Ride My Face


I tell Jessica, “I want you to get on top of me,” and without hesitation she pushes the comforter off my naked body and climbs on top. Already this was a new sensation for her. It wasn’t the first time she had straddled me, but when we fucked like this I would pull her down close so her lips were by my ear. I’d hug her tight, and control her body’s movements with the tension in my arms. This time, with her sitting up, and my hands on her hips, I apply pressure, and she begins to crawl up my body.

“That’s it. Come closer,” I encourage as she shimmies up my stomach. Moving up to my chest, her body falls forward and she catches herself on the headboard. Holding onto it, she uses the leverage to continue crawling upwards. “That’s it. All the way. Give me what I want.”

Soon her knees are by my ears, and the rest of her body is leaning over me. Resting her head on the padded headboard, Jessica looks down at me, her eyes wide, and her lips parted, breathing in through her mouth. “You want it so bad. I can tell.”

“I do. I want this so fucking bad. You have no idea. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve had my pussy licked.”

“Well prepare to be disappointed.”

Jessica lets out a groan and her face crunches up as her shoulders sink. “But I thought-“

“I have no intention of licking your pussy,” I say and then stare off like I am pondering my intentions. Then, looking back at Jessica, from underneath her legs, up along the lines of her stomach, escort sincan over her breasts and nipples, up into her soft brown eyes, I say, “But I do intend to fuck you with my tongue.”

And with that her mouth opens again and her hips grind against my breath inching closer to me. I reach as far up her back as I can and let my nails glide down along her spine, to her ass, just skimming over her skin. That little added pressure gives her the push she needs to close the gap, and now her warm, dripping went pussy is sliding along my mouth. “That’s it, baby. I want you to just rub yourself against my fat tongue.”

So, I stick out my tongue and Jessica presses her clit against it, slowly grinding back and forth. Her soft thighs, rubbing against my ears. Jessica’s eyes close tight, her brow furrows and then smooths out each time her clit makes a pass. My hands move up and down her back. Sometimes I tickle her skin with my nails, sometimes I use the tips of my fingers to press into her muscles, massaging her and trying to overload her body with every possible sensation.

“Oh my god, that feels so good. I love the way you’re touching me.” And so, I make sure to keep my hands on her, reaching around to the front of her body, squeezing her breasts together, and holding her nipples between my fingers. Jessica grinds her hips harder against me, and when her clit comes to the tip of my tongue, I give it a little flick. Each flick makes her body shudder to ankara escort the point I can feel her getting weaker, wanting to collapse and fall over. But my hands on her breasts and the headboard hold her up as she squirms on my tongue. Any rhythm she had had is gone, and now she is moving all on instincts. I try to take over, moving my hands down to her ass, lifting her up off my face just a little. “Fuck you taste so good. I could seriously let you ride my tongue like this all day.”

I push my face back up into Jessica and she cries out. One of her hands falls down into my hair, and she grabs hold, steadying herself. Left, right, up, down, around in circles, zigzagging and crisscrossing back and forth, my tongue moves in one random direction after another, as if they were all independent movements and not part of a larger plan. Almost every move I make is almost too sensitive, sending Jessica hopping over the line towards cumming and then jumping right back: to go or stay, to fight or let go, hovering in a state of flux. Too much tension building inside of her bubbles over making her legs tremble against my ears. It starts out like the vibrations of an oscillating fan, like from when I was child and spoke into the spinning blade, making my voice change. I could feel it in my throat, in my neck, and in my ears. My head trapped in a vice, Jessica squeezes her legs together. Through clenched teeth, drool coming out of the side of her mouth, her eyes watering, she says, etimesgut escort bayan “God. Fuck. God. Fuck. Fuck.” Pulling my hair harder, I refuse to stop moving my tongue. No matter what pain you bring on me- no matter what pressure you put on my head, I won’t. This is my fucking pussy. And even though the words only come out as a mumble I try to say it out loud. “This is my fucking pussy.”

Somehow Jessica is able to understand, and answers. “It is. It’s your fucking pussy.” Juices gush into my mouth, but I don’t care. I want it all. I grab her ass and press her hard into me so she can’t back away, so she can’t fall off. I know it’s too much. I know she’s too sensitive. So, I stop licking. My tongue comes to a complete halt. I just hold it there, pressed to her clit, not moving or shaking. I just want to feel it. I want to feel all that tension in her body jolting violently one way and then the other. That’s it. Give it all to me. Give me everything you have. Remember that it was me who did this to you. Remember that it is me who has all this power in his tongue. Yeah, I let you sit on my face, but don’t ever think for one second that I wasn’t in control. Don’t think I wasn’t the one keeping you on the edge. I know she already knows this because with her last breaths, she says over and over, “Oh my god. Thank you. Thank you. Oh my God…” Her words trail off into a whisper and then, she finally collapses, rolling off of me. I lift up the comforter, pulling it over both of us as Jessica shimmies her body back down next to me. And now, laying on our sides, face to face, my mouth glowing in her cum, with her eyes closed, Jessica kisses and licks around my lips, consuming every drop she can.

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