Risque Ashley Trusts Again


Happy Hour

Rob had a territory of seven states, but not all of them were equally visited. For most of the year, he had regular trips to just three major metropolitan areas. He was typically all work on these trips; gym and meals at the hotel, working around the clock and focusing on his customers. But he was finding one city more enjoyable than the rest at the moment. To be honest, it was one customer. To be even more honest, it was one person – Ashley.

He had been managing the account for about two years, but Ashley had only joined in the last six months. He’d noticed her right away, of course. Mid-thirties, with shoulder length, raven black hair, a bright smile and legs to the moon and back. It had taken Rob two more trips before he’d had a chance to spend any time with her for other than the customary introductions. It was all in a professional setting, so he would not have classified it as flirting, but it was…playful, engaging. Somewhere between ‘more than just business,’ but less than ‘whatcha doin’ later?’

Over the next few trips, he saw Ashley more frequently and made a point of dropping her and her team hints as to when he would be coming over next. She was always there with a big smile and a “Hey, Rob!,” helping him get settled into the office, getting him coffee etc, but then she was always back to work, always professional. Until two trips ago.

Like most things in life, there was nothing special to announce that something big was about to happen, that some event was going to change things. Rob loved his job and his ever-changing interactions with his customers; new faces, new people whose problems he would help to solve, and who were helping him to make a very comfortable living. In fact, life on the road for him was just that – a great opportunity to make some really great money at his relatively young age.

The lack of responsibility was going to come to a close at some point. Being in his early-thirties, Rob knew he had a few more years of this life. He was attractive enough to date regularly and he led a lifestyle that helped his tall, athletic frame. Some partying, sure, but mostly good living, a healthy diet, and knowing how to get the most out of the gym. So when Ashley had invited him to a happy hour one night on this particular trip, he was happy to get out and have some social time with his favorite customer.

He arrived at the bar a little late, so he was not surprised to see a table with eight or nine people there already. He knew everyone, from the two guys in accounting and the ‘sports guy’ whose name he could never remember even though all they talked about was sports. Then there were the three women from project management, who were all super-nice, but obsessed with their kids. He didn’t mind it of course but, after a few “ah, look how cute…” chats around pictures on their cellphones, he’d lost interest pretty quickly. He did not see Ashley, yet.

After spending some time with Janice from the project team, Rob had excused himself and gone to the bar for a drink, where Ashley surprised him by sliding onto the stool next to him.

“Hi,” she said, before he’d even had chance to register her presence. “Thanks for coming out tonight.”

“Hey! Where did you come from?” was all he could manage in reply.

That means you were looking for her.

“Were you looking for me?” she smiled back.

And she can read minds!

“I, uh, yeah, I guess…” said Rob, trying to recover. “You invited me, remember?”

Good save, idiot!

“I’m just teasing you. I’m glad you came. What are you drinking?”

“I’m not sure. What do you have there?

Ashley smiled again, almost guiltily, as she played with the stem of her glass.

“OK, don’t judge me, promise?” she giggled. “But it’s a Cosmo. I know, super clique and all that, but…I don’t know…I’m just not in a wine mood and this just sounded sweet and fun, and I wanted something kinda fun tonight.”

She said the last bit while looking him straight in the face. Had he imagined that, or was she really flirting with him? Did she care what he thought of her?

“So, I don’t think you should get a Cosmo,” Ashley continued, “But they do have this great drink called a Martinez, which you should totally try.”

He did, and she was right, it was great. They went back to the table and Rob sat next to Janice once more, with Ashley pushing in on the end, next to him. It was too hard to yell across the table at people and, as everyone seemed to be pairing up into smaller conversations, Rob did the natural thing and turned his attention to Ashley.

The conversation flowed easily and, after the required “How has your first few months with the company been?” and “I’m sorry, but your ex sounded like a total tool…,” he learned that Ashley was super-smart, well-educated, liked dancing in clubs but got most of her fun either working out or hanging with friends. She’d been married for all of two seconds, right out of college, but that was way erotik film izle back in the distance of her rear-view mirror. Ashley was funny, witty and kind of goofy, like the time she visited a psychic with her best friend.

“So, again, don’t judge me,” she began. “But we were a little drunk and just went to do it. It was a mutual dare kinda thing.”

“OK, so what did you find out? Past lives? Does the spirit of Joan of Arc speak through you? What?”

“Nothing like that, she didn’t hypnotize us.” Ashley laughed. “But she read my palm, the usual. I will live a long, full life, apparently, thank you very much. But I have a reckless side that plays out in dangerous choices.”

“Really?” Rob replied, immediately intrigued. “The psychic told you that? Those exact words? Seems pretty bold for-“

“No,” Ashley interrupted, “Not in so many words, but it was implied. And it is kinda true.”

“So, what sort of dangerous things do you do?” Rob asked, eagerly.

The flirting was getting thicker – there was no mistaking it this time – and even though they were squeezed in on the end of the table, they may as well have been the only two people around.

“Let’s just say I like taking risks.” said Ashley.

“For example…?”

“Well, I’ve gone skydiving a few times, bungee jumps, and some pretty intense rock climbing. Oh, then there’s the naked yoga, which isn’t risky, per se, but it’s just as…intense.”

Rob felt the air suddenly close around him as he turned to her, shielding their conversation from prying ears.

“Naked yoga, huh?” he whispered back. “What, exactly, is naked yoga? Where do you do it?”

“My studio does this thing on Friday nights and, before you ask, it’s women-only. You’re there in a room with the instructor and maybe four, five other women. It’s hot and we’re all au naturale. It’s a little too ‘new age’ for me, but it’s supposed to improve confidence, and all that. I get too self-conscious doing it, though, spend more time looking at myself in the mirror, silently criticizing all my flaws, actually fell over a few times, too. That was embarrassing.”

She leaned in a little.

“They’re talking about a co-ed class, though,” she said. “Which I’ll probably take at least once. Could be interesting…?”

She looked at Rob and batted her eyes just a little. Or maybe he was imagining it. Either way, it was getting a little hot in the bar. He was already picturing her, ass in the air, her hair covering her face, those amazing C-cup tits pointing to the ground, her hard nipples…

“You alright?” he heard Ashley say. “You seem lost in thought? You do yoga, correct?”

Rob snapped back into the conversation, but stored his fantasy for later.

“Yeah, I do yoga.” he replied, casually. “Not great at it, but I can hold my own.”

“I’ll bet you can…”

She was definitely flirting now.

“Next time you’re in town, we should take a class.”

“I’d like that. Thanks for the invite, again.”

The party was breaking up and they parted soon after, but not before getting firm dates and times for Rob’s next trip which, he’d already decided, was going to be the next week. Yoga was quickly added to his schedule and Rob knew that the seven days he’d have to wait, would drag slower than a snail in a puddle of honey.


He knew this was going to be a normal yoga class, not naked or anything but still, the image of Ashley gleaming with sweat in various positions – always with her mat right in front of his, with a great view of her ass and between her legs – filled Rob’s nights with more than a few solo stroking sessions.

They met at her studio after work. There were a good twenty or so people in the class as they picked up their mats and sat next to one another, Rob just a little disappointed that she was not in front of him, as his fantasy dictated.

For the next fifty minutes, they both focused on their yoga as much as possible but Rob, being neither yogi nor celibate, could not help but sneak a few surreptitious glances Ashley’s way. Those legs, that ass…his mind was working overtime imagining her in all kinds of other positions, mostly on him, and it was during one of these lustful gazes that she caught him staring.

Smiling back at him, Ashley returned to her practice, and Rob hoped he’d not crossed a line.

When class was over, Ashley was straight there, helping Rob with his mat.

“You liked?” she asked.

Rob wasn’t sure if she meant the class, or her.

“Great. I loved it.” he replied, covered on both counts.

“Oh, good. Look, I’m starving, as usual after these workouts. Unless you have other plans, how about we get cleaned up and grab a bite to eat?”

“Great! Though I could really use a shower. That was more of a workout than I’m used to, if you know what I mean. Listen, my hotel is super-close and I’d just hop in for a quick rinse off, then I’m good to go?”

Ashley looked around them, as though checking film izle that there wasn’t anyone around from work, or somebody else who knew her.

“OK, so how about this?” she said, her voice deep and low. “I could really use a shower, too. How about if I come with you and just jump in after you? Would you mind? No-one has to know, it can be our little secret.”

Rob was getting hard just thinking about Ashley in his shower. He had to move, or say something, right now.

“Your secret’s safe with me,” He smiled. “Grab your stuff, let’s go.”


Rob threw down his gym bag and showed Ashley where the bathroom was.

“You can go first,” he said, thinking it was the gentlemanly thing to do, but also desperate to picture her naked body just feet away from him, in his shower.

Ashley headed straight in and Rob could hear the water running in seconds. It was then that he realized he urgently needed to pee.

Every second of hearing Ashley in the shower seemed like minutes. Rob ran through the decision tree of either going all the way downstairs to the lobby bathroom, or interrupting her, asking her to hurry up etc., but none of them seemed like the best move, so he waited. In fact he waited at least thirty seconds after the water had stopped before knocking on the bathroom door.

“Hey, uh, Ashley?” he called. “Sorry to do this to you, but I really need to…pee.”

Ashley emerged with a towel wrapped around her body, her natural post-workout beauty shining from every pore. Rob would have loved to savor the sight a few moments longer, but he was in too much pain to stop.

“Not how I was thinking this was going to go…” Ashley smiled. “But I guess you’d better get in there.”

Rob was so used to being on his own, and was in such a hurry, that he did not close the door. The heavy sound of his stream hitting the water in the bowl, was unmistakable.

Ashley hovered for a quick second, then moved away from the door.

“Hop straight in the shower when you’re done, yeah?” she called in. “But don’t come out here just yet. I’m gonna change, OK?”

Rob did as he was told but, after he was done, he realized all his clean clothes were back in the room. Grabbing a towel, he poked his head around the bathroom door.

“Hey, I need to grab some clothes…” he said, almost apologetically.

Ashley was sitting on the bed watching TV and drinking a bottle of water.

“No problem.” she replied. “Fair’s fair, right? You got to see me in my towel, so… oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but I grabbed a water. Girl’s gotta hydrate.”

“Sure, help yourself.”

Rob stepped back into the room and quickly rooted about for his clean clothes. Diving back into the bathroom, he caught Ashley’s eyes in the mirror above the desk, checking him out.

The Restaurant

Ashley insisted on discretion again when they chose the hotel restaurant to eat.

“I won’t know anybody here, so there won’t be any gossip.” she’d explained. “I just don’t need any drama right now, y’know?”

They were settled in a nice corner table before noticing they were completely alone in the restaurant, except for a few folks in the bar in the other room.

“Cosmo?” Rob asked, when the waiter came to take their order.

Having just seen her half naked, and picturing her fully naked for the past week, he wasn’t afraid to flirt openly with her, now.

“Ha, no, no Cosmo, thanks smart guy.” she replied. “But how about some wine? Let’s be adventurous. You order our meals, and I will select the wine? Just two people living on the edge. What do ya’ say?”

“I can’t think of anything more dangerous.” said Rob, sarcastically.

As they ate their salads, salmon and roasted vegetables, and drank the white wine, they continued their conversation from the bar the previous week.

“You totally put the idea in my head about ‘naked yoga.'” said Rob. “When we first started, I was imagining trying to do that class naked.”

“Were you picturing just you naked? Or everybody else?”

“Oh, everyone, of course.” he answered, too quickly.

“I see. So you were picturing me naked?”

“Actually, I’d already done that last week. This time, it was the whole room. The woman behind me was interesting.”

“Oh, the one with the tits.” Ashley said, matter-of-factly. “The ten-pound tits in the six-pound bag? Yeah, if she had been naked, she could have used those things as pillows for when she did her handstands.”

Rob hadn’t heard Ashley talk this way before. It was a new, naughty side of her that he desperately wanted to explore and, although it was clear that she was concerned about appearances at work, that image and reputation were important to her, Rob got the feeling that he could risk pushing down this particular path a little further.

“Yeah, she did have quite the set.” he ventured. “But that’s not my thing. I was just trying to get a rise out of you. “

“So, you’re not a tit man.” Ashley seks filmi izle mused. “OK, I’ll bite. And I mean that figuratively as well as literally. What are you, then? You like a girl for her personality? Earlobes? You like a girl with a good portfolio?”

The flirting had gone from teasing to direct, very quickly.

“Nope, I’m an ass man,” Rob blurted out.

“I know,” replied Ashley. “I could tell straight away.”


“Yup, I totally caught you looking.”

“OK, busted. But you know you’ve got a great ass, right?”

“Sure, but every girl likes to get a compliment.”

“I’ll say it again, then. You have a great ass.”

They finished their meal and ordered more wine. The conversation kept going but it veered away from anything truly sexual. Until…

“So, you mentioned something about ‘dangerous’ in the bar the other night,” said Rob. “But you wouldn’t go into details.”

“OK, so I have to trust you on this,” Ashley smiled, leaning in a little. “Which I do, but I need to know this stays between us. I left my last job because things were a little, I don’t know, out of control? So this is a strictly ‘off the books’ conversation, OK?”

“Scout’s honor.”

“Well I doubt you were a scout, but I guess that will do. So, I’d just broken up with my boyfriend and he was a total dick. I was hurt and I made a few bad choices and wasn’t so discreet about who I told. Word got around at work and, well, it was a family-run business and things got kinda uncomfortable for me, so I left. I love what I do here, so I don’t want to mess that up. But I have this thing that I, I don’t know, I like the rush, the adrenaline of risk. I can’t go skydiving every day so I find that I need to get that rush in other ways, ways where I don’t have to put boundaries up. Does that make sense?”

“Totally,” replied Rob, really wanting to empathize with her. “But when you said ‘bad choices,’ what does that mean? Did you like rob the place or something?”

“Nope, nothing like that. I, uh, I hooked up with one of the guys at work and was pretty drunk one night and he and one of his friends…well, it was fun, let’s leave it at that. But I should have made sure he kept his big mouth shut. That, plus the other thing, well it was too much gossip fodder for them.”

The other thing?

Rob started to open his mouth, desperate to know, but Ashley wasn’t done.

“Ok, look, we are opening up here,” she continued. “So since you’re going to ask, I think we all have our things, our turn-ons. The quiet little likes that get us going. I like risk, I like the thrill of it, so I tend to like more non-traditional activities. I can be kinda…naughty. That guy, he knew I liked rough sex, that I liked…anal sex. So he totally blabbed about it to my co-workers. It just got to be too much whispering around me and too many innuendos, so I quit. I’ve been keeping a low profile ever since and haven’t really dated, which totally sucks. A girl has needs, ya’ know?”

Rob waited for a moment. Was she telling him that she…?

“So, like, there’s been nothing since then?” he clarified. “No action at all?”

“Nope.” Ashley replied, with frankness. “Just me and my vibrator, thinking about naked co-ed yoga.”

Rob had to lay a discreet hand between his legs, hoping Ashley could not see, or sense, his burgeoning erection.

“So,” Ashley continued, much to Rob’s relief. “I have been telling you about my ‘stuff,’ how about a little of your stuff? Come on, tit for tat. Tell me something, anything, so I don’t feel so exposed here.”

Her using words like ‘tit’ and ‘exposed’ were not doing the greatest job of distracting him.

“OK, well I’m a pretty uninhibited guy.” Rob began. “I like a girl who can go with the flow, who is just open to whatever happens, as it happens.”

“So, let’s roll back the clock,” Ashley interrupted. “If, for instance, you’d come into the bathroom to pee, before, instead of waiting for me to get out of the shower. If I’d had let you come in and do that and, say, I’d opened the curtain to watch, would that have been ‘going with the flow’ enough for you? Maybe you would have just stayed there, with me in the shower, curtain open, watching. Maybe you would have refused to leave and I would have had no choice but to rinse off right in front of you.”

“Uh, yeah, that would have been, uh, kinda hot.”

“Or maybe you would have waited, as you did but, as I got changed in the room, you would have snuck back in and watched me get dressed? Maybe you’d even have told me what to do. Would that have been ‘open enough’ for you?”

Now it was Rob’s turn.

“Sure. Or maybe I would have just kept you naked and had you show me that yoga pose again, but this time with no clothes on?”

“Oh, which pose is that?” Ashley asked innocently. “You mean the one where I stand with my legs far apart and I touch the ground? Or would you make me do the headstand with my legs straight up in the air? Would you make me do that one?”

“If you could hold it for a while, because I’d want you to spread your legs open as you did it, but only if you were good enough to keep it going for a long time.”

“Why? What would you do to me?”

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