting him to have a taste, he had discovered an addiction to her sweet nectar. He’d heard other guys complain about the taste of women before, but he could not fathom how anyone could taste the intoxicating treat and not want more. After he had made her come, he had looked up to see her face and realized that he wanted to see her like this always. It was then that he had decided he had waited long enough. He certainly had no regrets.

The strident ring of the oven timer jarred Mike back to the present. He reached for the knob and turned it off. Wes emerged from the bathroom, wearing a robe and holding another in her hands. She handed it to him.

“It’s getting to be a bit chilly this evening,” she said. She looked at the oven. “Oh, thanks for turning that off.”

Wes opened the oven and took out the fragrant dish. Mike sat at the table and observed her as she spooned rice from the pot onto plates and then scooped chicken and vegetables on top.

“It’s Coq au Vin,” she offered with a smile as she set a ankara escort plate down in front of him. She poured him a glass of the Merlot that was still on the counter before serving herself. Wes sat across from him and looked on, waiting for him to take his first bite.

“Delicious,” Mike said as he tasted the savory meat. It was cooked just right, falling right off the bone without the need for a knife. The spices, mushrooms, and pearl onions complemented the heady flavor of the wine to perfection, creating a succulent background for the chicken.

After the meal, Mike helped Wes clear the table and wash the dishes. Once they finished, they sat on bed, chatting about what they would do first once his boxes arrived. She’d already made room for his clothes and cleared space for his desk next to hers. Wes snuggled close and nestled her head against Mike’s chest as they spoke. She looked up at him.

“Um, Honey?”

“What is it?” he replied.

“Nothing. Never mind”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. No. Well… you think it’s always going to be like this between us? Now that we’ll be living together?”

Mike paused to consider her question.

“Maybe not like this,” he answered, “but it’ll be good enough for me. As long as we’re together.”

Wes seemed relieved. This sudden uncertainty was so unusual. Mike saw her as the more self-assured of the two. He caressed her short hair, trying to be comforting.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “we love each other. Everything else is just details.”

Wes straddled him and kissed him. She hugged him tight. Mike could feel her breasts under the robe.

“Thank you,” she said as he got off the bead and started toward the fridge. She took out a small tray of chocolate covered strawberries. Mike smiled; he was well aware of her weakness for chocolate. He liked to tease her about the orgiastic tone her voice would take on whenever she spoke of the cocoa confection.

Wes beckoned, “Time for dessert.”

She picked up one of the plump fruits and licked its chocolate covered tip. She kept her eyes fixed on Mike. The pleasure was evident in those brown eyes, and Mike wanted to be a part of it. Besides, watching her lick the juicy red berry brought arousing associations to mind. He covered the short distance across the room in a few steps and reached Wes just as she was slipping the strawberry between her lips.

“Hey, how about sharing?” he joked before kissing her. He tasted the bittersweet flavor of the chocolate as the juice of the crushed fruit dribbled down their chins. He licked it off of her face.

“It tickles,” she giggled.

Mike reached for one of the sweet treats on the tray and offered it to Wes. She bit off half of it, and Mike traced the curve of her neck with what remained of the fruit. He licked the juicy trail before treating her dark nipples to the same attention. Wes gasped. She took the piece of fruit from his hand and popped it into her mouth. She still looked hungry.

She threw her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his as she kissed him. Mike loved it when she got so forceful, so voracious; it made him feel wanted. Wes licked her way around his nipples and down his belly, making him shiver in anticipation. When she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock, just as she had done with the first strawberry, he groaned. Wes just held him in her hot etimegut escort mouth and smiled up at him. He felt himself twitch against her tongue. She pulled his thighs toward herself and stayed still, letting him know without words to set his own rhythm. Mike hesitated; he did no want to cause her any discomfort.

Yet she was still there, motionless, waiting for his pleasure. He caved and slid forward into her mouth until he felt her nose against his pelvis. She held on to the back of his thighs for stability and let out a little appreciative sound. She didn’t seem uncomfortable. Now less worried, Mike increased the rhythm of his thrusts, enjoying the wet warmth of her mouth along his length. Each time he withdrew, she would moan as she sucked on the head, creating delicious vibrations that seemed to go straight to his balls. At this rate, he wouldn’t he able to last very long. He pulled out of her mouth.

He helped Wes up and led her back to the bed. She lay down with parted thighs. Mike knelt between them. He teased her clit, tapping it with the head of his cock. She looked up at him with pleading eyes. He liked to watch her squirm, though Wes knew he always ended up giving in. Mike rubbed his cock up and down the length of her slit, coating himself in her slickness. He slid into her, inch by inch, until he was engulfed in warmth from root to tip.

“Mm…” was all Wes could say.

Mike pushed into her in long slow strokes, savoring the velvety feel of Wes’s body. He watched her soft breasts jiggle with each thrust and smiled. He leaned forward to caress her face, taking in her sweet smile. She could look so fierce sometimes, but at times like these, he rather enjoyed the dreamy, angelic expression that took over her features.

Wes reached up for him, pulling him in for a kiss. Mike tried to hold up his weight; despite his slender build, he was always afraid of crushing her. Wes pulled harder, until their skin touched from head to toe. She wrapped her legs fast around his waist, and twisted until she was on top of him. It seemed she was not trying to take control though. She shifted until she was on all fours, facing away from him. She wiggled her ass at him. Then she looked back over her shoulder and winked before resting her face on the bed, thrusting her ass even higher. He found it silly and seductive all at once. He found it irresistible.

Mike licked his lips as he approached her. He took hold of the fleshy expanse of her cheeks and plunged into her. She cried out and pushed back to meet his thrusts. They were both too hot to take things slow now. They bucked against each other, their bodies hot and straining. Wes gripped the sheets. Mike reveled in the sound of her panting. He reached under her and felt around for her clit. He rolled it between his thumb and his index finger, making her writhe under him. He pulled her up by the waist, so that he could bury his face in her neck. Mike tasted the salty sweat there. He increased the tempo of his thrusts, until she screamed. He felt her pulse around his cock, and he came, holding her as close as he could.

They lay in bed, spooning. Mike loved the warm sensation of her of her ass against his softening cock. He reached over her protectively and rested his right hand on her left breast. She nestled even closer against him.



“I’m not scared anymore.”

“‘Bout what, Wes?”

“Us living together. We’re ready.”

“I know,” Mike said, holding her tighter as they drifted into sleep.


Thanks for reading. Votes and constructive feedback are appreciated.

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